Must Have Make-Up Bags…

Must Have Make Up Bags



Happy Friday Beauty Buddies…

Seeing as I’ve been on the hunt this week for a new cosmetic bag to pop in my gym kit, I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite finds! To be honest girls I’ve been spoilt for choice & need to lean on your infinite glamour guidance to help me choose the right one!

Let’s bring on the candidates…


1) Signature Make-Up Bag | Charlotte Tilbury 

Charlotte Tibury Makeup bag

I’m a HUGE fan of rich warm colours and lavish metallics. When I spotted this beautiful Rose Gold cosmetic bag from the lady of make-up Charlotte Tilbury I couldn’t help but swoon ever so slightly. Isn’t it a vision?!


2) Fruit Print | ASOS

Fruit Make Up Bag Asos

This fun & fruity little number caught my eye almost instantaneously with it’s carnival of colours and cute little print. Best of all this leather look bag is currently available for a mere £6.50 from ASOS… brings a whole new meaning to bagging a bargain, right ladies? 😉


3) Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining | Not On The Highstreet

Every Cloud

Designed by the ever so talented Lisa Angel, this adorable little make-up tote pretty much sums up my style… cute n quirky. I adore the art work, colours and roomy interior that will hold just about everything I could possibly ever need!


4) Ted Baker Emoni | House of Fraser

Ted Baker MUB

I’ve always been a fan of Ted Baker’s bright and bold colours in the previous range of cosmetic bags, however when I uncovered this pretty little purse on House of Fraser I couldn’t peel my eyes of it. I adore the glossy outer exterior and cascading floral print.


5) Lola & Gilbert | Not On The Highstreet

Lola and Gilbert 2

I think I *may* have found a winner ladies! This hilarious range of cutesy make-up bags from Lola & Gilbert could only be guilty of igniting a smile with their range of chortle inducing slogans. Best of all the bags are Eco Friendly, made right here in the UK and lined with a waterproof material. At a mere £14.50 this adorable range of cotton cosmetic carriers have me hovering eagerly over the ‘buy now’ button… I LOVE THEM!


What’s your favourite bag? I’m having a tough time deciding ladies so I’m gonna need your help on this one!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by & do say a quick hello in the comments below… you know how much we enjoy a darn good chatter here on Confetti & Curves.

Wishing everyone a fabulous Easter weekend – easy on the egg consumption! 😉

Cheerio Chums…

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