Trick or Treat? Make-Up for Tiny Terrors…

Trick or Treat

Hello lovelies… finally, the spookiest day of the year has arrived and here at the Rees household excitement is running high as pumpkins are carved, toffee apples are ready for consumption and my make-up kit prepares itself to create a series of frightful looks for a night of trick or treating. However, a few days ago I had a little early practice at creating a bewitching look for my daughter Emma’s end of term Halloween disco. Being a nine year old who loves nothing more than playing dress up and painting herself in play make-up, it was no surprise she wanted to go all out this year and opt for a very scary look that would combine a mixture of grease paint, false blood and LOTS of back combing… and so off to Asda we went in search for some inspiration amongst their Halloween aisle! I must say I was rather impressed with their selection of goodies, but after a good rummage round the shelves Em’s and I opted for the Smiffy’s Make-Up FX kit that contained the necessary face-paints, blood capsules, sponge and  brush to make the look a success. At a mere £4 I was more than happy to make the investment, particularly if it saves my own make-up collection from being tortured to within an inch of its life.

The kit itself may seem pretty basic to look at but it done the job perfectly. The face paints went on without any bother whatsoever (compared to some cheaper ones we’ve tried in previous years) and gave a very realistic look, especially when the white is lightly dabbed over with the black to create more of a cadaverous grey/bruised effect. I will say however, that the sponge is incredibly tiny and at times hard to keep hold off so if you have a bigger applicator lying about I’d highly recommend you keep it to hand. The basic face application took about 20 minutes in total which wasn’t too painful, Emma remarked how comfortable it felt and non irritating for her sensitive skin – which is always a major plus as not every product is suitable for her to wear. Thankfully we had applied a little tester 24 hours before the main application, just to ensure it was safe enough to use without flaring up any unwanted reactions.


To finish the look I dug out an old liquid liner and added a few little stitches on various parts of her face (including the sides of her mouth) and drew some very fine vein lines just under her darkened eyes which added some  fun detail to make it a little more realistic. Finally that left us adding the false blood, which I must admit was so much fun! Considering they come in tiny little capsules I was preparing myself for a rather messy, blood splattered kitchen floor after assuming the contents would literally burst out everywhere. However I was surprised to find it was a lot more thicker than I imagined which made it really easy to create the look we wanted.


TA-DA! So there you have it, one tiny terror all ready for a night of ghostly goings-on. If you have any great tips for Halloween or Special effects make-up, have created your own super spooky look or have a recent Halloween blog-post you’d like to share do leave it in the comments below, I’d love to check them out!

Wishing you all a frighteningly fun but super-safe Halloween… Cheerio chums! 🙂

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