Ebay Nail Dust Extractor Fan… Does It Really Work?!

Any nail tech will most likely agree that nasty dust particles & gritty teeth (if you’re not wearing a mask) generally comes as part of the job description when prepping a fresh new set of extensions or whittling down an old set. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve emerged from my little nail nook with a chest area resembling an icing sugar explosion from the Great British Bake Off! Apart from my recurring ‘dusty boobs’, there’s also the nail desk, lamp, shelves, floor, books, my eyelashes – EVERYTHING gets a sprinkling of the white stuff when the hum of my nail drill starts up. Needless to say, it certainly keeps Tesco’s sales up on furniture polish & my beloved Henry vacuum cleaner in a job too.

“Surely to heavens breathing in that dust is horrific for your lungs” hubby pointed out a few weeks before Christmas. ” Yep” I sighed, blattering my bosom fiercely. So after dropping a few sledgehammer sized hints, I tore open a pressie on Christmas morning to reveal the dust extractor I’d dropped into conversation (MANY times) throughout December. Of course, having spotted it on Ebay, after wincing over the price tags of the much bigger & more powerful extractors, I thought to myself that anything is better than nothing and so I was delighted to receive my very own little ‘starter’ edition that would hopefully save me a few quid on cleaning paraphernalia and most importantly, save my lungs from the nasty dust particles.

So after it sat in a box for a few weeks, I finally found the chance to relay my first impressions… Is it really any good? Or has £30 been flushed down the drain? I guess you’ll have to make yourself comfy and press play to find out…

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5 thoughts on “Ebay Nail Dust Extractor Fan… Does It Really Work?!

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