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Happy Halloween y’all 😀

Anyone else pretty much oblivious to how the heck that came around so fast? To think it’s November tomorrow (almost) makes me want to crawl under the bed for fear of waking up to shop shelves filled with Frozen paraphernalia whilst blasting out cheesy 80’s festive tunes *arrrgh* HOWEVER, without dwelling too much on future events lets focus on today shall we 😉 Which brings me to my next point chums… it’s the LAST chance to enter my Kat Von D  INTERNATIONAL giveaway, where one lucky entrant will win themselves a gorgeous eye shadow palette of their choice. Sounds nifty, huh? Then if you haven’t done so already be sure to get your name down – if you’re not in you can’t win! Competition closes midnight tonight GMT.

Sitting comfy? Then feast your eyes on what you could win and how to enter! Goodluck…



Shade & Light Eye Contour Palette


This eyeshadow palette is something special, y’all! Arranged with the perfect blend of neutral, warm and cool tones, it contains base, contour, highlight and define shades…just one look and you know this sh*t is insane!

Each matte powder is finely milled and highly pigmented for true payoff and awesome blendability! We dare you to find a shade that you don’t absolutely adore

*Excerpt from KVD website*


Interstellar Eyeshadow Palette


Seize the night with Innerstellar’s twelve starry-eyed shades. Our signature color quad configuration gives you larger-sized base shades (so you don’t hit pan on the ones you use the most), plus a dazzling constellation of pop colors in shimmer and matte finishes! Each base shade is arranged above three accent shades, creating three color quads in this one palette!

*Excerpt from KVD website*


Chrysalis Eyeshadow Palette


The Chrysalis Palette opens up a world of breathtaking beauty, inspired by the cool, dramatic hues of a butterfly. Create full eye metamorphosis with the swipe of a brush! Each finely-milled eyeshadow is saturated with bold, pure pigment. Crease-free and long wearing, these powders have super rich payoff and gorgeous blendability!

*Excerpt from KVD website*



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Once again, thank you all SO very much for your support, encouraging comments & generally just being a fabulous bunch. Wishing all those who enter the very best of luck!


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Seven Spooky Shadow Designs For Halloween…


It’s (almost) that time of year again… pumpkins, kids trick or treating, a ridiculous array of cheesy cackling ornaments lining the shelves of supermarkets. Yes, Halloween is certainly on the countdown radar for us all. However if like me, you’re hoarding a selection of eyeshadows that rarely see the light of day, then now’s the perfect time to roll up your sleeves and get creative as today I’m sharing some of the most interesting eye shadow designs created by a selection of makeup geniuses I found in & around the interwebs. Just to be perfectly clear chums, these are by no means my creations, but simply the outstanding work of fellow makeup addicts. So if you’re in the mood for vamping up your lids on fright night then look no further than these spooktacular concoctions…


1) Peek-a-boo


How cute & quirky is this fantastic kitty design by Tal Peleg? I adore the subtle green base, slender liner and simple illustration… and the teeny little paws finish it off purrrfectly.


2) Leopard Lid


Although I’m quite often found designing animal prints on nail art I’m yet to try it on my lids, thankfully this design is actually pretty simple to recreate so you don’t need to be a Picasso to master the craft. A gorgeous smokey shadow, vibrant inner lid & viola your base is done. I love the whispy lashes too – not too overdressed & lets the artwork speak for itself.


3) Nightmare Before Christmas


Who doesn’t love a dose of Jack Skellington? Even Mr Burton himself would be in awe of this gorgeous shadow art design brought to life by Kiki Makeup. Maybe a little over-ambitious for my skill set but I’d love to give it a go… not quite sure my patience & shaky hand would agree *sigh*


4) Harley Quin


It’s pretty safe to say that this year Halloween parties across the globe will be awash with Harley Quin costumes, however this animated inspired look is super eye catching & works a treat with the vibrant red brows and long playful lashes.


5) Cat Woman


Sticking with the Batman theme, I adore the pop of bold colours so brilliantly used in this fabulous Cat Woman inspired shadow design. That gorgeous blended purple & super sharp cat line is on fleek 😉 not to mention the stunning purple contact lens and feather lashes to create a dramatic look that’s bound to catch a few eyes!


6) Star Trail


It may not be the most colourful but I absolutely adore this fun star-trail design! It’s simply the perfect way to dress up your eyes without needing a masters degree in art & design!!! Better still, you can purchase temporary eye tattoo’s to achieve this look (and many others) without having to spend hours creating a mini galaxy… check out Anteatersink on Etsy for lots of great temporary eye tattoo designs!


