First Impressions: The L’Oreal Brow Artist Kit…

There’s absolutely no denying it – I’m a sucker for a decent eye product. So of course after spotting a recent TV commercial for the L’Oreal Brow Artist Kit, I took to the interwebs to sniff out a little more info. Needless to say I was hit with a full 5 Star rating on the Boots website out of 80 reviewers – that’s not too shabby I must say.

Naturally my interest peaked further and so with mucho excitement I trawled myself around a number of stores to find this much raved about little kit. Thankfully store number 3 had the very last one in my colour *happy sigh* – as you can imagine I almost skipped to the counter (well, hobbled in a happy way) to part with my cash and bring home my new brow baby.

So how did it stack up to the glowing reviews? Was it really worth the £9.99? I guess you’ll have to push play and find out ladies 😉 Talking of which, thank you sooooo very much to my new subscribers for stopping by – I’m over the moon you guys choose to hang around & watch my chatters. Don’t forget, if you haven’t done so already you can *Click Here* to subscribe so you never miss a future upload!

Hope you enjoy the first impressions gals, it was great to finally dust off the camcorder again and get filming after last week’s break!

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Have you tried the L’Oreal Brow Artist Kit? What’s your current favourite brow product? Whatever your thought’s I’d love to read them in the comments below so do stop by to say a quick howdy lovelies :) Wishing y’all a fab weekend!

Cheerio Chums…

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The Makeup Menu: First Impressions…

The Makeup Menu First Impressions

As many of you know I love rolling up my sleeves and getting stuck into a make-up menu, however this week it’s a teeny bit special as everything I’ve included is pretty much a first impression – all if which have been recommended by bloggers scattered across the globe. After last weeks video HUGE Boots Haul a few of you were eager to find out about some of the intriguing new goodies I revealed from my shopping bag! So without further ado let’s gets investigating the makeup menu of first impressions…


L’Oreal True Match Foundation in 2R/2C Rose Vanilla:

I’ve lost count of the cosmetic cravers far and wide that claim this as their current favourite drugstore foundation… and I can (partially) see why. The shade and formula blended seamlessly with my natural skin tone, and it felt very velvety to touch. Unfortunately though it seems to aggravate my skin very slightly and has brought out a few tiny (very itchy) little spots. I also noticed that the lasting power of L’Oreal didn’t stand up to anywhere near my own favourite base (Boots No 7 Beautifully Matte) as it dried out and looked quite flaky after just a few hours. However when freshly applied it did cover a few of my rosey blemishes really well. I found a warm dampened blender sponge or fingers worked best as the stippling brush left quite a few obvious lines. All in all a nice foundation for everyday use, though it would really need to be a longer lasting for me to repurchase!


Seventeen Skin WOW Concealer in Light:

Seventeen have really upped their game with when it comes to launching sassy products that really work a treat. I love the little pump button on the bottom and the packaging us pretty eye catching too. More importantly the formula applied incredibly well, blended seamlessly with a medium/heavy finish that stayed put and brightened under my eye area!

L’Oreal Infallible Contouring Kit in Light/Medium:

Admittedly my lack of experience in contouring has me running for the hills at even the slightest mention of the word.  The thought of smearing my face in a mishmash of coloured patches just seems a bit OTT… however this kit is super user friendly and even includes a handy little booklet for anyone like me who is rather clueless to it all. The formula is a gorgeous creamy powder consistency which glides on the skin very smooth and is really easy to blend. I adored the ashy shade of the deep tone which contrasted perfectly with the lighter highlighting option. A brill little kit for anyone new to contouring and wanting to master the basics!


Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar Blush Palette:

Although this isn’t entirely a first impression of the palette, as it’s featured briefly before, there are a few colours I haven’t tried out yet. This time I went for a more mauve tone to add a flush of complimentary colour to the look I was aiming for. I really can’t recommend this palette enough – the colours are fabulous and the pigmentation is incredible. A worthy investment for any MUA!




Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow in Galaxy / Makeup  Academy Eyeshadow in Silver:

Both of these pots have been high on my review list to try out & finally I’ve gotten around to giving them a go. Although both their initial swatches turned out gorgeous I’m always a bit reserved until I see the colours directly on the lid, including the blendability. Both worked fabulous, blended well, felt soft and actually quite creamy for a powder consistency. They didn’t require lots of layers to build up to a decent colour either, so you don’t have to spend ages working the colour. For a mere £1 each these are amazing value for money!


L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara in Black:

If truth be told I feel this is the one thing that’s been on my ‘blogging made me buy it’ list forever. I’ve read countless recommendations and rave reviews about this supposed ‘Holy Grail’ mascara that puts the high-end competition to shame… and I’m deeelighted to report it hasn’t disappointed one iota! If long, exaggerated looking lashes is everything your heart desires then be sure to check this out next time you’re shopping for a new mascara!




Seventeen Supreme Shine Lipstick in Barely Blush:

Just look at the packaging *inserts heart eye emoji* isn’t is gorgeous?! It has such sassy futuristic look going on which was one of the things that captured my eye almost immediately from the stand. This will definitely appeal to anyone who enjoys a surge of moisture in their lippy as the formula feels very hydrating & balm like. The colour was slightly lighter than I anticipated but it’s gorgeous nonetheless as it give a soft wash of baby pink to the lips.



The Makeup Menu First Impressions Finished look

Taa daa!

Okay, so the longevity of the foundation was my only major gripe, but overall I’m really liking the finished look. It’s fresh, dewy and great for day or easily glammed up with some dramatic liquid liner for night! What do you think gals?

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Have you tried any of the products listed above? Have you bought any recent drugstore goodies that you’d highly recommend?  Whatever your thoughts do let me know in the comments below… we always enjoy a good makeup chatter here on Confetti & Curves. Thanks for stopping by!

Cheerio Chums…

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The Make Up Menu: Antique Rose…

Antique Rose Make Up Look Main Image 1

My cosmetic drawers are literally bunged to the hilt with a multitude of gorgeous colours, yet for me there is nothing quite as feminine and beautiful as the delicate rose shades, particularly when they’re fused with warm antique golds. Ideal for most skin tones, ages & seasons – soft pinks and warm metals is often one of my go to looks for almost any occasion.  Sound like your kinda thing too? Then hopefully you’ll fall as head over heels as I am for today’s Make Up Menu


AR face

Antique Rose Make Up Menu Face

L’Oreal Infallible Matte 24 Hour – Shade 11 Vanilla: I’m almost ¾ of the way through the tube yet I’m still bouncing between whether I ‘just’ like it or love it. It would seem the verdict hinges on the hydration of my skin. When it’s dry it under performs yet when my face is fresh and fully hydrated it does a fantastic job at staying put for as long as I need it too. Damn those dry skin days, thankfully yesterday wasn’t too bad & it stayed vibrant for the duration. Result!


Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour Concealer – Shade 2 Light/Beige: My quest for a decent drug store concealer continues. Having only used this the once I’m nowhere near ready to give solid feedback however (as I’m sure you’re all yelling at your computer screens for some sort of feedback) what I will say is that you have to work super quick to get this blended as it literally sets before the wand’s out of the tube. I’ll be trying it with a variety of foundations so keep your eyes peeled for a thorough review coming soon!


Sleek Face Form Contouring & Blush Palette – Shade 372 Fair: To be fair (excuse the pun) contouring really isn’t something I’m big into, simply because my skin is so fair. I always feel contouring could take my complexion to the edge of potentially resembling dirty unblended lines of foundation. However with this palette I actually have to make it work to contour; not entirely a bad thing in my opinion – a great palette for softly building and sculpting the cheek bones. Thumbs up!


