GIVEAWAY: Help Me Name My Nail Business…

Help Me Name My Nail Business


 As some of you lovely folk already know I’m in the exciting (if not slightly daunting) process of becoming my own boss (again) as I prepare to go self-employed and utilise my skills as nail technician. Having dusted off my training certificates from over a decade ago, indulged in quite a bit of training & am currently waiting on the post man bestowing me with the last of my essential nail goodies for my clients to coo over – all that’s left to do is come up with a catchy, cute, classy or quirky name for my business.

Naturally, being the social media butterfly that I try so hard to be *sigh* I thought it would be a fabulously fun idea to involve you lovely lot being the ever supportive readers of Confetti & Curves into helping to choose a new name for my new nail room. Of course as a token of appreciation for bestowing me with your creativity, what could be better than a mini international giveaway for whomever comes up with the name I fall head over heels in love with. Fancy yourself up for to the challenge? Then here’s all you need to do…

 Think of cute, sassy or just plain simple business name suggestions for a nail technician working from a nail room at home & enter your suggestion(s) in the comments below… it’s literally that simple! The person with my favourite name choice will win a gorgeous set of luxury nail polishes from Champneys delivered right to their door! 

nail polish 2

Giveaway T&C’s:

The more names you come up with the greater your chance is of winning so get those names listed *yaaahoo*

I’m open to quirky, classy, cute & simple suggestions – every idea is welcome!

Giveaway is open internationallycloses midnight Sunday 26th June 2016 so you’ve 3 full days to get thinking 😉

In the event of a tie break (where more than one person suggests the winning business name) those entrants details will be placed into a hat and a name picked at random.

Competition will be promoted on social media and is to include Twitter, Facebook & Instagram entries.

Entrants must be 16 or over

Winner will be announced on Friday 1st July (my birthday!!!)



How fabulous are these polishes?! I adore the Champneys range & I’m pretty sure you will too! What digits could resist a luxury spa inspired manicure using this lovely lot. Colours included are Nude, Pink, Wisteria, Plum, Mulberry & Clear.

Remember if you’re not in you can’t win 😀 all suggestions welcome!

Cheerio chums…

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87 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: Help Me Name My Nail Business…

  1. Good on you for being your own boss! You’ll be great (I only wish that you lived closer…so you could do mine!)

    I don’t think I can beat the ‘name’ above. They’ve “nailed it!”

    Although, I’ll have a think about it today and I’ll let you know.

    Good luck with it all 🙂 xxxxx

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    • Amanda!!!!!!!! Soooo good to see you chum – how have you been keeping??! Was thinking about you yesterday afternoon funny enough, how very odd to be chatting to you the very next day – a lovely surprise!!! My apologies for not getting over to you for a catch up huni, it’s been a little crazy here with health things going on and utter fricken exhaustion… ahh you know how it goes lol
      Thanks for stopping by huni, hope you have a fabulous wee weekend and are keeping as well as can be *huge hugs* XXXXXXXX

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  2. Congratulations, Karen! I am so happy for you that you are getting back into doing nails and that you are making a business out of it. This is wonderful! I wish you all the best! I have no doubt it will be a success. 🙂 xxx

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      • I can’t wait to hear more about your business. 😊
        I am very well, thank you! I have been very busy organising my dress and my appointments for my friend’s matric ball.
        How are you doing?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Ooooh how exciting!!!! All the ball preparations will surely keep you busy!!! 😀 So much fun planning for events like that!
        I’m doing as well as can be thanks lovely, just taking each day as it comes – in quite a bit of pain at the moment but soldiering on! Things could always be worse! XXXX

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      • I hope you will feel a million times better very soon, Karen! In the mean time, know that I am sending a million South African hugs your way. ❤ xxxx

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  3. So excited for you! Looking forward to hearing how things go with it!
    I’m terrible with names though so I’m not sure my suggestions will be any good. Someone already said ‘Nailed It’ which was the first thing that came to my mind
    Maybe something that ties your nail business in with your blogging and youtube…like ‘Confetti Nails’

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  4. What a great idea to start your own business! I wish you all the best luck with it. And really nice that you did a giveaway. I love the colors of the nailpolishes :D.
    Those names popped into my mind:
    – Nail it
    – Nail you
    – Nailish and (the best I think 🙂 )
    – NAiLiFUL

    Good luck with your business and chosing a name! 🙂 xxx Maya

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  5. I suggest:
    Confetti Pedi (not sure if that will do since you’re doing fingernails, but I like that it ties into your blog name 😆)
    The Glitter Nail
    Pretty In Pink Nails
    If I think of any more, I’ll come back & comment 😉

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  7. Congrats you are nearly there! If we lived closer I would be over to you like a shot to have a pedi or two! As for names….my mind is blank!

    Uuuummmmm…Nails by Karen…that’s my choice. Simple and says exactly what it is. I have no imagination though! Lol! Good luck with whatever you choose and with getting started. 😊💜

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awwwh thank you so much huni – that really is so lovely of you. Always so darn supportive, and yes *almost* there! Excited/nervous but most of all just eager to get going hehe
      Great suggestion, sometimes simple just works!!! And enough of that no imagination misses, you’re a fabulous blogger so that disproves that myth 😉 XXXX

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  8. Congrats… this is so exciting 🙂 The name I came up with immediately was ‘nailed it’… but I’ve noticed I’m not the only one 🙂 Good luck with this new adventure! Love, Kathleen x

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  9. Congrats Karen! Sounds like a great idea, would
    Love to work from home!

    Not sure if you know as I only found out recently; Royal Mail don’t let you send more than 3 polishes via the uk and you can’t send them abroad at all! I couldn’t find a courier who would take them from me without going into a business plan 👎🏽

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    • Rachael I had absolutely no idea, why on earth is that?! How bizarre! I take it something to do with liquids via post as I can’t seem to order anything liquid via amazon. Hmmm. On a slightly more relieved note… thankfully a name has now been chosen and oddly enough the girl who has suggested it lives about 30 minutes away from me so won’t have any postal problems thank heavens lol Shall post all on Friday though 🙂 Thank you soooo much for letting me know about this as very much worth while for future reference. Major thumbs down for it indeed. Hope you’re keeping well lovely XXX


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    • Awwh that’s a brill one too!! Finally choose a name ‘Liquid Glamour’ and popped it on today’s post – chuffed to the bones with it lovely 🙂 Thank you so very much for all your well wishes, hugely appreciated *hugs* XXX

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