Name Reveal & Winner Announcement…


If y’all cast your memories back a week, hard I know considering I can barely remember what happened yesterday let alone a whole 7 days, you may recall I posted a “Help Me Name My Nail Business” which was open to suggestions both on the blog & various forms of social media.

Well gals, I’m thrilled to announce that after a week of mulling & chewing over the MANY creative suggestions you guys came up with I finally decided on a name I adore, and one that best represents how I want the branding of my new nail adventure to be!

And the winner is…

Winner name

Thank you to Deborah who kindly suggested the fabulous name: ‘Liquid Glamour‘. Deborah I LOVE it!!! It was love at first sight with this name… though one of your others certainly gave me a giggle. Looking forward to meeting you for your Gel Polish mani! 😀


Runner Up

However as Nicola suggested adding my name onto the end of Liquid Glamour, which adds a little personal touch I simply had to have a runner up! I adore this suggestion Nicola so thanks for adding your idea, I hope you enjoy your Champney’s polish set!


SO… fancy taking a peek at the new logo/branding?

*Drum Roll pleeeeeease*

Liquid Glamour By Karen Logo

Check out Liquid Glamour on Facebook where I’ll be showcasing all my latest designs, mini tutorials and fun giveaways so *CLICK HERE* to hit that follow button!

pink heart

A maaaahoosive thanks to everyone who took the time to suggest such a creative selection of ideas to torture me with, needless to say you’s made it a tough decision but I couldn’t be happier with the winning name!

Cheerio Chums…

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Winner Of The Urban Decay Naked Palette Competition….

Winner Is

IT’S FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!!!!! *Squeals of joy*

Not only is it my Birthday *Wooo Hoooo* It’s the day I announce the lucky winner of the Urban Decay Naked Palette Competition that’s been running throughout June to celebrate reaching 1000 awesome followers. Yes, 1000!!!!! I’ve literally been bursting with excitement for this moment… wanna know the winner?!

*Drum roll please* 😀



Winner congratulations

Yes, YOU are indeed the lucky lady pulled at random from a shockingly huuuuuuuge stack of entries! Well done Buff & Blend!! Please drop me a line via my contact page to arrange shipping info etc.

A maaahoosive thank you to all who entered, shared, followed, commented… the response was absolutely incredible!

Finally, without sounding like I’m babbling some sort of soppy Oscars speech… I’d genuinely like to thank each and every one of you for your support, encouragement, kindness, virtual friendship & darn right loveliness. Creating Confetti & Curves & watching it blossom to over a staggering 1000 followers has been one heck of a fun experience – all thanks to you lovely lot ❤


Congrats again to the gorgeous Buff & Blend – don’t forget to check out her blog if you haven’t done so already, it’s a haven for us cosmetic cravers. Wishing y’all a wonderful Wednesday!

Cheerio Chums…

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