Spring Cleaning: Essential Spring Skin Care Kit…

Essential Spring Skin Care

There’s no one more happier than me to wave goodbye to the harsh winds of winter, to welcome the sunnier skies of a new season. Spring has always been one of my favourite times of the year, not only due to my love of soft pastel colours and cute garden flowers emerging; it also distinctively feels like a rebirth in many forms. The sparse winter landscape is changing into soft greens & everyone seems to be in a generally chirpier mood.

Of course this is usually the time when I start renewing my skin care regime; out with the old and in with the new! Okay, so I’m no Caroline Hirons when it comes to knowing the in’s and out’s of my lotions and potions, but I do enjoy sampling a variety of really affordable products – and of course making my selection of those that have made the final cut for my Essential Spring Skin Care Kit! Fancing finding out the stars of the show? Then get yourself comfy & let’s get started…



Body - Spring Skin Care

Treacle Moon, Iced Strawberry Dream: This is one brand I literally can’t stop raving about. Ever since I picked up their Cinnamon shower gel back in November I’ve been hooked.. If you’re a lover of juicy strawberry scents then you’ll adore this yummy bath and shower gel. Not only does it leave your skin feeling and smelling delicious for hours after, your bathroom will smell every bit as delightful too!

Treacle Moon, The Raspberry Kiss: As most of you already know I’m not a huge fan of Shea Butter or Coconut scents – not because I’m adverse to the smell, but mainly because there are soooooo many products out there with that scent that I’ve pretty much sickened myself over the months. However this yummy raspberry scented body cream is beyond words. The smell lingers on your skin for ages and feels super nourishing and hydrating. *happy sigh*

*Click Here* to check out the Treacle Moon website so you can browse their amazing range of cruelty free goodies!



Face - spring skin care

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water: Is there anybody out there that hasn’t fallen head over heels for this incredible cleansing water? Few and far between if I’m placing any bets! In fact I’ve literally lost count of the amount of times I’ve raved about it; but then again it is SO worth the praise. Cotton pads and a few drops of this wonder water = VOILA! Fresh skin in an instant. A must have for any skin care kit!

Olay Sensitive Daily Facial In A Box: Consisting of 30 disposable facial cloths, this is great value for money if you’re a fan of cleansing with lathered up soap. These handy little cloth wipes have always managed to leave my skin feeling super clean & baby smooth without leaving it dry or tight. It’s also one of the few soapy cleansers that hasn’t aggravated my roaring red skin, plus it’s wonderful for minimising pores. Well worth the £4 investment for an entire month of hassle free cleansing wouldn’t you say? Most definitely a daily facial in a box!



Tesco Spring Skin Care

Tesco Refreshing Toner, Night Cream and Cleanser & Eye Makeup Remover: Out of every range I’ve tried this year, this is by far the most surprising. Considering that branded supermarket skin care is often overlooked, compared to branded competition, I’m pretty sure that many are missing out on what this trio of goodies has to offer.

 Firstly, lets talk Toner… honestly, I’m not a fan of Toners per-say. Simply because they dry my skin out and leave it feeling in need of a damn good drink. However this particular toner was the first not to leave my skin looking red, patchy & slightly inflamed. Maybe it’s something to do with the cucumber extracts? I’m not entirely sure… but for a super market brand it feels, smells and performs just as great (if not better) than some of the bigger names for triple the price.

As for the night cream (to keep it short and sweet) it’s nourishing whilst not feeling greasy or overly oily. It smells incredible, is highly affordable & suitable for all skin types. Okay so the packaging isn’t smeared with scientific claims and unpronounceable ingredients, but considering it done a fabulous job of keeping my skin moisturised what’s not to like?

Lastly, the star of the show… Tesco Cleanser & Eye Makeup Remover. WOW wow wow wow. This performs like a dream for me. To be truthful it could easily be crowned as my best skincare buy of 2016 so far. YES it’s THAT good! It has been the ONLY cleanser that has been soothing beyond words, gentle on my eyes, doesn’t leave a frosted effect film that makes my sight all blurred for 20 minutes after use (unlike the Nivea Double Effect) and is outstanding at removing all traces of eye makeup… even my hefty layers of Urban Decay that is considerable long wearing. What a product! If you haven’t tried this you absolutely must.



Spring skin care

Simple Soothing Eye Balm:  Eye Balms are relatively new to me, and I have to admit I’ve been loving this one so much that it has me hooked to explore more. After a long day in front of computers my eyes usually end up tired and puffy. This is the perfect addition to my skin care routine to help tame the tiredness and leave my eyes feeling totally soothed.

Oz Naturals Hyaluronic Acid  Serum: Bizarrely enough, I didn’t actually realise just how beneficial this formula was until I STOPPED using it. If you have skin that is in need of hydration & suffers from dry patches then I’d highly recommend you giving it a go. Read my full review on this product by *Clicking Here*

Pure Cucumber Eye Roll-On: Yet another nifty little tool for taming tired eyes. All I do is simply roll the ball just underneath my eyes for a cool & soothing sensation that brightens up tired eye areas. Bye Bye extra baggage!



Spring Lip Care

W7 Lip Bomb: As much as I adore my beloved EOS balms, I can honestly say that this is thee most moisturising (and yum tasting) lip treat I could recommend – and believe me I’ve tried ALOT. It’s handy domed shape means your lips easily get a full coating in this nurturing formula that leaves your pout looking just as beautiful as it feels!

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub: Regardless of the season, Lush lip scrubs are always top of my favourites list when it comes to lip care. Not only is it incredibly tasty, it removes all that horrid build up of dry/dead skin, leaving your lips supple, soft and totally kissable!

