Care Less To Care More | YOU LOOK DISGUSTING…

“You Look Disgusting…”

That was only one of the thousands of comments received on various social media sites when Emma Ford began sharing pictures of herself without wearing makeup… in hope that her battle with acne would help inspire and encourage others out there suffering from the same condition.


In all my 33 years of life I’ve never had an issue with my skin. Sure I’ve grumbled over the odd red patch here and there – but nothing remotely major to moan about. Even through years of abusing it with baby wipes (and a shocking lack of moisturiser) it never let me down. However that doesn’t stop me empathising with someone who does have skin complaints… & never for one moment would I consider being hurtful to anyone over their appearance.


When I started Confetti & Curves back in October 2014 I never imagined the opportunities & boost of confidence it would end up giving me. I’ve been so lucky, especially to have been surrounded by such an incredible bunch of encouraging readers and blog buddies. In a world driven by the media’s vision of perfection, you come to realise through beauty blogging that in fact we all have flaws, faults, wobbly bits we’re embarrassed about or personal battles with our images that leave us feeling extremely self conscious. Yet it’s all of those things that make us unique & completely relatable. The real world isn’t full of airbrushed models, it’s full of real people fighting real battles with their self esteem. People like you & me.


Two of my lovely blog/vlog buddies – Laura from Polka Dot Teapot & Claire Elsely from My Life In Words, both nominated me to support this campaign by removing my make-up in front of the entire inter web… and after they done such a fabulous job of the very same thing how could I decline? However considering that my next door neighbours don’t even see me without a dab of gloss and smearing of eye shadow I have to say I was pretty darn nervous accepting the challenge! Not gonna lie ladies, you had me on this one lol. However as it’s for a great cause I’m only too happy to bare my fresh face & show my support for Emma’s #YouLookDisgusting campaign.


Now time to pick my YouTuber nominees *mwahh haha* 😉

Hello Kaily

Maria Medeiros


Caroline (Mrs M’s Meanderings)

Brooke LeAnne


YOU! Yes, YOU.

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Even if you’re not a YouTuber but you’d like to get on board & support this awesome cause then please do get blogging about it ladies. The more we share the more we care ❤

Don’t forget to use the hash-tag #YouLookDisgusting

Thanks for watching & supporting

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Don’t forget to check out Emma’s blog ‘My Pale Skin’ & her inspirational video #YouLookDisgusting: