Seven Spooky Shadow Designs For Halloween…


It’s (almost) that time of year again… pumpkins, kids trick or treating, a ridiculous array of cheesy cackling ornaments lining the shelves of supermarkets. Yes, Halloween is certainly on the countdown radar for us all. However if like me, you’re hoarding a selection of eyeshadows that rarely see the light of day, then now’s the perfect time to roll up your sleeves and get creative as today I’m sharing some of the most interesting eye shadow designs created by a selection of makeup geniuses I found in & around the interwebs. Just to be perfectly clear chums, these are by no means my creations, but simply the outstanding work of fellow makeup addicts. So if you’re in the mood for vamping up your lids on fright night then look no further than these spooktacular concoctions…


1) Peek-a-boo


How cute & quirky is this fantastic kitty design by Tal Peleg? I adore the subtle green base, slender liner and simple illustration… and the teeny little paws finish it off purrrfectly.


2) Leopard Lid


Although I’m quite often found designing animal prints on nail art I’m yet to try it on my lids, thankfully this design is actually pretty simple to recreate so you don’t need to be a Picasso to master the craft. A gorgeous smokey shadow, vibrant inner lid & viola your base is done. I love the whispy lashes too – not too overdressed & lets the artwork speak for itself.


3) Nightmare Before Christmas


Who doesn’t love a dose of Jack Skellington? Even Mr Burton himself would be in awe of this gorgeous shadow art design brought to life by Kiki Makeup. Maybe a little over-ambitious for my skill set but I’d love to give it a go… not quite sure my patience & shaky hand would agree *sigh*


4) Harley Quin


It’s pretty safe to say that this year Halloween parties across the globe will be awash with Harley Quin costumes, however this animated inspired look is super eye catching & works a treat with the vibrant red brows and long playful lashes.


5) Cat Woman


Sticking with the Batman theme, I adore the pop of bold colours so brilliantly used in this fabulous Cat Woman inspired shadow design. That gorgeous blended purple & super sharp cat line is on fleek 😉 not to mention the stunning purple contact lens and feather lashes to create a dramatic look that’s bound to catch a few eyes!


6) Star Trail


It may not be the most colourful but I absolutely adore this fun star-trail design! It’s simply the perfect way to dress up your eyes without needing a masters degree in art & design!!! Better still, you can purchase temporary eye tattoo’s to achieve this look (and many others) without having to spend hours creating a mini galaxy… check out Anteatersink on Etsy for lots of great temporary eye tattoo designs!


7) Playful Kitty


Being a maaaahoosive cat fan I simply had to include this final awe-inspiring kitty design, complete with its own little ball of yarn and string. It’s adorable in every way – maybe not the easiest to recreate, nor the most stay-proof for an all night spook fest, but it’s utter genius none the less! Love it!

pink heart

What’s your favourite spooky shadow design? Will you be dressing up this Halloween? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below so do stop by for a quick chatter 🙂

Cheerio Chums…

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