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Exciting News Beauty Buddies…

Just a quick update for those of you who may have missed yesterday’s post ‘Name Reveal & Winner Announcement‘… I finally announced the official name & logo of my new nail business along with the winners who so creatively helped to suggest it! I know, they’re such a creative bunch eh? 🙂

Anyhoo we’re up & running on Facebook where there’ll be lots of nail art pics, tutorials, updates, offers and future giveaways. So in order to keep up with all the latest nail shenanigans you can *CLICK HERE* to pop over and hit that shiny LIKE button *woo hoo*


Over the next week I’ll be uploading some fun and funky designs along with asking some of you guys for suggestions on what ideas you’d love to see come to life, so get yourself over to Liquid Glamour By Karen on Facebook as I’d love to share the journey with those of you who aren’t already following!

Once again thanks sooo much ladies for all the support, encouraging comments and best wishes – you’ve been such an inspiration… and can I just say over the moon that so many of you adore the branding too! Exciting times 🙂

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See you tomorrow for my weekly catch up; off to sneak yet another slice of yesterday’s Birthday cake *nom*

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