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Wow, what a sabbatical it has been!  And yes, I’m having major blogging withdrawal symptoms *sigh* In fact, if you’d have told me 6 months ago that I’d be taking a 60-day break from blogging I’d have laughed merrily and told you to catch a grip… you all know how damn addicted I am to my scribing. But it’s been so so SO worth it as there’s been so many exciting things happening over the last number of weeks that I’ve needed to prioritise… but all will be a bit clearer very soon.  However, in the process of recent events I’ve discovered a few home truths:


Cherry Bakewells are not considered part of your ‘five a day’ *sigh*


Ticking the tiniest tasks of a To-Do list is so satisfying that you start writing things like ‘Wake Up’ & ‘make more tea’.


I go through more post it notes in one day than toilet roll in a week.


2 am is most definitely my EUREKA hour.


I’ve developed a keen skill for looking interested when in fact I’m making mental notes about something completely irrelevant.


Wearing odd socks is absolutely okay – wearing odd shoes is not.


Cats make the best company… they listen but don’t interrupt with a reply.

Toilet trips are utterly inconvenient.


Time is of no meaning when I stray onto YouTube.


A mason jar full of jelly babies looks super cute on my desk… however consuming vast quantities of orange ones because they may be ‘nutritionally beneficial’ is not an acceptable excuse.


Anyways, what have I missed? How have you all been? Is everyone keeping well? For those that have been so supportive throughout my break, – thank you! The subscriber count continues to grow daily & I promise to get round to all your recent emails & comments very shortly. In the meantime, you may begin to notice a few new changes with the blog and social media, especially over the next number of weeks… all positive and exciting and I’ll be keeping y’all updated as I go! Don’t worry – more info to follow 🙂

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