What I Got For Christmas…


Hello lovelies,

How have you all been? I trust everyone has had a fabulous Christmas jolly hols? Well, it was certainly a busy one in our house with the clan visiting for their festive dins, and of course, Santa making his annual stop too…  yes, lots of fabulous new goodies and happy faces all round. A successful day I’d say!

My gorgeous little sis, Leah, even stayed over on Christmas Eve to join in the celebrations and experience the magic of waking up with a very excited little girl (Ems) ready to open her pressies! As for me, well I mustn’t have been too bad this year at all seeing as I had a lovely little pile of goodies with my name on the gift tags… and of course in true YouTube style I thought I’d share my stash with you guys… tell me I’m not the ONLY one obsessed with these types of videos. Either that or I’m far too nosey for my own good 😀

So if you’ve a few minutes to spare and fancy taking a peek at some of the beauty & nail goodies I received then just grab your cuppa and press play. Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button if you don’t want to miss out on the exciting uploads planned over the new year!

Which, reminds me… wishing each and every one of my subscribers a happy & healthy 2017! Thanks so much for all your support over the last year, let’s make the next 12 months even more fabulous 😉

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How was your Christmas hols? Did you get any favourite pressies that you’re super excited about? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below so do stop by and say a quick howdy 🙂

Cheerio Chums…

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Opening My ‘Secret Santa’ Swap Box

Hello, how are ya, come in…..

I know, I know, it’s been (quite) a few days since I’ve taken my leave of absence BUT in my defence, I’ve been up to my eyeballs in wrapping paper, receipts, deliveries and all other festive paraphernalia organising.  You wouldn’t believe the past few weeks I’ve had girls – but my gosh it’s good to be back and into the swing of things yet again… though I must warn you all I’ll be taking another short jolly hols over Christmas as we’re hosting the family dinner once again, so instead of my head being stuck in a laptop it’ll be popping in & out of the oven to check on the Turkey instead! Sounds wonderful right? Well, it is – as long as you’ve a hearty glass of prosecco close to hand to keep the energy levels up!

However enough waffle from me… how the heck are you lovely lot? Can you believe there’s only 15 days left til Christmas?!?! To be honest, if one more retail assistant asks if I’m “all ready for the big day?” I may have to use my newly purchased rolls of wrapping paper in ways I didn’t intend *sigh* However moving swiftly on to slightly more positive festive tidings… MY SWAP BOX ARRIVED!!!! 

Yes, some of you may be scratching your heads thinking “What on earth’s this all about?”… okay, so let me explain… I’m a member of a fantastic nail group on Facebook & a few months ago the opportunity arose to take part in a Secret Santa Swap Box. Basically, there’s a £20 budget, you’re allocated a name and your box had to be sent off by a certain date. Mine, however, was almost TWO WEEKS overdue… no thanks to Royal Mail having a good old rummage. However all is explained in the video, and all the goodies are revealed too. So if you’ve a few minutes to spare and fancy seeing what my very generous ‘Secret Santa’ sent me then just make yourself comfy & press play!

Ps: Don’t forget, you can *Click Here* to subscribe to the Confetti & Curves YouTube Channel so you don’t miss any future uploads 😉

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Okay, I’m off to grab myself a hot chocolate and get on with some more wrapping! What’s your plans for the weekend?

Cheerio Chums…

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What I Got For Christmas…


I know, I know… just as the fairy lights, sparkly baubles and giant stockings are packed away for the year, I go and mention it all again *dramatic eye roll* However over Christmas & the new year so many of my awesome blog buddies kept in touch via email and a few of you were keen to know what goodies were awaiting me under the tree come Christmas morning… so naturally I thought it would be a little more handy to show y’all in the form of a fun video! Apologies it’s a little later than planned ladies but hey… better late than never right?

I’m personally a huuuuge fan of noseying at what pressies others got for the big day, so if you’ve done a similar post or YouTube upload pleeeease go right ahead & leave the link for me below as I’d love to check it out too 🙂

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So go grab something yummy to sip on & get yourself comfy as I give you guys a little peek at some of the newest additions to my list of favourite things. Oh, and do let me know in the comments if you had a favourite pressie this year! ❤

Cheerio Chums…

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Handmade, Natural & Cruelty Free… Bath & Beauty by BEE BEAUTIFUL

Bee Beautiful Bath Bombs pic

There’s nothing more satisfying than coming home after a loooong hard day and stepping into a hot, soothing and enticingly scented bath to soak away your troubles. Of course now that the darker nights have firmly taken hold, a bath-time treat feels somewhat ritualistic to warm the bones on these chilly autumn evenings. And if you’re anything like myself, you could end up going slightly OTT when it comes to stocking up on an array of yummy smelling bath goodies *happy sigh*

