Ask Me Anything – Part 2…

Hey Beauty Buddies…

So here it is my final instalment of the Ask Me Anything feature I posted a few weeks ago… yes, the one where I invited you lovely lot to literally ask me anything you’d like!

I’ve had bags of fun filming both videos so a maaahoosive thank you to all for asking such a great selection of top questions and of course for those of you who have simply taken the time to watch and get to know me that little bit better 🙂

Grab your cuppa, get comfy and I hope y’all enjoy my Wednesday ramble

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Have We Met?!

Social Media

Hey Blog Buddies…

It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted an update on my social media details & seeing as I’ve had so many fab new followers jump aboard the Confetti & Curves bandwagon lately *friendly wave to y’all* I thought it was high time I shared a few links to the places you can find me other than WordPress!

Do pop by, say hello & hit a like button if you haven’t done so already. Just click on the links & you’ll be digitally transported right to other places you can find me… yeeehaaa!


Twitter: @KarenHeidiRees

Instagram: karenheidirees



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Wishing you all a fabulous Thursday & please feel free to leave your own links to social media below for myself or other potential blog buddies to find you too…

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Keeping Up With Karen…

Keeping Up With Karen

Hey guys & gals…

Yes, it’s that time of the week (yet again) where I round up my latest going’s on and shenanigans for those of my blog buddies who may have missed a few of this weeks Confetti & Curves features and fancy a quick catch-up. We’ve had two rather delightful Behind The Blogger’s this week amongst a little medley of other blogging goodies to feast your eye’s upon on this lazy Sunday morning so get yourself comfy!

By the way… what’s been your favourite post on YOUR blog this week?! Do feel free to post a link below so we can check it out… otherwise don’t forget to say a quick hello 🙂


Ask Me Anything…


Yes indeed blog buddies, I took a deep breath and plucked up a teeny bit of courage to brave the wrath of your potential grilling via an Ask Me Anything offering. Thankfully you all went pretty easy on me & left a brilliant selection of questions that I can’t wait to answer! Hopefully the video will be up this Wednesday… however if you have a question you’d like to ask me (doesn’t have to be blog related) then get over pronto and leave your comment. I’ll be sure to give both you and your blog a friendly shout out!! 🙂


Behind The Blog… featuring Mecia from Not Quite London

Not Quite London

Tuesday saw the gorgeous Mecia from Not Quite London under the Behind The Blog microscope as I had the chance to interview one of the loveliest bloggers around. If you haven’t checked out her blog then make sure to pay it a visit!


The Mummy-Daughter TAG

Mama Daughter TAG

This weeks video was a rather fun but sentimental one as I was joined by a very special little guest… my daughter/bestie/biggest fan Emma! Making her debut on my channel, I was incredibly impressed with her lack of nervousness compared to her often trembling mama. Thanks to everyone for all the lovely comments, I’ve passed them on & Emma is delighted you guys took the time to watch (as am I of course!)


Behind The Blog… featuring Jessica from Rantings of a Blogger Chick

Rantings of a Blogger Chick

I get to catch up with the lovely Jessica from Ranting’s Of A Blogger Chick as she graces the virtual sofa to let us take a peek into her world Behind The Blog. She really is such a talented blogger & YouTuber so be sure to check her out & get following!


A Beginners Guide To Creating The Perfect Theme For Your Beauty Blog…

Creating a Theme for your Beauty Blog

It’s VERY rare I have any pearls of wisdom or advice to share when it comes to choosing & maintaining effective WordPress theme’s but seeing as I’ve been getting a few emails from bloggers regarding Adelle theme queries I thought Katrina’s video of guidance would be appreciated… it certainly helped me along the way!

As always, thanks so much to each and every one of you for your support, comments, like’s, views & just darn right loveliness throughout the week. We all lead incredibly busy lives but logging on to such a cheery community really is something I look forward to every day!

Hope you’ve all had a fab weekend & as mentioned above feel free to post a favourite link from your blog this week in the comments below so we can take a virtual trip over to have a nosey – otherwise a quick hello is always greatly appreciated!

Cheerio chums…

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The Mummy-Daughter TAG…

Happy Wednesday Peeps…

Yes, it’s that time of the week where I bedazzle you all with yet another ten minutes of rambling, however today’s video is a little bit unique as I have a very special guest joining me… my very own mini-me, Emma! I’m sure you’ve all read about her somewhere along the Confetti & Curves journey or possibly spotted a picture of us getting up to some sort of mischief on family outings or tackling a crafty project! So as Emma fiercely claims to be my biggest fan *Awww*  it seemed like so much fun to introduce y’all to her!

Don’t forget folks that next weeks video is my Ask Me Anything feature, so if you have a burning question you’d like to ask me then now’s your chance – you can take a trip over to the original post for all the details & to leave your question by *clicking here*, I’ll be sure to give you & your blog a friendly shout out!

Hope you enjoy the video & meeting Emma, she’s super excited to say hello to everyone 🙂

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Ask Me Anything…


Hey Blog Buddies,

 As most of you know, I launched Confetti & Curves back in October of 2014. Since then I’ve had the utter pleasure of making so many new interweb chummies – all thanks to the powers of WordPress & Social Media! Starting off in the blogging world is always pretty nerve wrecking but having a community of such supportive & encouraging folk really does wonders for the confidence and builds amazing new friendships along the way.

