My Nail Space…

My Nail Space

Come in, come in.. make yourself comfy… grab a cuppa & take a seat! I think we’re due a catch up, don’t you?

So finally I grab myself a hot minute to start work on an exciting feature, My Nail Space! If you’re anything like myself then I’m sure you’ll enjoy having a good nosey about any beauty or nail related interiors… and if you’re a nail tech in search of inspiration for your own little nail bubble then Waa Hoooo – you’ve come to the right place *excited air punch*  as we’ll be regularly showcasing a new nail room for you to feast your eyes on! So whether you’re in the beginning stages of setting up your own space or simply love taking inspiration from others; this is most definitely the series for you! And what better way to start than by having a snoop around my very own work area? So let’s get started….


***THE AREA***

My nail room at home

Okay… so it ain’t high-end, nor will it win any interior design awards, but I BLOOMING WELL LOVE IT! I’m blessed enough to have a good sized spare room with beautiful wooden floors (easy for sweeping up mountains of glitter and nail dust) – the seaside view is super pretty too. It’s bright, airy, cosy but yet has lots of great natural light from morning to afternoon and is relatively easy to keep clean. I love everything a blank canvas to add pops of colour into with ornamental trinkets. As I’ve only moved in (less than 3 months ago) I’m still in the process of hanging pictures and deciding what wall art I’d like – yep my to-do list never stops growing, one of these days I’ll FINALLY get it finished *dramatic eye roll*


One of my absolute favourite pictures is this button frame. I used to make button bouquets when I owned my bridal suites so I’ve always got lots of super cute buttons lying around. When I rediscovered an unused Ikea frame I had stashed away I decided to get creative and make myself some fun & funky wall art. It’s totally unique to me and a great feature that adds so much colour. It was cheap & easy to make too – you really don’t have to spend a lot to make your space totally personalised to your tastes!


***THE DESK***


Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a total Ikea addict – their prices are just too darn good! And if you can’t already tell, I adore white – it’s clean, bright & goes with pretty much all my additional decor pieces. This desk was an absolute bargain… it’s the Adils Linnmon desk and costs £35! Yep, £35! Not bad eh? I also purchased an Alex 5 drawer set (£50) that sits perfectly underneath it, giving me lots of drawer space for all my nail essentials!


Unfortunately my exact chair doesn’t seem to be available any longer however if you’re looking for a similar design I’d recommend the Janinge chair (£40) or perhaps the Adde chair (£10) if you’re looking for something on a slightly smaller budget. What a bargain!




Considering I already have a stock room for Nail Sugar I’m pretty blessed in terms of storage, however, my everyday nail essentials fit neatly into both the Alexa drawer set & a little chest of drawers I’ve had since I was a baby!


I’m ridiculously sentimental with stuff like that so I bought some furniture paint and gave it a total makeover. It’s kinda shabby chic looking, but again I love it. Not only is it useful, it has such a sentimental value to it – perfect for storing all my overflow/extras in such as lint-free wipes, photographic backing paper etc.

Whereas the Alex drawers stock everything I need to reach for when I’m in the process of doing nails such as tips, forms, primers, gel polishes, acrylic etc.

My next venture is to get a gorgeous display stand for all my jars of super sparkly Nail Sugar glitter – I’m thinking more a library of bling… sounds good, right? 😉


There you have it folks, a quick tour around My Nail Space. I would love to read your thoughts in the comments below so do say a quick howdy!

As always, thanks for stopping by 🙂

Cheerio Chums…


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Nail Sugar


Building A Beauty Room: The Reveal…

I’ve been on my beauty blogging journey for almost 18 months now. Time flies when you’re having fun right? 😉 I started out with my humble make-up bag half full of staple cosmetics, yet somehow over the past year or so it’s become (almost) a full time hobby with a variety of lotions, potions and countless eye shadows that have pretty much taken over every little nook and cranny of my bedroom. Naturally, when my hubby came up with the pretty nifty solution of me ‘taking over’ the spare room I couldn’t resist the idea of having my own space to blog, create, craft and spend countless free hours conjuring up an array of fun make-up looks. What gal could resist?

After ten days of intense DIY my little beauty room/office space is finally finished. All the chipped & broken nails, cursing at unfathomable flat-pack instructions, trips to the DIY store and half drunk cups of tea were certainly worth the effort, as even I’ll admit it’s turned out even better than I imagined – all thanks to Steve’s handy work and a little bit of vision and creativity on my part. I love it. From the moment I open the door to the second I close it, I feel like I’m in my own little haven.

