Pimp Your Pumps…

Pimp Your Pumps

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I have to admit, although I relish a pair of super-comfy casual shoes I’m rather partial to a teeny bitta bling every once in a while. Naturally not all summer days are bursting with sunshine here in N. Ireland, so having a pair of sassy little pimped-up pumps helps add a touch of fun glam to any summer outfit for those slightly cooler days. I absolutely adore mine & have even been asked by complete strangers where they can get a pair of their very own…. hmmm I feel a crafty little DIY tutorial brewing 😉 Here goes:


1) Treat yourself to a shiny new pair of pumps. It doesn’t have to be the latest Converse, in fact it’s probably best you try it out on a cheaper pair first. I bought my tester pair from Dunnes Stores which were well below only £8. Not bad eh? 😉 Alternatively you could always up-cycle any old Converse you might have lurking in the depths of your closet by popping them in the wash (just make sure to check out the manufacturers cleaning guidelines first!)

grey  converse

2) Gently clean the tip of your shoes with a baby wipe or damp cloth to remove any grimy residue that may prevent your crystals from sticking… this leaves the tips clean & ready to decorate!

toe of pump

3) Pour a blob of fabric glue onto a paper plate – you’ll only need to use the tiniest amount so make sure it’s no bigger than a penny. Whatever you do make sure you use fabric glue to ensure the materials bond together strongly enough for everyday wear & tear. Ordinary craft glue just ain’t an option crafters! I’d recommend using Gem Tac by Beacon, it worked a treat for me & set the crystals perfectly!
Fabric Glue
4) Scatter out your gems onto a separate paper plate. Roll a small blob of Blu Tack onto the end of your cocktail stick.  Carefully lift a crystal using the blu tack end of your cocktail stick and dip the base of the crystal very lightly onto the glue then immediately fix to the toe of the shoe. Start at the edge and work across.

Alternatively you can put a tiny patch of glue onto the rubber toe and apply your rhinestones straight onto the shoe, however you need to work really quickly as it dries super fast!


5) Leave your shoes to dry overnight then Voila… your sparkly new pumps are ready to wear!

Sparkle 1


Don’t forget you can try this with a whole range of brightly coloured rhinestones!!

Fancy giving this a try yourself? What coloured crystals would you go for?


sparkle shoes 2

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Sassy Spring Essentials…

Step into Spring

Hey lovelies…

As my spring clear out is (almost) complete, what better way to celebrate than to dreamily ponder over what gorgeous goodies to restock my closet and beauty shelves with?! After spending a few hours mulling around the interweb I’ve found a few little items of inspiration that will undoubtedly get us in the mood to dust of the winter gloom and step boldly into a new season of vibrant colours. Are you sitting comfy? Then lets’ get started…


Spring Essentials

1) ASOS Curve Swing Dress: After packing away those winter woollies this gorgeous Asos Swing Dress (available in sizes 18-28) is the perfect patterned addition to brighten up any wardrobe. I love these shorter dresses for us taller gals too as they make the perfect maxi style top with a sassy pair of skinny jeans or leggings!


2) Marc Jacobs Daisy: No spring wishlist would be complete without a fresh waft of perfume that also happens to be contained in one of the prettiest daisy-clad bottles you’ll set your peepers upon. Marc Jacobs Daisy is the ideal spring scent that smells every bit as fresh and feminine as it looks.


3)  Superdrug Colour Performance: New season, new hair! After surviving those harsh winter months, most follicles are screaming out for a little TLC. The Superdrug hair colour range is by far one of the best I’ve tried and tested (many times I should add *aah hem*) It’s undoubtedly one of the most vibrant finishes that holds it’s colour for such an impressive length of time. For the price it really is a bargain girls. Oh, and the freebie conditioner is phenomenal for taming even the frizziest of manes! You’re welcome 😉


4) MUA Spring Break Palette: Having road-tested an entire batch of MUA products over the last few months I’m mightily impressed with this budget busting range of cosmetic goodies. How beautiful is this spring palette that’s simply bursting with super delicious pastille shades guaranteed to brighten up even the most lack-lustre of lids. For a mere £4.00 you just can’t go wrong!


5) Marni Leather Boots: Okay I’ll admit ladies, they’re a little ‘unique’ compared to my normal choice of foot fashion, however I adore the quirky heel design and neutral colour that will look great with almost any spring outfit… and with 60% off they make a great new season investment!