Of course being marinated with kindness from you lovely lot has also recently given me incentive and courage to even start my own YouTube channel *click here to check it out*… something I NEVER thought was personally achievable, yet it’s happened and I’m loving the *slightly intimidating* fun I’m having making my weekly rants and rambles. However recently it occurred to me that even though I blog 5 days a week, interview many of you guys for the roaringly successful Behind The blog series, read your posts & interact with as many of you as time allows me to, I thought it would be fun to invite you to ask me any questions you just might have that I normally don’t cover in my day-to-day posts. Sounds like fun? *Hmm* I thought so too 😀

So if there’s anything YOU would like to know – it could be about likes, dislikes, friends, personal life, family life, relationships, work, beauty, career, coping with anxiety, health, parenting, the blog…. *the list goes on*… then by all means leave your question in the comments below & I’ll be sure to tackle it all in a Q&A video. Oh, and do feel free to leave the url to your blog/YouTube channel too (if) you’d like me to include it in your mention.

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Wishing ya’ll a rather jolly Monday *if that’s at all possible* 😉

Cheerio chums…

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Six Month Blogiversary *woo hoo*


Today is mini celebration here at Confetti & Curve HQ ladies, champagne corks are a’poppin as today is our 6 month Blogiversary! Yes indeedly, a whole 6 months from I hit ‘publish’ on my very 1st post… which you can take a trip back down memory lane by *clicking here*

Before I started this blogging expedition I had no idea what to expect. I was digitally venturing into a whole new genre of topics & features. My biggest apprehension was that I was entering into a community full of judgemental beauty experts that would cast a perfectly raised HD brow on my meagre offerings… how wrong I was, for instead I was warmly welcomed into a thriving online neighbourhood full of like minded make-up mavens, beauty buffs & lifestyle lovers. I had found my blogging niche & was having more fun than I could’ve imagined. So what’s been my highlights over the past six months?


Becoming a blog mama

Creating my own little online haven and watching it grow has been one of the most exciting projects I could’ve imagined. Having a vision of how I wanted my little corner of the interweb to look and seeing it flourish into life has been such a great experience & something I’m incredibly proud off.


Blog buddies

Networking with other bloggers regarding of how experienced (or inexperienced) they are has always been an integral part of blogging for me. From starting Confetti & Curves I made it my mission to interact with other like minded people as positively as I could. Through that I’ve met some of the nicest people from all over the globe, getting a peek into new cultures & creating great friendships with people I’ve never met but feel like I’ve known almost all of my life. Some of my most toughest days has been made a whole lot better by the encouraging & supportive words from you guys, and for that I’m super grateful.


 Awards Gallore

(Almost) every week I get a little notification pop up that I’ve been nominated for yet another blogging award and I can’t tell you how happy these make me, whether or not I’ve been nominated before! Not only are they often a fun and light hearted way of getting to know each other, they’re a great way to meet new bloggers I’ve not yet stumbled across before.


Behind The Blog

Back in November I launched (what was initially) a mini blog series called Behind The Blog. I was pretty convinced it would last a few weeks before fizzling into oblivion… five months later it’s going stronger than ever thanks to you guys. Most importantly it’s achieved it’s ultimate goal many times over – connecting new blog buddies. Yet none of it would be the success it is without the amazing bloggers who take the time to get involved. Getting to know you guys that little bit better has been bags of indescribable fun! We’re currently booked into June featuring two bloggers a week so if you want to get involved *click here* to find out more details, we’d love to have you feature!


New Finds

Urban Decay Naked Palettes, Real Techniques brush sets, Garnier Micellar Water, Miss Dior, Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, Clinique Chubby Sticks… these are just a few of my favourite products I’ve uncovered from reading a virtual mountain of your awesome reviews, monthly favourites & empties posts. You guys may have emptied my bank account but you’ve filled my vanity table with some of the best lotions and potions I’ve had the pleasure of revelling in!


Great Opportunities

I’m not gonna lie ladies… every time an opportunity to collaborate with new & existing companies arise I get super excited at how flattered I am to have been approached but also getting the experience of working alongside some fantastic brands! Unfortunately though not all opportunities have been suitable or fitted the content of my blog,  however just being offered the chance to get involved is a huge compliment. Don’t forget if you want to add your name to my list of Sponsored Bloggers by potentially getting involved in upcoming opportunities *click here* to find out more info!


 Featuring in Wedding Ideas

Confetti & Curves started 2015 with an exciting bang… having an article feature in one of my fav wedding magazines was a huge achievement for me. If you wanna check it out for yourselves ladies *click here* to be digitally whisked off to the Wedding Ideas website. Be prepared though, if you’re as obsessed with wedding gossip as what I am you could be on there quite some time! Just don’t say I didn’t warn ya 😉


Giveaways Gallore

Not only did I win a gorgeous little box full of Benefit goodies from the lovely Melissa Claire Leslie but yesterday I was bestowed with the slightly sensational news  that I’d won a gorgeous Chanel lippy from Anne’s awesome blogiversary giveaway over at Doves & Roses!! I shall leave my squeals of excitement & frantic arm flailing vision to your imagination… what must the neighbours be thinking?!


Building Confidence

As many of you know I consider myself to be a gal with all the wrong curves in all the wrong places… so not being a fan of having my picture taken at the best of times, blogging and reviewing products has really nudged me out of my comfort zone. However the ongoing support and encouragement from my little army of blog buddies has done me wonders. You guys have really been a pivotal part of helping me overcome some of my own personal anxieties & self-confidence fears!


