My New Life Book & Personal Organiser for 2017…

If there’s one thing I love when a new year roll’s in, is that with it, rolls shopping for a brand new diary… including an array of accessories: pens, dividers, post-it-notes etc. *happy sigh*

As I’ve stated MANY times before I’m a self-confessed stationery addict. There is (almost) nothing that fills me with more satisfaction that filling in a blank info page of a brand new personal organiser for the very 1st time. I even deliberate over the most ridiculous of details… what style of handwriting I should adopt, what colour ink, where I’ll be positioning my little sheet of mini post-its… the whole event in its entirety is a complete & utter joy AND this year it was even better as I finally got my hands on a planner I’d been lusting over for weeks on end. Is there ANYTHING as painful during a ‘no spend December’ than that horrid panic from wondering if your other half has managed to pick up on your sledgehammer hints and get their order in on time? All to avoid the utter catastrophe of seeing those dreaded 3 words: OUT OF STOCK *eeeeek* Painful huh?

However THIS year I succeeded in ‘taking control’ of the situation… long story short, the Personal Planner is now mine ‘Mwah ha ha’ *evil laugh* Unfortunately, the spend on a brand new Erin Condren was just out of the question. As utterly beautiful as her planners are, when I totted up the shipping etc it was just ridiculously expensive and couldn’t be justified. I’m not a spend-thrift but I know when silly-spending becomes apparent in the grand scheme of things.

So, after taking to the interwebs (for a good old personal organiser browse) my lamps finally caught sight of this little gem – it’s the Organised Mum Life Book. Now before you protest that you’re not a mama, calm your jets, as although they have a wonderful range of helpful planners for busy families, this one is personal! It’s one on one. Perfect.


So if you’re still on the lookout for a personal organiser that doesn’t cost the earth but has lots of helpful planning features then take a peek at this little beauty. However, be quick if you’re ordering as stocks are sold-out on Amazon and extremely limited on the OM website. I’ll link it below if you’re on the verge of treating yourself 😉

Hope you enjoy the video tour of my new Organised Mum Life Book – don’t forget you can *CLICK HERE* to subscribe to the Confetti & Curves YouTube channel so you don’t miss any future uploads!

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Have you treated yourself to a new personal organiser? What do you use to plan ahead with? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below, so do stop by and say a quick howdy 🙂

Cheerio Chums…

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Ps: This is NOT a sponsored post. Above item was personally purchased as a Christmas gift.

Ten Gorgeous Mid Year & Academic Diaries…

Mid Year Diaries 2016 2017

It’s that time of year again gals… when school bags are filled with shiny new goodies & mama’s (like me) get a chance to enjoy the silence of an empty house, as our off-spring tootle back to the classroom. But’s it’s not for that reason that I get super duper excited – it’s also the time of year I go diary shopping *excited air punch* Yes, I am indeed one of the many that opts for a mid-year/academic style planner. As always the decision is a toughie from hours of browsing through a multitude of utterly gorgeous designs and layouts.

However fear not indecisive shoppers, as I’ve scoured the interweb to bring you a selection of some of the sassiest little organisers you’ll be proud as punch to plan with. So get yourself comfy and let’s take a peak at my mid-year top picks to suit all budgets…

Kikki K Mid Year Mindful Colouring Diary



It’s so important to remember to take a mindful moment to pause and refocus. Take the opportunity to do just that with this unique Mindful Colouring Diary. With yearly, monthly and weekly pages, it’s so easy to get organised. Write down all of your thoughts, to dos and reminders on-the-go and use the mindful colouring pages to inspire you to live your best life.

Current Price: £24.00 now £19.20

*Click title for link to webstore*


Busy B Floral Academic Diary

academic floral

Trying to balance two busy lives? You need an organisational genius. And hey presto! Here it is. This clever diary lets you manage two schedules side-by-side, turning your thrillingly busy life into a brilliantly organised one.

Current Price: £9.99

*Click title for link to webstore*


Tiny Me Personalised Mid Year Diary

Leaf Diary

Tinyme Personalised Mid Year Diaries are the cutest way to get organised. Plan your next adventure, book in milk and cookies with friends or document your extremely deep musings…

Tinyme Personalised Mid Year Diaries start from 1st July 2016 and continue through to 30th June 2017.

Personalised diaries come in 2 different sizes and allow you to select from 3 different internal layouts.