7) Playful Kitty


Being a maaaahoosive cat fan I simply had to include this final awe-inspiring kitty design, complete with its own little ball of yarn and string. It’s adorable in every way – maybe not the easiest to recreate, nor the most stay-proof for an all night spook fest, but it’s utter genius none the less! Love it!

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What’s your favourite spooky shadow design? Will you be dressing up this Halloween? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below so do stop by for a quick chatter 🙂

Cheerio Chums…

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Makeup Revolution Awesome Metals Foil Finish Eyeshadow…

Makeup Revolution Awesome Metals Foil Finish Eyeshadow Review

Hold onto your eyelash curlers beauty buddies as I think you’ll fully appreciate today’s post… did someone say rose gold?! *ahh hmm* FOILED METALLIC ROSE GOLD?!

I could do the whole let’s play it cool thing and work my way up to telling you how bloody awesome this little pot of lid lustre really is but let’s just cut to the chase. I didn’t think I could love Makeup Revolution any more than I already did (thanks to Iconic 2 AND Mermaids Forever *happy sigh*) however my latest discovery has proven me wrong as there seems to be plenty more room for even more shadow swooning. However enough of me singing Makeup Revolution’s praises as we get down to business.

Fancy smearing your lids in rose-gold goodness? Then you’ve come to the right place…

Makeup Revolution Awesome Metals Eyeshadow


Who: Makeup Revolution
What: Awesome Metals Foil Finish Eyeshadow
Where: Superdrug or MUR Online Store
How much: £4



Full metallic foil finish

Liquid Primer makes it all day wear

Build up for a more intense look

Under £5

Easy to mix & apply



Makeup Revolution Foil Finish Eyeshadows

1 Pot of Awesome Metals Eyeshadow

1 Bottle Awesome Liquid Eye Primer

1 Mixing Tray



1) Put a small drop of the liquid eye primer into the mixing tray

Makeup Revolution Metallic Eyeshadows

2) Add a small amount of your Awesome Metals Colour into the tray

Makeup Revolution Metallic Eyeshadow

3) Mix it all together (I used a sponge applicator to smush everything up) and then apply directly onto your lid.

*If building the colour add in light layers as opposed to heavy applications all at once*



Everything! Yep, EVERYTHING. The packaging is funky, the product is super easy to use, great to apply, love the formula, totally buildable, looks PHENOMENAL and of course the pocket friendly price tag adds a great big cherry on top 😉  I also can’t wait to top up my collection with the other gorgeous shades too…  Black Diamond, Pure Platinum & Emerald Goddess.

Makeup Revolution Metallic EyeShadow Review

What I adore is the subtle colour of the shade, yet the vibrancy of the metallic finish. The colour isn’t overly coppery on one application however the more layers are added the stronger the shade becomes which makes it perfect to work with if you only want a hint of rose gold OR if you’re up for the full copper experience!



Honestly, nothing. Nada. Zilch. Personally I adore everything about this cute little kit. Okay the products may be a tad compact but unless you’ve eyelids like hammocks it’s going to last a super long time (depending of course on how often you apply!)


MAkeup Revolution Metallic Foiled Eyeshadow Demo and Review




*Click Here* for Superdrug

*Click Here* for Makeup Revolution Online Store


Have you tried the Makeup Revolution Awesome Metals Eye Shadows? Do you love metallic shades or are you more of a matte fan? What’s your favourite colour of shimmering shadow? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below so do stop by and say a quick howdy 🙂

Cheerio Chums…

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Makeup Revolution Iconic 2: Metallic Eyes…

Makeup Revolution Redemption Iconic 2 Eye Shadow Palette


I’m in love. Sounds a bit over dramatic when it comes to eye shadow, huh?

Of course this past number of weeks I’ve been so wrapped up in pastels & pinks that I’ve almost managed to forget how beautiful a metallic semi-smokey eye really is… and how damn wearable whether it be day, night, summer or winter. Although I’m often intimidated by bold shades of lippy, a dramatic eye never fazes me. In fact, the bolder the better is quite often my motto when it comes to dressing up my lids. So this weekend I waved a dismissive hand to pastels and said hello to mesmerising metallic’s; all thanks to the pocket friendly Makeup Revolution Redemption Iconic 2 palette & it’s array of show-stopping shades…

MUR Redemption Iconic 2

Okay so the title may be a tad grammatically dramatic but it’s certainly in keeping with the pigmentation that’s simmering below the lid. But let’s start at the beginning gals = price. Everyone knows I LOVE a bargain, and what could be better than parting ways with a mere £4 for a medley of twelve cool toned shadows? For just short of fiver, Makeup Revolution have managed to create what I’d consider to be the closest dupe to the Naked 2 I’ve yet to sample. Crazy, huh?

