The Worst Patient…


I do believe (without a shadow of a doubt) that I’m the worst patient to live with… my pain threshold is zilch, my moods pin-ball, I frequently relish in sympathy sobs and I have zero tolerance for agitating coughs, wheezes & sneezes. So now that I’m dosed with the horrid winter lurgies for a second time in four weeks my mood has hit rock bottom as I mope around in pj’s, slipper socks and my polka dot dressing gown with it’s pockets stuffed full of grotty Kleenex tissues – such an elegant vision eh?

This week has been a drag to say the least. I’ve moped, moaned, groaned and indulged myself in the occasional sympathy sob during those moments I’ve felt disgracefully sorry for myself. Monday night was the worst as my joints ached and burned as I lay in bed groaning the entire night, yes – even in my sleep! Unfortunately my poor hubby woke up the following morning feeling more exhausted than I did as he confessed to listening to my audible wails of pain only a few inches away from him from midnight to morning. Somehow I doubt I’d have been so forgiving…

Thankfully though as each day passes I’m beginning to get a teeny tiny bit better – even if I am still floating around like a domestic little thunder cloud. However in the midst of all this germ infested chaos I’ve learnt a few valuable life lessons…

Vitamin Expectations Vs Reality:

Having religiously stuck to consuming my chewy vitamin C pastels on a daily basis for the last 3 months, I must admit I was slighted disgruntled when the first bout of lurgies hit let alone the second. ‘How could they fail me? I’ve took them every bloody day!’ I whined to Steve as he softly reminded me they’re not a preventative to these beastly bugs. On the bright side, I guess it would be a whole lot harder fighting the winter nasties without them *grumble*

Never Google your symptoms:

According to more than one website I should be lying in my local funeral parlour by now. Taking to the internet to research aches and pains is reeeeeally not a good move for the bravest of souls, let alone the anxiety prone!

Don’t attempt to create a culinary masterpiece:

Yesterday evening I took a bizarre notion for Chicken in White Wine Sauce… thinking I was up to making it for the clan I took to rolling up my dressing gown sleeves and rattling about the kitchen in preparation to rustle up a tasty dinner for us all. Less than half way through prepping the ingredients my complexion had turned 50 Shades of green as my intestines performed somersaults at the mere sight food. Hoping that it was just a passing bout of nausea I prevailed… of course by the time I set the plates down I managed to nibble on half a button mushroom. Epic fail.

In fact, don’t bother cooking at all:

Ice lollies are a much better option. Enough said.

Never underestimate the power of a good Disney movie:

I may have sounded like a vintage tractor but at least 90 minutes of The Aristocats summonsed enough joy for me to exercise my vocal chords during ‘Everybody wants to be a cat’. I may be 32 but you’re never too old for Disney film right?

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Wishing you all the very best of health blog buddies *Sniff*

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My 5 Top Tips for Awesome Autumn Skin Care…

Autumn Skin Care

Hello lovelies…

Can you believe it’s the start to yet another week? Is it just me or is time whizzing by absurdly, right before our very eyes? Anyhoo, I don’t know about you guys but I’ve noticed a few changes in my skin this weather (good & bad) Firstly, I’m sure you’ll all sleep better tonight knowing my nightly skin care routine is still going strong… if you missed it first time round click here for the update. To be fair, for a gal who really doesn’t like kerfuffle and has always taken the easy/effortless option to removing make-up via baby wipes, I’m really surprised I’ve stuck to the routine and ever more shocked to admit I actually look forward to it every night! *gasp*

However lately I’ve noticed that our wonderful winter weather is coming in thick and fast… slowly fading are the bright sunny mornings that fill the room with sunlight & warmth and instead I find myself peering out at rain drops, tumbling leaves and muggy grey skies.

Living right on the coast line of the Irish sea, it brings no surprise that my lips and skin are beginning to feel the pinch of all this seasonal shift. So with that in mind, I’ve had no alternative but to up my game and make a few minor changes that could really help my skin survive the cold winter months ahead… I’m shivering already!



1) Eliminate Junk in the Trunk: I’ll be the first to admit I’m far too fond of over indulging in sugary and fatty foods that aren’t doing my skin (or waistline) any favours whatsoever. So rather than topping up my trolley with sticky treats, I’m loading my fridge and cupboards with hoards of lush green veg & fresh fruit including blueberries, strawberries and plums which are high in antioxidants. Go me eh? *cheeky wink*

2) Vital Vitamins: A friend recently introduced me to the Tesco Effervescent Vitamins and I have to admit since using them this past month I’ve noticed my skin looking and feeling remarkably better than it’s been before… no surprise really considering that Vitamin C helps boost the body’s own production of collagen, a protein that helps maintain healthier skin. And of course as we all know, Vitamin C is an amazing antioxidant that helps boost the immune system – pretty much vital when it comes to fighting those nasty winter bugs. If like me you’re a tad forgetful, I’d personally recommend keeping a little box of Vitamin C pastilles in your handbag which you’re more likely to spot on a daily basis than if they were tucked behind a pickle jar in the kitchen cupboard!

