DIY Spooky Halloween Bat Display…


As Halloween swiftly approaches, I always get an overwhelming desire to roll up my sleeves, break out the acrylic paints, paper glue and dive right into making cute little Halloween crafts. Of course having an 11 year old daughter only adds to the excuse to run riot, and as per usual Emma’s roped into peppering our little abode with all sorts of spooky artistry.

This year I thought I’d attempt a really cute bat display I spotted in Tesco Food & Living Magazine. Although the original creation is displayed with the twigs pushed into a Pumpkin, Em’s and I thought we’d save ours the pain of piercing him with garden sticks and opted a glass flower vase instead finished off with black ribbon.

I must admit, this is probably one of the easiest and most effective Halloween crafts I’ve created (even the most novice of crafter can’t go far wrong), it doesn’t make too much mess (though a table covering is highly recommended) and is relatively quick so you’re not left grumbling a few hours later – great for eager kiddies who prefer to see their efforts come to life rather pronto!

So here’s what you’ll need:


Firstly, get yourself out to the garden or local woodland and find some decent size twigs. Thankfully our garden is edged with rather bulky bushes so uncovering our twigs wasn’t too much of a task, however, you’ll also need to rustle up:

Some paint (acrylic works really well)

A decent child’s sized paint brush

Some black card

Twine or thread

A pencil and pair of scissors…

Something to display the twigs in when done: vase/pumpkin/large jar/ empty bottle etc.


Here’s how to do it:

After rummaging around the garden to find your chosen sticks, clear them of all dirt and debri. I’d suggest you also give them a clean under warm water to remove any hidden nasties that could be lurking. If necessary leave them to dry.


(We found ours right beside Peppa the cat)

Once dry it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get painting! Em’s and I chose a gorgeous coppery acrylic paint for a touch of autumnal shimmer. However blacks, browns and even purple will look equally as impressive. Just make sure you get all the nooks and crannies covered, then leave the paint to dry – this really shouldn’t take too long if using acrylic, ours were touchable in 30 minutes!

Copper Acrylic Paint

Next take your black card and draw a template of a bat with your pencil. Cut this out and use it to draw another 4-6 bats… or as many as you darn well like! Carefully cut out your little colony of bats and trim to neaten. You’ll also need to rub out any obvious pencil lines.

Bat Outline Bats Cut Out

Next make a hole in the head of your bat *ouch* and carefully tie your thread through. I used a hole punch as my card was rather thick. Now make a loop on the other end of the thread to dangle your bats from the twigs.


Display your twigs in a vase (or pumpkin) and enjoy your crafty art work… voila!



Top Tips…

  • Sprinkle your twigs with glitter for an extra twinkly effect… black glitter looks fantastic over black acrylic paint!
  • Once done keep them for Christmas. You can always swap your bats for mini baubles!
  • If you’re limited for space why not make a miniature version to display on your desk? Your bats could look super cute in a jam jar with some spooky themed ribbon tied around it!

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Will you be attempting any Halloween themed crafts this year? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below so do stop by for a quick chatter 🙂

Cheerio Chums…

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Keeping Up With Karen…

Keeping Up With Karen

Howdy beauty chums…

Oh it’s been a jolly few days here at Confetti & Curves HQ as little one is on the brink of turning 11 years old!!!!!!! May not seem as shocking to you lovely lot, but being her mama I am AHHHMAAZED at just how quickly the years have flown in… it certainly doesn’t feel like a decade ago that I was changing nappies and filling my washing machine with drool soaked bibs! Needless to say, Emma had a fabulous time at home with the clan for a ‘make your own pizza’ party followed by a girly slumber party with her bestie… much giggling and whispering to late makes for a pair of very tired girls this morning munching their way through cereal.

What’s your plan for today? Are you having a quiet one or are you looking forward to something special? After a week of battling with horrific Sciatica pains, I’m taking it easy – terrified to move as in case something gives up and I end up howling in agony once again! So my apologies for being a little late in replying but I’m afraid no position was comfy enough for me to handle an hour in front of the laptop – thank heavens for scheduled posts *phew*

As always, feel free to leave a link to any posts you’d like me to check out today!


