The Manicure Menu: Lush Lilacs…

Lilac Nail Polish Collection

If there’s one colour I always feel drawn to when shopping for nail polish, it’s lilac. Okay, so some often see it as a bit wishy-washy but in my opinion it’s beeeeautiful. Girly but not tooooo girly, soft enough to go with most outfits, a great everyday colour, works in summer, works in winter… particularly in some of the gorgeous icy shades *swoon*

So to pay homage to such a versatile shade, I’ve showcased some of my very own luscious lilacs and prettiest purples! Sitting comfy? Then let’s take a closer peek at today’s mani menu…


Barry M Chameleon Nail Polish in Lilac

Barry M Chameleon Lilac Nail Polish

A gorgeous icy- grey is what this can only be described as. It really is a stunning multi-tonal shade that has to be seen in real-life to be fully appreciated! I quite often wear these colours in winter as they’re just so fresh and crisp, however these cool tones are equally beautiful for summer months and go with so many outfit colours too! Ideal for those who love metallics but prefer just a slight whisper of lilac. For extra longevity coat nails with a layer of micro sparkle polish… it’ll help lift the icy tone, bring out the metallics and keep your colour as long-lasting as possible!

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Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Prickly Pear

Barry M Gelly Shine in Prickly Pear

For me this is the classic ‘lavender’ tone. It’s so darn pretty, and surprisingly beautiful on soft tanned tootsies – if anything it makes the tan stand out just a little bit more. A classic holiday shade, this is one shade of lilac I never get tired of wear. The formula of the Gelly Shine could be a little thicker in my opinion as it can be quite streaky unless several coats are applied, however if worn correctly & with a high quality top-coat this can look amazing. I love it ❤

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Rimmel London 60 Second Super Shine in Lovey dovey

Rimmel London 60 Second Shine in Lovely Dovey

I love, love, LOVE this colour. Rimmel always seem to get their shades bang on trend, and how cute is the name?! A classic soft berry shade this beautiful polish can actually look quite deep compared to the bottle. For me this is the perfect playful purple shade for summery themed nails. It’s bright and beautiful – a treat to wear all year round in fact. Check out the huuuuge range of colours on the Rimmel London website in the link below!

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Avon Nail Wear Pro 

Avon Nail Wear Pro

This colour always reminds me of Parma Violets, do you remember those strange little sweeties that taste suspiciously like wild flowers? Natually it smells nothing like them but as for the nail colour it’s a stunner. Soft grey undertones make it such a great colour for everyone. It’s not too girly, yet still eludes a touch of sweet femininity. Is there any colour this shade wouldn’t work with right now? Okay, so the formula could be a little longer lasting considering it’s branded as a ‘pro’ product, however with a great top coat it’s pretty resilient up to about 4/5 days before any wear or tear starts showing. Pretty standard, but the tone wins me over every time 🙂

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New York Color In A Minute Nail Polish in Prince Street

NYC Quick Dry Nail Polish in Prince Street

Okay, so it’s not (exactly) lilac… but…. never-the-less it’s SUCH a gorgeous shade of purple that’s perfect for a night on the town, a rich sassy colour for summer or deep dressy tone for winter. All in all it’s the ideal purple, and if truth be told one of the most popular shades I ever sold in bridesmaid dresses when I owned my bridal suites. But then, who could resist such an amazing shade? It’s a collection staple for sure as not only does it work well with bright coloured outfits, it also works incredibly well with neutral colours too. A pop of Prince Street & a pair of nude peep-toe stilettos = utterly stunning gals ❤

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The Close Up


Are you a fan of light lilacs & playful purples? Have you any recommendations for beautiful lavender nail colours? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below so do stop by for a chatter! Wishing y’all a fabulous weekend:)

Cheerio chums…

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52 thoughts on “The Manicure Menu: Lush Lilacs…

    • Oooh I adore it too Mecia, I also find it such a happy colour – it’s totally inoffensive, not at all garish but still really cheery! Glad you enjoyed the post huni, and thank YOU for leaving such a lovely comment for me to read! You’re a wee gem ❤ Hope you have a super weekend *hugs* XXXX


  1. Great minds think alike….I’m wearing a Barry M lilac right now with a purple stripe down the middle…it makes my nails look longer. I love the idea of using it as the base and doing white tips. I usually do contrast tips but I’ll try that when my nails are a little longer.

    Do you have any recommendations for a good white that’s opaque in one layer for this? Thanks x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oooh that sounds lovely!!! And what a great illusion for shorter nails, I could do with that right now as mine have broke (yet again! lol) Honestly I’m still on the hunt for a reeeeally good white too! I reckon Essie would probably be a good place to start but personally I think the stamping polishes would be the ultimate white as they’re slightly thicker than regular polishes. I’ve been meaning to order some from Konad so when I get round to it I’ll definitely try a white tip and report back! 😀 Hope you have a lovely weekend huni and are keeping as well as can be!! Always lovely to hear from you 🙂 XXXXX


    • Awwh Em, I was just thinking about you earlier and am sooooo sorry I haven’t got over to catch up with you! Have been smitten with a horrid case of the summer lurgies! Only I could catch a blooming head cold this time of year huh?! lol However I’m shattered and it’s knock me for six, just wanted you to know I haven’t forgotten about popping over!! I’ll have a couple of weekly catch-ups to catch up on soon! lol
      Ps: Prickly pear is divineee! Love it sooo much!! Aren’t they all so pretty?! *swoon* hehe xxxxx

      Liked by 1 person

    • Me too Jenny, I just adore it so much and it works well with almost every outfit I have! 😀 Oh the Rimmel is lovely, and even better in real life!!! Such a vibrant colour ❤ Lovely to chat with you Jen, thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂 XXXX

      Liked by 1 person

    • Awwh thank you Jess, really glad you like the post and the colours I’ve chosen! I have such a hard time picking which ones to wear from this bunch as they’re all soooo pretty 😀 hehe Yes, the Avon is gorgeous – and even prettier in real life too ❤ Thanks so much for stopping by huni 🙂 XXXX


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