Current Price: £19.99

*Click title for link to webstore*


Mint Green Lace Diary

WHSmith Mint Lace diary

Elegant and stylish, this polypro mid year diary with a white floral lace design will add a touch of class to your desk or bag and keep you organised and up to date for the academic year. Diary runs from 27th June 2016 to 27th August 2017. Features include sturdy polypro covers, soft pink wiro binding, soft pink elastic closure and a mint green inner paper lining. Includes a plastic wallet so that you can keep your receipts, tickets and to do lists in! Also contains personal information page, blank timetables, yearly calendars for 2016, 2017 and 2018, yearly planner, international and useful information pages, deadlines and exam note pages, address and note pages.

Current Price: £8.99

*Click title for link to webstore*


Amelie Turquoise Butterfly Academic Diary 

WHSmith Turquoise Butterfly

This elegantly designed mid year diary from the Amelie collection is perfect for noting important engagements and plans in style! The hard back turquoise covers feature a pretty pattern of colourful butterflies complete with teal foiled detail. This day to page diary runs from 30th June 2016 to 31st August 2017. Features a jazzy pink zig zag inner paper lining as well as a pink ribbon page marker, so that you don’t lose your place! Also contains a personal information page, blank timetables, yearly calendars for 2016, 2017 and 2018, yearly planner, international and useful information pages, deadlines and exam note pages as well as address and note pages.

Current Price: £9.99

*Click title for link to webstore*


Vintage Blue  Academic Diary

WHSmith Blue

Plan your year ahead in this stylish vintage blue mid year diary! The soft linen covers feature an elegant striped blue and white china effect pattern. This diary runs from 30th June 2016 to 31st August 2017. The day to page layout means that it can be used as either a journal to store your thoughts or simply as a diary to note your appointments. Features include a stylish blue paper inner lining as well as a coordinating blue ribbon page marker. Also contains a personal information page, blank timetables, yearly calendars for 2016, 2017 and 2018, yearly planner, international and useful information pages, deadlines and exam note pages, forward planner as well as address and note pages.

Current Price: £10.99

*Click title for link to webstore*


Scribble Slipcase Academic Dairy

WHS Scribble

This eye catching A5 diary which features colourful graphics and a protective plastic slipcase filled with white scribble catchy words is sure to make planning your year ahead more enjoyable! This week to view mid year diary runs from 27th June 2016 to 27th August 2017. Features include stylish rounded corners as well as an inner turquoise paper lining. Also contains a personal information page, blank timetables, yearly calendars for 2016, 2017 and 2018, yearly planner, international and useful information pages, deadlines and exam note pages as well as address and note pages.

Current Price: £9.49

*Click title for link to webstore*


Kraft Gold Spots Academic Diary

WHSmith Dots

Keep track of your appointments and exciting plans with this stylish gold foiled spotty mid year diary on kraft. This day to page diary leaves plenty of writing space for your daily activities. Diary runs from 30th June 2016 to 31st August 2017. Features include a sturdy board cover, a pale gold ribbon page marker and kraft inner paper lining. Also contains personal information page, blank timetables, yearly calendars for 2016, 2017 and 2018, yearly planner, international and useful information pages, deadlines and exam note pages, forward planner, address pages and note pages.

Current Price: £9.99

*Click title for link to webstore*


Tropicowl A5 Diary

Paperchase Tropic

This cute and very practical A5 diary will help keep you organised. The flexible plastic cover features colourful owl characters on branches with the ‘2016-2017’ printed at the top. It contains a 12 month academic year diary (July 2016 – July 2017) in a week to view format as well as monthly calendars in handy lists, blank timetables and blank pages for notes and contacts.

Current Price: £8.00

*Click title for link to webstore*


Slogan ‘Ziplock’ Vinyl Mid Year Diary

Paperchase Slogan a

This cute and very practical mid year diary will help keep you organised. The vinyl sleeve style cover features a silver foil ‘Two Thousand and Sixteen – Seventeen’ title in a cursive font and is printed against a pretty watercolour-effect background.

It contains an academic year week to view diary (June 2016 – July 2017) as well as monthly calendars, year planners, blank timetables and pages for notes and contacts. The handy zip-lock wallet at the back and card slots on the inside covers finish it off nicely.

Current Price: £7.50

*Click title for link to webstore*

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Can you guess which one I picked? What one’s your favourite? Whatever your thought’s I’d love to read them in the comments below so do stop by to say a quick howdy lovelies :)

Cheerio Chums…

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How I Plan & Schedule My Blog Posts…

How I Plan and Schedule My Blog Posts

I’m a bit of an nerd when it comes to organisation and planning. Lists, diaries, notebooks, post-it-notes, planners… the excitement of those kind of things seems to course through my veins. Although I’ve posted hints & tips in previous features about scheduling and organisation, quite a few of you asked how I personally plan & schedule posts for my own blog.