6) Benefit CORALista Coral Blush: I’ve yet to meet a beauty addict yet who isn’t a fan of Benefit’s mighty range of captivating cosmetics. I’ve noticed so many rave reviews about this beautiful blush set that it’s edged its way straight to the top of my spring wishlist! Check it out ladies – it even comes with it’s own cute little blush brush ❤


7) Dior Addict Lip lipgloss: I’ve had my eye on this little tube of lip-candy for a while now. Not only is the packaging a visual treat but the product itself is available in a huge range of delicious colours that’s guaranteed to perk up any pout.


8) Michael Kors (Brooke) Leather Shoulder Tote: You all know how much of a handbag addict I am, of course after stumbling upon this stunning tote from one of my favourite handbag designers, I simply had to sneak it onto the Wishlist. At £310 it’s a little on the pricey side but worth every penny for a high quality bag that’s sure to drop a few jaws in the process (mine included) I’m in love!

So there you have it beauty buddies, my Step into Spring wishlist. What’s top of your seasonal must haves? Are you all set to wave goodbye to your winter thermals?

As always thanks for reading… don’t forget to say a quick hello in the comments below 🙂

Cheerio chums,

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The Look Of Love…

The Look Of Love

Hello Lovelies…

Can you believe it’s February already? Nope, me either. However seeing as it’s the first post of such a loved up month I thought it was only fitting to start it off with a sprinkling of fashion inspiration for all those ladies who’ll be stepping out in style this Valentines night. So whether you’re off to see the highly anticipated 50 Shades Of Grey or cosying up in your favourite restaurant with your other half, it’s inevitable you’ll want an outfit to impress…

 Valentines Style

 1) I spotted this gorgeous hot pink dress whilst flicking through the latest Simply Be catalogue. I absolutely adore the vibrant colour and sassy little metallic waist band detail… best of all it’s available in sizes 12-32 *click here* for more details.

 2) What glamour obsessed gal doesn’t love a metallic clutch? I spotted this gorgeous little number on Chic Bag and thought it would tie in perfect with my Valentines outfit choices. Shockingly (I hope you’re sitting down) it’s reduced from £180 down to a staggering £11.99!

 3) If you love layering up your lashes then Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara is right up your street. Its hourglass shaped brush and lash lengthening formula will undoubtedly bestow you with movie-star eyes. Available from Debenhams.

 4) This is probably one of my all time favourite perfumes… Miss Dior is a fragrance that I can only describe as liquid love in the most daintily pretty little bottle. After my hubby treated me to a bottle at Christmas I’ve been hooked ever since. Check out the scent-sational range of Dior fragrances available from Boots.

 5) What outfit would be complete without a statement MAC lippy to add a perfect pop of colour? This gorgeous shade ‘All Fired Up’ is one of my favourite passionate pink tones. Check it out by visiting the MAC store online.

 6) I’ve recently just discovered this beautiful bronzer from Vivo. For only £4.99 this stunning velvety-soft bronze powder is not to be missed. Just *click here* to check it out on Vivo’s website… who knows what other beauty bargains you’ll stumbled across?

7) Any of the Urban Decay palettes are worthy of a mention, however seeing as we’re sticking to silvery tones for my Valentines outfit choice what could be more perfect than the sumptuous shades of the Naked 2 collection? I’m in love! *swoon*

8) Now ladies most of you know only too well how much I love my glitter, so when I spotted these cute little hot pink hearts on Etsy I knew they’d be the perfect Valentines accessory – without running the risk of looking like a misplaced Christmas bauble! They’ll add the perfect little sprinkle of shimmer to your lobes. Grab your pair from LittleBearsMom Etsy shop.

9) Having spent the last few months encased in winter boots, I’m looking for any excuse to step out in sassy little strappy sandals. Available from ASOS, this pair of stunning stilettos are guaranteed to add the perfect finishing touch to any loved up outfit… just don’t forget to treat yourself to a little pedi-party before stepping out in style.

pink heart

So there you have it ladies, my ‘Look Of Love’ in nine stylish steps. Have you any plans this Valentines night? What will you be up to & what’s on your must-wear menu? As always I love reading your thoughts in the comments below so do stop by for a quick chatter!

Cheerio Chums…

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Passionate for Purple?

