10 Handy Makeup Application Hacks Everyone Should Know About…

Beauty Makeup Hacks

Regardless of whatever level we’re at when it comes to make-up application, it’s fair to say that there’s nothing quite as satisfying than finding a nifty little tip that really helps make life a whole lot easier. Thankfully the internet is awash with beauty secrets and handy hacks, some a little more surprising than others – in fact in some cases I often wonder who the heck was drunk enough to give them a go in the first instance. But hey, why ask questions if it works a treat, right ladies? ūüėČ

So for those of you who love uncovering the simple solutions in life then check out these 10 handy make-up application hacks that every make-up maven, beauty blogger and cosmetic craver should know about…

#1: Embrace Your Inner Scrubber…


Using a lip scrub before applying your favourite lippy will help get rid of all the nasty dead skin, make your pout feel softer and in turn help your lippy to apply much smoother and stay on a whole lot longer.

I would personally recommend Lush Lip Scrub (the bubblegum flavour is deeeelish) as a prep and putting a light coat of Lip Cote over your lipstick after application to help keep your pout looking perfect for as long as can be. If you’re a fan of wearing bright red or dark plum shades it’ll also minimise any messy colour transference too!


#2: Bye Bye Concealer Crease…


If your concealer is prone to settling into the creases under your eyes try mixing it with a little eye cream before applying. Once mixed, smooth it out with a concealer brush for perfect coverage. This helps to add hydrating to under the eye area, hopefully minimising the effects of creasing!


#3: ¬†Keep Your Head Up…

Makeup Revolution Mermaids Forever Eye Shadow Palette

To help make your eyes look bigger, tilt your head back and slightly raise your eyebrows when applying shadows. Applying a shadow right on the crease can actually make your eyes look smaller so aim for the tilted area just above the crease and it will make your eyes appear that little bit bigger & brighter!


#4: Lay It How It Is…


If you find yourself a bit of a slow starter in the mornings or quite often pushed for time, then get into the habit of laying out your makeup the night before. It’ll only take a few minutes but will shave precious time off in the morning so you ultimately avoid groggily rummaging around your stash at the break of dawn. It’s a simple tip but surprisingly one heck of a time saver!


#5: Get Your Nude On…

nude liner

Are you often intimidated by some of the more intense lippy shades in your collection &  find yourself quite often avoiding using them? If so, invest in a simple nude liner. Applying this as a base will help tone the colour of your boldest lippies down but it’ll help keep your finished look fresh for so much longer!


#6: Milk It…

Milk of Magnesia

Oily skin affecting your foundation? Word has it that applying a light layer of Milk of Magnesia over your moisturiser before applying your makeup actually helps to mattify your foundation by soaking up excess oil. I personally haven’t tried this one yet but it’s something I’m oddly curious to give a go pretty soon!


#7: Keep It Neat…

Copper and Gold Metalic Eye Makeup Revolution Redemption Iconic 2 Palette

Are you prone to smudged panda eyes under your lower lashes? Apparently the secret to avoiding this is by not using oil based moisturising eye creams but switching to a gel instead which helps eliminate the messy transference of mascara & liner running down to under your eye area!


#8: Blurred¬†Lines…


Avoiding nasty un-blended lines when it comes to wearing bright eye shadow shades by applying a nude/skin tone shadow to your crease and brow bone as a base. This will help make those eye-poppin’ colours blend seamlessly together without any obvious lines.


#9: Dot To Dot…

  Liquid Eye Liner Step by Step

Are you still finding it hard to master the perfect liquid liner? Find your flicks regularly more keek than on fleek? If so try using a series of little dots, starting with where you want your flick to end and then working your way towards the lid. All you have to do is simply join them once your done = viola, perfect liner!


#10:¬†Powder Perfect…


Has your favourite powder compact developed a strange hard coating in areas making it pretty much ineffective? If so it’s more than likely a transference of natural oils from your fingers or make-up brush. To remove this hardened layer simply take a strip of clear sticky tape, place it over the hardened patch and rub the back (non sticky side) down with your finger. Peel the tape off the hardened area and it should restore your caked powder back to normal!