3) Drink & be Merry: As weird as it may seem, I actually really struggle with drinking water regardless of how fancy it’s presented or how much I’m told it works wonders for clearer looking skin. For me, the taste (quite simply) isn’t nice at all and so in the past I’ve tended to stick with my beloved sugary fizzy drinks *tut tut* However, I’m well aware these aren’t exactly the most healthy of liquids to be guzzling regularly so recently I’ve invested in a nice big bottle of diluting Ribena (again rich in vitamin C) to flavour the taste of water and cut down on my carbonated nasties. I know, it’s not perfect but it’s a step in the right direction. Every little helps, right?

4) Marinade in Moisturiser: Like I said my pale Irish complexion doesn’t bode well this time of year (or any other for that matter *sigh*) and so I’ve made a pact to keep myself as supple as possible. Virtually every room has a little tube of moisturising lotion hidden somewhere, so I can always keep my face and hands feeling hydrated. I’m also prone to getting a really dry nose & lips when out walking along the beach, so I tend to keep a little chap-stick in my coat pocket that I lightly dab over my nostrils for protection (sounds bizarre but I promise it works) to avoid my nose from looking red, flaky & dry… also really good if you’re loaded with the cold and constantly honking into tissues!

5) Under wraps: For all those lovely long autumnal woodland walks or early morning commutes at a freezing cold bus stop (gee I’m so grateful for my car) it’s vital to keep wrapped up as much as possible. Hat, scarf, gloves – the whole heap. Honestly, your skin will love you for it! I’ve recently dug out my little owl woolly hat & matching gloves and am thinking I could be doing with a cute new scarf to complete the look… if that isn’t the perfect excuse to go accessory shopping ladies then I don’t know what is! *he-he*

So there you have it, my personal five steps to keeping skin looking and feeling loved this autumn. If you have any cold-weather skin care tips to share I’d love to read them in the comments below…  cheerio chums 🙂

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Autumn Survival Kit

Considering I’ve spent the past 5 days shuffling around the house in my PJs, surrounded by mounds of grotty hankies, empty Lucozade bottles and living on Lemsips or ice lollies, it was pretty obvious that the time had come for some serious seasonal shopping to arm me with everything I need to survive such a miserable ordeal – or at the very least dodge any future relapses!


Needless to say this morning I dragged my rather miserable rear end out of bed, into my car and onto the high street… bloody hell was it painful! Usually I compose a little list of essentials but today my mind had short circuited so I was relying solely on blurred vision and dimmed wits to suss out everything I required. After a few hours of groaning and moaning here’s what finally ended up tumbling onto my kitchen table ladies….

  • Two giant boxes of Kleenex – It was quickly pointed out by my friend Pam that I should’ve invested in the balsam, unfortunately it was pretty much a grab and go situation and considering there’s no skin left on my nose I doubt very much it’ll make an ounce of difference.
  • A whole selection of fruitiness – Yep, I pretty much cleared the shelves and ended up with a punnet of mixed grapes, giant tub of melon cubes, pineapple chunks and a tub of yummy mixed berries. My body seems to crave sweet & juicy hydration at times like this.
  • Tesco Effervescent Vitamins – These weren’t on my imaginary list but after a quick pit-stop at Tesco café I bumped into my chum Kerry who is also ‘man-down’ with the same grotty virus… however she highly recommended these and even reassured me that the orange flavour was quite palatable. Heck, if it helps to avoid a repeat of this then I’m in! Actually, I tried the raspberry flavour this afternoon – quite tart but easily downable without making any scrunched up facial expressions *phew* There’s also a lemon and lime flavour if you prefer something with a bit more zing.
  • Bassets Chewy Vitamins – Okay, bit of a vitamin overload but considering every time illness strikes I could kick myself for not investing in vitamins as my immune system seems to flee at the sound of a mere throat clearing. So for fear I would end up exerting my gag reflex on the effervescent fizzy tabs, I picked up these little beauties just in case… plus mini me can take one a day too!
  • Paracetamol –I’m not much of a martyr when it comes aches and pains.
  • Cough Syrup – I’ve heard quite a few cough ridden candidates mention Buttercup Syrup and considering I sound like a broken vintage steamroller at present I’m willing to give it a shot – smells pretty intense so I’m assuming it’s nectar for phlegm clogged chests *Sorry TMI*
  • Maybelline Baby Lips ‘smoothing’ Lip Balm – Because no shopping spree would be a ‘spree’ without a little luxury item, right? Plus, it’s that time of year where the lips need a little extra TLC. *mwah*


So there you have it, I’m now fully stocked up and ready for whatever my antibodies can’t handle. Hopefully I’ll stick to knocking back my daily vitamins & avoid as much of these airbourne nasties as a result. Have you any recommendations for staying healthy this autumn? If so please share, I’d love to hear them!

Thanks for reading,

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