Care Less To Care More | YOU LOOK DISGUSTING…

“You Look Disgusting…”

That was only one of the thousands of comments received on various social media sites when Emma Ford began sharing pictures of herself without wearing makeup… in hope that her battle with acne would help inspire and encourage others out there suffering from the same condition.


In all my 33 years of life I’ve never had an issue with my skin. Sure I’ve grumbled over the odd red patch here and there – but nothing remotely major to moan about. Even through years of abusing it with baby wipes (and a shocking lack of moisturiser) it never let me down. However that doesn’t stop me empathising with someone who does have skin complaints… & never for one moment would I consider being hurtful to anyone over their appearance.


When I started Confetti & Curves back in October 2014 I never imagined the opportunities & boost of confidence it would end up giving me. I’ve been so lucky, especially to have been surrounded by such an incredible bunch of encouraging readers and blog buddies. In a world driven by the media’s vision of perfection, you come to realise through beauty blogging that in fact we all have flaws, faults, wobbly bits we’re embarrassed about or personal battles with our images that leave us feeling extremely self conscious. Yet it’s all of those things that make us unique & completely relatable. The real world isn’t full of airbrushed models, it’s full of real people fighting real battles with their self esteem. People like you & me.


Two of my lovely blog/vlog buddies – Laura from Polka Dot Teapot & Claire Elsely from My Life In Words, both nominated me to support this campaign by removing my make-up in front of the entire inter web… and after they done such a fabulous job of the very same thing how could I decline? However considering that my next door neighbours don’t even see me without a dab of gloss and smearing of eye shadow I have to say I was pretty darn nervous accepting the challenge! Not gonna lie ladies, you had me on this one lol. However as it’s for a great cause I’m only too happy to bare my fresh face & show my support for Emma’s #YouLookDisgusting campaign.


Now time to pick my YouTuber nominees *mwahh haha* 😉

Hello Kaily

Maria Medeiros


Caroline (Mrs M’s Meanderings)

Brooke LeAnne


YOU! Yes, YOU.

pink heart

Even if you’re not a YouTuber but you’d like to get on board & support this awesome cause then please do get blogging about it ladies. The more we share the more we care ❤

Don’t forget to use the hash-tag #YouLookDisgusting

Thanks for watching & supporting

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Don’t forget to check out Emma’s blog ‘My Pale Skin’ & her inspirational video #YouLookDisgusting:

Five Common Fears When Starting A YouTube Channel…

Five Common Fears When Starting a YouTube Channel Bold

Okay, so I still sound a teeny bit like a vintage steamroller – hence the lack of video this week – but that doesn’t mean I can’t blog about YouTube, right ladies? 😉

Actually I’ve been meaning to have a chatter about this topic for quite a few weeks now & today seems like the perfect opportunity to get started… so as most of you know, a few months ago I took a leap of faith in setting up my YouTube channel. Of course for some lively little beings out there this may seem a ridiculously easy thing to do but if you’re anything like me (a natural born worrier with more insecurities than you know what to do with) it ain’t an easy task at all. Nope, not one bit. However after biting the bullet, you lovely lot (along with my own friends & family) have been nothing but darn right supportive – in fact you’ve made it virtually pain free. Yet now the ball is rolling, I’m always amazed at how many others admit how much they would LOVE to set up their own channel but are just too frightened to take the plunge. Totally understandable, it’s a scary thing for many of us to embark upon but it would seem the same five excuses are brought up once too often… I reckon it’s time we tackled them together 😉



Show me a human being who claims they’re not in the slightest bit concerned about being judged by others & I’ll show you a fibber. We all get the sweats about what others think or assume but more than likely it’ll be ourselves conjuring up the negative assumptions whilst others are just pretty darn impressed that you have the swingers to get out there and make a go of it. Do you honestly think the likes of Zoe Suggs & other huuuuge You-Tubers didn’t (or don’t) have the same hang-ups or anxieties? If we all let our minds run riot about worrying what others would think we’d probably never leave the house… c’mon, YOLO people!



