No7 ‘Lovely Lips’ Lip Balm in Parisian Pink…


My handbag,  my bedside cabinet, the bathroom shelves, my beauty drawers and the car glove box all have one thing in common = lip balms. Apart from eye shadows, lip balms are undoubtedly my next biggest hoard of beauty stash. They are EVERYWHERE. In fact, if you weren’t from this planet you’d swear they were breeding. However, the reality of the situation is… every time I walk into a drugstore (or any store for that matter) if there’s a display of lip balms you can be sure I’ll be scanning the offerings in search for any newbies that may have slipped my radar.

As I’ve said (many times before) I live right beside the sea. As picturesque as it sounds, the sweeping Irish sea air just loves playing havoc with my beauty regime. A few moments outside on a fresh fall day = withered lips, and hair that resembles a large stack of wood shavings… thank heavens for Frizz Ease *sigh*

However, back to lips – a few weeks ago I treated myself to my annual ‘Fall Haul‘, which if you happened to miss you can check out by *Clicking Here* Needless to say, on browsing the shelves of No7 with a ton of advantage card points at my mercy I was beyond ecstatic to discover a gorgeous new lip balm range called ‘Lovely Lips‘. As you can imagine I simply HAD to have it – there really was no mental negotiation gals!

I’ve now been trying ‘Lovely Lips‘ for a few weeks, particularly just as our weather has been on the turn… and I’m more than ready to share my thoughts. So if hoarding up on lip balms is your thing too then get yourself comfy and keep reading…


What No 7 Say…


“Nourish and condition lips with our moisturising beauty balms. Enriched with mineral oil and Beeswax, lips are left feeling comfortably soft and smooth, even at the end of the day. Provides sheer, buildable colour in 4 wearable shades for a natural look. Contains Vitamin E for added condition and care.”

*Source – Boots Website*


The Colour Choice…

Poppy petal  Poppy Petal
   Parisian pink  Parisian Pink
        Deep raspberry  Deep Raspberry
    Coral blossom  Coral blossom
Okay, so there’s not the same massive choice compared to their exhaustive lipstick range, but this is a balm, and you probably wouldn’t expect there to be. However, I do think that it would be beneficial adding a non-tinted or clear option to their colour choice – simply because some may prefer to have the nourishment of a balm but without the tint. Otherwise, the colours (featured above) are indeed very beautiful. Personally, I’ll be trotting back to Boots on my next spend to top up on Deep Raspberry – or possibly even Poppy Petal… ooh decisions, decisions *sigh*
Let’s Talk Packaging…
Forget your standard little plastic tube – this is so much more sophisticated, chic and pretty all rolled into one sturdy lippy tube. It resembles a lipstick and has a twist up base so no more dipping your pinkies into teeny little pots of gloop. You can apply your balm in style ladies 😉
What About The Formula…
There’s little else I can say other than beeeeeautiful. Really it is. My lips feel nourished, soft and pampered. The balm is smooth, silky and glides on effortlessly – unlike some of the cheaper balms that have a glue-stick feel. However, at £9.99 you’d certainly expect it to be a little more ‘luxurious’ than your average ‘couple of quid’ spend. The bees wax and vitamin E make your lips feel completely hydrated from the initial application and thankfully it’s not sticky or uncomfortable to wear. Bear in mind it’s not going to last as long as your favourite stay-put lippy but expect a good couple of hours wear before needing to reapply. The slimline shape of the product is great for slightly smaller lips too as it’s in no way big or bulky to glide over your lips. As far as balms go it’s definitely a winner for formula!
Gorgeous formula that feels ‘luxurious’ on the lips
Chic packaging that makes it feel worth the spend
Lipstick style application = no messy fingers
Vitamin E & Bees Wax = silky smooth lips
No 7 quite often run fabulous promotions & you’ll get a few extra points on your Advantage card too 😉
At £9.99 it’s not thee most affordable lippy but……. it gorgeous!
Not a huge colour range of tints available
Final Thoughts…
3 words = I LOVE IT.
Yep, I know I’m a No7 fan through & through but this is yet another one of their products that has completely impressed me. The Parisian Pink has such a beautiful ‘my lips but better’ finish that stays on for a good couple of hours before any need to reapply. Needless to say, I’ll certainly be investing in a few more shades when I’m due my next No7 spree!

