Huge Autumn Inspired BOOTS Beauty Haul…

Hola Chummies…

As my favourite time of year vastly approaches it’s no surprise that a haul is in order to celebrate it’s imminent arrival. And with the gorgeous colours of fall looming, my creative side works overdrive looking for fabulous new shades of cosmetics… along with a sprinkling of decent anti-frizz hair care to smooth my wavy locks from the damp & drizzle that Ireland so generously produces.

Needless to say, with a ton of points on my advantage card (and a list of products I’ve been lusting after) I’ve hauled myself right into fall with a bag full of new makeup and hair care goodies to help celebrate my favourite season on the calendar… autumn!

So grab your biggest cup of hot chocolate, put your feet up for a few minutes and check out some of the fall inspired makeup purchases I managed to grab from the shelves of my local Boots store! Don’t forget, you can *Click Here* to subscribe to the Confetti & Curves YouTube channel so you never miss an upload – and I’ve a few exciting videos planned over the next number of weeks so be sure to keep your eyes peeled!

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What’s on your ‘lust list’ for fall? Have you treated yourself to any recent makeup spends for the impending season? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below so do stop by for a quick chatter 🙂

Cheerio Chums…

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30 thoughts on “Huge Autumn Inspired BOOTS Beauty Haul…

  1. You know how much I love and look forward to watching your videos – I especially love haul videos too! Everything you picked up looks amazing, that card with personalised lipstick shades to match your skin tone sounds like a nifty idea! Again as always, your eye makeup looks stunning! Xx

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    • Awwwh thank you so much huni – think I’m going to change them again this week… that’s the problem of being surrounded by so many lovely nail products – too much choice lol!!
      Ps: My apologies for the late reply – it’s been a crazy week *sigh* XXXX

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      • You’re welcome! You’ve kind of inspired me to start painting my nails again. They’ve been so neglected. I was really happy with how they turned out (check my Instagram for the picture!!)
        Hahah, I know what you mean! (even though my collection of nail polish isn’t as big as yours lol)
        Ahh, no worries, Karen! I’ve been hella busy myself and it takes me a while to get around to comments and other blog-related things 😛 Have a good week!!

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      • Oooh I must pop onto Instagram and see how they turned out – things have been so hectic this week that I haven’t had a chance to do much in terms of social media! But glad I’m inspiring you to spruce up your nails hehe Which reminds me – I have my own to do lol lol *huge hugs* XXXXX

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    • Hello lovely, thank you so much for your kind comments, that was so nice to read!!! Of course, I’ve just followed you too and looking forward to seeing what your lovely corner of the interweb is all about 🙂 Great to chat with you XXXX

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