Best of all, pretty much everything is from the shelves of Ikea so it’s super affordable. From the cute little picture shelf displaying my entire polish collection to the huge corner desk that was so easily adapted for my ring lamp. Okay, so there might be a few little extra’s I’ve picked up along the way but I couldn’t resist such pretty little accessories that really give the room a subtle sprinkle of chic femininity!

So if you’re thinking of decorating on a budget, revamping a room or simply on the look out for some sassy but affordable storage for your cosmetic bits & bobs, then I really hope this weeks video will help inspire you too!

pink heart

Have you been getting up to any recent DIY projects? What’s the best thing about your beauty or workspace? Maybe you have some great tips for storage or a burning desire to do some organising of your own? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below so do stop by to say a quick hello. As always, thanks so much for stopping by, and don’t forget you can subscribe to the Confetti & Curves YouTube channel by *clicking here* so you don’t miss any future uploads – waaahh hoo! 😀

Cheerio chums…

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Building A Beauty Room…

Photo 5

I’m literally aching from head to toe. Muscles I never knew I had are begging me to forget about everything other than staying still for at least 10 minutes. This weekend has been one of a kind, but productive beyond my imagination. All my verbal moaning and creaking joints are indeed the war wounds of rolling up the sleeves for ‘Operation: Building A Beauty Room’.

As I mentioned ever so briefly in yesterday’s catch-up post I’d be undergoing a little bit of DIY & room transformation… you see the thing is, no one EVER tells you that when dip your toe into beauty blogging that it literally takes over your bedroom – if not your entire life! 😀


(Above: How it all began… a make-up bag & a blog)

When I first launched Confetti & Curves I was relatively chuffed with the contents of my little makeup bag, but it wasn’t long until I was wrestling with the zipper, desperately willing my little raspberry coloured case of cosmetics to close as I tried to convince myself that it could withstand just one more mascara. Sadly over time there was no hope for it. With a wish list growing at an astounding pace (due to regularly feasting my eye upon a multitude of influential reviews) along with quite a few fabulous opportunities from upcoming brands and sponsorships, the contents of my make-up bag quickly outgrew their fuchsia home and had been reshuffled to a dedicated corner of the bedroom – which started to slowly envelope the remainder of my boudoir! My poor hubby was battling for space to set a roll-on deodorant whilst my array of lotions and potions patrolled the bedroom like a miniature army…

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not because I’m messy – I’m far from it. In fact if anything my OCD drives everyone else in the house up the walls. God forbid the toilet roll isn’t straight or the cap of the fairy liquid isn’t clicked on tight and it’s not perched correctly beside the scouring brush… and don’t even get me started on cushions, candles and how my towels are displayed or my eye-shadow palettes are arranged *rolls eyes* Yes, even I know I’m a walking nightmare for neatness, tidiness and pristine organisation. So when Steve lovingly offered (yes ladies, he offered) to surrender his man cave (aka our spare room) and treat me to some lovely new furniture to transform it into somewhat of a cosmetic haven how could I resist? Only now do I know how Carrie felt when Mr Big built that closet… okay, so maybe my two hours in Ikea didn’t exactly surmount to that but it felt every bit as awesome I can assure you 😉

photo 1

(Above: A rather uninteresting picture of just a few of the boxes we somehow managed to pack into the car)

So, after our trip to Ikea we returned home with a car practically laden with everything a gal could need in the form of flat pack – including bags of paint & paraphernalia we’d raided on a detour to the local DIY super-store.  Of course in my infinite wisdom *sigh* I decided to roll up the sleeves at 8pm on Saturday evening to tackle the first project which was to transform an old chest of drawers into sleek new white cabinet with gorgeous little chrome knobs. Delighted with the fruits of my labour, both hubby and I then proceeded to start building flat-pack at 11pm (!!) Not such a great idea *rolls eyes* By 1am we literally fell into bed in a stupor, mentally questioning whether or not that last illusive little screw was indeed a spare or if the entire structure would come crashing down at the mere sight of a cotton bud. We’d soon find out, right?

photo 3

(Above: A very old chest of drawers getting a much needed make-over)