No7 ‘Lovely Lips’ Lip Balm in Parisian Pink


Fancy treating your lips to a little luxury balm that feels high end without the pocket pinching spend?! Then look no further chums, in fact click on the link above and you might just meet your new autumn/winter lip-kit essential ❤


Building a Beauty Room: The Reveal

Featured Image -- 5588

Wednesday’s post was a bit of a YouTube chatter flashback as I re-posted the finished look of my new beauty room! It’s so much fun to look back on older posts and videos from time to time and this was most definitely one of my favourite videos to film!


Autumn Inspired Makeup: Purple Smoky Eyes


Friday’s Beauty chatter was a fresh new upload featuring one of my favourite looks for fall, a gorgeous purple smoky eye and deep berry lips. What’s your favourite makeup look for autumn? Don’t forget you can *CLICK HERE* to subscribe to the Confetti & Curves YouTube channel so you never miss an upload!

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As always, thank y’all so much for the support, comments, re-tweets, shares, likes & just darn right loveliness. You lot really are an awesome bunch. Do feel free to pop a favourite link from your blog in the comments below for the rest of us to check out, otherwise do stop by & say a quick hello!

Cheerio Chums…

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Stamping with MoYou London…

Love nail art? Then look no further chums 😉

Forget all that unnecessary quivering about with a shaky free hand, instead just press play and wrap your lamps around the gorgeous stamping plates from MoYou London… they are FABULOUS.

Moyou London Stamping Plate

I must admit having watched countless videos on YouTube, I was always under the impression that working with intricate patterns and multiple colours would probably be a bit of a challenge for little ole me… I’m not afraid to admit that freehand isn’t exactly where my skill level lies!! However all those qualms have certainly been scuppered thanks to the handy dandy clear jelly stamper that you can purchase from Amazon (a lifesaver when it comes to placing your art directly onto the nail bed) and of course the super quality of the MoYou London stamping plates, their incredibly cute packaging *swoon*AND the gazillions of nifty designs that’s available. Fancy checking them out for yourself? Then why not visit where you can browse a whole online catalogue of fun, funky, chic and sassy designs that are guaranteed to whip your nails into a luscious landscape of intricate detail.

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Hope you enjoy this week’s chatter & don’t forget to say a quick howdy in the comments below, it’s always a treat to read your feedback gals. Wishing y’all a fabulous weekend ahead, and don’t forget *Click Here* to subscribe to the Confetti & Curves YouTube channel so you never miss an upload!

Cheerio Chums…

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Keeping Up With Karen…

Keeping Up With Karen


It’s been one heck of an exciting weekend here at Confetti & Curves HQ I must admit. And although I’m sorely tempted to spill the beans this very instant I think I’ll keep it hush for just a little while longer and reveal all to you guys just why it’s been super exciting in tomorrows post so you’ll be able to see lots of great pics too. Sound good? Yeah, I thought so too 😉

So what have you lovely lot been getting up to over the last 48 hours, or have you anything fun planned for today? I’m tackling some filming, blog writing and possibly a little trip into town (well of course that all depends on whether I can drum up enough energy or not) the thought of a super lazy Sunday is overwhelmingly tempting right this very minute. Time for another cup of coffee, that just might build the energy levels back up!

As always, for those of you who enjoy a quick catch up on the past weekly shenanigans then why get yourself comfy and check out out this lot.. bit of an eclectic mix of beauty, new blog buddies & brill little makeup hacks for you to take notes on. Don’t forget.. feel free to share a link from any blog posts you’ve posted this week too. I’ do love a good catch up gals xx

Bargain Acrylic Makeup Storage Finds

Acrylic Makeup Storage

Need a nifty new home to store your hoard of beauty goodies? Then look no further than this pretty little assortment of sassy acrylic bargains from around the interwebs! Check out the coloured drawer set, utter eye candy *happy sigh*


Behind The Blog featuring Chloe from CNM Beauty

CNM Beauty

Our first blogger of the week was the cosmetic craving Chloe as she graced us with her fun-filled interview on life behind the scenes of her blossoming beauty & lifestyle blog, CNM Beauty. Don’t forget to pop over and say a huge hello after you’ve read through her chatty catch-up!


