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Wow, what a sabbatical it has been!  And yes, I’m having major blogging withdrawal symptoms *sigh* In fact, if you’d have told me 6 months ago that I’d be taking a 60-day break from blogging I’d have laughed merrily and told you to catch a grip… you all know how damn addicted I am to my scribing. But it’s been so so SO worth it as there’s been so many exciting things happening over the last number of weeks that I’ve needed to prioritise… but all will be a bit clearer very soon.  However, in the process of recent events I’ve discovered a few home truths:


Cherry Bakewells are not considered part of your ‘five a day’ *sigh*


Ticking the tiniest tasks of a To-Do list is so satisfying that you start writing things like ‘Wake Up’ & ‘make more tea’.


I go through more post it notes in one day than toilet roll in a week.


2 am is most definitely my EUREKA hour.


I’ve developed a keen skill for looking interested when in fact I’m making mental notes about something completely irrelevant.


Wearing odd socks is absolutely okay – wearing odd shoes is not.


Cats make the best company… they listen but don’t interrupt with a reply.

Toilet trips are utterly inconvenient.


Time is of no meaning when I stray onto YouTube.


A mason jar full of jelly babies looks super cute on my desk… however consuming vast quantities of orange ones because they may be ‘nutritionally beneficial’ is not an acceptable excuse.


Anyways, what have I missed? How have you all been? Is everyone keeping well? For those that have been so supportive throughout my break, – thank you! The subscriber count continues to grow daily & I promise to get round to all your recent emails & comments very shortly. In the meantime, you may begin to notice a few new changes with the blog and social media, especially over the next number of weeks… all positive and exciting and I’ll be keeping y’all updated as I go! Don’t worry – more info to follow 🙂

Don’t forget to say a quick hello! It’s been a while  X

Cheerio Chums…

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Goodbye 2014… Hello 2015!

Happy New Year pic

I almost refuse to believe this is my last post of 2014. How the heck did that happen? Yet it’s finally here – the night for seeing out the old and bringing in the new has arrived! Yippee *I think*

Might sound odd but New Years Eve has always been a mixed bag of emotions for me. Don’t get me wrong, I adore the celebrating bit, but when the midnight bells begin to chime I often find myself chewing on my lip and fighting back the tears… usually though I’m caught blubbering quietly into a glass of rose wondering why I’m getting so bloody emotional about it all.  I guess it’s just the reflection off saying goodbye to another year. It’s like waving off an old friend you’ll never see again. But then of course there’s the saying hello to a whole new beginning full of hope & dreams…

2014 hasn’t disappointed. To be honest I’ve probably discovered more about myself this year than any other, but life is a learning curve – just because I’m 32 years old doesn’t mean I haven’t stopped making mistakes or in contrast celebrating new successes. It’s been a year filled with many happy memories and also a few sad ones too unfortunately. However to celebrate the last 12 months I thought I’d compile a little selection of pictures from moments that have certainly captured my heart…

Comp 1

Chatting with my two step daughters! Jessica lives in Scotland with her partner & their son Kieran. Hayley lives & works in Wales, so it’s a rarity the 3 of us get a chance to chat together. The benefits of Face Time!

Spending more time with our daughter Emma, as she begins to explore a whole new world of books & even has a little creative streak within her. We’ve had hours of crafty fun this year!

comp 2

There’s been birthdays, anniversaries, mums day, fathers day and get together’s with this crazy bunch! Making the most of family time is always a massive priority… and of course we always manage to laugh til our cheeks ache!


Summer was an absolute blast… Jessica managed to come over from Scotland for a few weeks to spend time with us all – Emma couldn’t have been any more excited to have one of her big sisters over!

The weather was incredible so most of our days consisted of packing up a picnic basket full of sandwiches and goodies before heading to the beach! I may have lost count in the number of sun cream bottles I bought, but it was beyond worth it… who needs to jet off into the sunset when you have it right on your door step?! *woo hoo*

I also managed to meet the lovely Catherine Ryan Howard at Belfast Book Festival – she’s an author from Co. Cork, an incredibly funny gal and all round fantastic writer.

Oh, and the little bicycle full of daisies (or whatever floral variety they may be) is something I had visualised perching outside our door for the last few years so I was beyond chuffed to have got them as part of my birthday treat. They’re super cute so had to take a little summery pic in full bloom. Do you like?

comp 3

Unfortunately every year has it’s lows points too… my very frail little grandmother spent 80% of her year couped up in hospital after several falls and finally ended up breaking her femur bone which required surgery. Being the grand old age of 82 we were worried she wouldn’t pull through the op, thankfully she did. Must be the tough Irish blood coursing through her veins!

After suffering from a sore back Emma was diagnosed with a condition called Scoliosis, which happens to be a curvature in her spine. Thankfully she’s coping with it better than we could’ve ever expected & it hasn’t held her back from tumbling round the garden like the tom-boy she is! However in late August she was visiting her little friend at a new house, the two girls decided to do a bit of exploring in the garage and had a bad fall through a plaster-board ceiling. Both were fine but Ems ended up with heavy bruising and a broken wing 😦

comp 4

Come September it was back to school – this year has been one of Emma’s most successful. Not only has her reading, maths and English improved more than we couldn’t hoped for she also managed to make it through to the semi finals of Radio 2’s Childrens Story challenge… beating almost 114500 other hopefuls, making me a very proud mama!

comp 5

Of course I’ve spent pretty much every day with my wonderful hubby…  without his huge hugs and endless words of encouragement this year would’ve been a heck of a lot harder! Hoping that 2015 brings us many more cosy date nights curled up with a cheeky glass of vino and hilarious convo! *Mwah*


Finally, on 6th October 2014 Confetti & Curves was born – one of my personal highlights of the year! Not only have I enjoyed creating every single post, I’ve had the opportunity to connect with all you amazing bunch – something I’m beyond grateful for. I’ve made so many amazing new friends who continue to put a huge smile on my face every single day. Your amazing comments and encouragement really have made a huge impact on my blogging journey. From the bottom of my heart… thank YOU.

I guess now all that’s left to say is to wish each and every one of you a happy, healthy and fun filled 2015. Make it the best it can be!

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