My Top YouTube Channels…

My Top YouTube Channels

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine admitting to a *slight* addiction to watching YouTube videos. In fact this time last year I could probably count on both hands how many times I’d ventured onto the site to watch anything at all, yet over this past 8 months (certainly since launching Confetti & Curves) I’ve not just grown to making it my viewing preference over TV… I’ve even gone and launched a channel of my very own, *click here* to check it out –  craziness, I know!!

So being a Friday *yippeee* which is the night most of us are curled up with a bag of malteasers & glass or two of vino, I thought it would be the perfect time to share my favourite interweb celebs that I highly suggest you settle down to watch… however, I take no responsibility whatsoever should you become as obsessed as I am!!!


Grav3yard Girl

Bunny Graveyard Girl

I distinctly remember the first time I stumbled across Bunny’s channel, not only was I intrigued by her quirky ‘who gives a toot what I look like on my pj days’ attitude I was reeled in pretty darn quickly by her addictive “Does This Thing Really Work?” series. She’s one hilarious gal that has bags of confidence, never fails to make me giggle and is so refreshingly down to earth! Check her out for yourself ladies…


Wayne Goss

Wayne Goss

Okay, I admit it – it’s not just his brilliance with a blusher brush or cracking contouring skills that has me clicking for more, he’s also rather pleasant on the eyes isn’t he gals?! *swoon* 😉 However keeping in mind I’m a happily married woman (with no desire to window shop) I’m a huge fan of Wayne’s as he shares some pretty nifty tips that have undoubtedly accelerated my learning curve to the perfect winged liner and ultimate eye-shadow blend. If you’re not watching Wayne, you’re missing out!


 Sprinkle of Glitter

Lousie Sprinkle of Glitter

She’s the mama of mischief & mayhem. Watching Louise’s vids makes me feel like I’m catching up with an old friend.  She’s so wonderfully down to earth, wears her heart on her sleeve and is always on point at embracing her curvy silhouette!


Vivianna Does Makeup

Vivianna Does Makeup

What this beauty guru doesn’t know about make-up simply isn’t worth knowing. Whether you’re a high-end label lover or drug store bargain hunter, Vivanna’s seasonal edits and make-up menu’s has something for everyone. Be sure to check out her daily vlogs too – the girl seems to ooze positivity, so if you need perking up or inspiring then look no further!


Marlena – Makeup Geek

Marlena Makeup Geek

I’m pretty sure there’s not a beauty blogger or makeup maven out there that hasn’t heard of The Makeup Geek. Yes, the stunning Marlena and her mind blowing tips on how to get the best out of your cosmetic stash never fails to entertain me for hours on end. One of the most genuine & talented gals to grace our laptop screens for sure… if only she’d hurry up and launch her brand in the UK *sob*


So there we have it ladies… my current must-watch list of talented YouTuber’s! Do you keep up with any of these guys? Who’s your favourite YouTuber at the moment? Or maybe you have your own channel you’d like to share so we can all check it out?! Whatever your musings do leave them in the comments below along with any recommendations or links to your own little YouTube haven.

Have a great weekend guys… keep safe & sassy 😉

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5 Blogs I Love… with Kaily from Someday Sunny!

Five Blogs I Love

Hey Beauty Buddies…

I’m super excited today as I post my very first collab *Eeeep* with the lovely Kaily from Someday Sunny. Kaily and I were having a chatter a few weeks ago & somehow got round to gabbling about our fav bloggers, which led to the conclusion it would be a great collab opportunity! Never one for passing a fun opportunity, I jumped at the chance.

Now seeing as I adore sooo many of your beautiful blogs here on WordPress, I simply couldn’t narrow it down to 5 blog buddy favourites, so instead I’ve opted for 5 blogs that originally inspired me to create Confetti & Curves.

I’m sure many of you will be more than familiar with a few of these famous names & faces – if not, do check them out! I’m convinced you’ll be hooked as much as I am…

1) Louise – Sprinkle of Glitter

Sprinkle of Glitter

I originally stumbled across Louise’s super successful YouTube channel last year and was instantly hooked. If (like me) your a fan of Louise’s blog, you’ll most likely agree that it’s packed full of really inspiring posts on everything she loves in life… parenting, beauty, crafts, travelling, friends, and fabulous fashion for curvy girls!

2) Anna – Vivianna Does Makeup

Vivianna Does Makeup

What this gal doesn’t know about makeup simply isn’t worth knowing at all. Anna has works her magnificently manicured nails to the bone to create an online haven for all of us who adore our daily dose of beauty briefings and ultra useful tutorials. Check out her weekly Vlogs too, they’re utterly addictive!

3) BlogHer


BlogHer isn’t so much as a singular blog but rather a whole community of phenomenally useful blog articles. Written by women for women, there’s everything from style, work, life, relationships, beauty, health, family, food – trust me the list goes on… it’s an online sanctuary for ladies of all ages as there is truly something for everyone. However before you check it out I’d advise you to get comfy and clear your schedule for a few hours –  you could be there for quite some time! Yes, it’s that good 😉


4) A Thrifty Mrs

A Thrifty Mrs

Any blog that claims I can ‘have a blast without blowing the budget’ gets a virtual thumbs up from me! Thrifty Mrs is bunged with top cash-savvy tips that will teach even the most money conscious of blogger a thing or two – this girl has a serious knack of saving the strain on your purse strings by introducing you to top guidance on beauty purchases, home make-overs, crafts, recipes and much much more. The blog is beautifully presented, easy to navigate and filled with great advice & freebies – you’ll be thriftifying your ways in no time!

5) Marlena – Simply Marlena

Simplyh Marlena

For those of you who haven’t already heard of Marlena (goodness knows why) she’s the founder and creator of Makeup Geek, a brand that seems to have taken the US by storm. Apart from her awe inspiring success, Marlena’s personal blog Simply Marlena tends to focus more on her personal musings. The one thing I love about her is how open and honest she is about personal struggles and often just life in general. If anyone can encourage you it’s Marlena!

 Finally a huge thanks to the gorgeous Kaily from Someday Sunny, it’s been a ridiculously fun first collab! Don’t forget to pop over and check out her top picks too… see you there! 🙂

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Are you a follower of any of my fab five blog picks? Who’s your favourite bloggers to keep up with? Let me know in the comments below, I do love a good chatter! As always, thanks for reading…

Cheerio chums,

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