I’m pretty sure none of us were pre-programmed when we entered the world with the knowledge of how to create a ten minute video and upload it onto the internet – so calm down, you’re in very sympathetic company 😉 I for one am huuuuugely terrified of technology but thankfully there’s a whole tonne of easy peasy tutorials that talk you right through the fundamentals regardless of what device you’ll be using – pc, Mac, tablet etc. It’s all there right at your finger tips & it couldn’t be more simple. If you struggle with reading a tutorial then look one up on YouTube itself, you’ll find a whole community of super helpful folk out there who dedicate their entire channels to helping the likes of you & me get started!



Wow, hold up! Are you launching a Television network or starting your own YouTube channel? Sure your favourite video stars may have their bedrooms kitted out with ring lamps, tripods & expensive DSLR’s gallore but how do you think they started? Just look up some of their first clips & you’ll more than likely see a very different set up to the one they have now. You don’t need to empty the contents of your bank account by any means – natural lighting, a camera phone & a computer is your 3 basic ingredients to get started. If you’d like to invest down the line (once you’re in the swing of things) then by all means go for it, but for now just get yourself out there. Practice makes perfect & you’re wasting precious time!



Negativity in your self-belief is a massive confidence killer. However lets look at this from a different angle for a moment… if you’re expecting the rest of the world to love you for being utterly perfect then stop and think about the HUGE expectation YOU are putting on YOUR shoulders – no one else. Yes, we all have things we really dislike about ourselves whether it be shape, size, skin, voice – the list goes on. But you know what the awesome thing is? What you consider flaws makes the rest of us want to know you even more! Being able to relate to someone who’s not perfect is much more fun than sitting listening to someone who thinks they are. Take these gorgeous bunch of awesome YouTubers as an example:

Em my pale skin

Meet Em, from the channel My Pale Skin. This gal is adored by thousands for her ability to help encourage so many others who suffer from acne problems. Don’t get me wrong she’s had her fair share of negativity but knowing that she’s inspiring & helping so many others is undoubtedly what’s keeping Em creating the amazing videos she loves sharing with all of her *almost* 200’000 followers.


lizzie velasquez

This is Lizzie Velasaquez, she’s one of those people who just literally fill up a room (or computer screen) with her infectious personality. Even with battling her incredibly rare & physically affective illness she just oozes positivity, motivation, encouragement & fun. Most of all she’s adored by over 350K loyal subscribers worldwide – me being one of them!



Finally this is Bunny. Yes *thee* one and only Grav3yard Girl. Although Bunny doesn’t battle acne issues like Em or have a rare illness like Lizzie; Bunny still shares one common attribute – she’s embraced for being herself. Her ability to chatter away in front of a camera with (more than often) a make-up free face, sipping on iced Tea & making the rest of us chortle at her shenanigans is just utterly addictive. People adore her because she’s relatable, not because she’s perfect.

Are we seeing a pattern here peeps? Being imperfect is the new perfect gals 😉



There’s that pesky word again ‘perfect’ it should be held accountable for causing 90% of the self-belief issues we battle. Starting off on YouTube (like anything new) is a learning curve, we’re all on it, we’re all here to get better at it *fingers firmly crossed* but without actually DOING it we’ll never give ourselves the chance to practice getting better. Always remember YOU control whatever YOU put out there. Just because you’ve rambled for 10 minutes at your iPhone doesn’t mean you have to upload it. If it isn’t right, delete & start again – just don’t get too obsessed with it being ‘perfect’… most of us much prefer to watch someone we can relate to rather than someone who we can’t!

There you have it, my suggestions on tackling five of the most common excuses to keeping  you from starting your very own own YouTube channel. You’ve nothing to lose, just a heap of subscribers to gain. So dust off those insecurities and get filming.

Do you have a YouTube channel you’d like us to check out & subscribe to? If so, do feel free to leave the link in the comments below so we can take a quick peek 🙂 Otherwise do say a quick hello if you’ve stopped by for a read!

