Keeping An Organised Blog…

Keeping An Organised Blog

I don’t know about you, but in weird (& slightly wonderful) way blogging has really revved up my engines when it comes to getting organised. It’s somehow digitally polished my rough edges and made me think about how to squeeze every ounce of productivity out of what free time I have to play around with. Who ever said being a full time writer was just about being perched on an expanding derriere, sifting through social media sites and drinking tea for 8 hours a day? *tut tut*

Considering that I’m feeling rather focused and goal orientated this weather *enthusiastic air punch* I thought I’d share a few of my own organising tips that help me become a slightly more effective blogger in the process. Now before anyone starts reaching for their virtual placards, let me be the first to wholeheartedly agree that there’s technically no right or wrong way to blog. However, in an age where many of us are juggling a million and one things all at once (work, relationships, kids, money, bills & an unhealthy obsession for eyeshadow) it’s no secret that balancing a blog into the bargain can zap a huge amount of our ever depleting time and energy. Yes… even when we’re having a blast compiling one fabulously fun post after another! Nevertheless, these ten tips are merely just a reflection of what helps my blogging schedule from becoming slightly chaotic… if they help yours too then all the better.

Are you perched comfortably? Then let’s begin…

1) The Lesser Spotted Notepad… 


Ever noticed how many of your blogging buddies seem to keep a little note book to hand at all times? This is especially noticeable (if like me) you’re a fan of the infamous ‘What’s In My Bag’ posts. Carrying a little note pad *at all times* is absolutely essential if you’re a writer or blogger of any kind. If you’re anything like myself, that ‘Eureka!’ moment will hit in the most bizarre of places. My last one made its grand appearance whilst I was casually browsing round my local fruit & veg shop… who knew choosing a bunch of spring onions could ignite such creativity?  Of course, considering that my memory is usually plastered with messy mental post-it-notes, it’s more than likely I’ll end up forgetting my nifty notion if I don’t jot it down right away. Thankfully my trusty little note-pad puts right to avoiding such thoughtless tomfoolery & is only ever a handbag dive away. Above all, it’s the perfect prevention for bloggers block… if I think of an exciting new post I scribble it down el-pronto!

2) Savvy Scheduling


This is by far my biggest saviour when it comes to getting organised with a longer-term blogging schedule… especially if I get a whiff that my upcoming week is going to be a slightly hectic one. Usually I clear a few hours on a Sunday afternoon (when mini me & hubby are happily distracted by Despicable Me) to compose upcoming posts and then schedule each of them individually on WordPress for the exact date & time I want them to be published. This is also super handy if you’re going on your Jolly Hol’s but still want to maintain an on-line presence whilst you’re sipping multi-coloured cocktails and browsing souvenir shops. Don’t forget to check out HootSuite, yet another handy little tool for scheduling social media posts & links when you’re not around… it’s a great way to keep your army of Facebook friends and Twitter chums updated 24/7!

3) Routine Rituals

Routine image

Pick a day and time that works for you and dedicate it solely to writing your next few features. It’s amazing the difference a few hours a week can make to productivity… before you know it you’ll relaxing the rest of the afternoon away, feeling like you’ve accomplished great things. Don’t forget to keep that note pad to hand so you have your best ideas ready to ignite your creativity, especially if you’re liable to find it a struggle conjuring up new content to fill our news-feeds with.

