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Start a beauty blog

A few weeks ago I posted a feature on Keeping An Organised blog, which I have to say was pretty well received *huuuuge thanks guys* Needless to say I also received a small handful of very flattering emails from four lovely ladies… Kirsty, Sheena, Sarah & Ruby *friendly wave if you’re reading gals* all individually asking for a few tips on starting a blog. Firmly affixing my thinking cap for the task at hand, I decided the best (& most obvious) way to tackle this was to write a post offering any pearls of wisdom I can seemingly ruffle up.

Now although I’ve been blogging for almost 2 whole years *whaaaat?!* Confetti & Curves is still relatively new as it’s my second blog project. My first blog was more personal, offering ramblings of everyday life. However like many new bloggers I pretty much made EVERY possible mistake in the book, which resulted in me loosing interest and *almost* my appetite for blogging. Thankfully creating Confetti & Curves was a completely different experience, why? Because I thought the process through before jumping straight in at the deep end.

Therefore, in light of my own blog journey I’ve put together this little virtual tool kit that I feel includes the bare basics for most wannabe beauty bloggers. So pour yourself a huge mug of coffee, pop your feet up for five and let’s get started…

1) A Blogging Topic


It’s so important to have a really good mull over why you want to blog and what you want to blog about. I’m pretty sure 99.999% of my blog chums will agree that if you’re starting any blog with the hope that money and fabulous freebies are going to roll in thick and fast, forget about it. Even if you are financially driven all that takes time, investment and a whole lot of blood sweat and tears… yes I’ve no doubt can be done, as the saying goes: anything’s possible. But if you’re expecting to be the next celebrity beauty guru by Christmas, it’s time to take a nibble on reality cake. Harsh I know, but it’s true.

So instead we’ll assume you’re starting your little corner of the inter-web for pure pleasure and because you’d like to share your interests with the rest of us, right?  Creating a blog should be a reflection of your passion & personality; once you combine those vital ingredients with relatively interesting content people won’t just like visiting your blog it, they’ll love it.

However it would seem that one of the toughest questions wannabe bloggers ask themselves is ‘What should I blog about?’ If you’re not (yet) entirely sure then it’s time you nestled down with a cute little notepad (you all know my obsession for adorable stationary) and brainstorm a few ideas on paper, starting with off with your hobbies and interests. For example, just before I created Confetti & Curves I made it my mission to write down a list of things that really interested me: Make-up, Beauty, fashion, lifestyle & crafts are all topics I adore however the wedding industry is where a majority of my experience lies. Having said that, just because I’ve clocked up a good few years fluffing bridal gowns and handing out wads of Kleenex to overwhelmed brides, I didn’t want to limit myself to writing post after post on the joys (& mishaps) of making it to the alter in one mentally sane piece.

Luckily, I was able to combine ALL my interests & expertise into one neat little blog box, as they pretty much compliment each other and so far it’s worked out rather well. However if I’d have built my blog content combining a mixture of equestrian wear, chocolate sampling and nursing bra reviews I doubt very much it would’ve had the same positive response.

In other words, keep your potential blog content compatible and you’re off to a great start!


2) Choosing A Name


Before clicking the ‘JOIN NOW’ button *easy tiger* it’s important you decide on a name for your blog. Now I’ll readily admit that conjuring up names is something I hugely struggle with, simply because I maaahoosively over-think any potential options for days, upon days, upon days… to the point where I mentally squash any excitement by pensively tormenting my grey matter. Yes, I’m that bloody scrupulous!