Come Sunday morning we were up bright and early, screwdrivers in one hand & paint rollers in the other, ready to tackle what (we hoped) would be our final day of DIY. And I’m deeeelighted to say it was… well, almost! There’s still a few more tasks on the ‘To Do’ list but the back of the project is well and truly broke – along with both of ours *groan* Needless to say, Steve worked like an absolutely trooper, whilst wielding a frightening amount of power tools for modifying desks, shelves and pretty much anything else that resembled a piece of crafted carpentry.

photo 2

(Above: Just a peek a a few of the little extra essentials for the new room)

Today’s post may not be my usual make-up menu, blog tips or beauty ramblings but considering that you guys have been the biggest part of my blogging journey I thought it would be a fun project to share right here on the blog. It may only be a sneak peek of what we’ve been getting up to but I promise to give y’all a tour when it’s spruced up and ready for use!

photo 4

(Above: The spare room soon to be filled with furniture, beauty goodies, lotions and potions)

pink heart

Okay ladies, I’m off to melt into a bath full of Lush bubbles; Lord knows I’ve earned it! Wishing y’all a fabulous week ahead 🙂

Cheerio chums…

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The Me Spree: Ikea & Homeware Haul…

Happy Wednesday Y’all

As many of you already know from a few of my previous posts I’ve been doing a teeny bit of redecorating around the house and of course with that comes the need to take a trip to our nearest Ikea store to see what goodies I can fill my fresh new rooms with. Thankfully this time I didn’t go too nuts in the aisles of my favourite Swedish homeware store but kept it to a few key essentials. What girl can resist a few pretty storage items… isn’t that right ladies?! I’ve also managed to throw in a few other random little nifty finds I spotted this month that I’m pretty sure will come in rather handy too 😉

Don’t forget: if you have a YouTube channel you’d like me to check out do feel free to post the link below! Wishing you all a fabulous Wednesday & do leave a quick hello in the comments below – hope you enjoy the haul chatter ❤

Cheerio chums…

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Make Your Own ‘I Heart Buttons’ Wall Art…


Happy Monday Blog Buddies…

It’s been a ridiculous length of time since I’ve tackled some crafty DIY projects, so this weekend I thought it was high time I put right to abandoning my craft drawers and got a little creative with a truck load of buttons I’ve had gathering dust in some containers. I must say I ADORE button craft and find them incredibly cute in almost any project, but seeing as I had a spare frame from Ikea and a rather bare looking bedroom wall I thought I could combine the two and tackle this cute heart shaped button collage to brighten up my boudoir decor. Fancy giving it a go yourself? Here’s how to do it…


The must-have ingredients:

One rather fabulous looking photo-frame – Ikea are great for a whole range of shapes & sizes to suit any budget

A small truck-load of buttons (well, maybe just a container full)

Glue Dots or Clear Drying Craft Glue


1) The Frame


Firstly you’ll need to get hold of a decent size frame, however if your buttons are small enough I’m sure it could work equally as well in something a little more dainty. Steve bought me this frame from Ikea quite some time ago, it’s a very chic looking ‘Norrlida’ frame which is perfect for displaying a pop of colourful buttons! Measuring in at 50x50cm’s it’s quite a biggie, but seeing as it’s for a rather expansive wall it’s the perfect size for maximum impact.


2) The Buttons


For this project you’ll need quite a few handfuls of them, of course all that depends on the size of frame and shape that you’re creating. I easily used 200-300 and kept it to a mixture of different colours so it would pull in accents of any room colour should I wish to hang it somewhere else. Both E-bay & Amazon have a great range of buttons for sale in packs of colours to suit whatever shade your heart desires. I personally think the blush tones are incredibly chic!


3) The Heart

PicMonkey Collage

Now it’s time to roll up the sleeves and get on with the fun part… if you’re using the Norrlida frame remove the backing, take the strong cardboard insert & choose which colour you’d prefer the background for your buttons to be – black or white. I went for white as it will tie in a little better with the rest of the decor.


Next draw a large heart on the middle of the blank board. This doesn’t have to be too perfect as your buttons will take on a shape of their own… just try and keep the line as feint as possible.


4) Filling In


Carefully place a mound of buttons onto the canvas and begin to spread them out into the positioning & shape you want. After you’ve got the buttons placed where you want them to be it’s handy to take a quick snap of your picture, just in case any of them get misplaced or moved.