pink heart

Have you tried the No7 Lovely Lips Lip Balm yet? If so, what’s been your final verdict? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below so do stop by for a quick chatter:)

Cheerio Chums…

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*Self purchased product – no affiliation or sponsorship links included in post*


The Make Up Menu featuring MAC ‘Craving’ Lipstick…

The Makeup Menu featuring MAC Craving Lipstick

As much as I fall head over heels for strong bold colours combined with sultry smokey eyes, it’s not something I reach for very often, in fact it’s rare that I do ‘over dramatic’ make up… unless of course I’m planning on hitting the tiles, and being an often exhausted mama who works her socks off & is addicted to blogging daily, I’m sure you can imagine there’s very little time for dancing around handbags under a mirror balls these days!

So instead I prefer to play it safe with my make up looks. Currently I’m building up a great collection of everyday staples that are affordable, long lasting and easy to wear. A delightful menu of cosmetics that keep my daily lust for a little glam more than happily topped up without going too overboard. Having received one of my most lusted over MAC shades for Christmas (the very beautiful Craving) I just couldn’t resist putting together a little ensemble of what I’ve been opting for this weekend…



Face Makeup Menu

Boots No 7 Beautifully Matte in Warm Ivory: My go to foundation. This is the only foundation that totally retains its fresh looking tone throughout the entirety of the day without fading, drying or going patchy. It keeps my oily T-Zone under control, all whilst feeling softy & velvety to touch.

Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour Concealer in Fair: The only concealer (so far) that has really worked well without caking or drying. A must have for those who find most concealers either too heavy or alternatively slippy on the skin!

Make Up Revolution Hot Spice Blush Palette: This was sent to me as a tester sample, something that I’ve been itching to try… and it most certainly hasn’t disappointed. The colours are indeed subtle yet completely buildable. Ideal for pretty much all skin tones, it’s a beautiful selection of spicy shades to warm the complexion perfectly!



Eye Makeup Menu

Make Up Revolution Iconic 2 Palette: This little eye shadow palette has absolutely gob smacked me. The colour pigmentation is incredible as is the longevity of wear. Shockingly, it’s super affordable yet really does give the high end rivals a run for their money. Combining a predominant mixture of shimmery metallic tones (along with a few complimentary earthy mattes) makes it a great palette for both day & night wear!

Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara in Black: One of my favourite mascaras at the moment, this formula leaves my lashes fluttery, separated yet adds lashings of length without  the dreaded clumping.

Billion Dollar Brows Best Sellers Kit: I’ve been trialing this kit quite a bit recently and have to say it has me utterly hooked. Never before have my brows looked so shapely & in such a natural form. The soft ashy tones work with both blondes and brunettes. Keep your eyes peeled for a full tutorial on the amazing kit that every brow fanatic needs in their makeup bag!


MAC Craving Lipstick

MAC Amplified Cream Lipstick in Craving: In my opinion this is pretty much a ‘my lips only MUCH better’ tone that is completely buildable to showcase a strong pop of playful pink or applied sparingly to keep a soft and natural lip shade that is perfect for everyday wear. The formula is incredibly comfortable & seems to mimic a feel that sits somewhere between matte & creamy… hence the longevity of a matte formula with the moisturising feel of a very slightly creamier texture. Gorgeous!



Taa Daa

MAC Craving Makeup Menu

There you have it ladies, the finished look! For me, MAC Craving simply adds the perfect pop of pink that looks very slightly creamy but is super long lasting and incredibly complimentary to us gals sporting a slightly lighter complexion! Another new favourite to add to the collection 🙂

pink heart

Are you a fan of MAC, if so what’s your perfect shade for everyday use? Or have you’ve fallen head over heels for a another brand that you adore as an everyday staple? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below so do stop by and say a quick hello!