Juggling work, life & being a busy mum (to a very active little lady) means it’s super important I keep totally focused and ahead of the game… after all, there’s only so many mental notes a bloggers head space can take. So this week I thought I’d share the planning process that works best for me & helps keep my blog schedule ticking over like a Swiss clock!



This is what I initially schedule a blog post on when the idea springs to mind. It’s also one of the most useful little A4 sheets of paper I possess. Without this I’d be in a state of utter confusion, grappling onto my sanity. Yes, it’s that useful!


In a very tiny nut shell, it’s simply a print out of an online planner in monthly day-to-day format. I usually print these out for at least 6 months in advance as I find myself scheduling post ideas around special future dates such as Christmas, Valentines, Anniversaries etc.

I adore the fact that I can glance at it in an instant & know what post is appearing & on what day/date. If I get a ‘EUREKA’ moment, I can very quickly whip this out, check to see what days are free for my idea to feature and get it jotted down pronto. Yep, it’s that simple.

Monthly Blog Planner

Overall it’s just a super way to keep track of what’s happening (& when) on the blog. You’ll be super surprised at how quickly the month fills up & seeing your features planned out makes you feel really efficient & in control. Say goodbye to a cranium full of cluttered mental notes 😉


Okay, so my ‘Monthly Planner’ might be great to quickly plan a posts for certain dates, but what about the finer details of the feature? As I’m sure you can see from the Monthly Planner (pictured above) there’s very little room for adding masses of notes – this is where my fabulous shocking pink Letts diary earns its keep…

Blog planning

As shown above, I have a Make-Up Menu: Perfectly Plum, scheduled for 14th September. All I have to do is flick to the corresponding diary page and hey presto – I can plan in more detail until my heart’s content! A few of the things I include in my notes are:

The post title,

What photographs I want to take,

Props I want to use

Products I want to feature,

Notes about my opinions, pros & cons if it’s a product review

Any other key details I’d like to include.


Apart from the Monthly Planner & Diary, I have a few other simple little gadgets that make planning a tad easier & more productive…


1) Miniature Sticky Notes: These are ideal for keeping tabs on specific diary pages that you might be working on. You could even reference the colours to correspond with certain topics etc. This little post-it-note pack slips neatly into a handy little plastic folder-style page in my diary… so if you’re shopping for a new diary any time soon, be sure to check it comes with one of these plastic wallets as it’s great for storing extras!

2) Giant Paper Clips: I use these for securing my monthly planner to the inside the diary – it’s easy to remove and keeps a little book mark of exactly where it is for quick reference!

Blog plan Collage

3) Pilot Friction Pen: Basically the ink form of a pencil. This sassy little pen has a handy eraser on the end tip allowing you to cleanly erase any mistakes or juggle your posts more neatly on your schedule!

4) Removable Page Marker: If your diary doesn’t have one of these then I suggest you invest in one… you’ll spend less time leafing through lots of pages to find what day you’re on. Another little time saver 😉

How I Schedule My Blog Posts

So there you have it blog buddies, my step-by-step guide on how I plan & schedule my blog posts. Have you any tips on planning? What do you use to help you keep on top of your schedule? Whatever your thoughts do stop by to say a quick hello & let me know in the comments below!

Cheerio Chums…

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Top Travel Essentials for your Jolly Holidays…

Travel Essentials

For many of us, the long haul of travelling to our destination is all part and parcel of the honeymoon or holiday excitement – but if you’re not properly prepared it can soon turn into a terror trip than that relaxing vacation you’ve been dreaming about for the last few months. So whether you’re off on a romantic getaway for two, heading home to family this Christmas or planning a fun weekend away with friends it’s essential you get yourself geared up & prepared for the journey ahead…

The Travel Bag:

Okay, so I’m assuming you’re checking an overstuffed trunk of holiday goodies into the check-in desk which leaves you pondering what handbag should accompany you on your journey. Well, before you dust off that favourite designer tote, stop and think about where you’re going and what you’ll be doing when you get there. If sightseeing is top of your list & you’re hitting a high tourist destination spot it could be worthwhile leaving your mesmerising Michael Kors bag at home and choosing a much safer option. With pick-pocketing, bag slashing, muggings and handbag theft at a serious high, it’s a good idea to treat yourself to one of these handy little travel buddies by Pacsafe