You Tube

This year I made a vow to take a (not just a step) but a huge leap out of my comfort zone by setting myself a challenge. As my blog continues to grow I think it’s important for my goals and aspirations to grow with it. Doing something new is always nerve wrecking but (for me) I don’t think there’s anything more terrifying than stepping out from behind a computer screen and putting myself on camera. However after I uploaded my 1st video the response was more than I could’ve ever wished for. So many of you left such kind messages of support & revelations that many of you also wanted to create a YouTube channel… a dream that is being suppressed by fear and lack of confidence. Without sounding like a walking cliche but I promise you, if I can do it – you can do it too! Life is way to short to sit on the bench and watch everyone else get involved in the games. Often our greatest critics is ourselves.

So there you have it, my blogging highlights. Thank you so much to each and every one of you who continue to support Confetti & Curves each & every day. For those of you who hit the follow button, take the time to comment, like or even just drop by. You’ve made it one of my most gratifying projects ever, not to mention the amazing friendships that continue to flourish & grow as each week passes.

Here to another six months of fun filled blogging adventures *clink*

Cheerio chums…

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100 Questions No One Ever Asks TAG…

100 Questions TAG Pic

Hey Beauty Buddies…

 I’m deeelighted to post a super fun little TAG I was nominated to participate in by the adorable Katie over at Plus+ Beauty. If you haven’t already checked out her virtual haven for us beauty obsessives then get yourself over pronto… you’ll not regret it!

So considering there’s a whole heap of questions to battle through I suppose I’d better jump right in and get started! Grab yourself a cuppa, it could be a long one ladies…


Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?

Oddly enough, I don’t have a closet in my bedroom but if I did they be well and truly closed!


Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from the hotel?

Doesn’t everyone? 😉 Plus they’re super handy for when friends or family come to stay… just a thoughtful little touch to set on the guest bed. As long as they don’t think you’re hinting that they need a good wash!!

Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out?

Tucked in, but not too tight – I like a little bit of breathing space!


Have you ever stolen a street sign before?



Do you like to use post-it notes?

ALL THE TIME! I’m obsessed with the little fella’s. There’s blocks of them in the bedroom, on my desk, in the kitchen, in the car…


Do you cut out coupons but then never use them?

Can’t say I have but I’ve watched some TV programmes where people get a little OCD about collecting them. Kinda scared I’d go down the same route lol


Would you rather be attacked by a big bear or a swarm of bees?

Lovely question… I’d take the bear – quicker way to go than the slow torturous death of bee stings *ouch*


Do you have freckles?

Being Irish I have a few too many… especially in the summer months *sigh*


Do you always smile for pictures?

Awkwardly, yes.


What is your biggest pet peeve?

Like Katie, I’d have to say drastically slooooow people are my peeve, particularly in supermarkets when I just need to dash in and out. I also get a bit narked at these folks who take it upon themselves to have a half hour catch up in the middle of an aisle *grrr*


Do you ever count your steps when you walk?

Not anymore but I’m pretty sure it was something I did when I was a kid… along with stepping over cracks and lines in the pavements. My mum just loved taking me out for walks lol


Have you ever peed in the woods?

Surprisingly I can’t remember but I’m sure it’s happened numerous times when I was little. When ya gotta go, ya gotta go!


What about pooped in the woods?

Oh heck nooooo.


Do you ever dance even if there’s no music playing?

Absolutely… my little ‘happy dance’ is legendary round these parts 😉


Do you chew your pens and pencils?

EURRRUGH NO! Especially not the pencils as most of them have that little piece of metal that holds a miniature erasure on the end… if that was to touch a filling *bluurrrrugh*


How many people have you slept with this week?

Oooookay…. erm, just the one, my hubby, who I curl up beside every night – thanks for asking!


What size is your bed?

It’s a very roomy king-size and I bloomin’ love it!


What is your song of the week?

Taylor Swift, Style. She’s really belting out some catchy little numbers lately. Slowly becoming a fan!


Is it okay for guys to wear pink?

Sure, just the same as it is for girls to wear blue, right?


Do you still watch cartoons?

I do! Emma usually puts them on on a Saturday morning when eating her cereal however I don’t think the modern ones are as good as the oldies. I still love the old Loonie Tunes, Tom & Jerry, Scooby Doo & even some of the 90’s cartoons like Doug, Hey Arnold, Johnny Bravo, Cat Dog etc… whatever happened to them, they were amazing! Oh and of course not forgetting Spongebob – he rocks 😉


What’s your least favorite movie?

Dune. It’s a sci-fi movie starring Sting & Kyle McLaughlin. Steve asked made me watch it and I couldn’t quite grasp that anyone would electively spend 90 minutes of their lives rewatching it after the 1st time. Disasterous is my only description of it.


Where would you bury hidden treasure if you had some?

Well if I told you it wouldn’t be hidden!


What do you drink with dinner?

Anything fizzy, usually cola, orange or lemonade. I have an adversion to anything flat hence why I detest squash/water. However I am partial to strawberry Ribena!


What do you dip a chicken nugget in?

The bin?!Okay, I actually don’t eat chicken nuggets or pretty much any processed foods as I buy all our meat fresh from a local butcher *insert conscious consumer speech* lol However just for the sake of answering I’d probably go for bbq sauce or a sweet chilli dip.


What is your favorite food?

Noodles, without a doubt. Providing they’re stir fried in rich soya sauce with lots of crunchy veg such as water chestnuts, peppers, baby corns, onions etc Yummmm!


What movies could you watch over and over and still love?

Oooh gee I have such a huge list: Trains, Planes & Automobiles, Working Girl, BIG, You’ve Got Mail, GoodFella’s, Bram Stokers Dracula, Forrest Gump, Sex And The City (1&2), The Notebook… Oooh there’s just sooo many more!


Last person you kissed/kissed you?

Steve, literally 10 minutes before I wrote this lol


Were you ever a boy/girl scout?

