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The Nail File

Aloha Chums!

Regardless of recent health drama’s, I’ve managed to relax a little by taking a few pics of some fun nail art I’ve been getting up to. With a ton of glitters and gorgeous gel polishes to play with here’s just a few of the designs that I’ve managed to capture this week…

Sea Shore Green

Mermaid Nail Art

Living a stones throw away from the sea it’s something I tend to draw inspiration from in all weathers as the landscape changes so drastically from day to day! I noticed it was a vibrant green colour one day last week, with the sun rays illuminating the colours as I watched sea green waves gently lap onto the shore… which gave me a notion to try out this design! Very beachy, don’t you think?!


Dusky Dew Drops

Chunky Glitter Nail Art

This was a really simple design incorporating a light marbled effect with gel polish and some gorgeous shiny blue chunky glitter encapsulated under the top gel coat. It was inspired by a recent summer rain shower where the water droplets were making some really playful light effects across our kitchen wall from the sunshine.


Disney Pattern

Disney Nail Art

I spotted this playful idea on Pinterest and thought I’d give it a go on a short accent nail. It’s super cute and reminds me of recently finding some piccies from a family holiday in Disneyland Paris when I was much younger!


Tribal Design

Tribal Nail Art

I love creating hand painted tribal patterns and thought I would give it a go on a matte gel nail. It reminds me of a cute Turkish vase I found in a charity shop recently that’s decorated in cute little dots of all different sizes!


Baby Boomer Glitter Gradiant

Baby Boomer Glitter Nail

I adore classic pink and white nails, but this has got to be one of my favourites. It’s a gorgeous french pink & white acrylic gradient with a teeny layer of micro sparkle to give it a beautiful iridescent sheen. What a gorgeous combo for a bridal set don’t you think?

pink heart

What one’s your favourite design? Do you have any fun suggestions for me to try out next? Whatever your thought’s I’d love to read them in the comments below so do stop by to say a quick howdy lovelies:)

Catch you’s on Friday for another YouTube chatter!

Cheerio Chums…

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Pimp Your Pumps…

Pimp Your Pumps

Hey Blog Buddies…

I have to admit, although I relish a pair of super-comfy casual shoes I’m rather partial to a teeny bitta bling every once in a while. Naturally not all summer days are bursting with sunshine here in N. Ireland, so having a pair of sassy little pimped-up pumps helps add a touch of fun glam to any summer outfit for those slightly cooler days. I absolutely adore mine & have even been asked by complete strangers where they can get a pair of their very own…. hmmm I feel a crafty little DIY tutorial brewing 😉 Here goes:


1) Treat yourself to a shiny new pair of pumps. It doesn’t have to be the latest Converse, in fact it’s probably best you try it out on a cheaper pair first. I bought my tester pair from Dunnes Stores which were well below only £8. Not bad eh? 😉 Alternatively you could always up-cycle any old Converse you might have lurking in the depths of your closet by popping them in the wash (just make sure to check out the manufacturers cleaning guidelines first!)

grey  converse

2) Gently clean the tip of your shoes with a baby wipe or damp cloth to remove any grimy residue that may prevent your crystals from sticking… this leaves the tips clean & ready to decorate!

toe of pump

3) Pour a blob of fabric glue onto a paper plate – you’ll only need to use the tiniest amount so make sure it’s no bigger than a penny. Whatever you do make sure you use fabric glue to ensure the materials bond together strongly enough for everyday wear & tear. Ordinary craft glue just ain’t an option crafters! I’d recommend using Gem Tac by Beacon, it worked a treat for me & set the crystals perfectly!
Fabric Glue
4) Scatter out your gems onto a separate paper plate. Roll a small blob of Blu Tack onto the end of your cocktail stick.  Carefully lift a crystal using the blu tack end of your cocktail stick and dip the base of the crystal very lightly onto the glue then immediately fix to the toe of the shoe. Start at the edge and work across.

Alternatively you can put a tiny patch of glue onto the rubber toe and apply your rhinestones straight onto the shoe, however you need to work really quickly as it dries super fast!


5) Leave your shoes to dry overnight then Voila… your sparkly new pumps are ready to wear!

Sparkle 1


Don’t forget you can try this with a whole range of brightly coloured rhinestones!!

Fancy giving this a try yourself? What coloured crystals would you go for?


sparkle shoes 2

As always thanks so much for stopping by & don’t forget to say a quick hello in the comments below! Have an awesome weekend chums…

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Trick or Treat? Halloween Party Style File…

Halloween Style File

It’s that time of year where most high-street stores are crammed full of pumpkins, pitch forks and pointy witch’s hats. However not all of us are doomed (or willing) to spend a night smeared in grease paint and dripping with false blood. For those glam-loving gals who prefer to step out in style, I’ve compiled a little style-file containing my favourite finds to guarantee you’ll be the fairest of them all at your upcoming Halloween Ball….

Autumn Party Look

 1) ASOS CURVE Body Con Dress with Frill Sleeve: This gorgeous stretch jersey dress is designed with us fuller figured females in mind. Available up to a size 30, no one need miss out on being the belle of the ball… what a show stopper!

2) Daniel Sandler Billion Dollar Body Shimmer: This beautiful glimmering powder adds a lightweight shimmer to highlight and enhance the skin. With its smooth velvety texture it’s perfect for adding warmth to almost any complexion.

3) MaxFactor Colour Collections So Berry Lipstick: What better way to make an impact than by rocking a set of bewitching berry lips? It’s the perfect autumnal tone to add a pop of sumptuous party pout.

4) Bijoux Oui Spider Web Gold Plated Earrings: Come on… even the classiest of Halloween party outfit deserves a little sprinkling of subtle spookiness, don’t you agree?

5) Bobby Brown Warm Eye Shadow Palette: No party outfit is complete without a set of shimmering smoky lids. How gorgeous would these warm & sparkly eye shades look with that beautiful berry lipstick, huh ladies? *swoon*

6) Dazzling Party Clutch Bag: The internet is awash with a selection of charming clutches, it’s just so hard to choose one. However when I stumbled across this bedazzling little beauty for an astonishing £2.29 on EBay I couldn’t resist including it in my top picks.

7) My Natural Lashes by Rimini, Eye Lashes Direct: These luscious lashes will add the perfect finishing touch to create a natural yet full look. Having been worn by the likes of Madonna, Kim K, Heidi Klum, Jennifer Lopez & Michella Obama, you know you’re in great company!

8) Glitter Pointed High Heels: Finally my favourite accessory… the footwear! In my humble opinion there is nothing more captivating than a sensational shoe, and what girl doesn’t love a bit of sparkle? Treat those feet to something special such as these glitter shoes from Thats Point. At mere £21.20 what’s not to love?

So there you have it my little firecrackers, my top picks when it comes to creating a sassy Halloween party outfit – all without a set of false vampire teeth in sight I may add! Don’t forget to share any thoughts or fabulous finds of your own in the comments below, I love reading & responding to them all…

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