Don’t forget you can also check out my channel by clicking on this handy-dandy little link below:

Cheerio chums…

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My Top Tips On Getting Your Article Published In A Magazine…

 Top Tips On Getting Your Article Published In Magazines

A few weeks ago I invited you lovely lot to ask me any questions you might have that I don’t usually cover in my regular posts… you’s certainly didn’t disappoint in your range of colourful questions! However one of my blog buddies, the lovely Stephie of Stephie Estie, asked if I had any hints or tips on how to get an article published in a Magazine. Now although I could literally ‘vlog or blog’ a complete mini series on the subject I thought it was much more simple to keep things short, sweet and oh so compact by sharing a few of my top tips on the subject.

Having been self-employed as a bridal wear retailer; working alongside some of the Wedding Industries top glossy magazines was always an exciting part of my daily routine. Designing advertisements, editing copy & working to tight deadlines was often the bulk of many a looooong day perched behind the computer screen. Working with editing teams as a client or freelance writer is very much the same – there are very high standards to maintain. Not even the tiniest detail can go unnoticed. The better equipped you are in perfecting your craft, the better chance you have of your work standing out from the crowd… and as a writer, catching the attention of a pin sharp editorial team!

So what steps can you take to get your article featured in your favourite mag? To tackle Stephie’s question I’ve pulled together a few little tips that just may come in useful if you’re aiming to get your article published…

Test The Water

Writing for an audience can be incredibly challenging. Like anything you commit too you’ll most likely want to pour your heart and soul into it in order to keep readers captivated, as well as find it useful or informative. Being able to work to deadlines is incredibly important, so before you jump right in at the deep end it may be best to simply test the water in other ways. Believe it or not, guest-blogging can be an incredibly useful place to start. Research the internet for potential blogs relative to what you intend writing about, send them an email introducing yourself and any potential ideas for a great post. This is also really helpful for building a mini portfolio of featured articles to present to potential magazine editors… not to mention a great way to share your work on global scale through social media!

Read Your Glossies

Reading publications you’re eager to feature in is absolutely essential to ascertaining what type of articles are most likely to be published. Are they short-snappy pieces? Double spread page fillers? Fun & conversational style articles or serious & well researched pieces? What’s the general word count? Are their readers definitely the target audience you want to engage with?

For example: although I’m already happily married with no intention of making any future trips down the aisle ever again (well I could be persuaded to renew the vows on a far flung tropical island) I still occasionally buy wedding magazines… why? To keep up with the latest trends & ensure any content I consider submitting hasn’t already been recently featured – aka – flogged to death!

Know your target magazine, know the readers & you’re already beginning to build the foundations to a well thought out writing plan that’s *hopefully* going to engage and captivate the perfect audience 😉

Plan Your Piece

It’s time to really think this through… remember, anyone can bang out a couple of hundred words blathering on about almost anything these days *aah hmm* but when you’re writing to satisfy the appetites of a much bigger audience (and a critical editing team) you need to be confident, on the ball  & clear as to WHY the readers are going to benefit from your feature. Ask yourself the following:

 What’s the aim of the article?

Have I effectively highlighted the issue or point?

Have I researched any facts or figures? If so, can I back them up with evidence?

What’s a resolution to the dilemma I may have highlighted?

For example, in an article I wrote for Wedding Ideas *click here to view* my initial brainstorming session was to break down exactly what I wanted to write about & why it would be helpful. In short, I thought of a common problem and offered my opinion of a solution based on experience. I kept the tone of the article relatively light hearted & in-keeping with other features, but at the same time I tried to ensure it was as informative as it could be.

Just keep in mind there has to be an incentive for the reader to keep their eyes on the page, however at the same time feel like they connect with the writer. It’s not easy & you can’t please everyone, but with careful planning (& too much editing to mention *sigh*) you’ll soon find a voice that captivates the crowd!