No but I was a Brownie which is like a junior version of a girl guide/scout. I’ve such good memories of that little group! Loved being a Brownie *cheesy grin*


Would you ever strip or pose nude in a magazine?

Whaaaa? Ain’t nobody got time for dat!!!


When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper?

Last year. I sent a gift over to my in-laws and wrote them a little letter that I popped into the package too!


Can you change the oil on a car?

Wouldn’t have a clue.


Ever gotten a speeding ticket?

Actually I haven’t! Not that I’m surprised by that, I’m a super careful driver!


Ever ran out of gas?



Favorite kind of sandwich?

Hmmm, probably a really nice quality ham with a skimming of mustard – very refined eh?! *hooo rahh*


Best thing to eat for breakfast?

Wheaten bread with butter, topped with homemade raspberry jam. Nom.


What is your usual bedtime?

Usually about 11:30 week nights and anything up to 2am on a weekend… thanks to lots of editing *yawwwn*


Are you lazy?

Definitely not. Well, at least I don’t think so!!!!


When you were a kid, what did you dress up as for Halloween?

It was always one of two things: a Witch OR Draculas Daughter. I could NEVER understand other kids who dressed up in non spooky gear such a fairy princesses etc… Halloween’s supposed to be scary so ya gotta look it right?!


What is your Chinese astrological sign?

A Dog apparently… that’s just not making me happy right now! I’d much have preferred something really cute like a Kiwi bird *dramatic sigh*


Do you have any magazine subscriptions?

Not at the moment but I use to subscribe to Cosmopolitan in my early twenties. Loved getting a fresh new copy through the door!


Which are better, legos or lincoln logs?

Never heard of a Lincoln Log in all my life so sticking with Lego bricks. Also, when I was a kid Lego was SO my thing – wasn’t really into baby dolls, I was far too busy building little villages and towns with my giant tub of lego bricks.


Are you stubborn?

As much as I hate to admit it I am one of the most stubborn people I know!!!!! Seriously.


Who is better, Leno or Letterman?

Hmm, I’ve never watched Leno but we do get Letterman over here and I reeeeally like him, so I’d have to go with Letterman.


Ever watch soap operas?

No, I can’t stand them they’re so darn depressing! However I do love sitcoms (especially American ones) such as Frasier, Friends, The Office…


Are you afraid of heights?

Bloody terrified.


Do you sing in the car?

All the time.


Do you sing in the shower?

All the time.


Do you dance in the car?

I’ve been spotted breaking a few moves occasionally, shoulder shrugs are my speciality 😉


Ever used a gun?

Just a water gun… that counts right?!


Last time you got a portrait taken by a photographer?

Hmmm, considering my hubby is a photographer you’d expect it to be a little more recent, however I think it was about 4 years ago. It was an interview and promo shots for a local Business Centre about women in business!


Do you think musicals are cheesy?

I don’t think they’re cheesy I’m just not that into watching them!


Is Christmas stressful?

It used to be (when I let the commercialism of it take control) however these last few years it’s been pretty lovely – very family orientated & not focused on how big or expensive the gifts below the tree are. However I have been blessed enough to give & receive a selection of gorgeous pressies! Personally I think the media make it more stressful by ranting on about so much negativity.


Ever eat a pierogi?

Never heard of it so I’m guessing not.


Favorite type of fruit pie?

Does Banoffee Pie count? I’m going with that!


Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid?

An Embalmer – in fact it’s still one of my dream jobs. As morbid as it may seem to others, I think it would be such a fascinating career.


Do you believe in ghosts?

I absolutely do. 100%. I’ve had a few incredible experiences in my life to not acknowledge the paranormal.


Ever have a Deja-vu feeling?

At least 3 or 4 times a month and at the most random of times!!


Take a vitamin daily?

Since taking two horrid bouts of flu at Christmas I swore I would start taking vitamins everyday in hope it would help build my immune system. Unfortunately most days I completely forget all about them.


Wear slippers?

Nahhh, I’m a slipper sock gal.


Wear a bath robe?

Not unless I’m dashing in/out of the bath/shower. Around the house I’m much more comfy in pj’s!


What do you wear to bed?

PJ’s in autumn/winter and usually a comfy nighty in spring/summer


First concert?

U2 at Slane Castle… utterly terrifying and exhilarating experience all rolled into one gooey mess!


Wal-Mart, Target, or Kmart?

We don’t have any of those here in Ireland but we do have ASDA which I believe is owned by Wal-Mart, so I guess I’ll have to stick to it for the time being… at least until I get to visit the US and make my own mind up on a few me spree’s 😉


Nike or Adidas?

Whatever does the job best… I’ve absolutely no clue or preference to sports brands as I know so little about them. Just for the sake of it though I’ll go with Nike, I like their little tick logo thingy. Next…


Cheetos or Fritos?

I’d have to say Cheeto’s… isn’t that right Leah from The Pink Impact?! Haaaha 😀


Peanuts or Sunflower seeds?

Peanuts all the way! Sunflower seeds? *euugh*


Ever heard of the group Tres Bien?



Ever take dance lessons?



Is there a profession you picture your future spouse doing?

Hmm, well seeing as I already have a spouse I’d have to say Photography, simply because that’s part of what he does now and has such a passion for.


Can you curl your tongue?

Yep. Seeeeeee:


Ever won a spelling bee?

I’ve never participated in one!


Have you ever cried because you were so happy?

Absolutely! I’m a crier so I cry when I’m happy/sad/overwhelmed/anxious/proud/excited/surprised… the list goes on and on and on! Thankfully I contain it well otherwise I’d be soppy mass 24/7 lol


Own any record albums?