Before setting up this blog I wrote a comprehensive list of content related words down on my pretty little notebook (you REALLY need to get one of those!) after which I mulled, reflected, hmm & haaa’d, then slammed it shut and poured a large glass of vino before declaring aloud ‘Confetti & Curves!’. The name worked perfectly for me as it’s not too generic that I’d have to stick with writing one blazingly obvious topic such as but at the same time gives the reader a good clue as to what to expect from the content… no equestrian advice or nursing bra reviews here thank you very much, however I can’t say the same for chocolate sampling! *Sorry-not-sorry*

If however you’re one of those concept meandering people who aren’t entirely sure you’ll keep up the momentum with one particular topic then I’d suggest you AVOID generic names such as ‘Kellies Beauty Gossip’ or ‘Fiona’s Fashion Fix’. Instead you may be better sticking to your own name ie: or put a little twist on it such as that way if you decide to evolve your blog content down the line then you’re not lumbered with a name that doesn’t reflect what you intend to write about.


3) Choosing Your Platform


Okay, so this is where I really do begin to waffle as the ‘techy’ malarkey isn’t really my strongest point. Basically there are a number of various blogging sites out there ( being just one of them) that allows you to create your very own little online retreat… an enchanting place you can fill with thoughts, ramblings, visions and old holiday snaps that will make us tilt our heads sideways in wonderment.

Three of the biggest players seem to be WordPress, Blogger & Tumbler. From a personal point of view I’ve previously tried Blogger however I wasn’t keen on the layout or design features and within ten minutes I found myself retreating to WordPress instead. Since then I haven’t looked back. However it firmly boils down to personal preference – think of it like choosing a computer or mobile phone. Some of us are devoted Apple/Mac lovers whilst others prefer the interface of Windows or Android. I found this helpful article on the pro’s and con’s of the main blogging sites *click here to read* that could be worth scanning before wading through the initial sign up session only to find it’s not for you.


4) A Theme


I’m by no means a professional designer, yet of all the emails I receive questions on design and layout has to be the most frequent. Thankfully starting a blog with makes it super easy to pick a pre-designed theme and apply it to your blog with minimal effort simply by clicking the ‘use this theme’ button. That’s right, no fancy CSS/ABC/WTF coding is required *rolls eyes* I’d personally advise you to stick with a free theme first, before shelling out £££’s or $$$’s for any of the premium designs… just so you can get used to your site and how to use the functions. That’s the fun of trial & error folks!

However if you’ve spent hours scanning through endless designs and can’t find anything that tickles your pickle, you could consider asking a creatively minded individual for help (there’s tons of digitial design diva’s out there willing to rustle you up a personally designed theme)

Things to consider before settling with a theme:

A) Is the layout easy to follow?

Having a site with flashing bells and sassy whistles may seem a great idea but if your readers find it hard to navigate they’ll not hang around for too long. I opted for using the free ‘ Bluchic Adelle’ theme which pretty much does everything I need it to do without frying any brain cells in the process. The layout is nice and clean, everything that needs to be seen is on display and it’s easy to personalise. If you’d like to see a handy YouTube tutorial on the Adelle theme *click here* to be whisked off for a mini one to one with the talented Katrina who will talk you through the entire process in her easy to follow video.

B) Is it reflective of your content?

Occasionally I’ll stumble across a blog and have to go hunting to ascertain exactly what the content of the blog is all about as nothing about the design or colour scheme is clear on what I’m expecting to read. Making a great first impression is super important in attracting new people. If the colour scheme and site content don’t marry up you could end up losing valuable readers who won’t waste time hanging around to check out your awesome articles *sigh*

C) Is the design ‘Responsive’?

Without confusing myself with techy jargon, a responsive design basically means that your layout will adjust to a multitude of screen sizes. With people accessing the internet on a variety of gadgets such as tablets, phones and good old pc’s you’ll want to ensure that your blog looks beautiful on all three. WordPress has a nifty little feature that allows you to check out what your site looks like on these devices before you publish your design. Thankfully I haven’t come across a theme (yet) that isn’t responsive and doesn’t work on a multitude of screens. However if the layout doesn’t look right on any of the preview panes I’d highly suggest you find something else that does!

D) If in doubt… resort to YouTube!

