Tried & Tested: Claire’s Natural Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette

Claires Natural Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette


Claires Accessories 5 Piece Natural Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette

Where I purchased it & cost:

Claires Accessories Store, £4.50 – this product is also available from their website

*Click here* to check it out!

Manufacturer Description:

– 5 x 0.8g

– 1 Double ended sponge applicator included

– Packaging: Plastic


I’ll admit, the casing is pretty basic, nothing major to shout about but then again the palette costs a mere £4.50 so it’s pretty safe to say it falls well within expectations. The outer branding looks really pretty and of course the palette comes with it’s own double ended applicator – which is actually quite robust compared to some of the basic applicator freebies supplied with well known ‘drug store’ brands.


Honestly ladies I was pretty darned shocked when I spotted Claires make-up collection whilst popping into my local store for some hair clips. I had absolutely no idea they had their own range of beauty goodies. Being a fanatic of shimmer I fell in love with this palette instantaneously as the shades are stunning… in fact it’s so pretty I almost didn’t want to smear the individual little pots of perfection when I got it home! I know, I’m a weirdo – but things look so much prettier when they’re brand new & unused *sob*

The consistency of the eye-shadow has a creamy texture and applies well onto the eye lid. The light shimmer tone is wonderful for making even the most exhausted of peepers come to life, even after a few simple strokes.

The shadows are easy blendable and somewhat sheer however with a decent eye primer they will stay put for the duration of day/evening. Not bad for £4.50 right?


I’ll admit the pigmentation isn’t up there with some of the big players such as Urban Decay, however they are buildable and have a beautiful tone/texture.

The top of the shadows are dusted in a beautiful light glitter that I assumed would have been present throughout the product, unfortunately after the first couple of strokes it becomes apparent it’s simply a pretty topper *sigh* However don’t let that put you off, the shades underneath are still just as impressive without the sprinkle of glimmer.


Would I repurchase? Absolutely!

Would I recommend? Most definitely!


Claire’s have really impressed me with this sassy little palette. Okay the packaging is basic but the product is fabulous for such an affordable price tag. Considering I’ve had numerous compliments when wearing these shades it always seems a shocker when I tell my admirers it’s a Claire’s eye shadow palette – so few people know about this gorgeous range of make-up must haves! Time to up the promo Claire’s… more beauty addicts need to know about this dazzling collection of goodies.

Overall I’m bestowing it with a rather impressive 8/10

*click here* to check it out gals!

 Claires Natural Shimmer Eyeshadow

Have you tried the Claires Accessories makeup range, if so what was your final verdict? Whatever your thoughts do feel free to leave your feedback in the comments below – as always thanks for reading!

Cheerio Chums…

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94 thoughts on “Tried & Tested: Claire’s Natural Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette

  1. Such a stunning palette! And so afordable! I am all about that! 🙂 I will have to take a closer look next time I’m in Claire’s. Great review post Karen! 🙂 xoxo

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      • Well I am no “makeup snob” and will even buy some eyeshadow palettes from the dollar store, because why not? I am on a budget and budget friendly makeup items that are lovely as these are always a nice find! I would love to see you do some makeup looks 😉 Xo

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      • Me too Katie, I wholeheartedly agree – I love a bargain & sometimes you can find some really great products on a budget!! I remember being given a Clinique gift set and was instantly hooked, found it almost impossible to consider anything else but my purse strings just couldn’t hold up to it!!! Was bizarrely addictive lol Now I tend to stick to drug stores and bargain finds as that way I know I can afford – and if truth be told I’ve found some unbeatable finds in the process 🙂 I’d love to do some make-up looks, need to take a deep breath and work on my confidence levels!!! Thanks so much for the encouragement chum ❤ X

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      • Well you have a beautiful face and I am sure everyone would love to see it! 😉 You just wait you will do one soon haha. I got a girl that usually does OOTD posts to do one lol. Drugstore products are really stepping up there game now compared to the more expensive products. I might have one splurge once a while but not too often. I am trying to decide on whether I want to by the new Tartelette palette, I have a 20% off coupon so I don’t know. If I do then that’s all I will buy for the month. I just paid my bills and put away money saved for my plane ticket back home. ❤ X