MUR Redemption Iconic 2 palette



In fact, the pigmentation is so good it makes me question if high end offerings are indeed overpriced and over-rated in comparison. Are we unnecessarily paying an arm and a leg just for fancy schmancy packaging? Don’t get me wrong, I ADORE my pricier palettes, but for anyone who hasn’t yet invested in any I’d be pretty quick to recommend the Makeup Revolution as a worthy alternative equivalent.

Makeup Revolution Redemption Iconic 2 Palette Review

Taking a quick peek at the shade selection, it’s a sassy range of cool matte & shimmering metallic tones that will undoubtedly work well with pretty much any complexion. One thing I will say is that the lighter matte shades are slightly disappointing compared to the rest of the colours. The highlighter & base tones pale into insignificance against the mighty pop of the bold metal tones which are even more impressive if you decide to use them with a slightly dampened brush = a semi foiled finish that’s utterly multifaceted *swoon* The colour literally lights up the lid *more swooning* Check out a close up of the scrummy copper coloured look I created this weekend…

Copper and Gold Metalic Eye Makeup Revolution Redemption Iconic 2 Palette

Of course any cosmetic craver will more than likely agree that when you find something so damn fabulous in (almost) every way you can’t help but insist anyone with a pulse NEEDS to have it in their life. But what’s not to love? The pricing, pigmentation & consistency are all clear winners. Okay, so the outer casing is a tad uninspiring but I’d much rather have quality on the inside than pretty packaging containing shadows that pack as much colour punch as self-raising flour *sigh*


The finished look…

Smokey Copper Eye Look  DSC02513

So if there’s any pocket friendly treat you’re putting on your ‘pay day me spree’ this month make it the Makeup Revolution Redemption Iconic 2 palette. Your bank account & eyes will love you for it ❤

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Have you tried any of the Makeup Revolution eye shadow palettes? Is there any top of your current wish list? What been your favourite shadow shades recently? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below so do stop by for a quick chatter 🙂

Cheerio Chums…

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The Make Up Menu featuring MAC ‘Craving’ Lipstick…

The Makeup Menu featuring MAC Craving Lipstick

As much as I fall head over heels for strong bold colours combined with sultry smokey eyes, it’s not something I reach for very often, in fact it’s rare that I do ‘over dramatic’ make up… unless of course I’m planning on hitting the tiles, and being an often exhausted mama who works her socks off & is addicted to blogging daily, I’m sure you can imagine there’s very little time for dancing around handbags under a mirror balls these days!

So instead I prefer to play it safe with my make up looks. Currently I’m building up a great collection of everyday staples that are affordable, long lasting and easy to wear. A delightful menu of cosmetics that keep my daily lust for a little glam more than happily topped up without going too overboard. Having received one of my most lusted over MAC shades for Christmas (the very beautiful Craving) I just couldn’t resist putting together a little ensemble of what I’ve been opting for this weekend…



Face Makeup Menu

Boots No 7 Beautifully Matte in Warm Ivory: My go to foundation. This is the only foundation that totally retains its fresh looking tone throughout the entirety of the day without fading, drying or going patchy. It keeps my oily T-Zone under control, all whilst feeling softy & velvety to touch.

Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour Concealer in Fair: The only concealer (so far) that has really worked well without caking or drying. A must have for those who find most concealers either too heavy or alternatively slippy on the skin!

Make Up Revolution Hot Spice Blush Palette: This was sent to me as a tester sample, something that I’ve been itching to try… and it most certainly hasn’t disappointed. The colours are indeed subtle yet completely buildable. Ideal for pretty much all skin tones, it’s a beautiful selection of spicy shades to warm the complexion perfectly!



Eye Makeup Menu

Make Up Revolution Iconic 2 Palette: This little eye shadow palette has absolutely gob smacked me. The colour pigmentation is incredible as is the longevity of wear. Shockingly, it’s super affordable yet really does give the high end rivals a run for their money. Combining a predominant mixture of shimmery metallic tones (along with a few complimentary earthy mattes) makes it a great palette for both day & night wear!

Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara in Black: One of my favourite mascaras at the moment, this formula leaves my lashes fluttery, separated yet adds lashings of length without  the dreaded clumping.

Billion Dollar Brows Best Sellers Kit: I’ve been trialing this kit quite a bit recently and have to say it has me utterly hooked. Never before have my brows looked so shapely & in such a natural form. The soft ashy tones work with both blondes and brunettes. Keep your eyes peeled for a full tutorial on the amazing kit that every brow fanatic needs in their makeup bag!