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Have you got any top beauty or makeup hacks that you’d like to share? Have you tried any of the above hacks out? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below so do stop by for a quick chatter ūüôā Wishing y’all a fabulous weekend!

Cheerio Chums…

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Easy Peasy Ombre Nail Art…

Ombre Nail Art Tutorial

It’s not just my make-up that’s getting a bit of an overhaul in terms of breaking out the colourful shades – it’s my nails too! After months of hiding under dark polishes (which I admittedly adore) I seem to recently be magnetising towards bright cheery colours, combined with eccentric nail art – which is exactly what I aiming for with this fun nail design. So if you love sassy ombre tones and wild prints then check out this easy peasy tutorial!

1) Blank Canvas…


Starting off with the basics, it’s time to clean, prep and file the nails. Remember, when you’re filing the natural nail to sweep in one direction only to avoid any damage… my nails aren’t in tip-top condition at the moment so it¬†really¬†helps to deter any further nail catastrophes.


2) Pick Your Polishes…


Time to raid your stash for a selection of sassy shades.¬†I’ve opted for bright spring colours that will hopefully give a bit of a sunset look during the ombre fading. However you can stick with multiple shades of the one colour, darks, neons, brights, pastels… the only limitations is your own creativity ūüėČ


3) All About The Base…


In order to make the colours of your ombre effect stand out more vivid, it’s best to paint your nails in a white base coat. This doesn’t have to look finish perfect – it’s simply a base to brighten up the layers you’ll be adding on top!


4) The Sponge…


Ideally the best sponge to use is a wedge shaped sponge, however as I didn’t have any¬†in stock (hehe) I opted for a basic circular sponge which I cut into quarters so I could easily get a few uses out of one sponge.

Ps: This could be a great way to make use of old beauty blenders that you’re ready to bin – just make sure they’re cleaned out really well and completely dry before applying polishes.


5) The Fun Bit...


The great thing I love about this look is that you really don’t need any expertise in nail art, it’s just a matter of layering the polishes onto your sponge and dabbing straight onto the nail. Easy peasy! If you’re unsure about how the colours will look try it sampling it on a false nail first… you can even buy little packs of falsies from a local discount store just to play around with some design ideas. In order to help your ombre fade out more, try dabbing your sponge lightly on the nail a few times to create a softer blend.

Ps: Just dab a cotton bud into some nail polish remover to wipe away the excess polish!


6) The Finishing Touches…

nail stamp

Naturally gals, your ombre will look absolutely gawjush if you just simply settle for adding a clear top coat. However if you do fancy adding a little bit of extra detail then why not invest in a nail stamping kit! They’re incredibly easy to use &¬†you can create some really fun designs. You can find them on Amazon, Ebay or pretty much¬†any beauty/nail art store. Most kits come with a stamper and selection of plates with funky designs you can stamp straight over the top of your polish. I opted for a fun animal print… okay so I might have gone a little bit stamper crazy but it’s definitely added character to my nail art!


Taaa Daa….

Ombre nail art

And here it is, the finished look… a sassy sunset ombre nail with a fun animal stamp in black polish straight over the top. I’ve also added a few coats of clear polish to ensure durability & extra wear!

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Are you a fan of ombre nails? What colours would you opt for? Have you tried a nail stamping kit? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below so do stop by and say a quick howdy ūüôā

Cheerio Chums…

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Cute Miniature Wall Frames for your Beauty or Office Space…

DIY Cute Miniature Beauty and Office Frames

As a few of you already know, I‚Äôm in the final stages of a fun DIY project at the moment‚Ķ transforming our spare room into an office/beauty space. As¬†my creative juices are well and truly flowing I find myself rolling up the sleeves and tackling a few little crafty projects, just to add some cute¬†personal touches to my new workspace.¬†One of my favourite projects this week¬†has been this easy peasy transformation of these dinky little¬†Ikea frames I had lying in the bottom of my craft drawers…


After many months of feeling unloved and abandoned from lying in the bottom of my craft drawers, it was finally time to dust them off and bring them to life by incorporating some really simple but effective artwork. So if you’re looking for some inspiration to bring a sprinkling of creativity to your walls why not give this a go? It’s a 15 minute project that will undoubtedly add a touch of girly glamour to any bare looking wall area.