So for those of you who adore the mere thought of hoarding a stash of sumptuous bath bombs & other scented beauty goodies, I simply must insist you take a virtual trip over to the folks at Bee Beautiful to check out their incredible range of handmade products… all of which I’m pretty sure you’ll fall in love with just as much as I have ❤

 Bee Beautiful Screen Shot

“Bee Beautiful is a new company based in Dalton-in-Furness, Cumbria. It has developed over a number of years from a cottage industry using beekeeping products from our own hives.

Our creams and lotions were first tried by family and friends and were met with great enthusiasm. It’s these good results that have encouraged us to go further and form Bee Beautiful Ltd.

Why not try our range of exciting bath bombs, lushious smoothies, refreshing soapscreams, household polishes, all where possible made with natural ingredients and the added benefits of bee related ingredients which are sure to create a buzz.

All our products are hand-made using the purest of ingredients a full list of which can be seen on each of our product’s pages. We believe you should know exactly what we put into our products.

To ensure all our products are safe we send a samples for laboratory tests to receive certificates of safety.”

*Extract from Bee Beautiful website*


So how did this little Irish clan come to know all about Bee Beautiful? Well, as most of you already know it was my daughter Emma’s 10th birthday a few weeks ago, and one of her (many) gifts was this gorgeous selection of the mini bath fizzies from her big sister Hayley… how cute are these? 😀

Bee Beautiful 1

Of course being a craver of all funky little bath treats myself, I couldn’t help but get intrigued – especially on whiffing the amazing selection of scents! Here’s what Emma received in her gift bag…

Blue Lagoon (Banana)

Charlie Bear (Baby Powder)

Parma Delights (Parma Violets)

Bizzy Bee (Honey)

Green Apple

Very Berry (Strawberry)


“Our Bee Beautiful Bath Bombs and Smoothies give you a different experience in your bath, whether it is fruity freshness, spicy sensations or sweet scents of honey. They are all handmade, using pure ingredients and the finest essential oils.

Drop a Bee Beautiful Bath Bomb into a bath of warm water and it will fizz vigorously, releasing its perfume and essential oils, while the Bicarbonate of Soda softens the water and the almond oil and honey moisturiser help to smooth and nourish your skin. Rinse bath well after use.”

*Extract from Bee Beautiful website*


All sounds rather tempting, however the real treat begins when you pop just one of these fizzy little fella’s into your bath & watch it fizzle furiously as the room fills with your choosen delicious fragrance. Emma opted for testing one of the Parma Violets whereas I haven’t been able to resist recently trying out the Green Apple – what a scent to savour!


I have to admit, it doesn’t just stop at a great smelling bathroom as they leave your skin feeling incredibly soft, supple & silky smooth. Considering price tag for their larger bath bombs starts at only £1.99, this is most definitely a pocket friendly treat or gift idea – particularly coming up to the jolly hols!




Pure Ingredients and finest oils

Huge range of scents and products

Against Animal & Bee Testing


Beautifully presented

A great selection of sizes available



Nada, zilch, zero… yep, they’re that good.

Bee Beautiful Bath Bombs

So if beautiful smelling bath treats for super-soft skin is your thing then get yourself over to Bee Beautiful and check out their impressive range of natural beauty products, I’m pretty sure you’ll love them every bit as much as we do!

What’s your favourite bath-time scent? Are you a fan of bath bombs, creamy smoothies & fun fizzies? Whatever your thoughts do stop by and say a quick hello in the comments below, y’all know how much we enjoy a good beauty chatter here on Confetti & Curves. Have a fabulous weekend 🙂

Cheerio chums…

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What’s In My Bag…

Happy Wednesday lovelies,

Today’s post comes in the form of yet another YouTube video (I seem to be on a roll for filming these days) as I thought it would be oodles of viewing fun to take a peek inside my rather glorious bag that I got as a gift from my hubby… he really is a good’un 😉

So sit back, relax & catch up with me as I rummage through the contents of this super sized bag from Accessorize

Don’t forget to say a quick hello in the comments below, I do love a mid-week chatter!

Cheerio chums…

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Must Have Make-Up Bags…

Must Have Make Up Bags



Happy Friday Beauty Buddies…

Seeing as I’ve been on the hunt this week for a new cosmetic bag to pop in my gym kit, I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite finds! To be honest girls I’ve been spoilt for choice & need to lean on your infinite glamour guidance to help me choose the right one!