MAC Craving Lipstick

MAC Amplified Cream Lipstick in Craving: In my opinion this is pretty much a ‘my lips only MUCH better’ tone that is completely buildable to showcase a strong pop of playful pink or applied sparingly to keep a soft and natural lip shade that is perfect for everyday wear. The formula is incredibly comfortable & seems to mimic a feel that sits somewhere between matte & creamy… hence the longevity of a matte formula with the moisturising feel of a very slightly creamier texture. Gorgeous!



Taa Daa

MAC Craving Makeup Menu

There you have it ladies, the finished look! For me, MAC Craving simply adds the perfect pop of pink that looks very slightly creamy but is super long lasting and incredibly complimentary to us gals sporting a slightly lighter complexion! Another new favourite to add to the collection 🙂

pink heart

Are you a fan of MAC, if so what’s your perfect shade for everyday use? Or have you’ve fallen head over heels for a another brand that you adore as an everyday staple? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below so do stop by and say a quick hello!

Cheerio Chums…

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How To Blend Your Eye Shadow Like A Pro…

How To Blend Your Eye Shadow Like A Pro

Having recently posted a number of my favourite make-up looks a few of you lovely ladies lavished me with some rather blush-inducing compliments on my blending skills and very kindly requested a run through of my how I create my eye looks. Never one to disappoint, who I am to turn down the opportunity of a fun tutorial, right gals? 😉

Okay, so some of you might remember in my last spree I picked up this interesting looking little goodie! It’s the Work The Colour palette from Collection in the Shade Purple. Yep, most definitely keeping it simple over in the naming department of Collection HQ…

Collection Work The Colour Eye Shadow  Collection Work The Colour Eye Shadow Review

Being a huuuuge fan of these stunning tones I couldn’t resist the treat, and at a mere £3.99 it happily made it’s way into my guilt-free shopping basket. Considering that the colours are soft, easy to blend, produce impressive pigmentation & are surprisingly long lasting, it seemed a perfect choice for using in today’s feature. Best of all it has a rather helpful little step-by-step tutorial on the back for those that feel more confident having a little bit of guidance close to hand.

Collection Work The Colour Eye Shadow a

Let’s get blending ladies…


Blend 01

Step 1 Prep Lids With Primer

Starting with a completely naked face *Ooo Err* it’s time to load the lids up with my favourite primer. I’m a huge fan of the Urban Decay Primer Potion which helps my shadow from creasing and keeps the colours looking vibrant throughout the day… & well into the night I must add too. Creating your eye-shadow look before applying foundation is a great way to avoid any fall out or messy mishaps in advance.


Blend 02

Step 2 Apply Guide Tape

In order to give my shadow a clean, airbrushed look I place a small amount of tape either side’s of my eyes. Before applying the tape I always tend to dab the sticky side on the back of my hand a few times so it’s not too painful or dramatic when it comes to removing later in the process. Whatever you do just make sure you avoid covering your bottom lashes so as you don’t give yourself and unexpected waxing – ouch!

Step 2a Apply Guide Tape

I usually keep this mini tape dispenser in my shadow drawer so it’s always close to hand. I tend to find the semi opaque magic tape works the best. Surgical tape is also ideal which can be picked up in pretty much any supermarket or local drug store!


Blend 03

The great thing about this little palette is how easy peasy they’ve made it to follow. Whether you’re a newbie to blending or simply just wanting to experiment with new shades, it’s literally as simple as 1,2,3.

Step 3a Apply Light Colour All Over Lid  Step 3 Apply Light Colour All Over Lid

1) I start off by applying a generous amount of the lightest shadow (No 1) all over the lid, taking it slightly up past the crease and working it towards the outer corner of the eye where the tape is.


Step 4 Apply Medium Colour On Centre Of Lid

2) Using a clean brush, begin applying the medium colour (No 2) on the middle of your lid & blend it softly out toward the edge of the tape. I find using a slightly stiffer brush and patting it down helps to build a pop of colour, especially when applying lilac or soft grey which can often seem a bit weak in pigmentation. Remember, adding layers is always better than piling on huge amounts so gently does it!


Step 5 Apply The Dark Colour To Outer Lid  Step 5a Apply The Dark Colour To Outer Lid

Finally it’s time to add the darkest shade to the outer crease in order to add a sassy sprinkling of depth & definition. I tend to prefer using a small fluffy brush for this step as it blends the colour out a little more softly. Once again start off with a small amount and build until you have the depth of tone you require.

