Contouring with L’Oreal Infallible Sculpt…

I should point out that by absolutely NO means whatsoever am I an expert at contouring; in fact I barely even scratch the title of novice, so as you can well imagine my skills are utterly limited when it comes to dabbing my complexion in swooshes of colour. Heck, I’m just about getting the hang of a one colour foundation!! However when I showcased this sassy little kit from L’Oreal in a recent Boots haul (which you can check out by *clicking here*) quite a few of you were intrigued to learn a little more about it… cue today’s upload *woo hoo*


What L’Oreal say:

“Sculpt and define your features with shadow and light, with our cream to powder Contouring Palette.

The lighter shade is designed to lift and highlight the high-points of your face, whilst the darker shade creates the illusion of shadow, to sculpt the look of your face to perfection.

Our innovative cream to powder technology is easy to apply and super blendable. Your sculpted finish looks true-to-skin, with a flawless matte finish.”

(Taken from Boots website – to check it for yourself out just *Click Here*)


Admittedly, I’d absolutely no idea what to expect, however what I didn’t realise just how handy this chicly packaged kit would turn out to be… and for a contouring ‘first timer’ like myself, I need all the help I can get when it comes to popping the contouring cherry *ooo errr*

So if like me you’re a total beginner, nervous novice or just eager to have a good nosey at my multicoloured shenanigans, then get yourself comfy and press play as this cute little kit just might surprise you as much as it’s surprised me.

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Have you tried the L’Oreal Infallible Sculpt? Are you a contouring pro or novice just like me? What’s your favourite products to contour with? Whatever your thought’s I’d love to read them in the comments below so do stop by for a quick chatter 🙂

Cheerio Chums…

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40 thoughts on “Contouring with L’Oreal Infallible Sculpt…

  1. You (and this little kit) make contouring sound like a breeze! Your face looks so flawless at the end and the colours are really spot on for your skintone 🙂 Does this product come in a universal shade or are there different options for different skintones? Xx

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    • I honestly was soooo impressed with it Chanelle, really wasn’t too sure how it would turn out but wow, it’s so lovely!!! 😀 No as far as I’m aware there are different shades – though I guess it’s down to the stores what they bring in on stock! Otherwise the internet will probably have more choice 🙂 XXX

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  2. Love this Karen! I have never really done much cream contouring but this little kit seems super easy and the finished result is amazing! Also, what are you wearing on your lips cause it is such a pretty nude shade!?

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  3. You’re braver than me!! I’ve used contour powders before, but only ever under my cheekbones. I tried contouring my nose and I thought I looked weird so I’ve never done it since. I’ll leave it to the experts! x

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    • I know what you mean Icy, I tried it before too and found it a bit weird but then I took the plunge with this and actually quite enjoyed it – don’t think it made a maaaahoosve difference but just added subtle shading etc 😀 Thanks for watching chum XXXXX

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  4. Love the overal effect! I always get scared by the contour as well, but it came out so lovely on you. Will be trying this with some stuff I have at home and I might even splurge on the kit if it works out.
    Also, what lippy are you wearing here? Absolutely love the shade.
    xo Anne

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    • I’ve always been a little intimidated by it too Anne, but I kinda figured – you know what, it’s only makeup, if it looks ridiculous I can just wash it right off!! My problem is that my head says NOOOOO but the curious side of me wants to join in the fun lol
      Oh my gosh I’ve been asked about that lippy sooooooo many times – even in work, patients have been like “What have you got on your lips, it’s lovely!!!” I can’t believe the compliments. It’s actually MUR Lip hug… I’ll get the colour for you, but it’s like £1.99 or something silly, on the MUR website – I promise you it’s identical to the formula of MAC,if not slightly better. I know, yet again sounds crazy comparing to the big names but MUR are really punching above their weight with certain products. Oh, and they ship internationally #justsaying hehehe 😀 XXXXX

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      • Same here: I have played around with it out of curiosity, but so far I have mostly felt like my face looks dirty. This looks like a great kit with easy steps though, so I might have a go at copying you.
        It looks amazing and I need the color name/number! Can’t believe it is a MUR…though they do make some amazing lippies. That is definitely going in my next ‘definitely not necesary but I must have it all’ haul from Mur.
        xo Anne

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      • I’ll take a pic of it and Tweet it to you in the morning when I’m putting my makeup on – the name etc is on the box so you’ll be able to pop on and treat yourself to it. It is sooo lovely ❤
        LOL LOL Love the name of that haul Anne, I have so many of them – may have to borrow that name chum 😀 XXXXX

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