I don’t unfortunately however the first music I was ever bought was when I was 4 years old by my aunt Karen. It was a little 7” single single of Michael Jackson’s BAD, I adored his tunes as a little girl. I played it constantly on my mum’s record player and have such awesome memories dancing my little legs off to it.


Own a record player?



Regularly burn incense?

As much as I’d love to incense usually bestows me with a horrendous headache. Having said that, there are some candles and radiator sachets I can use instead which are equally are fabulous!


Ever been in love?

I sure am.


Who would you like to see in concert?

Bit of an eclectic mix here but probably Muse, Tenacious D, Aerosmith, Katie Mellua, Christina Aguillera, Pink & Enya. I know, slightly diverse with the Enya thing but I love her haunting celtic melodies, amazing chillaxing music.


What was the last concert you saw?

U2 at Slane… really gotta get myself back out into the music scene again!


Hot tea or cold tea?

Definitely hot.


Tea or coffee?

I’m more of a tea gal but will never say no to a Costas Café Caramella


Sugar or Snickerdoodles?

What the heck’s a snickerdoodle?! Gonna play it safe with sugar!


Can you swim well?

Surprisingly really, really well!


Can you hold your breath without holding your nose?



Are you patient?

Nope, I like things done yesterday! I really should work on that oo.


DJ or band, at a wedding?

Defintely a DJ… I’ve heard a fair few ‘duff’ wedding bands in my time *rolls eyes*


Ever won a contest?

I sure have, I won the Shell Live Wire Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award (Fife) back in 2007 for my very first business venture within the wedding industry. I lived in Scotland at the time so I was unbelievably chuffed & honoured to have received such an exciting award outside of my home country 🙂


Ever have a plastic surgery?

I never have and hopefully I won’t need to, however if it was to benefit my health I would definitely consider it.


Which are better, black or green olives?

Not at all fussy, they’re both equally as yummy!


Can you knit or crochet?



Best room for a fireplace?

For me it’s gotta be the living room, though I’ve always wanted a little corner stove in the kitchen. Just a cosy little nook to curl up with a cuppa and good book would be perfect!


Do you want to get married?

Already am!


If married, how long have you been married?

8 years this July! My how it’s flown by *gasp*


Who was your HS crush?

I was never one for boys of my own age – too immature! I much preferred older eye candy instead 😉 whilst my friends bedroom walls were adorned with teen pop stars, mine was covered in posters of Gary Oldman from Bram Stokers Dracula, Brad Pitt (Legends of the fall & Interview with the Vampire) and Keanu Reeves from Speed. Not a bad selection eh ladies? *tee hee*


Do you cry and throw a fit until you get your own way?

I don’t, instead I’ll have a little private huff a really good argument in my head with the person. After I’ve ‘mentally’ said all I need to I’m then a much calmer person for it! Call me weird but it works for me lol


Do you have kids?

I do! I have two beautiful step-daughters – Jessica who lives in Scotland & Hayley who lives in Wales. Both of them are in their early 20’s so they’re all grown up but they’re still my little chicks, regardless of age.

Then of course there’s our gorgeous little daughter Emma, she’s 9 and every bit as adorable as the day she came into the world. My mini bestie.


Do you want kids?

I think I’m done with two ready made girlies and one of my own!! Our little family seems complete just as it is 🙂


What’s your favorite color?

Raspberry. Not pink, not Fusicia but raspberry! There IS a difference.


Do you miss anyone right now?

I do. I miss my gran who’s in hospital (I can’t get to see much of her due to distance and really awkward visiting hours) I also miss family who don’t live close enough for us to see all the time – Jessica, Hayley & Steve’s super supportive parents. I guess it makes seeing them during occasional holidays even more special.

 pink heart

Pheeeewww. That was a long one. Once again thanks so much to the gorgeous Katie for tagging me – even if it did take a mini lifetime to type lol It was bundles of fun & hopefully you’ve all got to know me a little bit better from it!

Okay so my nominees are *dramatic drum roll*

Leah – The Pink Impact

Amanda – Inside The Life of Moi

Natalie – Natalie Charlotte’s 1992 Blog

V – Say Hello To Gorgeous

Nadine – Ladies & Lace

Cyndel – Cyndel Bee

Stephie – Stephie Estie

Rachel – Rachel Ellis

YOU – Yes YOU!

If you fancy rolling up your sleeves and giving it a bash then consider yourself nominated. Don’t forget to post your link in the comments below so I can read when you’ve posted!

As always thanks so much for stopping by and reading my random blatherings, do say a quick hello  – always a treat catching up with you lovely lot!

Cheerio chums…

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50 Random Facts About Me…

50 Random Facts

Hey beauty buddies…

 I’ve by nominated by the lovely Miss White over at Miss White’s Makeup Desk to participate in the 50 Random Facts TAG – if you haven’t checked out her super sassy blog then pop over pronto to immerse yourself in beauty, makeup and all things girly. Not to mention she’s a rather lovable little soul so you’ll get a friendly welcome on stopping by!


Hope you’re sitting comfy chums, hang onto your tea cups it’s gonna be a biggie…


1) I was born in Belfast at 11:55pm on 1st July.

2) I’ve lived in Scotland, Wales, Southern Ireland and of course Northern Ireland. 

3) I met my hubby Steve on the telephone whilst working as a receptionist in a local Minor Injuries Unit. He was living in Scotland and called the hospital looking for a patient… an hour and a half later we were still chatting (much to the disapproval of my boss) *whooopsies* 

4) I have 2 beautiful step daughters who are all grown up now *sob* Hayley lives in Wales whilst Jessica live in bonny Scotland with her partner & little boy!