4) Creating Regular Features

Regular feautres

 Give your followers something to look forward to by creating some regular posts such as Mani Monday, Wedding Wednesday, Fashion Friday etc. I made it my mission to keep my Behind The Blog series to every Tuesday & Thursday… and I must admit it’s been wildly successful by doing so! Many of my readers have commented on how they look forward to these posts and seem to really enjoy the regularity of it! Generating a routine feature or mini-series helps pad out your blog content which in turn makes creating fresh content in-between so much easier. You’ll more than likely find yourself with an impressive back-list of fun features waiting their turn to be published. Wave bye-bye to any looming fears of bloggers block *happy dance*

5) Plan It

Wall planner

Okay, this may not be for everyone but I literally cannot stress how much it really helps me. Keeping a wall planner that I can glance at instantly and know exactly what needs to be done and when it’s due to be posted is indescribably handy. Maybe I just love good old fashioned pen & paper but having a clear visual aid is great for planning future post appearances at a glance and keeps me on top of what I should be working on next. Plus I’m self-confessed stationary addict who’ll grasp any opportunity to utilise my stash of miniature sticky notes and fluorescent pink highlighters. I know, I know… it’s a well oiled machine here at Confetti & Curves Head Quarters * disgracefully cheesy grin*

6) Carry On Reading

Beauty blog

I’m pretty sure that 99.9% of you will agree that reading other blogs is absolutely vital… you’ll soon learn what posts are well received by readers, and of course it’s a great boost for keeping your creativity levels topped up. If you spot a post that captures your imagination write the idea down in your handy little notepad I mentioned earlier… told you it would come in useful! Before you know it you’ll be building up a small savings account of future projects you can put your own unique spin on. It’s also a great idea to link back to any blogs that have inspired you to write a particular post… it’s surprising how appreciative bloggers are when you recognise their efforts. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you strike up great follower friendships in the process too.

BlogLovin is great for keeping all your favourite blogs in one tidy little place – regardless of what platform they’re on. If you haven’t already signed up then get yourself over there pronto by clicking *here*

7) Keep a back-up

Keep a backup

We all have them, those unpredictable phases when life’s stresses tend to get in the way of our busy schedules; hence why storing a few back up posts you’ve pre-written can be a real life-saver! Back in November I was struck with a severe case of the lurgies – bed bound with a six pack of Lucozade under a mound of grotty Kleenex was my only course for survival. Thankfully I’d composed a few little articles to lean on so my blogging presence didn’t drop completely of the radar. Consistency is really important for me, especially as a full time writer. Would Vogue grind to a halt if Anna Wintour was curled up at home battling bugs in her Dior onesie? *Pffft* I think not… then nor shall Confetti & Curves 😉

8) Keep Updated

Contact me

Might sound trivial but have you checked your contact page? If not I’d suggest you take a quick peek just to make sure your contact details are updated and visible. This is simply so other bloggers and potential PR companies can get in touch if they’re keen for you to test drive their lash lengthening mascara or may want to suggest a collaboration/guest post. You could be missing out on exciting opportunities for impressive future posts!

9) Self Discipline

Self Discipline

One of the hardest things about blogging is that you’re the boss. The responsibility lies firmly on our shoulders to put the effort in *groan* As much as I’d personally love to be surrounded by a team of hard working techies here at Confetti & Curves HQ that ain’t gonna happen. It’s just me, my trusty laptop & a few empty tea cups.

If self discipline is something you battle with work out a time that enables you to blog without feeling blogged under. Keep your posts short & sweet and aim for consistency by scheduling in advance. For example I’m currently writing this post whilst watching an episode of Fashion Police… the evening is my time to sink into the sofa, throw open my laptop and get creative. If that works for you then why not just roll with it? Who’s to say when or where or how – just as long as the job get’s done, right?

10) Have Fun

Have fun

We all know the bottom line of blogging is that it should be something we reeeeally enjoy doing. Without sounding too dismal, if you’re not having fun writing your posts then it’s most likely others aren’t having fun reading them either *boooo, hiss* Never exhaust yourself with unrealistic targets and expectations. Instead set goals to suit your lifestyle, be yourself, be organised and enjoy meeting awesome new blog buddies who will help keep you motivated & inspired throughout the journey!

pink heart

Has blogging sharpened up your organisational skills? What’s your top tips for effective blogging? As always I love reading your thoughts in the comments below so do stop by for a quick chat!

Cheerio chums,

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