Create Your Own Mini Photo Studio…

Mini Photo Studio


As many of know, I’m the kinda girl who loves to roll her sleeves up and get stuck into a crafty little project every once in a while, and seeing as I have an endless list of beauty goodies to review I was pondering over where & how to photograph them – until a little creative light-bulb appeared overhead… why not make my own mini photo studio?

Having an attic crammed full of empty boxes, I was pretty sure one of them could be the perfect candidate for my project… however, not willing to brave the potential army of spiders lurking up the ladder, I managed to convince my hubby into making the trip instead. Yes, he loves me that much! Needless to say he grabbed the perfect box I could transform it into a little photography haven.

Thankfully all went rather well… and seeing as this might come in handy for a few others, I thought I’d share a little tutorial with you guys. It’s mega easy to do and takes no time at all – two things I love in quick craft session!




Okay, so you’ll need the following list of magic ingredients….

1) One empty *spider free* cardboard box.

2) Acrylic paint to cover the inside of your box walls with.

3) Wallpaper remnants if you like the idea of a colourful background… check your local DIY store for any freebie off-cuts they have lying around.

4) Material for your photographed products to perch on, or alternatively you can paint the base!

5) An array of charming little props such as fairy lights, candles, gems or any other cutesy items you want to include.

6) Some goodies to photograph.

What you need


Here’s how to make the magic happen…


1) Take your empty box and cut out a side wall (including any of the top closure flaps) however if you want to create a slightly more stable base then you can leave the bottom of the side wall attached to the box and fold it in like so:

Empty Box

2) Paint the inner walls of your box to create a solid back-drop. I used a white acrylic paint which is water based and easy to work with, it also dries to a nice matte finish very quickly. You’ll probably need to apply 3/4 coats to get a good consistent coverage!

Painted Inner Box

3) You can line the walls of your box with remnants of wallpaper too if you prefer something more colourful… I opted for removing the folded-in flap and clipping the wallpaper on to that instead, so I could change it as often as I liked. Blue-Tack or mini bull-dog clips are great for this! Alternatively, if you have a sheer material you can also use it to create a soft elegant back drop instead!

Add Wallpaper

Material background 1

 Material background 2

4)  If you’re adding some material for the base, pop a few little boxes underneath to give your products some height range. I used white sparkle-tulle that has a light sprinkling of silver sparkle through it to create a beautiful soft look! However you can use other things like a pretty silk scarf to create a nice colourful base setting, alternatively paint the folded side to match your box walls.

Base options

5) Once you have your display set up and props in place, its then time to include your goodies. If lighting is an issue, grab yourself a little desk lamp which will help your camera capture a nice bright, clear image!

Props and products

Once your mini photo shoot is complete just remove everything and keep all your essentials tucked neatly inside the box so you’ll always have everything to hand pretty pronto!

Material background 1

There you have it – your very own little mini photo studio. Naturally you can buy pop up photography tents in a multitude of colours, but if you like something that’s quirky, easy to make and perfect for interchanging background choices then why not give this a go? Not only will it save the pennies, but you’ll always have a handy little place to take quick and easy product shots from. If you do give this crafty little studio a go make sure to send me some pics – I’d love to feature your creation on Confetti & Curves!

What (or where) do you prefer to use for your photography back drop? As always I’d love to read your thoughts & feedback in the comments below!

 Thanks for reading… cheerio chums 🙂

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