5) I’ve a little girl called Emma, she’s adorable & has made me one very proud mama.

6) On my first driving lesson I knocked over 8 wheelie bins, 2 traffic cones & a pheasant *sob* I never heard back from my driving instructor *face palm* 

7) I’ve always wanted to volunteer in a Orangutan Sanctuary – I have so much love for the little ginger babies. They’re so frickin cute! *sigh*

8) I’m a cat lover and have 2 little furr babies. Gomez, a little Tuxedo boy & Peppa a little rescued lady. Both are equally beautiful.

9) Up until a few years ago I hated hot drinks, until one day I took a notion for a cup of tea. Since then I have a little cup every morning. #NoviceTeaDrinker 😉

10) Despite having had a fear of sailing I joined the Sea Cadets when I was 12 *rolls eyes* I lasted 3 months and never stepped foot on a ship the entire time. 

11) My favourite food is Chinese – specifically noodles with vegetable *nom*

12) I’m allergic to wine… which works out well considering I detest the taste of it!

13) I NEVER drink water… they say it doesn’t have it taste, IT DOES! *yukkk*

14) I once wore odd shoes to work after a colleague pointed out at lunch time my wedge sandals looked completely different *crinnnnnge* Later that day I had to walk through a busy town centre and catch a bus back home wearing two completely different shoes. Don’t even. Sigh.

15) I was dismissed from my 1st (and only) piano lesson for laughing uncontrollably for 25 minutes solid. Tears and all. Yes, it was that bad. I still to this day have no idea why or what I was laughing at! 

16) I find people who don’t acknowledge waiting staff with a ‘Please’ & ‘Thank you’ incredibly rude. Sorry, but there’s no excuse for bad manners! *tut tut*

17) If I could do any job (other than writing) I’d LOVE to be an embalmer. Yep, an embalmer. 

18) My first job in the wedding industry was a Saturday shop assistant when I was 17. I took the unpaid job alongside my full time office job just to gain experience. I loved it from the moment I first walked in.

19) I ended up owning two bridal suites of my own – one of which was dedicated to plus size brides!

20) My favourite colour is deep raspberry… not fuschia, not deep pink, but raspberry. There’s quite a difference ya’ know 😉 

21) I can only sleep with my pillow doubled in two or I feel like I’m suffocating.

22) I adore grocery shopping, providing I’m left to my own devices. If anyone else tags along it completely distracts me! 

23) I cannot stand the taste (or smell) of celery *boke*

24) I’m a regularly suffer from Anxiety & Panic attacks.

25) I’ve always wanted to visit New England in fall.

26) I only ever own 1 bottle of perfume at a time. 

27) I recently completed a qualification in Counselling Skills. It was by FAR the best coping mechanism when dealing with my anxiety. I learnt a lot about myself and how I perceive and handle certain situations!

28) I love being the first person up in the morning.

29) I buy things based heavily on scent. If it smells nice it’s straight in my basket! 

30) I’m a disaster when walking in stiletto heels and therefore don’t own any!

31) I’m exactly 6ft tall.

32) I’m a back shelfer… I’ll only buy things I’ve picked it from the very back of shop shelves!

33) I have a HUGE fear of the dentist… to the point where I’ve been know to suffer for weeks before admitting defeat. Truly terrifying. 

34) I love visiting graveyards… it’s so peaceful and a very poignant reminder how lucky  I am to still be able to enjoy life and embrace every opportunity that comes my way. 

35) I once lived in a very haunted apartment. 

36) After years of trying I still can’t master the art of applying false lashes. It’s just not mean’t to be *sob*

37) Very rarely does a house plant survive under my supervision – unless it’s plastic, and even then there’s a huge chance I’ll end up breaking or killing it somehow. 

38) Driving alone at night FREEEEAKS me out. I always manage to convince myself there’s someone hiding in the back or something disturbing is going to jump out in front of the car!

39) I’m a bit of an ’emo’ and cry at pretty much everything – happy or sad. 

40) I don’t like long nails.

41) I rarely watch TV but when I do it’s usually documentaries and *gasp* cheesy reality TV.

42) I’ve one younger sister and two younger brothers. 

43) I’m ridiculously indecisive.

44) I have a tattoo.

45) I’ve had my lip pierced twice.

46) The 1st (and only) concert I’ve ever been to was U2 at Slane Castle for their All That You Can’t Leave Behind Tour. 

47) I hate feet.

48) I sing pretty much everywhere… the car, whilst cooking, in the shower, doing the laundry… if there’s a tune to be hummed I’m humming it.

49) Contrary to belief *aahemm* I’m actually quite shy.

50) I’m a extreme non-hoarder. I cannot abide clutter.

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So there you have it blog buddies 50 ridiculously random (and rather non interesting) facts about moi. Am I the only one who finds it incredibly hard thinking of these semi-interesting facts about oneself? A true sign I need to get out more.

Are you up for the 50 Random Facts challenge? If so I nominate YOU to give it a go! Why not? It’s a fun way for us all to get to know you that little bit better.

As always thanks for reading & don’t forget to stop by and say a quick hello in the comments, I do enjoy a little chatter lovelies!

Cheerio chums…

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Sunday Shenanigans…

Sunday Shenanigans

Hey Beauty Buddies…

Yaaaay for a brand new month! I always get excited for March arriving as sunny spring is just peeking round the corner… time to clear out the closet and relish in a whole new season of adventures.