Remove shadow tape

Once you’re done SLOWLY remove the tape to reveal a beautifully sharp shadow line! If you notice any shadow fall out on your cheeks then simply use a wet wipe to remove & you’re ready to move on to the next stage


Blend 04

Step 6 Highlight Brow Bone  Step 6 Highlight Inner Corner

Once you’ve finally applied the remainder of your make-up (face, lips & brows) it’s then back to the eyes for some highlighting. For those that prefer a little less sparkle the highlighter in this palette is a soft concealer consistency as opposed to a sparkly powder so you’re at minimal risk of resembling a disco ball. I tend to prefer using a small flat brush that is easy to run along the edges of the brow including the inner corner. This adds a lovely little pop of brightness to help bring out the colour of your eyes.


Blend 05

Step 7 Apply Your Favourite Mascara  Step 7a Apply Your Favourite Mascara

Once your done all’s left is to add the finishing touches. As I’ve already applied my Rimmel Glam Eye’s Professional Liquid Liner my last step is to add some mascara. For this I’m using one of my current favourites, Max Factor False Effect – two coats and I’m ready to go!

Step 8 - finished


Blend 06

Blend eyeshadow  Blend eyeshadow a

pink heart

What’s a favourite step in your make-up routine? Have you a favourite brand of shadows you adore dressing your lids with? Or have you any shadow application tips you’d like to share? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below. As always thanks so much for stopping by 🙂

Cheerio chums…

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Trash or Treasure? Hard Candy Eye Shadow Duo…


Hey Beauty Buddies…

Friday is finally upon us *happy dance* Thanks to all you lovely ladies who checked in with yesterdays post Have We Met?! My social media accounts have been buzzing with lots of new friendly faces! Always a treat to connect with you guys beyond the walls of WordPress…

So to end the week with a bit of a bang I thought I’d share my moans views on the Hard Candy Split Personality Eye Shadow Duo. Have you bought one of your own? Are you thinking of splurging? Well before you flash the cash here’s the low down on how I got on with it!

Sitting comfy? Then let’s get started…



Hard Candy Split Personality Duo Eye Shadow



Considering Hard Candy have now removed the product from their website there’s very little I can add here other than what would be my own description of the item in question…  “an utterly useless object with little or no pay off” I think that pretty much covers it gals.



One thing I was rather impressed with *gasps of shock* was how pretty this eye shadow wand type thingy was presented. The cute little box, sassy print & chrome effect wand was all rather pleasant on the lamps, but that’s as far as my positive impressions reached. After taking it out of the box it felt cheap and very gimmicky. Not something this 32 year old woman wants gracing her make-up bag or cosmetic drawers thank you very much *hmmpf*



Ermmm *ponders*…. well, Emma likes it. However given the fact that my daughter is 9 years old I’m not sure that’s a valid entry on my list of ‘Pros’ – and it’s certainly not for a majority of my readers either, who don’t have a little girl that loves trying out Barbie inspired make-up looks!

Honestly ladies I’m wrecking my brains trying to think of something remotely worthy about this product and I’m failing miserably. One thing I will say is that considering it’s a rather compact double-ended wand that contains the eye shadow within the lid caps, I thought it would’ve been the perfect little companion for my hand bag on a night out or gym bag for a quick make up look after a hard work out. Although it’s not what I would call an everyday cosmetic staple it could have been so handy on the go – if it worked!



Where do I begin?! There’s just so many. Okay, firstly lets start with the applicator – it’s a spongy little bullet type device that you plunge into the lid of the wand, which in turn should pick up on some eye shadow for you to smoother over your lid. Well, that seemed to be the initial plan, however it picks up such a tiny amount of product that I continuously had to dip the wand into the lid to reapply.


The product itself feels greasy and doesn’t sit evenly either with or without primer, trust me, I’ve tried both ways! After an hour of wearing this the shadow it looked like any product that was on the lid had completely worn off or seeped into my skin. As for the colour pay off, don’t get me wrong I’m all for the ‘keep it natural’ look (occasionally) but this is virtually non existent.

According to the packing there’s 50 applications per side – unfortunately it would take all 50 to get it looking like you had any eye shadow on your lids at all!


(I used a tiny amount of glitter liner just to add a little bit of sparkle along the upper lash line)



Having read some pretty positive reviews about the Hard Candy brand I was really taken back by how seriously disappointed I was in this product – nor am I a bit surprised it’s not any where to be found on their website. If ever there was a beauty blooper this is it!


Sorry ladies, I genuinely wish I’d more good news and tales of a fabulous find on this occasion, but unfortunately it wasn’t mean’t to be *sigh*

Have you tried any Beauty Bloopers of your own recently? I’d love to know! Don’t forget to say a quick hello in the comments below… wishing y’all a wonderful weekend 🙂

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