I don’t know about you but when someone is trying to explain something technical to me (that I cannot wrap my head around) it’s very likely the information will travel in one ear and back out the other, however SEEING it magically formed in front of my very eyes makes so much more sense, hence why I frickin’ love YouTube tutorials. If you need a helping hand and someone to visually guide you through the process, check out Katrina’s channel 77Webstudio for oodles of handy dandy videos on how to create your very own slice of the interweb!

5) A Few Extra Ingredients…

pink notebook

Considering that I’m basing this article around creating a beauty, fashion, makeup or lifestyle inspired blog there’s a few little extra ingredients that will certainly help you along the way:

A Camera:  I’m not talking a fancy DSLR, or anything that’s going to empty the entire contents of your savings account… just a simple camera phone will do a great job of taking perfect snap shots for creating great content images. You may also want to take a look at photo editing software too, there’s a multitude of freebies out there but as always do a little bit of review research beforehand!

A mini photo studio: Okay, time to plug one of my previous posts… if space is limited in your cosy abode and you’re planning on taking lots of product snaps for reviews check out my Create Your Own Mini Photo Studio article. It costs virtually zero pennies to make and has constantly came in useful for me, in fact I use it almost every week and it saves the hassle of finding new places to take pictures.

A Note Book: Creativity can strike at any given moment, and if you’re anything like me you’ll find it’ll strike in the most unusual of places so wherever you go to always carry a little notepad & pencil that is dedicated to new post ideas. You’ll never again have to face the anguish of bloggers block if you jot down all your great musings in one handy dandy little place.

Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest… the list goes on. If you’re not already signed up to various social media platforms then now’s the time to go global. Yes, it can be a daunting process putting your blog out into the big wide world but in order to gain new blog buddies, interaction and momentum it’s vital to link your blog with as many platforms as you feel comfortable with. I personally find Twitter to be exceptionally beneficial, and with over 2K followers and counting it helps boost page views and has often led to great opportunities working alongside new & established brands.

Most importantly have fun! Blogging can be incredibly time consuming but providing you enjoy it enough you’ll have no grumble with committing any spare hours to nurturing it into the little online haven you’ve always dreamed off owning. In my Behind The Blog series I always ask my interviewees what advice they’d give to a new blogger, and more than often the response is ‘Just go for it & have fun’. Until you give it a shot you’ll never know how much fun you could be missing out on!

If you’ve enjoyed reading this article you might also want to check out a few of my other little offerings that could come in useful too:

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pink heart

Do you have any top tips on starting a new blog? I’d love to read them in the comments below, your opinions are always warmly welcomed folks so do stop by and say a quick hello 🙂 *friendly wave*

As always, thanks for reading & happy blogging…

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  1. Karen I absolutely LOOOOVEEE this post! Seriously wish I had read it when I was starting up, but still has a lot of relevant tips and has made me aware of your other blogging posts I have yet to read! Thank you for sharing your insight and knowledge as always! 🙂 and I love the fact that you mention cameras – I have yet to invest in a proper camera and just take mine on my phone at the moment, which is great because most phones have decent cameras nowadays!!! *huge hugs!!!* xxxxxxx<3

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    • Thank you so so much Hayley for the encouraging feedback – you always leave such supportive comments!!!! 🙂 So glad you enjoyed the post so much, I thought it was best to pop a post up rather than reply to 4 individual emails as there cold be many others thinking about giving blogging a go also – I made sooo many mistakes first time round by not thinking about these things lol all a learning curve right?! 😀 Thanks for stopping by chum *huge hugs back at ya* Xxxxxx

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      • Exactly! You learn so much from your past experiences and I think that’s why this post is so amazing because you have went through it all! You are just such a great writer and I learn so much from your posts, especially the blogging ones! 🙂 xxxxxxx

        Liked by 1 person

      • That is such a huge compliment Hayley – I’m beyond chuffed you find them helpful!! If it helps relate to just one blogger then I’m more than happy – thank you again for all your support, it’s comments like this that make all the hard work (& mistakes lol) so worth while 😀 Xxxxxx