Cheerio Chums…

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Lipcote: The Secret of Lasting Lipstick…

Lipcote Review

A few weeks ago I posted ‘The Perfect Red Lip featuring CHANEL‘ and was shocked to the bones to find out that quite a few of you lovely ladies weren’t already familiar with Lipcote. Having been asked multiple times to elaborate on Lipcote, many were super curious to know a little more about this mystical lip saviour. So seeing as the party season is firmly on our doorstep here’s exactly why you need this little bottle of pout potion to seal the deal…



My love affair with Lipcote started way back in the 90’s when statement lips were a high school disco essential *cringe* I was a huge fan of Rimmel’s Heather Shimmer back in the day, but trying to keep the colour locked in for the duration of my teenage school discos was a bit of a hassle, especially having to constantly reapply. However as destiny would have it I stumbled across a tiny bottle of Lipcote nestling amongst the shelves of my local pharmacy; intrigued at its claims of keeping my lipstick locked in place I bought a bottle not really expecting much, however since then it’s became each & every time I wear lipstick




“Lock Lippie to perfection. Lipcote, the Original Award Winning Lipstick Sealer is the secret of lasting kiss proof lipstick! From a girl’s night out, hen or wedding do, to a red carpet and catwalk event by the makeup professionals, this Brit beauty cult classic, made with natural ingredients is the ultimate makeup tool no self-confessed lipstick fan should be without!”

Sourced @ Lipcote Website


1) Colour your lips as usual & blot using a tissue to remove any excess. Repeat.

2) Apply an even layer of Lipcote over your lips & slightly beyond.

3) Keep your lips parted for a few minutes to ensure the Lipcote sets successfully.

Lip Prep Lip cote



On initial application the original version had a bit of a bitter waft & taste of alcohol due to the intensity of the formulation however fear not gals as thankfully the sassy Lipcote team have relaunched it with a new vanilla scent/flavour *woo hoo*  There can initially be a minor tingling/stinging sensation but again that tends to fade extremely quickly – however if your lips are dry or cracked avoid using for two reasons:

1) To prevent spread of bacteria or infection into the product

2) To prevent coiling yourself into a spring like position from the pain of what will feel like vinegar being poured into an open wound. Ouch!


Absolutely… for a 70ml bottle it’s a mere £3.60 which will likely last you 100 applications! Most definitely a wise investment if you’re a regular wearer of lipsticks, particularly bold colours as it works a treat by keeping the colour firmly on your lip rather than your wine glass, teeth, fingers, food, boyfriend… need I go on?

Lip Cote



I’ve been a fan of Lipcote for a number of years & it’s never let me down. Okay, the initial smell & slight stinging sensation may not convert everyone into being as much of a fanatic BUT it’s affordable, long lasting, easy to use & doesn’t turn a matte lip shiny – thanks to it’s quick drying invisible formula. For £3.60 I think it’s beauty bargain… for keeping my lipstick locked to my lips all night long – it’s invaluable!

Red Lip Stick

pink heart

For more info why not visit the Lipcote website where you can treat your lips to their very own bottle, use the Lipstick Finder to unearth your perfect shade or check out the Beauty Insider section to read what’s happening with other bloggers!

Lipcote Website

How do you make your lippy last? Have you tried Lipcote yet? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below. As always, thanks for stopping by! Wishing y’all a fabulous weekend 🙂 ️

Cheerio chums…

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The Make Up Menu featuring Clinique…

Clinique Make Up Menu Main

As much as I love the pocket friendly price tags drug store beauty brands have to offer, every now and again it’s worth the treat to indulge in a little high end spend. Clinique is a brand that I’ve had just a few encounters with in the past but as I’m now the proud parent of this sleek & shiny face, eye & lip palette it’s given me a worthy opportunity to get acquainted once again with Clinique’s frequently raved about cosmetic range… before I invest in topping up my collection with their individual range of lipsticks, shadows and powders.

