World Meet Boris: A Fluffy Kitten’s YouTube Debut…

I’ve been inundated with the loveliest of comments & emails about our new little addition to the clan, Boris the Maine Coon kitty, as many of the Confetti & Curves regular blog buddies fell head over heels with the recent piccies of this cheeky little chap featured in last Mondays post – A New Arrival.

As so many of you eager kitty fans have asked for some more piccies & an update, what better way to meet him than a fun video showcasing his daily mischief around the house. It may not be the usual beauty chatter but who can resist a few minutes of fluffy kitten footage?! You’ll also spot our other adorable fella, Gomez, the handsome Tuxedo cat.

So if you’re a crazy cat fanatic (like moi) and fancy a few minutes of itty-bitty cuteness to brighten up your day, then pour a cuppa and get comfy. Normal beauty chatter commences next week gals, enjoy 🙂

Disclaimer: Pressing play may result in overwhelming kitten broodiness!

pink heart

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Cheerio Chums…

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36 thoughts on “World Meet Boris: A Fluffy Kitten’s YouTube Debut…

    • lol lol Oh flip if you’d have seen Gomez as a wee baby too, he was amazing – super cute 😀 But it’s the fluffiness of Boris that cracks me up – cuteness overload like you say huni hehe!! Hope you’re having a lovely week so far, sending hugs ❤ XXXXXX

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  1. Oooh my heart just exploded while watching this video! So cute 🙂 Mine has also long fluffy hairs, it is so soft 😀 *crazy cat lady alert over here*

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