 How was your weekend? Did I miss anything? We had one of the quietest 48 hours in a loooong time. Forget a pj day, it was more like a full weekend of lounging around doing absolutely nothing apart from recharging our batteries… I even managed to close the laptop for (most) of the duration too – I know, shocking right?!

However come Sunday morning I woke with a huge urge to spring out of bed and fill my lungs with some fresh salty sea air by taking a lovely dander along our local beach. Considering the sun was streaming in through the cracks of the blinds it would’ve been a shame not to take advantage of such a gorgeous morning – anything to get out in a bit of much needed sunshine.

Tottering down the stairs semi-ready for my seaside dander, Steve was busy working away in the kitchen… he’d gotten up early to prepare a yummy Sunday lunch and had the entire house cleaned from one end to the other. Seeing as I usually tackle most of the cooking it was such a welcomed break and a great feeling having absolutely nothing to do… so Ems’ and I grabbed our coats and headed out for a bit of fresh air whilst Steve stayed at home sipping his coffee and pre-booking the all important Ireland v England rugby game (that would undoubtedly exercise my vocal chords)

Anyways, I thought it would be fun to take a few piccies of our little Sunday shenanigans to share with you guys…


Sunday Dinner

Yep, photographic evidence that a huge Sunday lunch was all prepared by my very own head-chef. All I had to do was sit back and enjoy eating it… what a lucky lady 🙂

Spring Flowers

On our way out the front door I noticed (for the 1st time I must add) my little spring flowers have made an appearance meaning it’s ‘almost’ time to shed the winter woollies *happy dance*

Emma and Karen

So we made the 45 second walk to the breezy shores (yes we live that close!) and I have to say that although my teeny little spring flowers are in full bloom I’ll not be hanging up my chunky knits just yet… it was SO cold but worth the teeth chattering!

Beach 6

Searching for little weird shaped pebbles (preferably heart ones) to add to Emma’s collection of seaside memorabilia she has stored in various places, including a little pile by the front door and a jar full of shells in the bathroom. Love seaside life ❤

Beach 3

Time for a dander along the shoreline… so good for clearing your thoughts and unbelievably therapeutic. Any time I feel my anxiety playing up a walk along the beach always helps calms me down. Everyone needs a bitta beach in their lives 😉

Beach 4

I don’t care what anyone says, no matter what age you are you can’t resist playing catch with the waves… even if it means squelching home in soggy gym shoes! Thankfully I have a 9 year old daughter I can excuse my childish Tom foolery on *rolls eyes*

Beach 2   Beach 5

Tide well on it’s way out, getting windy and cold…

Beach 8

A windswept Em’s

Beach 9

Homeward bound for some tea & warmth by the fire.

Did you do anything exciting this weekend, or like us did you spend it chillaxing? As always thanks so much for reading, do say a quick hello in the comments below, you know how much I enjoy a little chatter! Happy March y’all 🙂

Cheerio chums…

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I’m A Plus Size… So What?

Bag over head

For few the last few weeks Emma has been pleading politely asking for a mummy/daughter trip to the local swimming pool. Now for those of you who know me, you’ll be well aware there’s two awkward issues with this scenario…

1: I’ve got all the wrong curves in all the wrong places.

2: I have the morale of a prize winning Turkey come December.

Therefore the thought of waddling around a public pool area encased in lyrca doesn’t exactly fill me with enthusiasm – instead it inflates me with fear. However as Steve’s swimming style is more akin to ‘graceless-sinking’, it was pretty obvious that it was time for me to ‘wo-man up’ as any fun-loving & responsible parent would do *groan*

The irony of it is, swimming’s (without a shadow of a doubt) my favourite form of exercise. Just looking at a bright blue pool makes me want to strip down to my undies and jump right in. In fact two years ago I lost almost 5 stone by swimming three times a week. I was dedicated, focused and more active than I’d been in years. However before you start typing enthusiastic comments of congratulations, I’ve *ashamedly* put every single ounce back on again *bangs head against wall*

It’s not that my food intake needs completely readjusting – quite the opposite in fact. I eat (relatively) healthy:  no processed foods whatsoever, lots of fresh veg, fruit… okay, maybe the occasional sweet & savoury treat. It’s the lack of exercise and activity that’s been the culprit for my expanding derriere. Sitting in front of a computer all day doesn’t help nor does working from home were the temptation to nibble on ‘a few’ cheeky chocolate hobnobs is unyielding.

Swimming is the only form of exercise that has ever really worked for me, simply because it’s the only one I’m reeeeeeallly good at. Regardless of my size, I can swim like a fish and clock up an impressive number of lengths in no time. Yes, it would seem I’m the human equivalent to a modern day container ship… big, bulky but can shift in water! So why aren’t I doing more of it?

Well, its that teeny tiny thing called self-confidence. I can’t stash it in the trash or bury it in a box under the bed; instead it just lingers around like a brewing storm on the horizon – always ready to rain on my happiness parade. However on Friday morning I broke out my brolly, clad myself in a bathing suit, packed my redundant gym bag, inhaled the deepest of breaths and set off for the pool with a VERY excited 9 year old in tow. My nerves were jangling and palms were sweaty as I raced over a list of fears in my head. My only comfort being that I’d plucked and preened all ‘vital bits’ a few days prior. Apologies if I’ve conjured any harrowing visions of hair removal.

Fear No 1: The Receptionist

As I screeched to a halt outside the leisure centre I knew there was no turning back. I’d gotten as far as the front doors and of course Emma was already in a frenzy with excitement. There was no opportunity for ‘Sorry sweetheart, the pool’s closed today as the maintenance man is fixing a leak’. We had arrived & we were going in!