Let’s bring on the candidates…


1) Signature Make-Up Bag | Charlotte Tilbury 

Charlotte Tibury Makeup bag

I’m a HUGE fan of rich warm colours and lavish metallics. When I spotted this beautiful Rose Gold cosmetic bag from the lady of make-up Charlotte Tilbury I couldn’t help but swoon ever so slightly. Isn’t it a vision?!


2) Fruit Print | ASOS

Fruit Make Up Bag Asos

This fun & fruity little number caught my eye almost instantaneously with it’s carnival of colours and cute little print. Best of all this leather look bag is currently available for a mere £6.50 from ASOS… brings a whole new meaning to bagging a bargain, right ladies? 😉


3) Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining | Not On The Highstreet

Every Cloud

Designed by the ever so talented Lisa Angel, this adorable little make-up tote pretty much sums up my style… cute n quirky. I adore the art work, colours and roomy interior that will hold just about everything I could possibly ever need!


4) Ted Baker Emoni | House of Fraser

Ted Baker MUB

I’ve always been a fan of Ted Baker’s bright and bold colours in the previous range of cosmetic bags, however when I uncovered this pretty little purse on House of Fraser I couldn’t peel my eyes of it. I adore the glossy outer exterior and cascading floral print.


5) Lola & Gilbert | Not On The Highstreet

Lola and Gilbert 2

I think I *may* have found a winner ladies! This hilarious range of cutesy make-up bags from Lola & Gilbert could only be guilty of igniting a smile with their range of chortle inducing slogans. Best of all the bags are Eco Friendly, made right here in the UK and lined with a waterproof material. At a mere £14.50 this adorable range of cotton cosmetic carriers have me hovering eagerly over the ‘buy now’ button… I LOVE THEM!


What’s your favourite bag? I’m having a tough time deciding ladies so I’m gonna need your help on this one!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by & do say a quick hello in the comments below… you know how much we enjoy a darn good chatter here on Confetti & Curves.

Wishing everyone a fabulous Easter weekend – easy on the egg consumption! 😉

Cheerio Chums…

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*Get Minted…


Hello lovelies…

I don’t know about you guys, but being surrounded by Christmas decorations, fairy lights and fireplaces peppered with jolly little snow men ornaments really makes you take in your surroundings a whole lot more than normal, don’t you think? There’s so many exciting things to look at. In fact every shop I go into or house window I pass by my eyes are drawn to a festive focal point by something or other.

I think that’s why I adore having features in a room to study and be captured by – regardless of what season of the year it is. My eyes seem to just love something to keep them busy! This is why I often feel a little gloomy when in January I pack all the Christmas trimmings away for an entire year… only then does everything seems so bare.

So this weekend I thought I’d mull over some options for jazzing a few off my rooms up with some unique wall art & pretty prints… and of course what better place to browse an entire range of wall feasts and other delectable goodies than Minted.com

‘Oooh, what’s Minted?’ I hear you say!

Well, Minted is a thriving on-line community of independent artists… from illustrators, painters, package designers to stay at home mums. It’s a global community full of creative content, selling a unique range of art, home décor and stationary items delivered direct to your door. That’s right… you don’t have to leave the confines of your cosy abode this winter to dress up the walls of your dining room. Just a few clicks of a button and voila, your goodies are on their way. Sounds like my kinda shopping *peering out at a rather gloomy sky*

Anyways, I thought I’d share a just few of my favourite Minted finds with you…

April Showers by Olivia Raufman

April Showers by Olivia Raufman

I loved this gorgeous raindrop print by Olivia Raufman. Our living room has very similar colour schemes within the flooring, carpet, & a feature wall. I can really see this piece pulling all those gorgeous colours together incredibly well!

Life Is Sweet by Ana Sharpe

Life Is Sweet by Ana Sharpe

I adore this print by Ana Sharpe – as soon as I spotted it I knew it would brighten up the dining area in my kitchen perfectly. Plus who doesn’t love Macaroons?! *swoon*

On the Docks by Kirby Lee Smith

On the Docks by Kirby Lee Smith

Living beside the sea I’m obsessed with anything nautical or beach themed. My house is full of little jars of interesting pebbles and shells we’ve collected over the last few years, which I love! When I spotted this gorgeous piece by Kirby Lee Smith I knew it would perfect in my hall way as it’s got a very similar theme at the moment.

