Gorgeous Summer Nail Shades: A Cocktail of Coral…

Coral Nail Polish

From hot sassy pinks to punchy peach corals, there’s nothing that says ‘summer jolly hols’ more than a wash of vibrant girly shades to paint your claws with. Stepping out of spring and into summer colours seems such a naturally fun transition from pastels to bright eye catching shades but if a cocktail of corals sounds like your kinda nail flair then check out these stunning shades for the sunshine. Best of all they’re all under £5! *woo hoo*

Rimmel 313 Salon Pro Cocktail Passion

Rimmel Salon Pro 313 Cocktail Passion

“Up to 10 days chip resistant nail colour with gel shine finish! Including amazing shades created by Kate Moss. Includes our precision maxi brush for salon perfection! All the benefits of a professional salon manicure. Strengthening base coat, top coat and gel shine all in one. Ultra flexible Lycra formula; colour is shock proof, chip resistant and anti-fading. Long lasting for up to 10 days.”



NYC Bubblegum Pink

NYC Bubblegum Pink

“Feel like showing off? Get ready for Broadway beauty that lasts all day and night! Our nail polish is a treasure trove of luxurious, deep, rich colour shades for maximum drama. So glamour, these hot shades will resist any daytime or night time city life. Don’t worry about your mani, start acting like a busy New York star. This formula delivers a glossy, high-shine finish that lasts for up to 10 days”



NYC Quick Dry in Greenwich Village

NYC Quick Dry Greenwich Village

“At last, a manicure that moves at the speed of Manhattan. Feel the need for speed? Just paint and run. NYC’s In a New York Color Minute nail polish will bring your nails a beautiful mani from runway shows in less than 60 seconds. With its special flat brush, just dispenses the right amount of color, for perfect and ultra-fast application…even if you need to apply while heading across town in a taxi.”



Avon Nailwear Pro in Seduce Me Strawberry

Avon Nailwear Pro Seduce Me Strawberry

“Nail enamel fortified with Dura-Plus Complex and acrylic gel for strength. 12 days of lasting colour, 10 days of shine and a nick-resistant finish. 10ml”



NYC Expert Last in Permanent Pink

NYC Permanent Pink

“NYC Expert Last Nail Polish contains a unique UV Inhibitor to protect against colour fading. Also a blend of Iron and Calcium meant to give your nails a smooth, chip-resistant surface and to strengthen then by up to 50% in five days. The precision brush allows for expert application.”



A Finishing Touch of Sparkle…

Crush On You 3d Texture Miss Sporty

If (like me) you’re partial to a sprinkling of subtle bling then why not consider a glittering top coat! I recently picked up this cute little Crush On You polish in Pink Bloom 65 from Miss Sporty for only £2.99. It gives the nails a subtle hint of glistening pink sunset with the teeny blush & gold sparkle. It also makes your polish that little bit more durable… and extra sassy if you ask me 😉




Are you a fan of hot pinks and bright corals? What’s your favourite shade to wear in the summer months?  Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below so do stop by for a chatter! Wishing y’all a fabulous weekend 🙂

Cheerio chums…

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41 thoughts on “Gorgeous Summer Nail Shades: A Cocktail of Coral…

    • I’m the same Mecia, though I love seeing the pink on others – but Coral is definitely my vice, as long as it’s not too orangey if that makes sense lol Isn’t the glitter fab? Just warms it up, love it 😀 XXXX

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    • Hello lovely!! I don’t wear these colours either but I find in an odd way it goes. Last night I was wearing navy (I tend to love dark colours) and it actually goes really well. Though I must confess I never tend to match my nails to what I’m wearing lol xxxx


      • Hi Karen,

        I love your inspiring posts and I am always super happy to see when you upload a new post.

        I am not too sure if you have received my emails but I emailed you twice about your ‘behind the blog’ series which I love following. I filled out your form but for some reason I am not sure if you have received it. In case you were still looking for blogs to feature on your site, I would be delighted to be part of it. 🙂

        Have a lovely start into the week.


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      • Awwh such a lovely comment Claudia – that has really made my day huni, thank you so much!!!! Oh no I’m afraid I haven’t recieved a thing from you huni. Are you sure it’s not bouncing back and that it’s the right address. Maybe just repling instead of a new mail?! If you need me to do anything my end just give me a shout! Would LOVE to feature you!!! Oh wait, have you received the info and can’t send it back or are you waiting for me to send the attachment to you with everything on it?! Just to clarify lol We shall figure this out lol XXX

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      • Hi sweetheart,

        thanks so much for your lovely reply. Oh bummer, I am not sure why it wouldn’t have sent to you as I followed he link


        and made sure to fill out the form you have provided there.

        I would love to partner up with you as I really love your blog and it was one of the first I came across when I started my blog (about 1 month ago).

        Let me know how you would like to proceed and I am good with it 🙂

        Have a fantastic end of the week.


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      • Hmmm, very peculiar!!! 😦 Again so sorry huni that it hasn’t worked! I think the best way to go forward is if you email the address that’s on the contact page (avoid the form) and then I can reply with all the info for you! We could try that and see if it works? Would be lovely to feature you so give me a shout once you’ve dropped me a line and I’ll know to look out for it incase it’s lingering about the junk box *sigh* XXXXXXXX

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      • Hello huni – I GOT IT!!!!! YAAAAAY!!! Oh the joys, finally it arrived – technology is such a headache Claudia! Have all sent over to you, thank you for being so patient ❤ Can't wait to feature you too 🙂 XXXXXX

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    • What an encouraging comment to read – thank you sooo much for the compliment, that has inspired me so much 🙂 How lovely that we’ve spurred each other on hehe Thank you again, you’ve made my day *hugs* XXXXXXXX


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