Great expectations

I’m all for aiming high but you’ve got to be realistic about your expectations and the level of experience you have to offer. As eager as you may be, hold back on initially aiming for the industry big guns – at least until you’ve built up a nice little portfolio 😉 It’s exceptionally difficult for even the most experienced of writers and journalists to get printed let alone when you’re just starting off. Initially it may be best to concentrate your time aiming for local publications as opposed to national ones… you’ll have a much better chance of having your article revised or considered. Don’t forget to keep an eye out in the local press as they often release special one-off features focusing on Weddings, Beauty, Food, Travel etc. It could be your perfect opportunity to submit an article that will blow the socks clean off the editor!

Extra Mature

Okay, so you’ve been bursting with idea’s and captivating articles. Although it’s inevitable you’ll be dreaming of seeing your work in print, it’s important you do one final thing… leave it. Yes, you read right – leave it. Just one week, no more, no less. Of course you’ll spend the entire seven days obsessing over your work, coming up with catchy phrases to include or better ways to close that all important final paragraph – however – resist the temptation to go back and tweak before your 7 day quarantine is up! Instead write any extra ideas, quotes or potential changes in a notebook – when you go back to re-read & edit your original piece you’ll be bursting with enthusiasm & ready to make it the best it can be.

Pitch Perfect

Now for the bravest move of all… sending your article into the big wide world.

You’ve tweaked, checked & edited until you almost know it word for word – a sure sign it’s time to say farewell. First thing you’ll need to do is ensure you’re submitting your work to the correct person! People change jobs, go on holiday, take sick leave.. yada yada yada. ALWAYS ensure you double check who to send your article too and what their preferred method of receiving it is… email or snail mail? Is there specific submission guidelines? Personally I much prefer picking up the phone and having a quick chat with the team just to confirm any details. I find it much more personable & often it calms my nerves coming off the phone & realising what a friendly bunch they actually are. Honestly, it does wonders for your confidence!

Whatever you do don’t be tempted to include a huge mushy paragraph highlighting the ‘101 reasons why you’ve adored the magazine since you were knee high to a grass-hopper’. It’s not hard to pick up on a bit of buttering up so best sticking to the 3 P’s =  Polite, Positive & Professional.


Whether you’ve managed to successfully secure your article for publication (or not) it’s still time to pop those champagne corks… after all you’ve created something to be proud off AND had the Henry-Halls to write, tweak & submit it with fear hope coursing through your heart. If it hasn’t been accepted this time then that’s okay – really it is! There are many other publications out there who may find it a perfect fit for their readers, so never give up trying just because of one knock-back. Be persistent, perfect your craft, acknowledge constructive criticism, remember your 3 P’s at ALL times & you will get there in the end! Just don’t forget to invite me to your virtual celebration when you do 😉


As always thanks for reading & good luck to all you budding writers out there who are aiming to see your words come to life in your favourite magazines!

Cheerio chums…

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From Tears to Triumph – Leah’s Weight Loss Story…

Leahs Story

“Who inspires you?”

This was a question I was asked recently by a friend as we enjoyed a chatter during one of our catch up phone calls. I didn’t have to pause and think about it for long before answering rather proudly… “My little sister actually”

For those of you who have followed Confetti & Curves for the last few months you’ll be no stranger to the fact that I myself am a plus size girl, with curves in what I would consider all the wrong places – well, most of the time. Now don’t get me wrong I’m ALL for loving the body your blessed with regardless of whatever shape or size you are – whether that be a size 2 or 32. If you love the skin you’re in, then that’s all that really matters, right? Well actually I’m kinda going to throw a spanner in the works and disagree a teeny bit as health should always be a priority, regardless of whatever clothes size is hanging in your closet.

From my mid teens I always had a major struggle with weight issues as it began to increasingly fluctuate… of course weight inducing meds for Grand Mal Epilepsy didn’t help matters either, however over the years it’s still remained an issue and something I personally find a very tough battle.