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    • That sounds exactly like my experience Candice – I think Blogger is a great platform if you prefer something very basic, but in my opinion WP offers much more exciting options 😀 Thanks for stopping by and I’m so chuffed you enjoyed the post huni ❤ Xo


  2. Great post Karen! I so appreciate your insight. Blogging is definitely a trial and error learn as you go process. I guess it’s great there is no deadline to learn it all in a day! WordPress has been amazingly user friendly. One of these days I need to dig my heels in and see how and what it’s all about as far as vs. I know it requires more tech savviness to get moved to .org and gives you more DIY control but as a newbie it sounds daunting. The thought alone overwhelms me. Lol. Although it interests me from a creative perspective. Someday.

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    • Aww thank you Lisa for such a kind comment. I wholeheartedly agree… blogging is all trial and error but thankfully we learn from our mistakes pretty quickly! lol WordPress.Org is hugely popular for self hosting blogs – something that is great if you want to moneytize your blog etc However for now I too am pretty settled with the .com version but like you say the other gives you more control! Yep, pretty overwhelming… maybe one day?! lol XXX

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  3. Wonderful post Karen 🙂 You have so many great insights here and a lot of useful tip for people who starts blogging and people who are already blogging for a while.
    I learned so much while blogging and still do.
    I really loved the tips you listed and the links. I re-visited them and still learn a more than before, that is so cool 😀
    I have a few buys I need, but after that I do want to invest in a good camera 🙂

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    • Thank you so much Gailt, you are so encouraging & supportive!!! It’s always a great boost reading such lovely feedback and I’m so glad you’re enjoying the posts!! I think blogging is one of those things that you just have to get on with to learn from, I just wished first time around I had off thought it through from the beginning a lot more deeply rather than jumping straight in. But it’s all part of the learning process 🙂 Yes, a great camera makes such a huge difference – phone cameras are great nowadays but the DSLR’s are super for taking extra detailed shots. I’m quite lucky as my hubby is a photographer so I can sometimes use his – it’s just getting to grips with all the buttons and settings rather than me using it on manual all the time as it defeats the purpose lol Thanks as always for stopping by, your comment really warmed my heart ❤ x

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  4. I used to blog at Blogger for 10 years and then moved to WordPress. Been 7 months now and I love it! I find WordPress more professional looking as much as we can’t put ads, which is a bummer! But so far I am loving WordPress.

    Great article, I find it useful and can relate to it.

    I would just add a note to the new bloggers: just keep blogging as much as you think nobody is reading because I am sure there are people reading (usually people are silent readers). Blog for yourself first and if you think it’s interesting, then surely audiences will relate 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • Gosh Nazneen, 10 years at Blogger?! you must know it inside out by now!! Great you’re enjoying WordPress though – I liked it from the start, and I agree that is is a shame you can’t put ad’s on your blog but hopefully that might change in the future, who knows eh? Thanks so much for stopping by – great extra tip about blogging for an audience 🙂 I think if you’re having fun writing it people will have fun reading it! K xo


  5. Hi Karen, Thank you for another great read and might I add “YOU HAVE BEEN A LIFESAVER” I have recently purchased my domain on wordpress for I was wondering if you could find five minutes to pop over and take a look and probably gimme some feedback as I feel its a bit raw around the gills, so to speak ( Ok! Who am I kidding it sucks and I need HELP!) I actually wanted to take a different angle on my blogs and talk about life and motivation related posts as well. unfortunately I have a quite a following on Fb for my page with the name my little book of FASHION! Wondering what to do know :s

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Kritika, thank you so much for stopping by, I’m so so please you enjoyed the post 🙂 Congrats on purchasing your new domain, that is wonderful news!!! Firstly by no means whatsoever does your blog suck, it’s really well laid out and you’ve got a great range for readers to go to – I love the Adelle theme and always think it’s a nice clean layout, however if you wanted to personalise it by adding your own header that can be easily done too here’s a link for a video tutorial for all that side of things….