My Everyday Makeup

Everyday Makeup

As much as I LOVE glamming things up every once in a while I tend to feel that staple everyday makeup can almost be overlooked and forgotten about… and considering I spend a hug whack of time in the office each week it seems a great opportunity to showcase what I reach for on a daily basis! Don’t forget, you can subscribe to the Confetti & Curves YouTube channel by *Clicking Here* so you never miss a future upload *woo hoo* 😀

Ps: We’d love to know what’s in your everyday makeup essentials too!


Behind The Blog feauturing Hatsy from Nearly A Princess

Nearly A Princess

Our second blogger of the week was the talented Hatsy from Nearly a Princess. An avid lifestyle blogger, Hatsy loves treating our screens to a wealth of handy tips, reviews and opinions on a range of lifestyle related topics that I’m pretty sure you’ll all love reading. If you haven’t check her blog out already then get yourself over, otherwise your missing out!


10 Handy Makeup Application Hacks Everyone Should know About

Beauty Makeup Hacks

Don’t ya just love uncovering handy little hacks that make life that little bit easier… if so then Friday’s post is worth while checking out as I uncover some of the most interesting yet simple hints & tips from around the global beauty community, which just might help your make-up application run that little more smoothly.

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As always, thank y’all so very much for the abundance of support, comments, re-tweets, shares, likes & just darn right loveliness. You lot really are an awesome bunch. Do feel free to pop a favourite link from your blog in the comments below for the rest of us to check out, otherwise do stop by & say a quick hello!

Cheerio Chums…

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10 Handy Makeup Application Hacks Everyone Should Know About…

Beauty Makeup Hacks

Regardless of whatever level we’re at when it comes to make-up application, it’s fair to say that there’s nothing quite as satisfying than finding a nifty little tip that really helps make life a whole lot easier. Thankfully the internet is awash with beauty secrets and handy hacks, some a little more surprising than others – in fact in some cases I often wonder who the heck was drunk enough to give them a go in the first instance. But hey, why ask questions if it works a treat, right ladies? 😉

So for those of you who love uncovering the simple solutions in life then check out these 10 handy make-up application hacks that every make-up maven, beauty blogger and cosmetic craver should know about…

#1: Embrace Your Inner Scrubber…


Using a lip scrub before applying your favourite lippy will help get rid of all the nasty dead skin, make your pout feel softer and in turn help your lippy to apply much smoother and stay on a whole lot longer.

I would personally recommend Lush Lip Scrub (the bubblegum flavour is deeeelish) as a prep and putting a light coat of Lip Cote over your lipstick after application to help keep your pout looking perfect for as long as can be. If you’re a fan of wearing bright red or dark plum shades it’ll also minimise any messy colour transference too!


#2: Bye Bye Concealer Crease…


If your concealer is prone to settling into the creases under your eyes try mixing it with a little eye cream before applying. Once mixed, smooth it out with a concealer brush for perfect coverage. This helps to add hydrating to under the eye area, hopefully minimising the effects of creasing!


#3:  Keep Your Head Up…

Makeup Revolution Mermaids Forever Eye Shadow Palette

To help make your eyes look bigger, tilt your head back and slightly raise your eyebrows when applying shadows. Applying a shadow right on the crease can actually make your eyes look smaller so aim for the tilted area just above the crease and it will make your eyes appear that little bit bigger & brighter!


