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Hey Beauty Buddies,

Firstly a maaahoosive thank you to all who stopped by yesterdays post to check out the rather fun HUGE Boots Haul! As I previously mentioned, so many of you have been inspiring me to try a whole wealth of drug store goodies so I can’t wait to get started… keep an eye out for plenty of reviews coming soon, and don’t forget to let me know if there’s something specific you’d like to know about so I can be sure to take a few extra notes 😉

However onto today’s post as I’m super chuffed to introduce y’all to the gorgeous Jessica who’s joining us on the virtual sofa to chat about behind the scenes of her blossoming fashion & lifestyle blog Semi Sweet Tooth. I’m pretty sure many of you will be familiar with this talented gals blog already, however for those of you who aren’t be sure to pop over and check it out! Jessica has just recently made the decision to follow her dream into blogging full time *high five huni* Go Jess!!!! I’m sure she’ll make a roaring success out of it, and of course we wish her all the very best in her exciting new venture ❤ She’s incredibly friendly, welcoming and always enjoys a chatter, so if lashings of personality & fun filled posts sounds like your kinda thing then I’m pretty sure you’ll adore her online haven every bit as much as I do!

Anyways, enough from me, time to get comfy as we take a peek Behind The Blog


In only 5 words describe what readers can expect from your blog:

Fitness, fashion, food, fun… and positivity!


What inspired you to start blogging?

I started my first blog about 25 goals I wanted to accomplish by the time I was 25 years old.  Once that was completed, I wanted to keep going!  It became my creative outlet and I thrived on the positive community.  Here I am, still going strong several years later!


Tell us about your blog name… what made you decide on it?

I was looking for something that encompassed a life of balance.  Yes, I work out, but I also love sweets.  And thus… Semi-Sweet Tooth!


Do you ever suffer from Blogger’s Block & if so how do you overcome it?

Of course!  But I have my handy notebook that I bring with me almost everywhere and write down post ideas regularly.  Inspiration is everywhere!


What’s your favourite post to date?

Oh goodness, this is a tough one!  Two actually come to mind:

The Proposal: Because it was about such a huge, life-changing day.

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An Ode to Girlfriends: In life, my girlfriends mean the world to me and keep me sane. This was the best way I could think of to say thank you. 🙂


Describe your everyday clothes style:

I go for classic and traditional everyday style.  If it gives any hints, my recent style icons are Joanna Gaines, Ashley Olsen, Audrey Hepburn, and Jackie O.


What are your current top 3 beauty items?

Arbonne Mascara, Chantecaille Highlighter, and, recently, hair milk.


How do you like to relax & unwind after a stressful day?

A glass of Red and a great book or favourite show.  (For those in America, “New Girl,” “Modern Family,” & “Fixer Upper.”)


Describe your ideal Saturday night:

After a great morning workout and healthy brunch with the girls, I’d have a steak dinner and glass of red with my fiancée and get early to bed.  Spending the day laughing and smiling with my friends and family sounds perfect to me!


What do you do to relax?

A great workout typically gets the job done, but if I really need to relax after a tough day, I go with yoga, meditation, or some time with my Bible.


Everyone has their bad habits, what’s yours?

Ugh… biting my nails and cuticles.  The worst.


What was your favourite school subject?

English, although I’ve used a steady mix of Math and English ever since that elementary school.


What’s your dream job?

When I was little, it was to be a rock star.  So why not?  I want to be a rock star!


What top 5 things are on your bucket list? Living big…

Visit every continent

Become a published author

Be a parent to happy, loving children

Have a bit part in a major motion picture (no speaking lines necessary)

Be President of the United States (told you… living big)


What’s your biggest achievement to date?

Growing into my own and becoming my own person has been quite the achievement, although that’s an ongoing process.

What would technically be my largest achievements would be graduating from college, competing on Team U.S.A. for ice skating (we won!), or starting my own brand and business with Semi-Sweet Tooth.


Who inspires you?

Several people, but primarily my parents.  They’re both incredibly different, one entirely left brain and one entirely right.  Both have inspired me in different ways and they’ve made me more confident and optimistic than many in the world.  They inspire me to achieve and follow my intuition every day.


Do you have a favourite inspirational quote?

“Why settle for a spark when you can light a fire instead.”


What top tips would you give to someone who is thinking of starting their own blog?

Just start writing and write consistently.  Be open to the possibilities and see where it takes you!



Tea or Coffee = Tea

Coke or Pepsi = Pepsi

Messy mayhem or Super Organised = Super Organized

Cute kitten or Playful puppy = Playful Puppy

Night In or Night Out = Night In (or dinner out, but bed early)

Heels or Flats = Heels

Lip Stick or Lip Gloss = Lip Stick

Rock Chick or Pop Princess = Pop Princess

Paperback or E-book = Paperback

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