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What’s your favourite Spring Skin Care recommendations? Do you have any essentials in your Spring Cleaning kit? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below, so do stop by for a quick chatter 🙂

Wishing you all a fabulous Easter weekend!

Cheerio chums…

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Girls Night In With Lush…

Lush BB Seaweed Review Belfast

Any ‘girls night in’ is usually guaranteed to be a hoot but when it includes my 10 year old daughter’s version of a mama-daughter pamper-party it’s sure to include mess, giggles, plenty of ridiculous selfies (as you can see from below) and of course a face masks!

Combining a few fun hours with my mini bestie (& testing out new beauty products) is such a treat for relaxing on those fabulous Friday nights that mark the end of a busy week. Of course to add to the excitement, it was my debut testing of the Lush BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask. How exciting gals! 😀

Fancy finding out more? Then let’s get started…

me n ems

On what was my third visit to the very lively Lush Belfast store I was warmly welcomed by yet another cheery customer advisor who just so happened to be a mini guru on skin care. Unfortunately I couldn’t catch her name or I’d have given her a quick shout out, however she was so incredibly helpful & knowledgeable of the products on offer. I have to admit Lush is one of the very few shops I consistently depart from feeling so much cheerier than when I go in . Whatever magical formula they use to select and educate their staff it works wonders – they’re all so darn happy! Then again, who wouldn’t be skipping to work if it looked anything like this?…

 Lush Display

(Lush Oxford Street Display)

After a 10 minute chat with my Lush face mask guru it was determined that I was a BB Seaweed kinda girl. Now I have to admit ladies, when the assistant first introduced me to the little pot of greyish coloured goop it most definitely wasn’t love at first sight… a concoction of British coastal seaweed smeared all over my face? Hmmm. Bang goes my dream of a delightfully tropical scented fruity fusion from some far flung corner of the Carribean *sigh* HOWEVER, being a newbie (and in the supple hands of an expert) I thought I’d take her word for it and wisely invest…  whilst all the time secretly hoping it was every bit as good as what she claimed it would be!


What Lush Say about the BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask: 

A calming fresh face mask with fresh seaweed, ground almonds, rose absolute and aloe vera to soothe and soften the skin. We also use rosemary oil for its regenerative qualities, kaolin to remove any excess dirt or oil, and millet flakes to gently exfoliate away dead skin as you scrub it off. To use, smooth a generous layer of this mask onto your face and leave for 10 to 15 minutes.


First things first: like any of the Lush Fresh Face Mask range it’s essential you keep these little pots refrigerated. You’ll also notice a ‘Use By’ date labelled on the tub, so do ensure you use it up before that date. Because it’s stored in such a cool climate, applying the mask initially feels intensely cold on the skin and although I’m not a fan of teeth chattering environments this feels so incredibly soothing and not at all uncomfortable… if anything I wanted it to stay as cool as possible be as my skin seemed to really enjoy the cold sensation.

 Lush BB Seaweed review 2

In terms of aroma, thankfully it doesn’t smell anything like the old pile of seaweed I imagined it to honk off. It’s most definitely not an offensive smell but is in fact quite a distinctive clay based aroma. Considering that I only kept it on for 10-15 minutes it really wasn’t an issue… even for someone as fussy about fragrances as I am! However if you are quite sensitive to smells I’d recommend dabbing a little flavoured lip balm just at the base of your nostrils to help distract from the sea/clay mineral scent!


The consistency of the product is naturally quite thick. As it contains chunks of seaweed it does feel a little lumpy when smearing the initial layer on, however I’d highly recommend applying with a clean spatula. It’ll certainly spare your hands from getting smothered & stops any transference of bacteria from hands to tub or face – especially as there’s enough product for multiple uses!

 Lush BB Seaweed Review


As the minutes ticked by, I could feel the product begin to set. That beautiful ice cold sharpness slowly began to fade as the magic ingredients worked their magic on my weary pores. It’s not often I (if ever) I’ve felt a mask actively working on my skin, but I could really feel my skin absorbing the goodness of the minerals. After 15 gorgeous relaxing minutes, I dully plodded my way to the bathroom to reluctantly wash my seaweed covered face clean. The Lush assistant also recommended that I washed it off using small massaging circular motions to ensure an extra deep clean – wow, she wasn’t wrong as it felt amazing.

After dabbing my face dry with a towel & inspecting the results in the mirror I was in shock… gone was my blotchy red patches that had looked tired and worn-out less than 20 minutes earlier. Hello velvety soft smooth skin that had an even tone & glorious fresh glow. It actually looked how skin SHOULD look… healthy.


I’ve already recommended the Lush BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask to quite a few of my friends who are now converted fans of it. Considering I’d probably get 3 or 4 uses out of this little tub, £6.50 is exceptionally good quality for such impressive results. It may seem small but it definitely packs a surprising punch in terms of how much sea-weedy goodness it holds.

Realistically this has to take the crown for the most impressive face mask I’ve used to date. If you haven’t tried it then don’t resist temptation, give yourself a treat you will not regret it one bit!

*click here* to check out the range of face masks & other goodies via the Lush UK website.


Have you tried the Lush Fresh Face Mask range? What’s your favourite beauty essentials for a girly night in? Whatever your thoughts do let me know in the comments below! As always have a super weekend – we surely will as Emma celebrates her 10th Birthday on Sunday *woo hoo* Bring on pressies, cards & cake gallore!

Cheerio chums…

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(and Emma xo) 🙂


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