I’ve Had Better Days…

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I really do feel like I’ve a HUGE apology to make chums… I know many of you have left such lovely comments & email catch-up’s over the weekend, most of which I haven’t had a chance to even glance at yet let alone muster up the energy to reply too. Unfortunately I’ve been cooped up since yesterday with my chronic pains flaring up to the point I had to bum shuffle down the blooming stairs in sheer agony *sobs* but also the summer lurgies has been bestowed upon me. I assumed all my sneezing and wheezing on Saturday evening was a kick-ass dose of hayfever (something I’m no stranger to living in the country) however by Sunday lunch time I knew it was so much more than that, and so as I type I’m half buried under a mountain of tissues, nasal sprays, cough relievers & cold remedies. I sound a right bundle of fun, eh?! *aahhh choo*

not well 3

It was only as I was wrapped up under a blanket yesterday afternoon that I thought back to the days when I was a little girl – feeling sick was soooo much nicer as my gran would have made a big pot of vegetable soup, brought me a bottle of Lucozade (you know the 80’s glass dimpled bottle clad in the orange cellophane wrapping) and of course the obligatory punnet of seedless grapes. Cartoons were put on & you just lay there feeling so comfy whilst being fussed over *happy sigh*

Needless to say I’m a mama now, and so lying about for too long isn’t an option as there’s my own little lady to take care off – who I must say is  such a sweetheart to me. Steve has made the yummiest pot of stew I’ve ever tasted and for the entire day I was ordered to rest up whilst they tackled tidying up, housework and topping up my glass with much needed fluids… not to mention the occasionally pineapple ice lolly 🙂 I’m blessed to have such a great wee team who muddle together and allow me to feel sorry for myself for a day or two.

not well 2

So please bear with me chums, I promise I haven’t forgotten about replying to you guys nor am I ignoring your emails, I’m just simply out of order for a few days until I’m feeling a little more able to stay on the computer for a longer period to chat with you all!

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Really hope everyone had a lovely weekend and that you’re all keeping as well as can be… and if you’ve a few minutes to spare say hello in the comments below – the virtual company would be lovely and it’s always a treat hearing from you guys!

Cheerio Chums…

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57 thoughts on “I’ve Had Better Days…

  1. So sorry to hear you haven’t been well Karen, fingers crossed you feel much better soon! My advice from working in a pharmacy would be to take either the nasal spray or cold and flu tablets as they are both decongestants. Huge hugs ❤️ xx

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    • Feeling a lot more better today thanks very much huni 🙂 Oh I wish I was a warrior as I’m pretty sure they’d be much more resilient than what I’ve been over the last few days = a great mope lol
      Lucozade is indeed the drink of many child hood memories… every time I buy it, it takes me back! Yummy stuff – even if it is riddled with sugar, the energy is mighty 😀 Thanks so much again lovely lady and I do hope YOU are keeping well also! XXXXXXXX

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