Beauty Wall Art - Creative Ingredients

Set of four mini ‘Tysslinge’ Ikea frames

An old magazine

Watercolour pencils

Fine tip paint brush


Small scissors



As my new space will be used for both blogging &¬†beauty, I wanted a variety of colours, themes and textures rather than one particular subject. With the frame inserts being so tiny (8x9cm) I thought I’d take to the pages of some old magazines I had lying about that were ready for recycling.


1) For the first frame I decided to use some simple magazine text. I thought this would tie in rather niftily with the vast amount of typing I do – kinda keeping in with the blogging ‘editorial’ style theme. Once I found the text I wanted I lightly drew around the frame insert, cut it out and popped it into place. Voila – job done!


2) For the second frame I wanted something a little more cosmetic related. After browsing through the beauty section of the magazine I stumbled across an image of raw eye shadows – perfect for the gal who’s addicted to shadow¬†palettes ūüėČ Again I repeated the step of placing the frame insert over the image and drawing around the outside with pencil before trimming and slotting in into place.


3) For my third frame I decided on something quite patterned that would compliment a few¬†of the nik naks I have scattered¬†around the room itself. I’m all for florals and ‘shabby chic’ so when I spotted this floral printed suit in the fashion directory¬†of the magazine I knew it would add a subtle hint of nature-inspired femininity.




As much as I enjoyed¬†the easy-peasy task of picking different patterns and styles from the magazine, I’m always a fan of creating something handmade. For my fourth frame I decided to add a personal touch by¬†paying homage to my creative streak &¬†sketching¬†something simple. My instant thought was a set of lips, not only due to¬†my cosmetic drawers being laden with¬†glosses and lippies, but also because of my step into YouTube that has enabled me to gain the confidence to chatter in front of the camera. Of course, anyone else looking at the frame will assume it’s just a drawing of a set of lips but it means a little more than that to me ūüėČ


For this I used my Faber Castell watercolour pencils. I absolutely adore this set, as it give you the freedom to draw free hand however once finished you can transform your drawing into a watercolour painting by simply running a dampened brush over the artwork. It’s quick, easy and totally mess free = win win win!!!




How cute are these? Such an affordable yet effective¬†way to add a little touch of personality to any beauty area or work space…


These mini Ikea Tysslinge frames also come in a choice of colours & finishes should you prefer black, white, wood or metal effect Рthe choice is entirely up to you. So why not put your old magazines to use or create some personalised drawings to brighten up your office or beauty space?

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Are you a fan of beauty-inspired art projects? Have you created anything recently or are you feeling the itch¬†to roll up the sleeves for some DIY crafts of your own? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below sodo stop by and say a quick hello ūüôā

Cheerio chums…

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Building A Beauty Room…

Photo 5

I‚Äôm literally aching from head to toe. Muscles I never knew I had are begging me to forget about everything other than staying still for at least 10 minutes. This weekend has been one of a kind, but productive beyond my imagination. All my verbal moaning and creaking¬†joints are indeed the war wounds of rolling up the sleeves for ‚ÄėOperation: Building A Beauty Room‚Äô.

As I mentioned ever so briefly in yesterday‚Äôs catch-up post I‚Äôd be undergoing a little bit of DIY & room transformation‚Ķ you see the thing is, no one EVER tells you that when dip your toe into beauty blogging that it literally takes¬†over your bedroom ‚Äď if not your entire life! ūüėÄ


(Above: How it all began… a make-up bag & a blog)

When I first launched Confetti & Curves I was relatively chuffed with the contents of my little makeup bag, but it wasn’t long until I was wrestling with the zipper, desperately willing my little raspberry coloured case of cosmetics to close as I tried to convince myself that it could withstand just one more mascara. Sadly over time there was no hope for it. With a wish list growing at an astounding pace (due to regularly feasting my eye upon a multitude of influential reviews) along with quite a few fabulous opportunities from upcoming brands and sponsorships, the contents of my make-up bag quickly outgrew their fuchsia home and had been reshuffled to a dedicated corner of the bedroom Рwhich started to slowly envelope the remainder of my boudoir! My poor hubby was battling for space to set a roll-on deodorant whilst my array of lotions and potions patrolled the bedroom like a miniature army…

Don‚Äôt get me wrong, it‚Äôs not because I’m messy – I’m far from it. In fact if anything my OCD drives everyone else in the house up the walls. God forbid the toilet roll isn’t straight or the cap of the fairy liquid isn’t clicked on tight and it‚Äôs not perched correctly¬†beside the scouring brush‚Ķ and don‚Äôt even get me started on cushions, candles and how my towels are displayed or my eye-shadow palettes are arranged *rolls eyes* Yes, even I know I‚Äôm a walking nightmare for neatness, tidiness and pristine organisation. So when Steve lovingly offered (yes ladies, he offered) to surrender his man cave (aka our spare room) and treat me to some lovely new furniture to transform it into somewhat of a¬†cosmetic haven how could I¬†resist? Only now do I know how Carrie felt when Mr Big built that closet‚Ķ okay, so maybe my two hours in Ikea didn’t exactly surmount to that but it felt every bit as awesome I can assure you ūüėČ

photo 1

(Above: A rather uninteresting picture of just a few of the boxes we somehow managed to pack into the car)

So, after our trip to Ikea we returned home with a car practically laden with everything a gal could need in the form of flat pack ‚Äď including bags of paint & paraphernalia we‚Äôd raided on a detour to the local DIY super-store. ¬†Of course in my infinite wisdom *sigh* I decided to roll up the sleeves at 8pm on Saturday evening to tackle the first project which was to transform an old chest of drawers into sleek new white cabinet with gorgeous little chrome knobs. Delighted with the fruits of my labour, both hubby and I then proceeded to start building flat-pack at 11pm (!!) Not such a great idea *rolls eyes* By 1am we¬†literally fell into bed in a stupor, mentally questioning whether or not that last illusive little screw was indeed a spare or if the entire structure would come crashing down at the mere sight of a cotton bud. We‚Äôd soon find out, right?

photo 3

(Above: A very old chest of drawers getting a much needed make-over)

Come Sunday morning we were up bright and early, screwdrivers in one hand & paint rollers in the other, ready to tackle what (we hoped) would be our final day of DIY. And I‚Äôm deeeelighted to say it was‚Ķ well, almost! There‚Äôs still a few more¬†tasks on the ‚ÄėTo Do‚Äô list but the back of the project is well and truly broke ‚Äď along with both of ours *groan* Needless to say, Steve worked like an absolutely trooper, whilst¬†wielding a frightening amount of power tools for modifying desks, shelves and pretty much anything else that resembled a piece of crafted carpentry.

photo 2

(Above: Just a peek a a few of the little extra essentials for the new room)

Today‚Äôs post may not be my usual make-up menu, blog tips or beauty ramblings but considering that you guys have been the biggest part of my blogging journey I thought it would be a fun project to share right here on the blog. It may only be a sneak peek of what we’ve been getting up to but I promise to give y‚Äôall a tour when it‚Äôs spruced up and ready for use!

photo 4

(Above: The spare room soon to be filled with furniture, beauty goodies, lotions and potions)

pink heart

Okay ladies, I‚Äôm off to melt into a bath full of Lush bubbles; Lord knows I‚Äôve earned it! Wishing y‚Äôall a fabulous week ahead ūüôā

Cheerio chums…

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My Make Up & Beauty Storage Tour…

If there’s one thing I adore treating myself too¬†(almost as much as make-up) is storage… ESPECIALLY when it’s for stashing my beloved beauty items in *happy sigh* Being a fan of cooing over¬†other beauty blogger & YouTuber storage¬†videos/posts! I’ve been meaning to film this for a while, but as I’ve recently orchestrated a huuuuuge clear out (in the hope that Santa might help replenish the stock level *hehe*)¬†what better time to show you guys around my little cosmetic corner?