      In terms of your dilemma about the name – are you suggesting a name change for your blog or FB page, or both? As far as I know you cannot change the URL name on your WP blog however you should be able to create a new blog under your WP account and export/transfer your files over. Does this make any sense? Am I rambling? Have I missed the point of your question – who knows!!!! lol As for FB I’d be pretty sure that you could change the name on your page, is it a business ‘like’ page or personal ‘add friend’ one?

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      • Thank you for the vid link Karen. It’s really informative. I’m gonna have some much needed ‘ME’ time this weekend and revamp my blog as per your suggestions and the video will come in handy for sure. As for the blog name, though I wish i’d given enough thought to it at the time, still, guess I’m fine with it. Was just wondering if I should add category pages and probably blog about beauty, life and food as well. Guess I have evolved and so should my blog. What do you think? Does it make sense?

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      • Absolutely!!!!!! Don’t let it stop you from adding category pages at all – go for it! Personally I think the name is really lovely and if it’s working for you don’t change it 🙂 You make perfect sense… we all start off with a vision for out blogs but more than often it evolves into something more that we imagined. It’s a great thing – it’s showing that both you and your blogging are branching into new things and thankfully they’re all very complimentary of each other 🙂 Good luck and keep me posted on how you get on huni ❤ XXXXXXX

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      • Haaaa – I wish, Kritika… however thanks so much for the compliment, I must print these “100% right” comments out for my hubby lol Hope everything goes well for you huni, great you’re so excited about it all!!! 😀 Xo

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      • hahaha. well i nominate you for the 100% right tag then. (Who says one can’t make and flaunt their tags on their own? ) Now tell us five instances where you have been proved right and nominate three bloggers 😉

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  6. Those were excellent tips and words of wisdom! You kind of have to “dip your feet in the water” sort of speak and use trial and error of what works and what doesn’t work. Definitely YouTube is a great way to get ideas. And especially if you’re stumped of what to write. And above all, to just have fun and be sure you’re interested in what you’re writing about, and the readers will pick up on that. A+ job Karen! Xo 😄

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    • Thank you chummy, always leaving me such lovely comments that make my day 🙂 Absolutely, it’s all about rolling up the sleeves and getting stuck in!! None of us were born with the WP manual pre-loaded, so a wee bit of research mixed with bravery when it comes to clicking buttons and thick skin if it goes wrong is pretty much the bottom line for me! 😀 You’re absolutely right – as long as you’re having fun, that is by far the main thing!! Thanks again Leah for reading and giving such awesome feedback – much appreciated 🙂 XXX

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  7. Such a fabulous post Karen! It really says it all! I like the beginning part on how you said “But if you’re expecting to be the next celebrity beauty guru by Christmas, it’s time to take a nibble on reality cake.” That is so true!! I couldn’t agree more. It seems like some people just start a blog expecting money and freebies but you shouldn’t blog just for that reason, you need to blog what your passionate about. Have my blog has been such a blessing and I have fun with it ALL of the time! 🙂 I am definitely sharing this post on my Blog’s FB page. ❤ Xoxo

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    • Thank you so so much Katie – chuffed you like it huni 🙂 I had an email in early January from a girl who was thinking of starting a blog to subsidise her income as she had just had a little one and was at home full time but didn’t know what to blog about. As much as I could sympathise with her situation, blogging solely for money/freebies isn’t going to work in my opinion – in fact very few make a living from it!
      As a full time writer I created mine for fun, to exercise my writing skills and have a positive online presence. If down the line it does somehow generate a small income then I’ll be thrilled to bits but blogging on the expectations of being the next Zoella etc just isn’t realistic. I’m sure it can be done but I can’t imagine the time, money and investment you’d have to make in order to get it anywhere near that level of popularity. Like you say it’s fun first and foremost – anything after that’s a bonus right?! 😀 XXXXXX

