What I Got For Christmas…


I know, I know… just as the fairy lights, sparkly baubles and giant stockings are packed away for the year, I go and mention it all again *dramatic eye roll* However over Christmas & the new year so many of my awesome blog buddies kept in touch via email and a few of you were keen to know what goodies were awaiting me under the tree come Christmas morning… so naturally I thought it would be a little more handy to show y’all in the form of a fun video! Apologies it’s a little later than planned ladies but hey… better late than never right?

I’m personally a huuuuge fan of noseying at what pressies others got for the big day, so if you’ve done a similar post or YouTube upload pleeeease go right ahead & leave the link for me below as I’d love to check it out too 🙂

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So go grab something yummy to sip on & get yourself comfy as I give you guys a little peek at some of the newest additions to my list of favourite things. Oh, and do let me know in the comments if you had a favourite pressie this year! ❤

Cheerio Chums…

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