#4: Lay It How It Is…


If you find yourself a bit of a slow starter in the mornings or quite often pushed for time, then get into the habit of laying out your makeup the night before. It’ll only take a few minutes but will shave precious time off in the morning so you ultimately avoid groggily rummaging around your stash at the break of dawn. It’s a simple tip but surprisingly one heck of a time saver!


#5: Get Your Nude On…

nude liner

Are you often intimidated by some of the more intense lippy shades in your collection &  find yourself quite often avoiding using them? If so, invest in a simple nude liner. Applying this as a base will help tone the colour of your boldest lippies down but it’ll help keep your finished look fresh for so much longer!


#6: Milk It…

Milk of Magnesia

Oily skin affecting your foundation? Word has it that applying a light layer of Milk of Magnesia over your moisturiser before applying your makeup actually helps to mattify your foundation by soaking up excess oil. I personally haven’t tried this one yet but it’s something I’m oddly curious to give a go pretty soon!


#7: Keep It Neat…

Copper and Gold Metalic Eye Makeup Revolution Redemption Iconic 2 Palette

Are you prone to smudged panda eyes under your lower lashes? Apparently the secret to avoiding this is by not using oil based moisturising eye creams but switching to a gel instead which helps eliminate the messy transference of mascara & liner running down to under your eye area!


#8: Blurred Lines…


Avoiding nasty un-blended lines when it comes to wearing bright eye shadow shades by applying a nude/skin tone shadow to your crease and brow bone as a base. This will help make those eye-poppin’ colours blend seamlessly together without any obvious lines.


#9: Dot To Dot…

  Liquid Eye Liner Step by Step

Are you still finding it hard to master the perfect liquid liner? Find your flicks regularly more keek than on fleek? If so try using a series of little dots, starting with where you want your flick to end and then working your way towards the lid. All you have to do is simply join them once your done = viola, perfect liner!


#10: Powder Perfect…


Has your favourite powder compact developed a strange hard coating in areas making it pretty much ineffective? If so it’s more than likely a transference of natural oils from your fingers or make-up brush. To remove this hardened layer simply take a strip of clear sticky tape, place it over the hardened patch and rub the back (non sticky side) down with your finger. Peel the tape off the hardened area and it should restore your caked powder back to normal!

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Have you got any top beauty or makeup hacks that you’d like to share? Have you tried any of the above hacks out? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below so do stop by for a quick chatter 🙂 Wishing y’all a fabulous weekend!

Cheerio Chums…

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Nail Stamping Kit for Beginners….

Howdy chums…

Last Friday, when I uploaded my Easy Peasy Ombre Nail Art a few of you gals were keen to learn a little more about the stamping kit I used to create the look! Not being one to turn down a fun tutorial vid, I thought I’d go right ahead and get started on showing you guys just how simple & crafty this little kit is.

Of course like most things, stamping kits range from pocket friendly right up to the professional kits for nail technicians that are quite a bit more costly. I’m trying to avoid swooning over them online for too long as my hand may ‘accidentally on purpose’ slip a few into my shopping basket *sigh* But good news for those who want to try this little beauty out without spending a fortune as it’s currently available on Amazon for just under £5! Bargain right?

For those of you who really want to up the results when it comes to getting creative with your claws, you can also invest in formulated stamping polishes such as Konad or MoYou. These polishes are a little thicker in consistency than regular polish which will enable your results to stand out a whole lot more than with standard varnish. As I haven’t received my order of MoYou polishes yet I’ve run through this video using standard shades that pretty much everyone has to hand such as Barry M, Rimmel & Avon… and the results are still really pretty. Particularly the dark against light colours, which show up incredibly well.