Regardless of how many people encouragingly try to tell you how ‘pretty’ you are, if you’re not happy with yourself and have zero confidence in how you feel, those words are all but empty. Soon it becomes clear that it’s time to take a reality check, especially if something is effecting your health & well being – both on the inside and out.

Yet never did I think come my mid twenties I would watch my once tiny framed sister struggle so much with her own self confidence and health issues. I was always the bigger sister in both age and size. However having recently seen her overcome some of her own personal hurdles, I’ve watched Leah rise from her absolute lowest into an entirely new person who is full of life, confidence and most importantly – good health.

So seeing as New Year is almost upon us, and so many of us will enter into 2015 with the hope of setting resolutions to transform or better our own lives, I thought it would be a good opportunity to share with you the inspirational journey of someone who reminds me daily that if you keep the faith (and work hard enough) anything can be achieved. Meet Leah, my amazing sister…

A camera shy Leah before her weight loss

A camera shy Leah before her weight loss

The new healthier & more confident Leah

The new healthier & more confident Leah

Give us a glimpse of life before your weight loss.

Well, before losing weight I just felt so down about myself. I had little to no confidence, was feeling very lethargic and not eating the healthiest to be honest. Food was a comfort that no one could take away from me, I just knew something had to be done and only I could do it!

What were your daily eating habits, can you give us an example of a typical day food diary before your healthy lifestyle change?

My eating habits have never been the greatest. I mean it’s hard enough getting up early for work never mind rummaging around making healthy concoctions, so I never used to have breakfast and if I did (once in a blue moon) it would have been white bread toasted with lashings of butter and jam.

When it was break time in work I would’ve usually looked forward to the cafeterias sausage rolls or toast again with sausages.

Lunch almost always consisted of a sandwich, if I could be bothered to make it before leaving that morning… if not the good old cafeterias chips were waiting for me *Mmmm* with maybe a packet of crisps, a bar of chocolate and a nice big bottle of full fat coke (or lucozade) to wash it all down with.

My final break of the day in work has always been a very short one however I usually managed to eat a chocolate biscuit to keep my energy levels up… well, so I kept telling myself anyways!

Dinner yet again was usually chips, sausages, pizzas, pasties or pretty much anything remotely unhealthy with lots of mayo on the side – I almost can’t live without the stuff!

Before bed I would usually find a packet of crisps to snack on, maybe another chocolate bar and of course a nice big glass of coke to wash it all down with.

What were your biggest food cravings?

Hmm, these still are my biggest food cravings to be honest, but I just don’t divulge as much… burgers, pizzas, chocolate, buns and crisps!! Crisps are definitely my biggest down fall as I could’ve literally lived on them! Also Takeaways (ahhh they’re blissful) a nice creamy chicken tikka masala with naan bread just can’t be beaten in my opinion! I will say though that I simply refuse to give them all up.

What was the one thing you struggled most with your ‘before’ body?

The one thing which used to get me down a lot was going into shop changing rooms with my selected items of clothing and wondering if they would fit. I could’ve cried looking in the changing room mirrors thinking ‘ahhhhh why can’t I fit into these jeans?’ It was beyond frustrating.

I also struggled hugely with my self confidence… having the guts to go into certain clothes shops without fear of people looking at me and being very paranoid about my body image. It’s a horrible feeling when you’re so desperately unhappy with your shape & size.

What inspired you to change your health habits & lifestyle?

To be completely honest there wasn’t one particular thing or person that inspired me, I just said ‘Right enough is enough the only person can do this is me’ and I soon realised how true that fact is. There’s no one out there that can do it for you unfortunately. It’s also about being realistic… it’s not going to be a quick transformation or overnight process, but actually a complete lifestyle overhaul. So I suppose (in a way) I inspired myself. I always knew deep down I could achieve my goal if I stuck at it, put the effort in and wanted it enough!

What were the initial first steps in your new healthy approach?