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      • Awh thank you so much, you’re too kind *blushing* lol Hey, you never know – I could very well post something very soon… you’re clearly a pro at getting us gals to go for it haha 😉 They sure are Katie – however I agree that it’s nice to buy something special once in a while!! It’s good to have a treat right? That’s great having the Tartelette palette, if you think it’s something you have your heart set on then why not?! It’s great that you’ve budgeted so well to cover a little splurge 😀 Xo

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      • I do have my heart set on it and have a coupon so just maybe I will go for it. I am still kind of thinking about it lol. What other time will I have a 20% off coupon? But yeah I always pay my bills first of course before buying anything fun. I can tell you more about my budget in an email lol. But yes, I hope to see your beautiful face in a post soon!! 😀 Xo

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      • I am so glad that they do! I am looking forward to your email! I love getting email! Especially from you 🙂 My eye seems to be okay so far. It has already scabbed over and I think Miss Allie felt bad about it by the way she acted afterward. I was petting her this morning though just so she knows I’m not mad at her. 🙂 X

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      • Awwwh I’m so glad to read that huni as one has just been sent off to you lol Good to hear your eye is okay – awh, I’m sure she is sorry, how could we be mad at our kitties? She sounds a wee beauty – I guess you’ll just have to cover your eyes next time she gets over excited missy!! Glad it’s healing though 🙂 X

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      • Yay! I am looking forward to reading your email! 😀 Miss Allie cat seems to be in a weird mood today, she is a sweetheart though. I will have to be more careful you’re right about that. When I was putting my makeup on today I noticed that her claw just slightly scratched my eyelid too. I haven’t had any trouble though so far which is good! 🙂 X

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      • Glad to hear it huni 🙂 She sounds very similar to my cat Peppa – she takes little weird moods at times too but we love them all the same!! lol Glad it was just a scratch and nothing worse – hopefully it’ll clear up quickly especially if it’s not giving you any trouble ❤ Xo xo

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    • Kayla I’ve hunted high and low for the MUR brand over here but can only find the MUA ones that seem virtually identical – I don’t know if they’ve just branded them different over here or if it’s an entirely different company! However I have two of the MUA palettes and love them!!! They do such a great job for the price tag – well impressed. I just love the Claire’s one too as they shades are so pretty – camera doesn’t do it one bit of justice *grrr* x

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      • Oh what! They’re a completely different company! I thought the MUA ones were brilliant until I tried MUR! You need to get yourself on either Superdrug’s website or MUR’s website and order yourself the ‘Flawless’ palette. You will not be sorry!
        I’m actually writing a post includng that palette right now!

        That’s so annoying isn’t it! Cameras never show how beautiful eyeshadows and pigments are! x

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      • Arrrghh this annoys me so much… why can’t they just put all stock into all stores? *grrr* Are they even better than MUA?!?! Oooh I can feel I’m missing out!! I wonder if the flagship store in Belfast would have them?! Hmmm – must organise a wee shopping trip… otherwise I’m ordering them online. I’ve just checked it out on the Superdrug website – it cannot be £8?!? For all those shadows?? That’s unbelievable – gorgeous shades!! Need one… Pronto! X

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      • Haha imagine how big every store would have to be for them to carry every product! Maybe ring the store in Belfast to see if they have it rather than go all the way there? And if they do have it maybe you can get them to send it to your local store… or just save yourself the hassle and buy it online NOW! It really is £8, and it’s amazing! x

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      • You see, that would be the sensible thing to do – phone them and check!! Of course I already thought about that – just checking you’d do the same *blushing/awkward shuffle* lol
        Then again, I think I’ll maybe take your bit of advice and just be lazy & have it delivered. Why the heck not – if I can get my Chinese food delivered once in a while then why not my eyeshadow too eh?! £8?!?! I’m still in shock – honestly!! Can’t blooming wait now… you’d make a bloody good sales rep for them lol x

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      • I just hope they stumble across this post huni… you’ll be the CEO of MUR Enterprises before you know it…. just remember me when you’re swinging back in your 50 shades style office. A few freebies wouldn’t go a miss if you can recall who I am!!!! hahaha 😀 XXX

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  2. A while back I did a post on a beauty blind item (I had no idea where this particular lipstick was from) that was given to me after my hubbie had to do this charity dress-up thing for help for heroes/tough Mudder and it was a lippie from Claire’s.