All in all, it’s a great little kit to get you started! However for those of you who fancy taking your stamping skills even further, there’s a whole world of amazing designs and stampers out there to keep topping up your collection with. Don’t forget to show us your designs if you do decide to check it out!

pink heart

Have you tried a nail stamping kit yet? What’s your favourite brand of stamping polish? Have you any great tips for nail stamping novices? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below so do stop by and say a quick hello! Don’t forget, you can *Click Here* to subscribe to the Confetti & Curves YouTube channel so you never miss a future upload *Yippeeeeee* 😀

Cheerio chums…

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Easy Peasy Ombre Nail Art…

Ombre Nail Art Tutorial

It’s not just my make-up that’s getting a bit of an overhaul in terms of breaking out the colourful shades – it’s my nails too! After months of hiding under dark polishes (which I admittedly adore) I seem to recently be magnetising towards bright cheery colours, combined with eccentric nail art – which is exactly what I aiming for with this fun nail design. So if you love sassy ombre tones and wild prints then check out this easy peasy tutorial!

1) Blank Canvas…


Starting off with the basics, it’s time to clean, prep and file the nails. Remember, when you’re filing the natural nail to sweep in one direction only to avoid any damage… my nails aren’t in tip-top condition at the moment so it really helps to deter any further nail catastrophes.


2) Pick Your Polishes…


Time to raid your stash for a selection of sassy shades. I’ve opted for bright spring colours that will hopefully give a bit of a sunset look during the ombre fading. However you can stick with multiple shades of the one colour, darks, neons, brights, pastels… the only limitations is your own creativity 😉


3) All About The Base…


In order to make the colours of your ombre effect stand out more vivid, it’s best to paint your nails in a white base coat. This doesn’t have to look finish perfect – it’s simply a base to brighten up the layers you’ll be adding on top!


4) The Sponge…


Ideally the best sponge to use is a wedge shaped sponge, however as I didn’t have any in stock (hehe) I opted for a basic circular sponge which I cut into quarters so I could easily get a few uses out of one sponge.

Ps: This could be a great way to make use of old beauty blenders that you’re ready to bin – just make sure they’re cleaned out really well and completely dry before applying polishes.


5) The Fun Bit...


The great thing I love about this look is that you really don’t need any expertise in nail art, it’s just a matter of layering the polishes onto your sponge and dabbing straight onto the nail. Easy peasy! If you’re unsure about how the colours will look try it sampling it on a false nail first… you can even buy little packs of falsies from a local discount store just to play around with some design ideas. In order to help your ombre fade out more, try dabbing your sponge lightly on the nail a few times to create a softer blend.

Ps: Just dab a cotton bud into some nail polish remover to wipe away the excess polish!


6) The Finishing Touches…

nail stamp

Naturally gals, your ombre will look absolutely gawjush if you just simply settle for adding a clear top coat. However if you do fancy adding a little bit of extra detail then why not invest in a nail stamping kit! They’re incredibly easy to use & you can create some really fun designs. You can find them on Amazon, Ebay or pretty much any beauty/nail art store. Most kits come with a stamper and selection of plates with funky designs you can stamp straight over the top of your polish. I opted for a fun animal print… okay so I might have gone a little bit stamper crazy but it’s definitely added character to my nail art!


Taaa Daa….

Ombre nail art

And here it is, the finished look… a sassy sunset ombre nail with a fun animal stamp in black polish straight over the top. I’ve also added a few coats of clear polish to ensure durability & extra wear!

pink heart

Are you a fan of ombre nails? What colours would you opt for? Have you tried a nail stamping kit? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below so do stop by and say a quick howdy 🙂

Cheerio Chums…

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Depotting Solo Eye Shadows…

If by any chance you’re an eye shadow junkie like myself, it’s more than likely you’ll have a stash of mini solo eye shadow pots scattered amongst your make-up collection. However, thanks to beauty space saving essentials such as the Z Palette range, it’s totally achievable to tidy up your hoards of solo shadows by carefully de-potting the pans & storing them in one handy place. No more rummaging through masses of individual singles *woo hoo*

But before trying this out for yourself here’s a few extra tips to help get you started…


1) Depot your stash in batches, that way you can get everything done all at once.

2) Figure out how your going to organise your palette before you de-pot & don’t forget to jot down the brand/shade. Being super organised will save you time & confusion in the long run, particularly if you’re working with lots of similar shades.