Well firstly it was the new year – which always seems like perfect timing to get healthy! My friend was joining a Zumba class in our local village hall and asked if I would like to go along with her as I love music and dancing. So I thought to myself ‘why not?’ this could actually be the start of something really positive – although I wanted to stand hidden at the back so no one could watch me wobble all over the show. However as I got more confident I progressed to the front like a teacher’s pet! I quickly noticed that I was starting to lose a little bit of weight, so I thought to myself ‘I’m obviously able to move and exercise’, but to really get the weight off I knew I would need to join the dreaded gym – which I did and I have to say I actually loved it, in fact I still do! The buzz after a workout cannot be beaten!

After losing some more weight I decided to really focus on eating a little bit better… and by that I mean just vacuuming up less junk food but still eating plenty of what I like in moderation. Having the odd little takeaway treat and being able to enjoy it was okay, especially knowing that I was going to burn it all off soon after anyway so I didn’t feel too deprived.

Did you use any third party dietary clubs or plans? If not, why not?

Ahh the dietary plans? Nope, I’m afraid not! They may work for some (and fair play if they do for you) but I would take absolutely no enjoyment in measuring my chocolate bars, counting calories or  food points for that matter. I knew they wouldn’t be for me as I enjoy my food far too much. The best way forward for me was going to be getting off my ass and exercising!

What was the hardest part of changing your old ways?

Well, it’s not been easy I can tell you! However the hardest thing would definitely have to be coming home really tired from work and finding the motivation to head back out on a cold winters evening to the gym… especially when all I really wanted to do was curl up on the sofa to watch TV, eating yummy crisps and chocolate. It’s so easy to feel ridiculously sorry for yourself – like you’re the only person doing it when in reality you’re not at all. But when I got myself down to the gym and realised and that I wasn’t alone it instantly made me feel so much better!

Also a bit of a silly ‘hard part’ was changing from drinking fizzy full fat drinks to diet ones; something I honestly thought I wouldn’t be able to do as I used to think the taste of sugar free drinks wasn’t normal yet now I couldn’t go back to the full fat stuff. Oh, and drinking copius amounts of water at the start… I often thought ‘how am I going to drink this tasteless drink?’ Whereas now I drink about 2 litres a day, as my body craves it – especially at the gym, it’s a must!

When did you first start noticing all your hard work paying off?

Well, there was no big ‘oh my goodness I’m now six stone lighter’ moment as my weight loss happened gradually. However after a few months everyone was beginning to notice the change in me – as did the scales! People began to mention how good I looked, but most of all I actually started to feel fitter. Bizarrely it’s really hard to explain as you don’t think you look a lot different, but you certainly do feel better. I could even feel my confidence coming back especially when I noticed I had to buy smaller clothing sizes – that’s when I knew all my hard work was certainly paying off and having its advantages.

What’s a typical day of eating & meals for you now?

Nowadays breakfast consists of two Weetabix with a skimming of golden syrup – don’t judge *lol* I need some form of sweetness in my life!! For my break in work I would have two slices of brown bread toasted with Low-Low spread rather than full fat butter. Lunch consists of either tuna pasta salad or a brown bread filed sandwich with a yoghurt or piece of fruit (preferably a banana) as I can’t be bothered with messy fruit… oh I do hate after you eat an orange and your hands smell of oranges the whole day! So bananas or grapes it is.

My dinner is normally either potatoes, pasta or rice with chicken and some sort of sauce. I do still enjoy my carbs, I can’t give them up or I know I would struggle! I also find plenty of protein is a must for the gym and chicken works wonders for me.

I’ve really tried hard to stop eating after my dinner so I always give myself plenty to fill me up for the rest of the evening, and if I’ve had plenty of water it keeps me full up for longer. If I do get peckish I’ll have a digestive biscuit, yoghurt or piece of fruit…. well, a girls gotta eat!

How has your attitude toward eating your favourite foods changed, do you still allow yourself regular treats?

I still really love food – that will never change! I still have treats for sure… you need something to look forward to at the end of the week! I’ve just learned not to have as much, however the more weight you lose the more your stomach shrinks, so I find I’m not as hungry anyway. I’m especially motivated after the gym and am like ‘nooo I don’t want to put on what I have just lost after all of that effort’ but obviously a treat is a must every now and then!