Okay, time to tour the palette ladies…

Superpowder Double Face Powder in 02 Matte Beige: I have to admit, I’m not normally a fan of face powders but after applying my regular No 7 Beautifully Matte foundation the Double Face Powder was the perfect finishing touch to help set my makeup and keep it in place through the day. It has a beautiful velvety type texture, very soft and not at all drying. The ideal lightly dusted top layer to keep your face looking fresh and radiant.


Soft Pressed Powder Blusher in 20 Mocha Pink: This is a deliciously roasted blush with a just a slight hint of pink to it. A beautiful shade when applied however it didn’t last as long as I hoped it would, of the entire palette range this was definitely the first to fade.


Color Surge Eye Shadow Quad in 02 Spicy: Such a treat for the eyes… I simply adore these warm autumnal shades that are perfect for adding a soft bronzed glow to my eyes. Although these shades would work well with almost any eye colour I have to say I think it compliments blue or aqua eyes the best (lucky me!) These lasted for such a long time. On applying at 10 am that morning, the colour still looked fresh at 8:30 pm. Beautifully pigmented and long lasting – I’ll definitely be reinvesting in more of Clinque’s shadow range.





Long Lasting Lipstick in 12 Blushing Nude (soft shine) : Being such a huge fan of my beloved MAC Brave I was shocked at how similar these two shades where in comparison of formula. Both are a warm rich nude tone with a buildable finish that’s not drying or quick to fade. If you’re a fan of MAC Brave, Patisserie or Faux then you’ll love this shade!




Clinique make up menu

(finished look)

If truth be told there’s very little negative feedback I can give about the formula and longevity of Clinique’s products. Of course being fragrance free and allergy tested they’re ideal for those who have sensitive skin too. However one thing I will say regarding the design of the palette itself is that I’m not in any way a fan of the mini sponges and brush applicators included, if anything I’d prefer to pay a little extra for more product! In my humble opinion, anyone who’s spending  fact I don’t know anyone who regularly uses those miniature tools.

Clinique palette
On the whole I’m extremely impressed with the contents and how long lasting everything was (okay the blush was the only major stumbling block) Would I still recommend Clinique or reinvest? Most definitely. A palette is certainly the ideal gift for Christmas, Birthdays, Mothers Day etc. So if you’re on the hunt for something a little extra special for yourself or someone else why not visit the Clinique website and check out their range of stunning gift options.

 Cheerio chums…

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The Make-Up Menu: Peach Sherbet

The Make Up Menu Peach Sherbet

After last Fridays post, The Must-Have Eye-Shadow Trio, quite a few of you lovely ladies were rather intrigued about the pigmentation & quality of these affordable mini compacts. Not being one to turn down an opportunity to get dolled up (and as I’m rocking the warm peach sherbet tones right now) what better excuse to create a quick look for this weeks Make-Up Menu? Heck, you might even take some inspiration by re-creating this warm summery look over the weekend too. Why not!

Okay, so here’s the menu gals…



Nivea Intense Moisturising Day Cream – I use a small amount of this intense moisturising cream before applying any cosmetics to my skin as it helps keeps my face hydrated and make-up lasting longer. Don’t forget to leave it absorb into the skin before layering on Foundation etc!

Boots No 7 Beautifully Matte – My current go-to foundation. This literally knocks the spots clean off all others I’ve tried over this last few months… yep, I’ve finally found ‘The One’ gals! *wipes away tears of joy* Affordable, flawless & long lasting. Perfection in a pump.

Soap & Glory Kickass Concealer – Not by any means a full coverage concealer, however what it does do is very lightly cover blemishes and adds a little dewiness to the complexion. Initially I wasn’t entirely sure if I’d repurchase it again but now I’m really beginning to like it a lot!

Rimmel Sun Shimmer Bronzer – My ultimate bronzer. Wanna find out more about it? Then *click here* to feast your eyes upon my recent review.

Soap & Glory Peach Party – There’s always that one item in your make-up collection that you use sparingly because it’s just so darn beautiful & you don’t want it to end… and that’s exactly how I feel about this blush. If you’re on the lookout for something to add a soft peachy glow to your cheeks then look no further, it’s beautiful.