3) Always be sure to take your time when removing them from the pot to avoid damaging your shadows… the bigger the pan the more likely the product is to crack with leverage.

4) Don’t attempt to de-pot cream or baked shadows as these usually don’t come in pans.

pink heart

Hope you’s all find this weeks video a handy one, it’s certainly something that’s been on my to do list for quite some time! Goodbye messy solo pots, hello organised palette *happy sigh*

Don’t forget to stop by and say a quick hello, and do let me know if you’ve any tips for depotting your shadows too, we’d love to read them in the comments below! Thanks for watching 🙂

Cheerio Chums…

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Behind The Blog featuring A Girl Named Egypt…

A Girl Named Egypt

Howdy Chums…

It oddly occurred to me (as I was editing this very post) just how long Behind The Blog has been running for… November 2014 is when I first launched the series & since then I’ve had such a blast hosting well into the hundreds of bloggers who’ve featured on here. Getting to know each of you individually in such a fun & creative way has been such a treat, & of course I’m raising a tea cup to many more to come! So if YOU haven’t already featured on Behind The Blog then why not check it out by *Clicking Here* for all the information on how you can get on-board and spread the word of your online haven within the blogging community! Do keep in mind that it books up pretty quickly, so if you’re eager to get involved don’t hesitate to drop me a line 🙂

However, onto our second blogger of the week as we welcome the lovely Egypt who’s joining us on the virtual sofa this morning to chat about her blossoming lifestyle blog A Girl Named Egypt. Egypt is still making her way through school, but has embarked on her very own blogging journey (all thanks to the encouragement of her mum) & now adores pouring her creative skills into fantastic fun features that are such a treat to read. I find it so encouraging to see younger bloggers weaving their creative interests through blogging, and secretly I’m hoping my own daughter takes to blogging every bit as much when the time comes! So if you haven’t already met Egypt, do take a moment to pop over and say a huge hello – I’m sure you’ll enjoy catching up with her posts just as much as the rest of us do!

You know the drill by now gals… grab a cuppa & get yourself comfy as we take a peak Behind The Blog


In only 5 words describe what readers can expect from your blog?

Reviews, DIY’s & Witty Innuendo-filled Ramblings


What inspired you to start blogging?

My Mum actually gave me the push to do it (Bello, she likes minions, Mum if your reading this ✌ ). Its actually not that exciting of a blog back-story but one day I had just watched the new episode of The Vampire Diaries, and like always, I was rambling on to Mum about everything that happened in the episode. She just casually said “Why don’t you make a blog”, I was like “ What?”, “Yeah, Then you can talk and rant about whatever you want to whenever you want to and you do heaps of nail art and crafts so you can write about that too” My mum said.

I knew about blogs because of people like Zoella and Sprinkleofglitter and I had being thinking about creating one a year before and I loved writing so I thought ‘why not?’ and spent that whole day and night researching, writing ideas and going through about 50 different themes and finally A Girl Named Egypt was born


Tell us about your blog name what made you decide on it?

Well like I was saying above I had thought about blogging for a while and one day being the YouTube obsessed generation we are, my brother and I were talking about YouTube and I just had an inspirational moment (A

K.A. Fate Fairy) that if I ever had a blog or YouTube channel that I would call it A Girl Named Egypt and I even created this…


 …horribly put together banner thing, a while before I actually created this blog.

P.S: I also took this picture with my super old time-stamped digital camera

Plus, I think its self-explanatory. It’s like a quick introduction to… well, everything .


Do you ever suffer from Blogger’s Block & if so how do you overcome it?

Yes I do, I actually had blogger’s block SUPPPER bad in September and I found the best thing was to just take a break and take a step back. Even though my irrational brain felt like I was letting people down for not blogging (but that’s just because I get all thingy and thought I would lose all my followers over just one week) it really helped. Its good to take a break sometimes and I would rather have no blog posts than a bunch of rubbish posts that I’m not proud of.


