The Me Spree…

The Me Spree


Happy Monday Chums…

As last week was sprinkled with celebrations here at Confetti & Curves Head Quarters, I thought it was high time I treated myself to a few little beauty goodies. I know, I know, it’s not like I need any more cosmetic clutter but what girl can resist a few new items from an afternoon of retail therapy? And with most of these purchases coming highly recommended it would be ever so rude not to splurge for the sakes of beauty blogging – slightly lame excuse of course 😉

Fancy taking a peek into my shopping bag? Then get yourself comfy as we take a plunder through the purchases…

Claires Nail polish

As mama to a 10 year old girl who ADORES popping into Claire’s with her pocket money – I’m usually dragging behind observing racks of pink fluffy purses and cute cupcake key-rings. However on spotting a giant promo sign inviting shoppers to browse their collection of 3 for 2 nail polishes, my inner cosmetic craver couldn’t resist taking a nosy at the range. Of course as many of you already know I’m a sucker for blingy nails so when I was confronted with a sizeable stand filled with an array of gorgeous colours I couldn’t resist the splurge -regardless of age!

As you can see the three I opted for full on sparkle *hugs self with joy* – however the Claire’s range do have a selection of plain polishes for those who aren’t particularly keen on dressing their fingers like mini disco balls.

Fizzy – a rich rosy pink, there’s something about it reminds me of pretty tea cups and wild flowers. Gorgeous!

17098 – A deep lavender colour intermixed with pewter and olive shimmery tones. Fabulous for fall.

Forever Mine – An antique gold colour with a hint of pink. Very shabby chic.

All of the above were £2.50 each, however on the 3 for 2 offer I got all for £5. Not bad eh? I shall report back on how they fair with a review very soon ladies so keep your eyes peeled if you dig sparkly digits 😉

NYC cosmetics

Of course no shopping spree is complete without popping into Superdrug, and low and behold yet another tempting offer was thrust upon my purse-strings as NYC products were 3 for £5. I must admit NYC is one of those brands I don’t have a huge history with, however after recently reading a few rave reviews on their range I’ve been tempted to give them a go.

Expert Lip Colour in Madison Square – I’m forever drawn towards these blushing rose colours, I’m just keeping my fingers crossed this isn’t the gluey goopy type that I detest. Hopefully my First Impressions video on Wednesday will reveal non-sticky, happy lips!

Beautifying Blush Stick in Soho Pink – I’ve always been a fan of cream blushes, in fact one of my all time favourite is the Bourjois range – I just love their dewy freshness on my skin. This NYC blush stick looks right up my street, fingers crossed it’s a winner ladies!

NYC Eyeliner in Black – I’m super-fussy when it comes to liquid liners and it usually take a whole lotta curiosity to lure me away from my favourite Rimmel Professional Glam Eyes *happy sigh* However after being assured by my little sister that this NYC liquid liner was an essential tool in creating the perfect cat- eye Flick, I had to give it a go!


Collection Lasting Perfection in No 2 Ivory – I’ve read a number of really positive reviews on this foundation lately, so as curiosity has gotten the better of me I’ve been itching to give it a whirl. At £4 it seems almost too good to be true.

MUA Undress Your Skin in Pink Shimmer – This is popping up in YouTube videos and make-up tutorials more frequently with the results seeming super impressive. Considering it’s up against my Sleek Face Form palette it has a lot to live up to… looking forward to seeing how this transpires.

eyebrow pencils

Although I’m quite a fan of the Soap & Glory Archery pencil and the Barry M Brow palette, I do like to keep a basic brow pencil for quickly tidying my brows on work days – you know, those lazy days where you just want them to look acceptable at the very least. The two I picked were Maybelline Master Shape in Soft Brown & the MUA Eyebrow Liner in Brunette (which I’ve tried and adored before)

Pearl Drops

Although I don’t really consider the colour of my smile to be too bad, I still think there’s always room for improvement! I just happened to spot a rather enticing promo offer on the Pearl Drops range from Tescos so I picked up the Hollywood Smile for a mere £2.50. According to the box my teeth with be 4 shades lighter in only 3 weeks, hmmm let’s see how this one pans out ladies.


Thankfully there’s a handy little colour chart on the side of the box to keep track of the progress. I’m keeping hopeful I’ll be dazzling friends & family with my smile in less than a month… keep tuned for a full review in November.

pink heart

So there you have it, my mini stash of ‘Me Spree’ items. Have you treated yourself to any beauty goodies lately? Or have you tried and tested any of the above? Whatever your thoughts do let me know in the comments below! Wishing y’all a super week ahead…

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Tried & Tested: Claire’s Natural Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette

Claires Natural Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette


Claires Accessories 5 Piece Natural Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette

Where I purchased it & cost:

Claires Accessories Store, £4.50 – this product is also available from their website

*Click here* to check it out!

Manufacturer Description:

– 5 x 0.8g

– 1 Double ended sponge applicator included

– Packaging: Plastic


I’ll admit, the casing is pretty basic, nothing major to shout about but then again the palette costs a mere £4.50 so it’s pretty safe to say it falls well within expectations. The outer branding looks really pretty and of course the palette comes with it’s own double ended applicator – which is actually quite robust compared to some of the basic applicator freebies supplied with well known ‘drug store’ brands.


Honestly ladies I was pretty darned shocked when I spotted Claires make-up collection whilst popping into my local store for some hair clips. I had absolutely no idea they had their own range of beauty goodies. Being a fanatic of shimmer I fell in love with this palette instantaneously as the shades are stunning… in fact it’s so pretty I almost didn’t want to smear the individual little pots of perfection when I got it home! I know, I’m a weirdo – but things look so much prettier when they’re brand new & unused *sob*

The consistency of the eye-shadow has a creamy texture and applies well onto the eye lid. The light shimmer tone is wonderful for making even the most exhausted of peepers come to life, even after a few simple strokes.

The shadows are easy blendable and somewhat sheer however with a decent eye primer they will stay put for the duration of day/evening. Not bad for £4.50 right?


I’ll admit the pigmentation isn’t up there with some of the big players such as Urban Decay, however they are buildable and have a beautiful tone/texture.

The top of the shadows are dusted in a beautiful light glitter that I assumed would have been present throughout the product, unfortunately after the first couple of strokes it becomes apparent it’s simply a pretty topper *sigh* However don’t let that put you off, the shades underneath are still just as impressive without the sprinkle of glimmer.


Would I repurchase? Absolutely!

Would I recommend? Most definitely!


Claire’s have really impressed me with this sassy little palette. Okay the packaging is basic but the product is fabulous for such an affordable price tag. Considering I’ve had numerous compliments when wearing these shades it always seems a shocker when I tell my admirers it’s a Claire’s eye shadow palette – so few people know about this gorgeous range of make-up must haves! Time to up the promo Claire’s… more beauty addicts need to know about this dazzling collection of goodies.

Overall I’m bestowing it with a rather impressive 8/10

*click here* to check it out gals!

 Claires Natural Shimmer Eyeshadow

Have you tried the Claires Accessories makeup range, if so what was your final verdict? Whatever your thoughts do feel free to leave your feedback in the comments below – as always thanks for reading!

Cheerio Chums…

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