As I’m sure you’ll figure out pretty rapidly, I’m slightly obsessed with Ikea. Okay so I might not be the biggest fan of wandering aimlessly around a never ending showroom in search of a loo roll holder,¬†however when I’m on a mission to unearth the best bargains in beauty storage I’m one very focused gal on a mission. If you’re considering revamping your cosmetic¬†storage¬†then I’d highly suggest you take a trip over… in a rather large vehicle!! If you’re anything like me you’ll be returning home with shelving units and desk chairs strategically placed to test your boot space to the limit. However (if also like me) you prefer to avoid the hustle & bustle of a weekend¬†then aim for a weekday morning to really lavish in the solitude to uncover your anticipated purchases. I personally find Tuesday mornings to be¬†the quietest¬†ūüėČ

Anyways, hope y’all enjoy this week’s video guys, don’t forget to pop over to my channel by *clicking here* where you can subscribe so you never miss an upload! *excited air punch*

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What’s your favourite storage items? Are you an fan of Ikea? Whatever your thoughts do let me know in the comments below – we do love a good beauty storage chatter here on Confetti & Curves.

Cheerio chums…

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DIY Cute Snow Owl Christmas Decorations…

Cute Snow Owl Christmas Decoration Crafts

As promised, I previously mentioned¬†I’d be rolling up my sleeves and causing havoc with plundering through my abandoned craft drawers. However¬†as the ‘season to be jolly’ is closing in (and many of us are preparing to¬†embark on the perilous journey into the attic to dust off our Christmas trees) what better way to kick start the shenanigans than with an easy peasy festive craft? As¬†most of you already know my love for¬†anything owl related runs pretty deep, so this seemed the perfect project to get started. Fancy giving it a go too? Then’s here how…



DIY Snow Owl Craft Tutorial

Craft Glue

Sparkly sheets of craft card

Loo or Kitchen rolls

Paint palette or Paper Plate

Paint brush

Sharp scissors



DIY Snow Owl Craft Tutorial Collage

Fold over each half of the tops of your toilet roll tubes until they’re closed & resembling the shape of an owls head. Next it’s time to load up your paint brush with a dose of white paint and get smothering your loo or kitchen rolls. I used regular white craft paint as it dries quick & is super affordable from pretty much any super market or craft supply store.¬†You’ll probably need a few coats to make sure there’s no patches or uneven coverage.

Ps: metallics paints such as rose gold or silver also look incredible too!



DIY Snow Owl Craft Tutorial Collage 27

Whilst you’re helplessly waiting on your painted loo rolls drying,¬†it’s time to get crafty with your card. Using a penny & two pence piece as a guide (or whatever alternatives in your own currency) draw at least 7-10 circles using the smaller coin on the back of the card. Next draw another 2 circles with the larger coin for the eyes. Lastly you’ll need to draw 2 wings – an elongated tear shape is super simple to draw. Using a sharp pair of craft scissors cut out your shapes and set them to one side.

Repeat this step for every owl you’ll be making!



DIY Snow Owl Craft Tutorial Collage 3

Once the body of your owls are¬†touch dry it’s time to break out the craft glue and start gluing on the¬†extra details. PVA craft glue is ideal for this as it’s strong, easy to work with, dries clear & very quickly. I find it easier to pour a little onto a paper plate & use a cotton bud to apply to the back of the shapes.

Start off by gluing the two larger circles near the top of the body for eyes. Next add the smaller circles to resemble chest detail. I started with the top row and overlayed them working down… 3 rows are more than enough for this. Lastly glue on the wings by ensuring the wider part of the tear drop is the part you stick to the sides of the body.



DIY Snow Owl Craft Tutorial Collage 4

Finally it’s time to finish the face details. ¬†For the eyes you can use buttons, googly eyes (that can be bought from most craft stores_ or opt for¬†simple little cut outs like myself & Em’s did. Using a piece of black foam (or card) cut out another two circles using the smaller coins as a guide &¬†stick them in the centre of the larger sparkly circles. To add a fun little pupil cut out two tiny white circles and glue them onto the black circles. A hole-punch is ideal for these if you have one to hand!

To create the owl’s beak all you’ll need is a teeny triangle of orange coloured card. Carefully stick it underneath the owls eyes and you’re good to go!



