What’s In My Makeup Drawers: The Blusher, Concealer & Highlighter Edit…

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Once again I thrust open my drawers *ooo errr* and take y’all on a quick tour of my cosmetic stash as I uncover the contents of my Blusher, Concealer and Highlighter hoard. I’ll be talking you through some of my favourite & most used products – all of which are available in local drug stores so you don’t have to break the bank to invest in anything! * Yippee*

A huge thanks to everyone who tuned in to Part 1 of the series last week, What’s In My Makeup Drawers: The Foundation Edit… it was so lovely to read your comments and chat with y’all over my collection of face bases. Again, all of which are found in local drug store – I do love a good bargain gals, you should all know that by now!

Talking of foundations, don’t forget to check out Monday’s post ‘Six Steps for Flawless Foundation‘ as I talk about some of my favourite products to help my foundation look and feel the best it can!

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