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      • Right! I agree! It was nice when I got a free dress from a website called eShakti and did a blog post on it. That was so much fun! I didn’t expect to ever get to do anything like that and I am just amazed that anyone reads my blog lol. It’s just a hobby for me though and it gives me a nice creative outlet. I think I would go insane living here with no friends or family if I didn’t have my blog to work on. When we first moved here all I would do during the day is lay in bed in the dark. It was such a hard transition. Then I decided that I needed to come up with some kind of hubby. First I tried some DIY projects and made a couple of cool things but then when I got the idea to blog with my best friend it was the best idea ever! 😀 XXXXXXXX

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      • This is SUCH and inspirational comment – you really should write about this if you haven’t already, sharing stuff like this is incredible and it’s clear that your blog has been a life line to keeping you occupied and in touch with buddies all over the world!!! I love how you took the negative effects of adjusting to life in Vegas and made it into a huge positive!! This is amazing – and you my friend are an inspiration to many!!!! What a lovely thing to share – thank you Katie *huge hugs* XXXXXXXXXX

        PS: Even better that you started it with your bestie – what a fun time for you both!!!!

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      • Awe thank you Karen! Maybe I will write about this in a post. Thanks for the idea! 🙂 You’re very inspiring to me and many too Karen! You’re right that my blog has been a life line for me. I don’t know what I would do without it. I have met so many incredible people because of it including you 🙂 It’s been a lot of fun to share this experience with my best friend that lives miles away from me but we’ll be in the same state again when I move back to Michigan so her and I could probably work on some more collabs together. We have done one but I don’t know why we haven’t done another lol. She does more videos now and I write posts. I have thought about doing a video but I don’t know, I’m a bit shy lol. Maybe I will do one for like my blog’s anniversary or when I reach a milestone in followers. I love our chats here!! *huge hugs back!* ❤ XXXXXXXXXXX

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      • Please do Katie – it really is a great personal story to share, how you got blogging. Honestly, you’re such an huge part of this blogging community – everyone has so much respect for you, simply because you make such a big effort with us all!! Awwwh you really do say the kindest things – see, always supportive 🙂 I can see why you want to get home so much – I think you & Brooke would make an awesome collab team!!! Maybe something for the future?! Who knows 😉
        Oh Katie I feel the same about videos, I done one at the weekend with my new camcorder but sooo apprehensive about putting it up so it’ll stay put on my hard drive for ages . Maybe one day when I’m feeling reeeeeally brave lol I completely sympathise with you on the shyness!!! You really should go for it though – I think it would be amazing & you know you have the support of so many on here. ❤ our chats too chummy… we know how to knock up the word count that's for sure lol lol XXX


      • Ok I will do a post 😀 Thank you so much for all of your kind words! They really mean a lot Karen! You’re so encouraging and supportive as well! Remember that! I bet your video is great! But I completely understand why you might not want to share it. I have tested myself out on my camera but it’s only for me to see lol. Brooke has done such an amazing job with her videos and she has just become so natural behind the camera. I had told her to pretend like she was talking to me and she says that’s what she does. So maybe if I do one then I will follow my own advice and pretend like I am talking to her. She keeps asking me if I am going to or not but I keep saying that I’m still thinking about it lol. I always look forward to chatting with you!! 🙂 XXX

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      • Yaaaay – so glad to hear that 🙂 And of course you’re so welcome!! Brooke has done amazing, I have to agree – she really is a natural in front of the camera!! Haaa I wonder if she has a little picture of you hanging from the lens hehe 😀 Hopefully someday you’ll get the courage to get going with videos – I think you’d be amazing huni Xxxxx

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      • Awe well thank you! 🙂 Yeah I wonder if she has a picture too lol that would be funny! Thank you for all of your encouragement though! I really appreciate it! I hope you’re having a good week! 🙂 Xxxxx