DIY Snow Owl Craft Tutorial Collage 5

Voila! Your DIY Owls are now complete! Why not¬†add some string so you can hang them from the¬†tree or you could create a little owl mobile? Our little sparkly owl family will be perched along a window sill until the tree goes up next weekend!! *woo hoo* ūüėÄ

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Are you a fan of creating¬†Christmas craft projects? When will you be putting up your decorations? Whatever your thoughts do let me know in the comments below. As always, thanks for stopping by – wishing y’all a fabulous week ahead ūüôā

Cheerio chums…

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Make Your Own ‘I Heart Buttons’ Wall Art…


Happy Monday Blog Buddies…

It’s been a ridiculous length of time since I’ve tackled some crafty DIY projects, so this weekend I thought it was high time I put right to abandoning my craft drawers and got a little creative with a truck load of buttons I’ve had gathering dust in some containers. I must say I ADORE button craft and find them incredibly cute in almost any project, but seeing as I had a spare frame from Ikea and a rather bare looking bedroom wall I thought I could combine the two and tackle this cute heart shaped button collage to brighten up my boudoir decor. Fancy giving it a go yourself? Here’s how to do it…


The must-have ingredients:

One rather fabulous looking photo-frame – Ikea are great for a whole range of shapes & sizes to suit any budget

A small truck-load of buttons (well, maybe just a container full)

Glue Dots or Clear Drying Craft Glue


1) The Frame


Firstly you’ll need to get hold of a decent size frame, however if your buttons are small enough I’m sure it could work equally as well in something a little more dainty. Steve¬†bought me this frame¬†from Ikea quite some time ago, it’s¬†a very chic looking¬†‘Norrlida’¬†frame which is perfect for displaying a¬†pop of colourful buttons!¬†Measuring in at 50x50cm’s¬†it’s quite a biggie, but seeing as it’s for a rather expansive¬†wall it’s the perfect size for maximum impact.


2) The Buttons


For this project you’ll need quite a few handfuls of them, of course all that depends on the size of frame and shape¬†that you’re creating. I easily used 200-300 and kept it to a mixture of different colours so it would pull in accents of any room colour should I wish to hang it somewhere else. Both E-bay & Amazon have a great range of buttons for sale in packs of colours to suit whatever shade your heart desires. I personally think the blush tones are incredibly chic!


3) The Heart

PicMonkey Collage

Now it’s time to roll up the sleeves and get on with the fun part… if you’re using the Norrlida frame remove the backing, take the strong cardboard insert & choose which colour you’d prefer the background for your buttons to be – black or white. I went for white as it will tie in a little better with the rest of the decor.


Next draw a large heart on the middle of the blank board. This doesn’t have to be too perfect as your buttons will take on a shape of their own… just try and keep the line as feint as possible.


4) Filling In


Carefully place a mound of buttons onto the canvas and begin to spread them out into the¬†positioning¬†& shape you want. After you’ve got the buttons placed where you want them to be it’s handy to take a quick snap of your picture, just in case any of them get misplaced or moved.


Keeping the buttons on the background, take your pack of sticky dots and begin to stick each button individually onto the canvas – this is by far the most time consuming of the whole project, mine took at least 40 minutes to place so I’d suggest you keep your laptop close by and stock up on your favourite YouTubers to keep you company. Ooooh, talking of which… you can check out my channel by *clicking here* ūüėČ hehe

glue dots

As an alternative to sticky dots¬†you can use clear-drying craft glue to affix¬†your buttons with, however it is a little bit messier and will need a considerable amount of drying time before you can place your work of art into it’s frame – hence why I love glue¬†dots. There’s no mess, just instant adhesive without the drying¬†time!


5) You’re Done


Voila! Once they’re all stuck (and dried if using glue) then it’s time to house your button art back in the frame – this will test if you’ve missed any or not, which is why your picture earlier may come in handy.

Once the art piece is securely in its frame give the glass a little wipe with window cleaner to remove any smudge marks & get ready to hang your work of art for all to admire! I’m putting mine above my dressing table as it will work perfectly with all the coloured lotions and potions!

pink heart

There you have it beauty buddies, my little weekend craft project. What do you think? Is this something you’d try? What colour would YOUR buttons be?

As always thanks so much for stopping by and don’t forget to say a quick hello in the comments below!

Cheerio Chums…

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