    Not only was the colour bloody gorgeous but it looked freaking amazing on and the quality was bloody brilliant for £1!

    Considering Claire’s is aimed at tweens/teens I just was expecting their stuff to be really crap to be honest – but it’s actually alright and I’d go back and buy more.

    It makes me wonder who makes their cosmetics.


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    • That is amazing!!!! I gotta try their lippies out next!!! Honestly I had no idea they done make-up, but like you say for a market aimed at tweens/teens the products are super impressive and I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase again!! Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing – much appreciated and I’ll definitely be trying their lip products 🙂 Xo


  3. I didn’t realise that Claire’s had a makeup range! Great colours, and will suit every eye colour and skin tone I would think! Plus you can’t go wrong with a nice neutral palette – plus anything with glitter has my approval any day! Love this post , as always Karen! 😀 xxxxxx<3

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    • Neither did I huni – not to mention it’s a bloody good one at that!! Still in semi-shock over it lol I completely agree, the neutrals work with everyone – so easy to build around!! Oooh another glitter gal – something else we have in common Hayley 😉 Great minds you know haha!! Enjoy your weekend and thanks (as always too) for dropping by and leaving a sprinkle of cheer! You’re a gem ❤ Xo

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      • Haha I am not surprised you love your glitter too, Karen! We are too alike – I love it! 😀 definitely going to check out their makeup range, always get earrings from Claire’s! Have a lovely weekend too, hunni 🙂 xxxxxx<3

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      • Their earrings are amazing – I got a teeny little pair of owl ones (obsessed with owls) back in October and have literally wore them to death haha. Very cute!!! Will certainly try my best glitter chum & you too 😀 Xo

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      • I have tried many of stuff from claires, During my stay in Netherlands I bought lots of stuff during their clearing sales and got amazing beauty and other products. Thank you sweetie , you 2 have lovely weekend!

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      • Yes, I am in UK since 8 months before that i was in netherlands for 5 years, Yes i do miss india a lot but in hubby into software so depending upon projects we have to move here and there. plus point is i come to know many people around the world and get very good friends and also get chance to visit many places and countires hehehe. You guys are most welcome to india and my place anytime 🙂

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      • That is a wonderful outlook to have – I’m sure it’s a great experience travelling the world but it must be difficult too at times. Oh, well thank you very much… maybe one day we shall meet in India 🙂 hehe If you’re ever in Ireland we shall arrange a meet up too!! 😀 Xo

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      • Thank you so much dear 🙂 It will be really great to meet you face to face, sure if in future if i visit ireland we shall meet up there even if you have any plan to visit edinburgh in future , we shall meet ❤ yes it is very difficult to move here n there and specially the pavkaing and again open it and arrange things and find accomodation. it takes whole 1-2 months to settle down in new place.

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      • That sounds great Silky, we’ll keep it in our must dos if we do manage to cross paths 😀 Yes, the packing is always a huge pain – we moved around quite a bit too with Steves job, I think our house contents got less and less as we just couldn’t deal with the moving so much! Thankfully it wasn’t international just around the UK & Ireland so pretty lucky that no long-haul was required!! Gets tiring mind 🙂 x

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  4. They look very nice! Awhile back, I purchased a small set of eyeshadwows and they were so chalky but these look nice. And I can relate to not wanting to use the products for fear of ruining them. When I got my Tom Ford lipstick, I didn’t want to use for fear of erasing the TF logo. It’s now gone but oh well. It’s meant to be used, lol. 🙂

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    • I know Amanda – I was exactly the same, quite shocked when I spotted it!!! lol It really is a very pretty palette – even nicer in real life so I’d def recommend you giving it a go if you spot it in store 🙂 Thanks for stopping by – hope you’re having a great weekend!!! X


    • So welcome huni 🙂 I agree Jasmine… there’s nothing better than bagging a beauty bargain!! Hope you like tham as much a I do – let me know if you do get to try them out! Hope you had a lovely weekend 🙂 X


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