Keeping the buttons on the background, take your pack of sticky dots and begin to stick each button individually onto the canvas – this is by far the most time consuming of the whole project, mine took at least 40 minutes to place so I’d suggest you keep your laptop close by and stock up on your favourite YouTubers to keep you company. Ooooh, talking of which… you can check out my channel by *clicking here* 😉 hehe

glue dots

As an alternative to sticky dots you can use clear-drying craft glue to affix your buttons with, however it is a little bit messier and will need a considerable amount of drying time before you can place your work of art into it’s frame – hence why I love glue dots. There’s no mess, just instant adhesive without the drying time!


5) You’re Done


Voila! Once they’re all stuck (and dried if using glue) then it’s time to house your button art back in the frame – this will test if you’ve missed any or not, which is why your picture earlier may come in handy.

Once the art piece is securely in its frame give the glass a little wipe with window cleaner to remove any smudge marks & get ready to hang your work of art for all to admire! I’m putting mine above my dressing table as it will work perfectly with all the coloured lotions and potions!

pink heart

There you have it beauty buddies, my little weekend craft project. What do you think? Is this something you’d try? What colour would YOUR buttons be?

As always thanks so much for stopping by and don’t forget to say a quick hello in the comments below!

Cheerio Chums…

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*Get Minted…


Hello lovelies…

I don’t know about you guys, but being surrounded by Christmas decorations, fairy lights and fireplaces peppered with jolly little snow men ornaments really makes you take in your surroundings a whole lot more than normal, don’t you think? There’s so many exciting things to look at. In fact every shop I go into or house window I pass by my eyes are drawn to a festive focal point by something or other.

I think that’s why I adore having features in a room to study and be captured by – regardless of what season of the year it is. My eyes seem to just love something to keep them busy! This is why I often feel a little gloomy when in January I pack all the Christmas trimmings away for an entire year… only then does everything seems so bare.

So this weekend I thought I’d mull over some options for jazzing a few off my rooms up with some unique wall art & pretty prints… and of course what better place to browse an entire range of wall feasts and other delectable goodies than

‘Oooh, what’s Minted?’ I hear you say!

Well, Minted is a thriving on-line community of independent artists… from illustrators, painters, package designers to stay at home mums. It’s a global community full of creative content, selling a unique range of art, home décor and stationary items delivered direct to your door. That’s right… you don’t have to leave the confines of your cosy abode this winter to dress up the walls of your dining room. Just a few clicks of a button and voila, your goodies are on their way. Sounds like my kinda shopping *peering out at a rather gloomy sky*

Anyways, I thought I’d share a just few of my favourite Minted finds with you…

April Showers by Olivia Raufman

April Showers by Olivia Raufman

I loved this gorgeous raindrop print by Olivia Raufman. Our living room has very similar colour schemes within the flooring, carpet, & a feature wall. I can really see this piece pulling all those gorgeous colours together incredibly well!

Life Is Sweet by Ana Sharpe

Life Is Sweet by Ana Sharpe

I adore this print by Ana Sharpe – as soon as I spotted it I knew it would brighten up the dining area in my kitchen perfectly. Plus who doesn’t love Macaroons?! *swoon*

On the Docks by Kirby Lee Smith

On the Docks by Kirby Lee Smith

Living beside the sea I’m obsessed with anything nautical or beach themed. My house is full of little jars of interesting pebbles and shells we’ve collected over the last few years, which I love! When I spotted this gorgeous piece by Kirby Lee Smith I knew it would perfect in my hall way as it’s got a very similar theme at the moment.

Eucalyptus by Kiana Mosley

Eucalyptus by Kiana Mosley

My bedroom has lots of purples (and as I’m sure you can tell from previous posts it’s one of my favourite colours) so when I spotted this amazing piece by Kiana Mosley I knew it would go perfect in my purple themed bedroom as a feature piece to catch the eye as soon as you walk in. I love the huge shade range… from soft lilacs to an intense blackcurrants. Super stunning, don’t you agree?

Wisdom by Griffinbell Paper Co

Wisdom by Griffinbell Paper Co

Of course as most of you know only too well, I have a rather unhealthy obsession with owls. They’re (almost) everywhere throughout my home, so when I spotted this rather striking cutie by Griffinbell Paper Co, I knew he’d be the perfect partner for jazzing up my work area… it’s also a little reminder of the one thing I need more off!! *hahaa*

So, what do y’all think of my top picks, do you like? If so, let me know which one is your favourite… as always I love reading your thoughts and feedback in the comments below!

Also, don’t forget to pop over to Minted and check out their gorgeous selection of art, stationary and home decor goodies… you won’t be disappointed, the range is incredible 🙂

Cheerio Chums…

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