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  8. Bahahaha, OMG reality cake! Hahahhahaha! Ok so SERIOUSLY the name… I don’t like Someday Sunny and I don’t know how the hell I pulled it out of my ass in the two seconds that I set up my blog. So I totally agree to take your time thinking of a name! My blog is also a FREE wordpress theme and I totally agree you should play with the free stuff and learn how to make some edits yourself before shelling out hard earned money! Um, basically you’re 100% right on everything, HAHA! Great, great, great post Karen!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?!?! You don’t like Someday Sunny – it’s frickin perfect for you (being a little ray of sunshine and all that) well, I think it’s bloody awesome so nuff said – especially if I’m 100% right on EVERYTHING (would you please consider reinforcing this to my hubby Kaily?!?!) 😀 Thank you (as always) for making me smile like a loon with your gorgeously witty & ever supportive comments. Sending lots of blog love your way chummy ❤ Xo xo

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  9. What a beautiful post Karen! Everything is explained so well and you covered each and every point in your post. This is the best and very helpful guide I have ever read. When I was thinking to start my blog I was looking for this information on how to start and what to include and what to consider and what not. But did not get single post that explained well. I am so happy you posted this and I got many tips. Thank you sweetie ❤ Keep posting this unique and helpful posts as like you always do. ❤

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  10. Such a helpful post with some great tips! Even though I didn’t read this before I began blogging it’s still very handy to say the least – we bloggers should help each other out, right? 🙂 xx

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  11. Amazing content as always Karen. I think the simple fact of getting the courage to start a blog is a big step-there are some not so friendly people out there. After that, I think it’s about finding your passion, blogging about it and commenting on others’ posts. I had a bit of trouble at first because I expected people to just start following me and learned that is not the case. Once I opened up and commented on people’s blog, I got to meet some of the most awesome people on here. Patience is key. 🙂

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    • Thank you so so much Stephie – you always give such huge supportive comments 🙂 You’re 100% spot on – getting the courage just to start a blog is a quest in itself, took me ages to pluck up the bravery and sign up. It can leave you feeling very vulnerable, exposing your thoughts to the world!! Passion is vitally important! I also had that same issue with my first blog – the expectations were high but my knowledge was low… never a good mix lol Seems like we’ve had a very similar journey – and of course always awesome to meet such fantastic blog buddies through it!!! Thank you again for your supper encouraging comment – you shared some top points there huni 🙂 XXXX

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  12. Wow, what an amazing post!! (As always) ❤️ Definitely going to show this to anyone who wants to start up a blog. SO helpful and well written! I love the home photo studio idea…definitely next on my diy list:)!
    Xo, bekah

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    • Awwh thank you so much Bekah – what a lovely comment, that’s made my day 😀 Oooh, glad you like the DIY Photo Studio – I use mine all the time, so handy for quick pics 🙂 Hope you enjoy making it if you do get round to giving it a go! Have a fab weekend & thanks for stopping by huni ❤ Xo


    • Thank you so much Christy!! Much appreciated huni 🙂 Yes, I find WP very easy to navigate around too – I think once you’ve used it and jump over to Blogger it’s a huge contrast. Personally I prefer WP but Blogger has a few benefits we don’t have here at WP, hopefully that will all change one day 🙂 X

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  13. This is a great, informative post Karen. I’m sure a lot of people will appreciate it! I pretty much did what you listed out, so I don’t have much tips. Maybe, don’t take it too seriously or don’t be too hard on yourself. I felt bad leaving on vacation for so long, but that’s part of life. I’m still trying to catch up with 20 days worth of blogs, comments, posts, tweets, etc.. but at least I’m relaxed!

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    • Thank you so much huni – I wish I’d have listed it out first time I created a blog!!!! *sigh* Live & learn, right?!
      Of course – I think it’s so easy to get wrapped up in it, or even guilty about not posting! Life is busy and we all have commitments, rather have fun & feel relaxed than pressure by a tight blogging schedule!! Good luck with all your catching up 🙂 So lovely to have you back XXXX

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