Champney’s Luxury Nail Polish Collection…

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With spring lingering in the air, I’m getting a little bored of my deep winter shades and muted nudes. Heck, if my daffodils can make an early appearance then so can my spring polish shades, right gals? A few months ago I treated myself to this rather opulent set of Champneys Health Spa Luxurious Nail Polishes. For those of you who aren’t overly familiar with the Champney’s brand, it’s a range of stunning health spa’s renowned for their sumptuous range of exquisite beauty & body treatments. In addition with top class pampering they also have a range of highly tempting lotions & potions, which make the perfect gift for those who adore a little high end indulgence or as a treat… just for being you of course! 😉

Champneys Nail Polish Collection

So naturally, when I spotted this beautiful set of polishes that were available from Boots during the New Year sales I couldn’t resist the temptation… particularly as the entire set was reduced down to a mere £6 *gasp*. Potential bargain of the year? I think so ladies! Considering these polishes are currently available on the Champneys website for £5.00 each (which is already pretty good value) I was reaping a pretty impressive saving of £24… which I most likely went on to spend on topping up my basket full of more treat *sigh*

In the set is six staple (but stunning) shades including Nude, Pink, Wisteria, Plum, Mulberry & Clear Top/Base Coat. All of which seem to just ooze the appeal that your nails are going to look awesome whatever the season. Today I opted for the brightly coloured Wisteria which is an ever so delicate lavender shade that seems to just instantly brighten up my nails. Isn’t it beautiful?

Wisteria - Champneys Collection

But as pretty as they look, are they really worth the drastic saving let alone the full price spend?

Let’s take a closer peek…



Champneys Health Spa

“Champneys nail polish collection adds a glamorous finishing touch to beautifully manicured finger tips. With a unique formula, free from nail nasties such as toluene, formaldehyde and DBP, these nail enamels provide the durability and flexibility needed for maximum protection and prolonged wear.”

(Source: Champneys Website)



Champneys nail polish set

The colour intensity is pretty strong, two coats and you’re left with perfectly polished nails, voila!

Streak free shine as yet again the formula really sets this apart from my recent polish trials.

You may not be a ‘pro’ at smooth application but in my opinion you really don’t need to be with these polishes as the formula is incredibly self-levelling which gives beautifully even results.

At £5 per single bottle, it really is affordable luxury that won’t break the bank.

Even compared to some of the supposed ‘gel like’ polishes I’ve tried, this range really supersedes all expectations. In fact it has a better finish than some of the over-hyped drug store brands that are considerably more expensive!

I personally find this set the perfect staple colours. From clear base/top coats, to soft baby pinks, cheery lavender tones and deep rich berries. There’s pretty much something for every season!

They’ve kept the packaging simple, contemporary & stylishly to the point. I personally adore the no fuss approach, and how pretty is the frosted gold lid just while we’re discussing style?

They’re made in England! Always great to find a brand that takes pride in manufacturing their products closer to home.



Apart from battling my way through boxing day crowds at Boots, this is the only outlet where I’ve recently spotted the range of Champneys polishes. As easy as it is to order online, I personally love to browse colour choices up close and personal, particularly as colour resolution on computer monitors can really throw some of the shades true tones.

Another little grumble was the lack of shaker in the bottle. A little steel ball inside the bottle to help ensure the colour is mixed and applies evenly would be the cherry on the cake for this lovely lot… and potentially help minimise some of the tiny air bubbles that I noticed after drying.



Champneys Wisteria

Personally ladies, I’m in love. The formula is fantastic compared to anything I’ve tried recently. On hindsight, and after testing, I would happily have paid the full price for this set and not uttered a grumble. If you’re thinking of giving Champneys polishes a go then don’t hesitate to treat yourself to a bottle (or six if opting for the gift set 😉 ) they really are everything you’d expect from a luxury spa mani!


*Click Here* to check out the Champneys Health Spa online haven where you can browse a whole host of gorgeous nail colours for every occasion, as well as a range of high end skincare and beauty goodies!

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Have you tried any products from the Champneys range yet? What’s your favourite luxury polish? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below, so do stop by and say a quick hello 🙂

Cheerio chums…

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43 thoughts on “Champney’s Luxury Nail Polish Collection…

    • You sure will Chanelle – if I don’t get them up on the blog (which I’m hoping I will) I’ll definitely pop them onto Instagram! Can’t wait to try the rest of them out 🙂 Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend huni *hugs* XXXX

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  1. I love those colors! I especially like the deep purple – the eggplant color. The blue shade looks great on your nails 🙂 never heard of this brand. When it has the word “luxury” In it, you know it’s fancy schmancy. Happiest Friday!!! Xoxox

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  2. Oh I don’t like polishes without the metal balls inside either! I actually save them up from old bottles of base coats so I can add them to new bottles if they don’t have one. I’ve been actually looking for a source to buy a bunch of them – I heard they have to be a special type of metal or else it could dissolve / interact with the polish. Still investigating!
    The Wisteria shade is absolutely beautiful! I can see from the application on your nails how creamy the formula is.

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    • I never ever thought to do that huni – what a fab idea to keep the little metal balls! I’m just so surprised they haven’t included them, makes for so much easier mixing for sure 🙂 Must keep an eye out and if I find out where to get the special little metal balls I’ll let you know for sure 😀 The formula is beeeeeautiful huni – very creamy indeed so good observation! You know your polishes for sure 😀 XXXXXX


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