Keeping Up With Karen…

Keeping Up With Karen

Howdy beauty chums…

Oh it’s been a jolly few days here at Confetti & Curves HQ as little one is on the brink of turning 11 years old!!!!!!! May not seem as shocking to you lovely lot, but being her mama I am AHHHMAAZED at just how quickly the years have flown in… it certainly doesn’t feel like a decade ago that I was changing nappies and filling my washing machine with drool soaked bibs! Needless to say, Emma had a fabulous time at home with the clan for a ‘make your own pizza’ party followed by a girly slumber party with her bestie… much giggling and whispering to late makes for a pair of very tired girls this morning munching their way through cereal.

What’s your plan for today? Are you having a quiet one or are you looking forward to something special? After a week of battling with horrific Sciatica pains, I’m taking it easy – terrified to move as in case something gives up and I end up howling in agony once again! So my apologies for being a little late in replying but I’m afraid no position was comfy enough for me to handle an hour in front of the laptop – thank heavens for scheduled posts *phew*

As always, feel free to leave a link to any posts you’d like me to check out today!


No7 ‘Lovely Lips’ Lip Balm in Parisian Pink


Fancy treating your lips to a little luxury balm that feels high end without the pocket pinching spend?! Then look no further chums, in fact click on the link above and you might just meet your new autumn/winter lip-kit essential ❤


Building a Beauty Room: The Reveal

Featured Image -- 5588

Wednesday’s post was a bit of a YouTube chatter flashback as I re-posted the finished look of my new beauty room! It’s so much fun to look back on older posts and videos from time to time and this was most definitely one of my favourite videos to film!


Autumn Inspired Makeup: Purple Smoky Eyes


Friday’s Beauty chatter was a fresh new upload featuring one of my favourite looks for fall, a gorgeous purple smoky eye and deep berry lips. What’s your favourite makeup look for autumn? Don’t forget you can *CLICK HERE* to subscribe to the Confetti & Curves YouTube channel so you never miss an upload!

pink heart

As always, thank y’all so much for the support, comments, re-tweets, shares, likes & just darn right loveliness. You lot really are an awesome bunch. Do feel free to pop a favourite link from your blog in the comments below for the rest of us to check out, otherwise do stop by & say a quick hello!

Cheerio Chums…

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24 thoughts on “Keeping Up With Karen…

    • Ems I am reeeeeally going through the mill at the moment huni – it has been a nightmare. Yesterday I couldn’t even get out of bed for longer than an hour… the aches and pains were atrocious and the tiredness was beyond anything I’ve ever encountered. Was the most miserable day – thankfully this morning I’ve made it downstairs and am just about to get a wee cup of tea to sip on. Really looking forward to it, oh the simple things. Looking forward to popping over to say howdy and check out your week too huni, many apologies about the delay ❤ XXXXXXX

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    • Thanks so much Tony, very much appreciated! Yes it is absolutely horrid – excruciating pain, could barely walk. Wouldn’t wish it on anyone 😦 Hope you don’t still suffer with it yourself! Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Sorry to hear about your sciatica pain Karen, I hope next week goes better for you! (and a happy birthday to Emma too, a ‘make your own pizza’ party sounds awesome – maybe I should do that for my own birthday xD)

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  2. Hey Karen!

    First of all, I’m not sure you even remember me, but I saw your post on m timeline and just had to stop by and say hi. 😀
    Secondly, oh wow! Happy birthday to Emma! Sounds like she had a great one, which I am so so happy about! 😀 ‘Make your own pizza’ and a slumber party?! I am so jelly, haha! 😀
    Lastly, I am so sorry about your pains. 😦 I and everyone I know has been ill in the past few weeks, so the flu has been knocking us down over here. (which is followed by all sorts of ‘lovely’ symptoms…)

    Well, I don’t want to keep you in pain whilst reading this – will be popping over to your neck of the internet woods, as I haven’t in an embarrassingly long amount of time. ( which I am so, so, SO sorry about – all part of my blogging hiatus. 😦 but I’m back now, ready to catch up! 😀 )

    Hope you have a wonderful day!


    Liked by 1 person

    • Dora!!!!!!!! Hello lovely lady – oh my gosh of COURSE I remember you huni, how absolutely lovely to hear from you – I was so chuffed to see your name pop up 🙂 Don’t be so silly apologising for your absence, you know what blogging is like, we’re all here and just pop by every once in a while – and my gosh how long has it been since I’ve popped over to see you huni!!! Shall have to rectify that for sure 😉 Hope you had a great wee blogging break – it’s needed sometimes and always lovely to return to it when you’re ready, like I say we’re always here anyways hehe
      Oh gee that doesn’t sound to good – hope you’ve managed to dodge the flu virus yourself. It’s always this time of year it does the rounds – usually once it hits our house no one is safe and we all end up smitten with it *sigh* Thought last year was the first that I got my flu vaccine and was the ONLY year from memory I didn’t take anything so I’ll be booking back in very soon to get it again lol
      Thank you SO much once again for stopping by and saying hello – it has really been such a treat chatting with you again and I’m beyond chuffed you popped over to say howdy huni – regardless of whatever time has passed!!! Sending huge hugs and hope you have a super weekend ahead, Karen XXXXXXXXX ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • yaaaay! it’s honestly such relief knowing that you indeed do remember who i am 😀
        i’m slowly getting better with the virus, thankfully! it’s just incredibly annoying. ugh!

        ahhh, noo, no need to thank me! in fact i should probably be thanking YOU, haha!
        i’ve been trying to keep up with all the people i loved to read and your little internet corner was the first one that popped into mind, if i’m being honest, haha! 😀
        will be back soon!
        hugsss! ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      • Dora I’m sooo sorry for the delay in replying huni as I took a little week’s vacay from blogging for health issues. Hope you’re well and truly over your virus now huni, these things really are doing the rounds right now 😦
        Awwwh it’s so lovely to know I was one of the first on your list to say howdy too – I’m just so darn chuffed you stopped by as it’s beyond lovely to hear from you!!!
        Hope you have a wonderful week ahead huni and now I’m back we’ll definitely keep in touch a little more regularly lol XXXXXX


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