Walking through the door I braced myself for a chorus of raised eyebrows, strained necks and awkward glances. Thankfully there was only a few senior citizens perched in the seating area reading a selection of leisure brochures. ‘Must be grandparents…’ I thought to myself as mental alarm bells began to ring, highlighting that there must be an entire pool full of water-wing wielding juveniles ready to erupt into ‘Ewwwwwwwww’s’ once I make an appearance.’

Thankfully the receptionist brought me back to earth with her friendly smile and chirpy welcome. “One adult & a child?” she enquired. No sneers, no eye rolls at passing colleagues, no chortles at my impending despair. Hmmm, she’s good. Clearly practising her amateur dramatic skills at my expense. I smiled, took our tickets and proceeded to the dreaded changing rooms…

Fear No 2: The Changing Room Attendant

In our local swimming pool you have to hand your receipt over to what is effectively a ‘gatekeeper of the pool portal’ – all sounds a bit Harry Potterish but don’t let the visions of mystic & wonder fool you. This is usually a perfectly preened human that resembles something from a Victoria’s Secret campaign or an extra from Magic Mike. Today (of all days) the changing room attendant was male and not hard on the eyes either ladies, hehe *cheeky grin* As I braced myself for an all over eye scan I was aghast to find he was actually incredibly cordial… and kept his eyes firmly on mine.

“Do you have a locker token? There’s a spare one here you can use.” He said, taking me by surprise. I may have blushed, mumbled and shook my head in response. He smiled at Emma “Enjoy your swim little lady!”

Little lady? Hmmm. Was that a size reference to the looming lump of meat that was towering beside this poor 9 year old child? That was definitely size-ist dig, right?! It was, wasn’t it? I shall not be fooled by his warm eyes, helpful tone and friendly charisma *hmmpf*

Fear No 3: Baring All

Oh Lordie Lord. This is the bit I was dreading above all… removing the outer layers and baring my lycra-clad wobbly bits to the world. Emma was standing in her swim costume ready to go as I was still fumbling with the laces on my Converse. As I peered out through the changing room doors all seemed quiet, the coast was clear – a straight jaunt to the lockers and then the final journey of making it into the pool. *cue mass panic*

All was going well until a middle aged couple turned the corner, almost colliding into me.

“Oops, sorry” the guy smiled as his drenched other half fumbled with her locker key “The waters’ lovely, enjoy your dip.”

I grinned and darted off round the corner with Em’s in quick succession. Feck, that was close.

Fear No 4: Taking The Plunge

There it was, as bold as brass. A glorious body of warm chlorine tinged water, playfully inviting me to throw all caution to the wind and jump right in. As Emma tiptoed ahead waving me on towards the pool steps, I inhaled and prepared myself for the anticipated gasps of shock & horror. ‘Just keep walking – you’re almost there’ I repeated in my head.

Instead of easing down the steps I quickly sat down at the pools edge and plopped myself into the water. It was the quickest way – like ripping off a sticky plaster. Keeping my eyes low, I lifted my gaze to expect the gawping faces of innocent swimmers in awe at my portly appearance. Yet there was nothing. No one had so much as blinked an eye lid. The lifeguard was chatting to another colleague, a handful of kids were busy splashing and having fun, even the couple of folk scattered on the viewing gallery seats didn’t appear to be shielding their eyes in fright. Surely my experience couldn’t be this pain-free?!

Fear No 5: The School Kids

After 17 lengths of teaching my little water-baby how to kick and use her paddle board the entire length of the pool (without her arm bands even in the deep end *mega proud Em’s moment*) it was time to give our wrinkly digits a break and hit the showers. However just as Emma and I emerged from the water, a crowd of gabbling school kids appeared from the changing areas. Bracing myself for hoards of youngsters pointing at a me like some sort of wild beast, they carried on chatting excitedly not taking any notice of me at all. Surely this was the perfect opportunity for the class clown to exercise his overconfident attitude. What’s wrong? I couldn’t be…. *gasp* …normal?!

The reality of it is, by the time Emma and I were both safely back in the confines of the car something rather obvious dawned on me. Every single fear I had conjured up remained a figment of my imagination. Not one of my panic-stricken thoughts evolved into reality. Most importantly, I’d spent a mega fun morning with my little girl, doing something we both love together.

I know it may seem a pretty ridiculous fear for some, but exposing something I’m so utterly self-conscious off is terrifying. There’s a reason I never have bare arms on show, wear tight tops or skinny jeans. I don’t want the world to take notice of the curves I try so hard to conceal.

Now before any of you go waving your virtual fists of fury at what may seem like a lack of respect for the larger female form, hold up! In no way do I intend to disrespect anyone of any shape or size – in fact I wholeheartedly admire girls who are proud of their curves and flaunt them with pride. I wish I had that dose of self-esteem, but I don’t. I’m just not happy with me. Not you. ME.

One thing my swimming trip has taught me is how damaging fear can be. It can hold you back from getting on with enjoying your life, and even hold you back from getting healthy. Body confidence (or lack of) regardless of what shape or size you are, can be a real hindrance to happiness… mix that with fear and you have a potent cocktail that could drown out any traces of self-esteem. Every anxious, taunting and judgemental thought I had was my own making. No one else’s…

 Okay, I’m a plus size, SO what? Never again will I allow my size the power to define me… life’s too short to hide in the shadows. And guess what? I’ve another swim scheduled for this week too 😉

pink heart

Do you suffer from body-image blues? How do you deal with your bare-it-all fears?

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. As always, thanks for stopping by! Don’t forget to say hi in the comments below – you all know by now how much I enjoy a good chatter 🙂

Cheerio Chums…

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