What’s your favourite post to date? 

This is kind off a hard question but I really love my 50 Things That Make Me Happy Part 1 & 2as i think they were quite funny posts and really “Me” But I really love Beware The Spider Bite ​(which is a cooking tutorial I made for Halloween) because of how they turned out. Or Hello Worldas that post is a very big step in my blogging journey; or 2015 In Review as I loved the huge progress I made last year!

(btw you might notice by now that I’m quite indecisive and its really hard for me to pick a favourite)


Describe your everyday clothes style:

In one word… Different.

I don’t really have a “Style”, I kinda just wear what i feel like that day. Today for instance, I’m wearing ripped Skull tights and my “Doc martens” but yesterday I wore all monochrome with a little crop top and my black and white singlet / shirt over top, and tomorrow I will probably wear a dress and ballet shoes or something so yeah I don’t really have a​ set​ style.

Although Monochrome and Pastels do play a big role in my dream wardrobe and I can not look past a nerdy, fandom referenced shirt or band merch .


 What are your current top 3 beauty items?

  1. I have a mild non-contagious skin condition which is genetic called Keratosis Pilaris which isn’t as bad as it seems but to keep it at bay you have to moisturise and exfoliate so my moisturiser Nivea Incredibly Smooth is number one everyday item
  2. Nivea Make-up Wipes. I love these and I use them to remove make-up and just to clean my face morning and night but they are so amazing to use for trips.
  3. Lip Balm… I take one where ever I go! Currently I’m using Baby Lips tinted lip balm in berry crush and its also SPF so its perfect for NZ Summers.


How do you like to relax & unwind after a stressful day?

YouTube and Music​. If I’m having a really crappy day these are my saviours.


Describe your ideal Saturday night:


Hmm, probably sitting in my bed with popcorn and hot chocolate, MORE chocolate and watching Supernatural, Lost, The Originals, The Vampire Diaries, Rupaul Drag Race and again YouTube and music and then reading one of my bi-gillion books.


What do you do to relax?

I struggle with relaxing as I feel really lazy and bad if i have a day “off” but that’s just because my brain works differently to most but usually crafts like clay, knitting (yes, I Knit), or reading and again music (I think close to 95% of the day I have music on) I’m actually listening to Melanie Martinez right now.


Everyone has their bad habits, what’s yours?

Ahh okay time to share but it’s okay because we are all friends here! Peeling off my nail polish is one of the worst. As I do nail art, you wouldn’t think I would but yes… ugh… and procrastinating, I’m really bad at that. If I’m not motivated I will just put things off or do other things I don’t really need to do and make “excuses”. And lastly worrying… this is the worst thing I do. You see my brain thinks of a situation like going on holiday and instead of being a normal brain it thinks up THE worst things that could happen and its really bad. When we used to go on holiday when I was​ younger I would literally make my self sick or feel bad from all the worrying about things that didn’t happen at all.


What’s your most cherished childhood memory?

I have quite a few from my “Childhood” (I’m only 14 so I’m classifying childhood as 10 and under)

When I was maybe 8 or 9, It was my great auntie’s birthday and she lived about 6-7 hours away so my Nana, Poppa, little Cousin, younger Brother, Mum and I borrowed a big bus / small motor home and it was probably one of the best times of my life. We had so much fun. The bus was huge and had these weird bed/seats and you could walk around while it was moving and there was a bed at the back and because it was such a long trip we kinda looked around the towns too and had a Tiki tour around (Tiki tour is what Kiwis call having a look around places. See we are educational here at AGirlNamedEgypt); but one of my favourite moments was when we were coming home and we stopped off at a beach and played in the sea but the beach didn’t have proper sand it was like tiny pebbles and stuff. Then when we where done, we (the kids), all lay down on the bed/ floor of the bus (because it was moving it kinda rocked us to sleep) and dozed off and i just remember being so relaxed and the beautiful sunset.


What was your favourite school subject?

