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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

My mission: to find a swoon-worthy gel polish for my desperately weak and fickle nails! Could Sally Hanson’s Miracle Gel really live up to the hype & expectations? It certainly looked alluring as I turned the corner in my local Superdrug Store to be confronted with a blinding array of little coloured bottles jumping out from the pristinely arranged stand. Seemingly at the time I wasn’t the only one who was lured in by its visual wonderment, as a girl beside me turned and asked if I had tried it before. “Nope, but I think I’ll give it a go…” was my reply, as she seemed to mentally debate over the price tag compared to some of the other drug store bargains.

I for one was drawn towards the shade Totemly-Yours, a soft nude that would be the perfect tone for starting my new job. It’s chic, feminine & sophisticated – exactly the look I was hoping for. So with fingers crossed that it would look every bit the professional gel finish, I wandered happily towards the cashier so I could treat my disastrous digits to a mini make-over of the Sally Hansen kind.

Wanna check out my results? Then let’s get started…


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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel…

“The ONLY TRUE 2-STEP GEL MANICURE with no UV light needed. Over 45 shades to choose from! And it’s only from Sally Hansen. Leading the revolution in gel technology”

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Totemly Yours


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£9.99 for the base colour & £9.99 for the gel top coat… quite an investment for a drug store offering in my humble opinion. I certainly had my fingers firmly crossed that it would be a winner!


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Step 1: Apply 2 coats of Miracle Gel™ Colour

Step 2: Apply 1 coat of Miracle Gel™ Top Coat *

* Top coat needs to be purchased separately.


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2 Steps: with a base colour of over 45 delicious shades, Sally fans are certainly spoilt for choice – and the colours are incredibly beautiful. It really is tough narrowing down the choices!

Easy Removal: One swipe and it’s off. Really, it’s that easy.

No UV light required: That’s right ladies, a glossy finish without the need for any expensive gadgets!

Great self-levelling: As my nails are pretty much the furthest thing from smooth due to breakage etc It takes a really good formula to settle into the humps and bumps and smooth everything out. This done a pretty impressive job of making my nails bed look evened out and much healthier than before application.


Sally h 05

Gel? What gel? For the price (£20 for the base colour & gel top coat combined) I expected a gorgeous glossy gel finish for an entire fortnight… what I got however was a few days of high-shine that slowly merged into what looked like a standard glossy polish. Shiney yes, but not entirely gel-like.

Drying Time: Prepare to set up camp for the evening gals as this stuff stays tacky for what feels like a small lifetime. 2 hours later and I was still hesitant about touching things for fear of it ruining my new mani. Most certainly not for those in a hurry!

Longevity: 14 days you say Sally? Hmm, not this bottle huni. The results for me were (almost) the same amount of chips & wear as a standard polish after the end of week 1. What happened to 14 days of glorious gel-ness? *sigh*

Cost: Above all I really think my biggest bug-bearer lies with the cost. It’s not that the product is particularly bad… it’s an incredibly pretty polish and looks rather pleasing to the eyeballs! However for me the spend doesn’t justify the overall finish and longevity. Sure it may be a little more longer lasting than a standard polish, but not by a long shot.


Sally h 06


If you’re eager for a gel like finish I’d save the hassle and book an appointment with a local nail salon as it would most likely last a good few weeks beyond what Sally promises in her Miracle Gel. Having said that, if you’re on the lookout for a very pretty finish that you’re aiming to get 4/5 days wear out of before it begins to show signs of tiredness (and don’t mind the over-spend) then go right ahead. Personally, I think I might just stick to letting the nail technician work her magic to save me the effort! Sorry Sally, I usually love your products but the Miracle Gel just hasn’t won me over *sob*

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Have you tried Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel Polish? Has it worked out for you? Have you any recommendations for a ‘life-changing’ gel polish without the need to rush out and buy an expensive lamp paraphernalia? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below. As always, thank y’all for stopping by & wishing everyone a fabulous weekend whatever your plans may be 🙂

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