What has been the hardest food to give up?

Well I haven’t given any food up but…. crisps *ahhh* I just LOVE them!! I actually remember I stopped eating them for lent and really struggled. I definitely don’t ever wanna give those up completely again, so I try to keep them for a weekend treat instead! Crisps are just the ultimate easy filling snack… they’re just too handy any yummy!

What’s been the absolute best thing about the gorgeous new you?

Looking back at old pictures realising what I’ve achieved is undoubtedly the best thing. Another big thing is being able to go into any clothes shop and lift size 8/10 knowing the items will fit…. without having to squeeze into them and potentially burst into tears in the changing room! It’s also extremely encouraging the lovely comments I’ve had or someone not recognizing me because of how different I look. It just spurs me on to keep maintaining the new me. However inspiring other people who want to get fitter REALLY makes my day as I know only too well what it’s like to feel so overwhelmed by it all.

Is there anything you would do now that you wouldn’t have done before losing weight?

I can now wear bikinis & figure hugging clothing without feeling embarrassed or awkward. Even just the simplest of things like going out for a jog around where I live and not being paranoid about what I look like any more… I just love the new found confidence it’s given me.

How hard has it been achieving your goal?

Honestly, it’s been incredibly hard! Some people expect an easy fix and when it doesn’t happen they lose the momentum and just give up. Rome wasn’t built in a day (or so the saying goes) but sticking with it is the trick. It’s important to be realistic, and if you’re like me (wanting to avoid the diet plan route) you need to appreciate that slow and steady is best as it will then be easier to maintain on a long term basis.

Talk us through your weekly exercise regime.

I go to the gym approximately 3 times a week – which I love and the feeling after is great! I always feel like I’ve achieved something, I sleep a lot better and have a lot more energy afterwards. During the nice summer weather I used to walk a lot although now that winter is upon us I don’t tend to do that as much so I stick to a gym workout instead. However I must say walking has been a huge benefit to me as it really helps in between workouts… so even if I miss the gym and get out for a nice long walk I never feel as guilty than when I just skip exercise completely. It’s also a great way to relieve stress after a hard day at work – it really helps to clear your head!

What advice would you give to someone who is planning on losing weight?

I would definitely recommend joining a class of some description. Start off ‘slow and easy’ otherwise you will sicken yourself too quickly! Definitely start going for walks, even if it’s just for a quick half hour each evening and eventually building it up to pushing yourself that little bit further. If you really feel energetic enough try a little light jogging. Above all, stick with doing what you feel you can! The results aren’t going to be apparent overnight but when you do begin to notice your hard efforts paying off it gives you a lot more motivation and willpower to keep going!

What’s your plans for 2015?

To enjoy my new body and appreciate buying clothes in shops I never thought I would be able too. Also maintaining my weight, not giving myself such a hard time and enjoying it as much as possible! Another plan is to get a nice little holiday booked somewhere hot and sunny… and hopefully wear that bikini that I never imagined I’d have the confidence to get into. I hope each and every one of you who relate to how I felt before my weight loss managed to take some sort of encouragement or inspiration from my personal journey. Stay happy, healthy and enjoy the New Year maintaining the resolutions you make – keep focused and you won’t live to regret it, I’m proof of that.

The new healthier & more confident Leah

The new healthier & more confident Leah

Feeling festive!!

Feeling festive!!

Thank you all so much for reading… I hope Leah has helped to inspire & motivate you if getting fitter in 2015 is something you’re hoping to embark on. She’s certainly an inspiration for me 🙂

You can contact Leah on Twitter via @leahcrowe

Do you have any New Year resolutions? Is getting fitter top of your ‘To Do’ list? Or maybe like Leah, you’ve also achieved your health goals, if so we’d love to know!

As always I love reading your thoughts or feedback in the comments below so do stop by and leave a quick hello chums…

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