Eucalyptus by Kiana Mosley

Eucalyptus by Kiana Mosley

My bedroom has lots of purples (and as I’m sure you can tell from previous posts it’s one of my favourite colours) so when I spotted this amazing piece by Kiana Mosley I knew it would go perfect in my purple themed bedroom as a feature piece to catch the eye as soon as you walk in. I love the huge shade range… from soft lilacs to an intense blackcurrants. Super stunning, don’t you agree?

Wisdom by Griffinbell Paper Co

Wisdom by Griffinbell Paper Co

Of course as most of you know only too well, I have a rather unhealthy obsession with owls. They’re (almost) everywhere throughout my home, so when I spotted this rather striking cutie by Griffinbell Paper Co, I knew he’d be the perfect partner for jazzing up my work area… it’s also a little reminder of the one thing I need more off!! *hahaa*

So, what do y’all think of my top picks, do you like? If so, let me know which one is your favourite… as always I love reading your thoughts and feedback in the comments below!

Also, don’t forget to pop over to Minted and check out their gorgeous selection of art, stationary and home decor goodies… you won’t be disappointed, the range is incredible 🙂

Cheerio Chums…

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How To Survive The Christmas Shopping Trip…

 Christmas Shopping

Hello lovelies,

The jingle of sleigh bells, shop windows filled with fairy lights and the waft of cinnamon candles can only mean one thing – it’s that time of year again; time to brave the hoards of high street shoppers in search of the perfect pressie as we prepare to get trodden on, elbowed and bled dry of our monthly earnings. Yes, it’s Christmas Shopping Season!

However it doesn’t have to be as stressful as rumour has it, in fact if you play your cards right you might actually find yourself having a jolly good time… so here’s my top tips on how to turn the festive frenzy into tidings of comfort & joy:

Become an A-Lister:

Wandering around aimlessly searching for Christmas gift inspiration can be stressful & tedious. Rather than shopping blindly, curl up with a note pad and jot down everyone you plan on buying for first. Think of their personalities, interests, hobbies etc. and go from there. Alternatively nab a few high street catalogues or pop online and I’ll guarantee your gift buying juices will flow. If you’re still struggling check out Not On The High Street, which is crammed full of unique little gift ideas from some of the UK’s best creative businesses!

The Early Bird Catches the Worm Gift:

Keep in mind that evenings and weekends are peak times for big spenders so it’s no surprise that this comes with a mass of queues and disgruntled shoppers. If possible save yourself the hassle and schedule your trip for an early week morning, whilst others are on their way to work or caught up in the school run you’ll be sure to find the space you need to browse the shelves without risking a bruised rib or trampled toe.

Dress Sense:

Last year I witnessed at least 4 major falls from girls slipping or tripping as a result of tottering around in six inch stilettos. Gear up with your comfiest shoes, a cosy jacket that is light enough to pop in a bag should you begin to wilt and a practical handbag that is easily slung over the shoulder – leaving your hands free to grab those bargains.

Fantastic Plastic:

It may be the season of goodwill but a high street full of handbags is a winter wonderland for a sticky fingered thief. Don’t be tempted to carry large amounts of cash, keep valuables at home and if you’re leaving bags of shopping in your car make sure they’re out of sight. Seems like common sense but it’s amazing how many shoppers just don’t get it – not everyone is as honest as you are!

Having Reservations?

If you’re pushed for time or prefer an organised approach to shopping why not opt for reservation instead? Many of the major retailers allow you to collect the gifts instore that you’ve pre-ordered from online which is perfect for those who are doomed to miss delivery vans or may want to check sizing. This saves a whole lotta time and energy by allowing you to browse peacefully from the comfort of your own sofa/office chair/loo *delete as appropriate*

Rope in a Relative:

If the thought of stepping out into the harsh winter weather, laden with bags is too much for you to comprehend or you have a work schedule that’s busier than Rudolf’s come Christmas Eve, then sticking to ordering your goodies online is probably the best stress-free solution to your quandary. However to avoid a delivery dilemma why not ask a relative or friend who works from home if they would mind your goodies arriving at their abode instead? That way all you have to do is call in and collect on your way home without any worry.

Channel Shopping:

Okay, so it might get a reputation of being a haven for bored housewives but there are actually quite a few nifty little items to be found on the shopping channels these days. Plus anything you see is tirelessly demonstrated, so if your Dad’s scratching his cranium over the new coffee machine you bought him, chances are you’ll probably be able to work it better than any budding Barista – all thanks to the 20 minute sales pitch you endured.