I’m still in school (home-school) and currently it’s a 3-way tie, Science (Chemistry), Art and History. I’m not that good at Maths and stuff as it doesn’t really make sense to me, where as Art and Science comes sooo much easier. But I want to be a teacher (Primary / ECE) when I’m older so I’m going to keep on trying 😉


What’s your dream job?

Well, I really want to be a day care or primary teacher… but MY DREAM would to continue with Blogging and hopefully start a YouTube channel when I’m older as well.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

 I will be 20 (eek) so hopefully studying for my degree, have my full license and a small car, saving for England, still blogging and maybe even doing YouTube and having more relaxed fun as in not worrying about every little thing and just enjoying life in general.


What’s your biggest achievement to date?

Probably driving for the first time and not killing anything… and driving a manual for the first time and not stalling it at all (I didn’t even know what stalling was until I finished lol)


Who inspires you?

My Mum and Nana – Our family doesn’t have the ​best ​of luck but my Mum and Nana always work through everything and try their hardest to do the best for their families and they are two of the loving and caring people i know 🙂 (Love you both, If your reading and I’m sorry Mum for all the grief I give you I hope you know i don’t mean it, just all that teen angst in me lol)


What top 5 things are on your bucket list?

  1. Move to England – Probably not forever but i would love to live in England for awhile.
  2. Visit Japan – My whole family love Japan and Japanese culture, I would love to visit the little tea houses and stuff
  3. Have a family (when I’m older of cours )
  4. Go to Vidcon / Playlist Live
  5. Be HAPPY with my life – whatever happens in life and whatever path I take when I’m old and rocking on a chair on my front porch with all my grandchildren running around I want to be able to look back and think “Yeah, I kicked Life’s Butt” lol


Do you have a favourite inspirational quote?

I have soo many quotes all over my room so these are my top 3:

You are one human with one life and its up to you to make it the best life you can – Dan Howell

You’re Mad. Bonkers, Off your head. But lt me tell you a secret. All the best People are – Alice In Wonderland


This is the exact photo that is above my bookcase 

Everything will be okay in the end, If its not Okay , Its not the End – From one of my best blogging buddies


What top tips would you give to someone who is thinking of starting their own blog?

Just do it. What have you got to lose? Making my blog was one of the best decisions of my life and it will most likely be one of yours, Blogging is something for you, it’s a chance to express yourself in any way you want to and to be yourself if you feel like you cant in your everyday life 🙂




Tea or Coffee = Coffee, Yummy MOCHA LATTE

Coke or Pepsi = Neither, I’m more of a lemonade person

Messy mayhem or Super Organised = Organised Mayhem 😉

Cute kitten or Playful puppy = Cute Kitten, Although i have multiple of both 🙂

Night In or Night Out = Night In

Heels or Flats = FLATS

Lip Stick or Lip Gloss = Lip Stick, Who even thought Lip Gloss and Hair would be a good idea

Rock Chick or Pop Princess = Rock Princess

Paperback or E-book =  PAPERBACK!!!

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Keeping Up With Karen…

Keeping Up With Karen

I love Sunday mornings… the smell of coffee wafting through the house, bacon sizzling on grill pan as I flick open the laptop and get caught up on some blog scheduling. As much as I try to keep to eating healthy during the week, Sunday morning is always my guilty pleasure but then again I opted for a ‘vino free’ night out with the gals last night as we danced our heels off to an Abba tribute band 😀 Okay, so the music might be a little ‘before my time’ but who doesn’t love warbling “Thank yoooo for the mussssic…” at the top of their lungs?

However, if like me, you’re starting Sunday off on a rather chilled note and fancy glancing over what shenanigans has been happening on Confetti & Curves this week then here’s a quick catch up of what’s been happening on the blog over the past few days…

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Building A Beauty Room: The Reveal
Beauty Room and Office Space
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Champneys Spa Luxurious Nail Polish Set
Champneys Nail Polish Main Blog Image 1
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