Passionate for Purple profile image

Purple is by far one of my favourite wedding colour themes. It’s sassy, classy and full of visual flavour so it’s no surprise that in recent years it’s became one of the top requested colours by brides all over the world. From soft lilac hues to rich Cadbury tones – purple is an instant hit that can exquisitely compliment all four glorious seasons.

However as we’re all feeling a little festive now that December has arrived, I thought I’d put together a post of inspiration for all you lovely ladies out there who are either planning a trip down the aisle, dreaming of it, or just like me – done it but still swooning over the finer details!

So without further ado, I bring a purple coloured sprinkle of inspiration for all you like minded ladies who relish in the thought of combining this beautiful tone with such a cheery time of year…

The Dress

Firstly, if you’re planning a purple winter wonderland themed affair you’ll probably want a dress that suits the occasion. I found this amazing a-line gown by the award winning Sonsie range from Veromia. It boasts the most beautifully detailed bateau neckline that gives an elegant visual with the sweetheart effect, but as a curvy girl I like a little bit of coverage without being too smothered in fabric and this is the perfect compromise… how pretty is the bodice detailing? *sigh*


The one thing I love about Sonsie is the quality behind every gown – it’s exquisite. And as a responsible ex-retailer & supporter of local businesses make sure you visit their website to get a list of authorised stockists, rather than opting for an inferior internet copy that could potentially cost you heartache and money!

The Jewellery

If you’re opting for purple, why not incorporate hints of colours into your wedding accessories? This delicate lilac charm bracelet, necklace and earring range by Julieanne is the perfect way to playfully add your favourite shade into your ensemble. I love the range of purple tones and with prices starting from £19.50 for such beautifully crafted handmade items, they’re a must-have! Of course items like this can be worn time and time again after the big day so you’re able to always make use of your stunning accessories; rather than hiding them away in a jewellery cabinet for years to come.

Purple jewellery

The Shoes

Of course no outfit would be completely without a dazzling pair of party feet – and this isn’t the time to get all tootsie shy girls! A statement pair of coloured stilettos has been fast becoming the rage amongst brides for quite some time now, and with high street stores awash with so many lavish designs it’s not hard to find yourself feeling just as excited as the iconic Carrie Bradshaw would be. I’m personally in love with this designer pair from Alexander McQueen. I know, I know – you’re lost for words right?! *deep breaths*


The Maids

One of the things I love most about this sassy shade is the fact that’s is so darn versatile. Literally any shape, size, skin or hair tone can pull off purple with ease – unlike many of the other shades on a colour chart. Purple is incredibly flattering and with a multitude of seriously beautiful hues you’re never stuck for choice. It can look amazing teamed up with other vibrant shades such as fuscia, merged with dazzling metallics, or kept classy with mono-tones such as black or ivory. Take a peek at this gorgeous trio of purple clad lovelies also available from D’Zage by Veromia… the striking colour, soft dipped neckline and flattering bodice that is gathered by a side embellishment makes for the perfect maids gown, don’t you think?


The Venue

I must say in all my experience of working with brides the venue is something that can easily overwhelm, thankfully wedding planners and venue designers are much more affordable and easy to come by these days, so if you’re stuck for inspiration the best place to start for guidance is your venue who will more than likely have their own wedding co-ordinator on site. For me this wonderful Purple Winter décor is an absolute visual stunner – just look at the detail, it’s like something from a Disney movie. Again, it shows how incredibly well purple and winter go hand-in-hand!

Purple Venue

The Little Details

As I was wading my way through images of inspiration, I came across this beautiful little picture of a table set with some cute clear/purple baubles that can also double as place settings. Aren’t they gorgeous? I’m also rather taken by the purple wine glass too – it’s all those fun little touches that bring the whole look together.

Purple table details

The Cake

Gone are the days of boring cake designs as the revolution of self taught bakers and cup-cake makers take over our social media news feeds and dominate our extra special occasions. However for me I still love the classic ivory cake finished off with just a pop of colour, and what better way to do this than with gorgeous purple sugar petals? Just look at how vibrant it sits against the traditionally classic cake. I’d happily renew my vows for this alone!! *hehe*

Purple Cake

The bouquet

Brooch bouquets are one of my all time favourite bridal accessories and this one by the talented Noaki absolutely blows me away – it’s utterly breathtaking. The wonderful thing about a brooch bouquet is not only is it something you can keep forever as a sentimental heirloom, you can also incorporate any little treasures from loved ones who aren’t able to join you on your special day.