Budget Busters:

Don’t forget to check out voucher sites such as Wowcher & Groupon as some of the offers are pretty darn impressive compared to the retail value elsewhere. Keep an eye out for high street deals such as ‘three for the price of two’ and check out Money Saving Expert for lots of really useful money saving tips, advice and voucher codes to help keep more pennies in your pocket.

Love Your Locals:

Needless to say when most of us think of Christmas Shopping we immediately think of huge glitzy department stores, personal shoppers and gift wrapping services, when in fact there is a multitude of wonderful little shops and businesses out there that provide an outstanding level of service and selection of goods that can’t be found on the shelves of their corporate counter-parts. By supporting local businesses you’re keeping the essence of your town alive and helping a small business stay trading!

It’s easy to get carried away with all the hype in the run up to the big day but it’s important for us all to keep in mind the reason for the season and enjoy every moment with our nearest and dearest too don’t you think?

If you have any top tips on keeping stress levels under wraps this Christmas or would like to share how you tackle your festive shopping I’d love to read about it in the comments below…

Cheerio Chums 🙂

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10 Top Bridesmaid Gift Ideas…

Ten Bridesmaid Gifts

For some brides, choosing a gift for their leading ladies can be a real struggle. Most of the time it boils down to simply over-thinking the options, especially if you’re buying for a gal who pretty much wants for nothing.

So before you end up turning yourself grey with stress, just remind yourself the gift doesn’t have to knock her sideways with shock; it’s simply a token of appreciation for helping you make it up the aisle in one piece. Keep it simple and just what it should be: a little something to say thanks.

To help inspire, I’ve compiled a list of ten cute gifts that are simple but effective when it comes to treating your merry maids…

  • To Infinity & Beyond: These super cute infinity bracelets aren’t just a beautifully understated piece of jewellery, the meaning behind the symbol is in the name. What a better way to declare your never-ending friendship… best of all they can be individually personalised thanks to My Name Necklace.

Inifinty Bracelet

  • Lights, Camera, Action: For a gift that has a little more interaction, why not treat your ladies to tickets for an upcoming show or concert? It’s something fun to look forward to after the big day & a great chance to catch up… dinner & a cheeky pre-show cocktail could be factored in too! 😉


  • Bag Lady: What girl wouldn’t love a brand new Ted Baker Make-Up Bag? These gorgeous cosmetic carriers will brighten up any maid’s makeup collection! Currently available at House Of Fraser…

Ted Baker Make Up Bag

  • Full of Fizz: Lush has indeed some of the most scent-sational bath & body sets around. This stunning Bella Fruta box contains six scrumptuous smelling goodies that your maids will love, great for a relaxing pamper night after the big day. Click here to check out the full range of gorgeous gift goodies!

BellaFruita Lush

  • Boxed Up: How beautiful are these personalised Maid of Honour/Bridesmaid jewellery boxes? Such a thoughtful keepsake, you could even pop a little bejewelled surprise in just to start her off. Just one of the lovely keepsakes available from The Gift Experience

MOH Jewellery box

  • Talented Talons: The Rio Professional Nail Artist ‘Ultimate Nail Art Collection’ set not only gets rave reviews, it contains virtually every nail tool she’ll ever need to keep her digits looking delightful. Check out the full range of fabulous nail & beauty treats available from Rio.

Rio Nail Set

  • Burn Baby Burn: Who doesn’t love the aroma of a good old Yankee Candle? The hardest thing about walking into that shop is trying not to spend a small fortune as they’re all so divine. If you can’t decide on a large jar you could always opt for a range of smaller candles and make your own little mini maid hamper! Visit the online store to view their amazing selection – just don’t be too surprised if a few additional little sneaky treats end up making their way into your virtual shopping bag!

yankee candle

  • You’re A Star: I must admit, I love the idea of naming a star as a gift – especially when it comes with this cute little bear. In my humble opinion this is such a unique and sentimental token of appreciation for maids of all ages, especially if they’re proving a little difficult to buy for. Available from Star Listings International


  • Charmed: You can’t go wrong when it comes to picking a Pandora Charm as they’re all beautifully crafted and super sweet. However, how aptly appropriate is this little Champagne wedding charm?

Pandora Champagne Charm

  • Sweet Tooth: Having most likely spent the last six months swapping creme eggs for carrot sticks, your maid may well be in need of a serious sugar fix and what better way to treat her taste buds than a huge choccie hamper from Lindt… is there anyone out there that doesn’t love those little red Lindt balls?

Lindt gifts

So there you have it, my top picks to keep your ladies feeling loved. If you have any unique suggestions for bridesmaid gifts or received something rather awesome yourself, I’d love to read about it in the comments below!

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