MUA Eye-shadow primer – Keeping it in the MUA family today ladies. I’ll admit I’ve read mixed reviews about this eye-shadow primer but I have to say it’s doing an outstanding job for me; great for an everyday pocket-savvy primer.

MUA Under-eye Concealer – A new addition to my collection (after hunting high & low for the L’Oreal Lumi wand without success) Once again MUA have *really* impressed me… this noticeably brightens up my under eye area & helps luminate my cheek bones for a bright & dewy look.

MUA Chocolate Box – What a gorgeous trio of warm Indian Summer type colours. Peaches, earth tones, golds, red, brows & purples all seem to emulate seamlessly from these three stunning shades once blended.

Max Factor Mascara – So far it’s impressive, I’m keeping my lashes firmly crossed that the formula doesn’t clump too early. The result to date has been long luscious lashes, the brush seems a little clumsier yet it really gets into those lash roots.

Soap & Glory Archery Pencil – Known as the dupe for Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow Wiz. I am SO impressed with this handy little roll up pencil. No sharpening required, just quick & easy brows ‘on fleek’ ladies 😉

Rimmel Glam Eyes Professional Liquid Liner –  My go to liquid liner for those hard to master cat flicks. The brush is incredibly precise & the formula is the perfect creamy consistency for jet black coverage.




Rimmel London 077 Asia – I’ve literally been in love with this shade from the first time it glided over my lips at the tender age of 13! Almost 20 years later & it’s still one of my all time favourite Rimmel lippies. Rich, creamy & long lasting – what’s not to love?

Tanya Burr, Picnic In The Park – Such a pretty pink that adds the perfect layer of blush-tinted gloss to any pout. Long lasting & not overly sticky, I’ll definitely be checking out some more of her range gloss range! Have you got a favourite?




Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge – A complete game changer when it comes to applying makeup. If you’re craving an airbrushed finish then look no further, this little egg shaped sponge is photoshop for your foundation. Yes, it really is!

Real Techiques Cheek Brush – One of my favourite blushes, especially for contouring the hollow of my cheek bones with a skimming of bronzer or adding a pop of blush to the apples. So versatile!

Barry M Shadow Brush – Such a handy little shadow companion for adding the darker shades on the outer crease to give some depth and definition.

Lamora Blender Brush – Blends everything together seamlessly. Check out my post on this set of bargain beauty brushes, such a great affordable find!

Superdrug Retractable Lip Brush –  Essential for smoothing out your lippy and creating a sharp lined effect edge.

Eyelash Curlers – Nothing fancy about this little pair… does a great job at curling the lashes prior to mascara application. Simples.


Finished look




There you have it ladies, this week’s Make-Up Menu based around Peach Sherbet tones. I’m such a huge fan of these warm peachy-pink & earthy colours, they never fail to brighten up my pale complexion. Have you tried any of the products above? What’s your favourite make-up look at the moment?

Cheerio Chums…

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The Summer Skin Care Edit…


Hey Beauty Buddies…

I don’t know about you lovely lot, but here at Confetti & Curves HQ’s Friday night IS pamper night! Oh yes, it’s that delicious little evening where I turn off all technology, run myself a delectable bath filled to the brim with exquisite bubbles & simply immerse myself in aromatic goodness for an hour – surrounded by Yankee candles, glossy mags & a WHOLE host of beauty goodies of course 😉 However as it’s been so ridiculously long since I’ve updated what fabulous little lotions & potions I’ve been loving lately and now summer is in full swing, what better time to share my the contents of my cosmetic shelves with you guys! Sitting comfy? Then let’s get started…



Olay Essentials Refreshing Cleanser: I can literally feel my pores happy-dancing with delight when I pop the lid on this scent-sational tube of  refreshing facial cleanser. Even sensitive skin (such as mine) doesn’t remotely feel hot, tight or in any way aggitated by this gentle night time cleanser.