Purple Brooch Bouquet

So there you have it, my little pearls of inspiration when it comes to planning a purple themed winter wedding – I hope you like all my top picks.

Is purple one of your favourite colours? What theme would you fall in love with? Whether you’re single, engaged or already hitched I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments below…

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*Please note this is not a sponsored post – all product choices & opinions are my own*

If The Shoe Fits…

If the shoes fits2

We all love a gorgeous pair of shoes right? But when it comes to finding the perfect tootsie attire for your big day there’s so much more to think about than simply picking out a pretty pair of peep-toes. Considering you’ll be on your feet a good portion of the day and night, it takes an Academy Award Winning bride to smile rather than grimace over the pain of throbbing blisters *ouch* So before you dash into the nearest shoe boutique waving your credit card with excitement, take a few moments to contemplate what you desire before splashing the cash on those hot new heels…

Home or Away?

If (for example) you’re having a good old British winter wedding, you’ll probably want to scan the shelves for something a little more practical such as a cosy closed court or cute wedding boot. If on the other hand, you’re planning on jetting off into the sunset you’ll more than likely want to opt for something lighter such as sandals or flip-flops. However before you decide, double check where you’ll be getting married and what the terrain is. Sounds odd, but I’ve witnessed countless brides who have returned home with burnt and blistered feet due to the heat of the sand from beach weddings… not exactly the souvenir you hope to bring home!

How High?

My solid advice would be to wear what you’re normally comfortable with. If you’re often found dashing about in flats then spending an entire day in six inch stilettos might just leave you crawling on your hands and knees before you’ve even had a chance to cut the cake. Alternatively go with a kitten heel, which always gives a much better posture than flats. If indeed you’re a heel enthusiast, just keep in mind these two fundamentals: The height of your groom & the length of your dress. If your gown is scalloped or ornately edged it’s probably best to discuss bespoke length measurements with your bridal retailer to avoid potentially hefty alteration bills. Just ensure you stick to the heel height you were measured in when buying your shoes.

Matching Up:

If you’re trying to match the shade of ivory/white with your dress (and believe me there is A LOT of different shades out there) then you’re going to need a little swatch of gown material to take with you. Most bridal retailers will supply this on request, so you don’t have to stress about keeping the correct tone in your mind’s eye… which is literally impossible to do anyway. This little swatch will also come in handy for matching other items such as jewellery, hair accessories, invites, flowers etc. So if you can, ask for a few samples in case the original gets lost or is needed by one of your vendors.


Some brides prefer traditional bridal shoes to something a little off the wall in terms of colour or design, which is perfectly understandable – not all of us are fashion dare devils! If this sounds like you, I would highly recommend investing in a pair of wedding shoes from Rainbow Club who have a beautiful range of dyeable styles which are ideal for brides wanting to get the wear out of their shoes after the wedding. For those tempted to opt for something a little different, Irregular Choice shoes are incredibly popular amongst brides looking for something a little quirky and wildly unforgettable. Alternatively, for something more personal why not have your shoes hand painted? Check out the jaw-dropping designs by Figgie Shoes, possibly the most beautiful creations I’ve ever seen. It’s so darn hard to pick a favourite, her talent is amazing *swoon*

How beautiful are these designs by Figgie Shoes?

How beautiful are these designs by Figgie Shoes?


If like me, comfort is a top priority it’s probably better choosing a closed toe style that you can line with super-comfy/extra fluffy/beautifully bouncy insoles… and other foot-friendly paraphernalia that will ward off aches and pains for as long as possible! I also find wedges are much more comfortable than a stiletto heel, and surprisingly easy to walk in compared to balancing on a thinner heel. Above all, make sure you break those little beauties in by wearing them around the house as often as you can before the big day… I promise you, your feet will thank you for it.

Also ladies, don’t forget to treat yourself to a soothing pedicure that will help breakdown hard skin and calluses. If you suffer from verrucas or other fungal infections seek treatment ASAP to ensure nothing prevents you from feeling your best on the big day… you’ve a whole night of shuffling on that dance floor to look forward too!

Do you have any top tips when it comes to wearing heels or are you more of a play-it-safe in flats kinda gal? I’d love to read your thoughts, advice or views in the comments below…

Thanks for reading 🙂

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