Citysafe 100 anti-theft handbag

So what’s so unique about them? Actually, quite a lot! Not only are they designed to neatly store every gals travel needs, the sleek Citysafe 100 is undoubtedly the James Bond of women’s handbags. The adjustable straps are reinforced with lightweight stainless steel along with similar reinforced panels in the most vulnerable and commonly targeted areas to help prevent bag slashers running off with your contents.
As most passports, credit cards and ID Cards have an RFID chip that contains personal data that many thieves can access via certain radio frequencies (scary thought!!) the Citysafe 100 boasts the award winning RFID safe micro-chip that blocks out these transmissions – helping to prevent your data from falling into the wrong hands.
This brill bag also has a variety of anti pick-pocketing features such as zipper security hooks and secure fixture mechanisms that allow you to secure your bag in place when set beside you… making it even harder for any savvy snatcher to make a dash with your beloved belongings!

Are you considering taking your designer bag now? Hmm, maybe not!

Looking Good:

So now that we’ve got our super-safe travel bag, if you’re anything like me the first thing you’ll want to do is fill it with the absolute essentials of any trip… make-up! Considering all those hours waiting (patiently) in queues, recycled air, sweat, headaches etc. you’ll probably want to freshen up your holiday face at some point. Freebie samples and testers are perfect for this as they’re compact and easily tucked into a pocket. Other handy items to keep with you are make-up removal wipes, small deodorant, hair clip, nail file, travel hair brush with mini built in mirror.
Just don’t forget to bring along those little plastic zip-lock bags for security check-in!

The Nibbles:

Even just an hour or two of travelling on a rumbling tummy can leave you feeling like a wilted grape – however before you stock up on goodies wait until you’re through the security checks or you’ll more than likely end up waving goodbye to that huge bar of galaxy you’ve been hoarding. Once through security you can treat yourself to a range of snacks & refreshments. Cereal bars are a traveller’s best friend as they’re so easy to pop in your bag, won’t cause a huge mess and are a great little boost to keep the energy levels up. If you’re prone to air pressure ear popping *ouch!* it could be a good idea to buy a little bag of boiled sweets to suck along the way… I’ve heard it works a treat to help reduce the discomfort!

The Entertainment:

I personally enjoy catching up with some of my favourite glossy mag’s such as Glamour & Cosmopolitan when I’m on the move, especially the smaller travel sizes that are hassle free for popping in your handbag. If you’re a book reader it’s always a good idea to get your Kindle (or other device) well stocked up with a good variety of top reads. There’s even an app for your smart phones if you want to keep your e-book tucked up at home, or why not give Audible a go –you can just lie back and listen to a great story without even having to glance at a page! Alternatively if you’re travelling at night it could be a good idea to take along a sleep mask so you can catch a quick nap if you’re feeling worn out from all the excitement.

The Important Stuff:

Yes, you know – all those vital documents you need to get from A-B without the intervention of frenzied relatives or government officials. Make sure you keep an easy-access compartment in your bag for passports & other important paperwork that is easy to access when needed. Ensure you have confirmations of travel printed out & at hand should anything be queried (the same goes for medical insurance documents) and of course don’t forget to make a list of important contacts should your phone get misplaced or stolen! Important numbers to note should always include travel agents, family members, friends, Doctors surgery, your hotel, credit card company, insurance company, bank etc. Don’t be tempted to lift your address book, as if that goes walkies you’ve just handed a stranger the entire contact details of your nearest and dearest!

Feeling Comfy:

You may have your travel bag organised to perfection but it’s important you travel just as well as your belongings do. Wear something light & comfortable as opposed to tight and tailored. Stretchy layers are super comfy & a great way to let you regulate your temperature to the surroundings – if things get a bit chilly you can hop up in your vest top, long shirt tee & hoodie or if you’re feeling the heat you can remove whatever you need to cool off *within reason of course ladies, ah hem*
Slip on shoes should definitely be considered an essential! In fact I’d go as far as saying they should be a legal requirement… especially if like me you’re always the one who is stuck behind the person that decided to wear knee boots with 40-something zips and buckles *sigh*

Have you a romantic honeymoon booked or are you travelling over the Christmas Jollidays? If so, do you have any top tips or tricks when it comes to travelling? Is the commute something you enjoy as part of your holiday, or are you the ‘get me there pronto’ type?

As always I’d love to read your thoughts and feedback in the comments below, so do stop by and say hello…

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