Nivea Gentle Effect Eye Make-Up Remover: Although I’m not a huge wearer of waterproof mascara, I still like to dress my lids in lashings of professional liner, long-lasting primer & my beloved Urban Decay NAKED shadows. Known for their durability, my eye products are easily removed with this gentle eye cleansing lotion. Just don’t forget to shake the formula well before applying to a clean cotton pad!

Boots Botanics 3 in 1 Micellar Water: I’ve only just started using this particular brand of Micellar water but so far it’s been such a treat to use. Within a few swipes I’m saying cheerio to tired looking make-up & hello to a fresh new face.

Nivea Refreshing Toner: I’ve always under estimated the power of a great toner until I made it an essential step in my daily skin care routine last year. This particular one from Nivea has such a delicate fresh scent coupled by an incredibly soothing feel on the skin. I’m always amazed at the residue and nasties a good toner manages to pull out from the pores – even after cleansing well beforehand!




Derma Vio Coconut Body Butter: Nothing SCREAMS summer than a waft of coconut infused in a rich body butter & this one from Derma Vio is rich, moist, hydrating & leaves your skin feeling silky smooth.

Garnier Moisture Restore Night Recovery Gel Cream: Nothing to date has hydrated my face as much as this little pot of lilac colour wonder potion. The intense re-hydration formula is like a looooong nightime cocktail for my skin. If you’re mad into scents you’ll adore the sweet aroma of this too = heaven in a little purple pot.

Nivea Rich Moisturising Day Cream: Of course it’s not just during beauty sleep that skin should be treated to a moisture rich lotion, this day cream from Nivea works wonders under my foundation to ensure I maintain a dewy, fresh complexion throughout the day. It’s perfect for dried out pores in need of some serious pampering.




Dove Go Fresh Deodorant with Cucumber Extract: Words cannot fully describe how much I ADORE this pocket-friendly roll on. The smell is intensely refreshing and lasts for hours on end. I’ve had countless compliments on what delicious perfume I’m wearing when in actual fact it’s this savvy little underarm secret.

Original Source Tropical Pineapple Shower Gel: If your goal in life is to departing from a misty shower smelling exactly like a pineapple lolly then congratulations – you’ve just achieved it with this little bottle of fruity goodness. Probably one of the most intensely mouth watering shower gels that’s ever graced my shower-shelf. The only draw back is trying NOT to taste the damn stuff!

Avon Naturals Pink Daisy & Sicilian Lemon Body Spritz: Considering I cough, wheeze & splutter like a vintage tractor when it comes to canned deodorants or body sprays I tend to stay well clear of investing in them, however this beautiful range from Avon is perfect for a quick refreshing spritz throughout the day. Okay, it’s doesn’t last anywhere near as long as most canned body sprays but it does smell incredibly beautiful & all without filling your lungs with powdery fume filled canned air.

Garnier Summer Body Moisturising Lotion: Yet another new addition to my beauty shelf! This. Smells. INCREDIBLE. Okay it might be a little bit on the fruity/sweet side for some but in my humble opinion it smells a WHOLE lot better than the nasty biscuity smell of other daily gradual-tan moisturisers. It dries super fast, leaves your skin feeling baby soft & at the pocket-friendly price of under £5 you can’t go wrong. If you haven’t gotten your mits on a bottle already then be quick ladies! Looks like we have a summer best-seller with this one 😉



Balmi Raspberry Lip Balm: Who doesn’t love a cute little cube of raspberry goodness? Seemingly a mini dupe for an EOS style balms this perfect little pot of pout-putty leaves lips feeling smooth, supple & ready for summer. With Vitamin E, Shea butter, Jojoba oil, SPF 15 & UVA protection it’s all you need in a balm. Pick up a range of delicious flavours online or in your local Boots store NOW.

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub: It ‘just’ may very well be a little pot of fruity flavoured sugar but my-oh-my how I love scrubbing my lips with this gorgeous little pot from Lush. The smell, the taste, the refreshing feel…. if you haven’t tried it already then bump that bad boy to the top of your wish list. Your lips will love you for it gals!

pink heart

What’s YOUR favourite skin care goodies this summer? Have you uncovered any great drug store finds OR are you itching to give any of the above a test run? Whatever your thoughts do let me know in the comments below – we do adore a juicy beauty chatter here on Confetti & Curves.

Wishing y’all a fabulous Friday & happy weekend…

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*Product Review: Clinique Chubby Stick…


Happy Monday Chums…

I trust you’ve all had a fabulous weekend? It was a pretty exciting one in the Rees household as little lady Ems finally saved up enough pocket money to treat herself to a trampoline, which of course Steve and I spent *almost* an entire Saturday afternoon building… thankfully our marriage is still intact, even if I have sprouted at a least another dozen grey hairs in the process! *dramatic sigh*

However onto today’s post beauty buddies, and I have a rather exciting little review as I bring you my honest musings on the Clinique Chubby stick. As lip products are one of my fav makeup collection must-haves I’ve been itching to get my hands on a stick of this much talked about stuff for quite some time!

Wondering if it’s worth the hype? Then make yourself comfy & stick around to find out…



Clinique Chubby Stick in Voluptuous Violet 1.2g


Purchase info

This was sent to me for review by the lovely folks over at Direct Cosmetics (thanks guys) where it’s available for a lip smacking £3.99… that’s an £11 saving of the £14.00 RRP!

Pop over and check out their range of pocket savvy products 😉



Chubby stick

“Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm is a lip treatment with sheer colour that relieves dry, cracked lips and provides immediate moisturisation. The unique pencil-style applicator provides easy to apply sheer soft lip colour and rolls up for ease of use.”

Source: Clinique



Presented in a chunky little tube, it’s perfect for the handbag, purse or just slipping into a pocket on the go. Like most lip crayon style products it’s a simple wind up/wind down motion. The sticks come in array of colours, all of which very prettily match their internal shades – and considering I’m in a rush most mornings this makes Clinique’s Chubby Stick rather handy to grab & go compared to rummaging through tubes of traditional lippy to check the colour content.




Where do I begin? Ladies I’m in love! I had a feeling this was going to be a winner before I smeared that first glossy coat of colour across my dehydrated lips. Having said that I’ve always been a fan of Clinique’s product range which have never failed to disappoint in the past.

Me clinique 2

The balm applies so easily without a trace of stickiness but with more of creamy texture as instantly my lips feel moisturised and pampered. The colour is wonderfully subtle, so for ladies who prefer slightly more sheer tones this is ideal, however the colour is lightly buildable for adding texture and tone.

Me clinique

For those that like to pack a little more pout, add a light skimming of lip liner underneath in a complimentary colour – it really does help to exaggerate the colour that little bit better!



As much as I adore the packaging, price & product one thing I will say is that the longevity of the balm isn’t overwhelmingly long lasting. Within a few hours (or) after eating/drinking I find myself having to consistently re-apply, so if you’re looking at something that’s gonna hang around all night this isn’t an ideal option. However if your looking for a subtle balm for everyday use then it’s an easy trait to forgive for such a nourishing lip treatment.

My only other bug bearer ladies was the taste. Unfortunately there’s no sweet or  tasty lingering flavour, but instead more of a bland taste that somehow reminds me of kids crayons… bizarre I know. Thankfully the taste subsides pretty quickly, however a little hint of something tempting for the taste-buds would’ve been the cherry on top Clinique!



Overall I’m a HUGE fan of the Clinique Chubby Sticks. The range of colours are incredibly pretty, the product is super nourishing for dried & dehydrated lips, the shades are complimentary for all skin tones and it’s easy to tuck inside the handbag. Personally I think the price point is a reflection of Cliniques great reputation for making fantastic products that really do deliver what they claim. Would I re-purchase & recommend = absolutely!

If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a go, you won’t be disappointed gals 😉


Have you tried the Clinique Chubby Stick yet? If not, what’s your favourite nourishing lip product?

As always thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to leave a quick hello in the comments below!

Cheerio Chums…

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