Soap & Glory Peach Party Blush Block – Shade Apricot Jam: One of my favourite blushes, this is super beautiful, One stroke of your blush brush and voila – peachy perfect cheeks with a hint of dewy highlighter. It is stunning! If you haven’t got it in your collection already ladies make sure it’s top of your shopping list, you won’t be disappointed.


AR eyes

Antique Rose Make Up Menu Eyes

Make Up Academy (MUA) Pro Base Eye Primer: At a mere £2.50 this primer really does perform phenomenally well for the pocket friendly price tag. It most definitely keeps my shadow looking vibrant & crease free  – just as promised!


MUA Eye Shadow – Shade 22 Pearl: A beautiful soft pink that I used as a soft transitional shade along the crease line. Super pigmented & true to its colour, I love it.

Antique Rose Make Up Menu Eyes 2

MUA Eye Shadow – Shade 24 Pearl: Outer crease… very difficult to describe, the words mocha/rose/mauve all spring to mind to try. Undoubtedly beautiful, it’s a gorgeous deep antique shade that would compliment a variety of colours including purple, lavender, brown, pink, gold, copper… I could continue. Main thing is, it works wonders!


Maybelline Color Tattoo – Shade 05 Eternal Gold: All over the lid… not too brassy, I adore this warm gold colour that adds a subtle touch of glamour to the lids. I’m also super impressed at the longevity, without feeling heavy or overbearing.

Top Tip: blends so much easier when using your finger!

Antique Rose Eye Shadow

Rimmel Glam Eyes Professional Liquid Liner –Shade Black: My staple liquid liner, I’ve tried (almost) all of them and this gets the top spot every time. The super fine nib is incredibly precise and the black really is the darkest of blacks for a dramatic HD winged tip.


Barry M Brow Kit: A brow staple of mine, this cute little kit never fails to shape my brows into order. Highly recommended!


Barry M Lash Vegas Blackest Black Mascara with Fibres: Intrigued by this so called ‘fibre technology’ that has swept the mascara market, I had to give it a whirl. I have to admit it didn’t disappointment & certainly added length to my lashes however those looking for extra volume/thickness may be a little less impressed.


AR Lips

Antique Rose Make Up Menu Lips

Natural Collection Lip Liner – Shade Ruby Rose: I’m a huge fan of Boots Natural Collection range, not only are they incredibly affordable but the soft muted earthy shades are right up my street.


Max Factor Lipfinity – Shade Evermore Lush: Having been bowled over by the colour, I couldn’t resist testing out the Lipfinity range. From the first stroke it was beautiful creamy and could easily have been mistaken for a high end product. As for the staying power it really does last without feeling dry or uncomfortable. I’ll definitely be topping up my collection with a few more of these.


AR Finished Look

 Antique Rose Collage

Voila… my finished ‘Antique Rose‘ look. Are you a fellow fan of soft pinks and antique golds? Have you tried any of the above products or possibly tempted to add them to your wish list? Whatever your thoughts do let me know in the comments below 🙂 As always, thanks so much for stopping by!

Cheerio Chums…

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Keeping Up With Karen…

Keeping Up With Karen

Happy Sunday lovelies…

 To think we’re almost half way through the month of September already… is it just me or do the days seem to be mulling into one?! However, this next few weeks is going to be a huge dose of fun here at Confetti & Curves HQ as I plan & prep some fabulous features for ya’ll to feast your eyes on… including a few little crafty projects to keep you busy over the next few months too. Make-up looks, fall fashion, hauls, tips & DIY crafts are just a few of the things I have in store chums so keep your eyes peeled for these super exciting posts appearing very soon!

Talking of fun features; as usual, I’ve rounded up the weekly low down on what’s been happening here on Confetti & Curves this past few days! Don’t forget you’re more than welcome to leave a link to any of your blog posts that you’d like us to to check out too!


Simple Design Layout Tips For Your Beauty Blog

Blog Design Layout Tips

Creating great content is one thing but putting your mind to design & layout can be super challenging, especially for new bloggers and us terrified techie’s! No need to fret blog buddies, as this week my sprinkling of tips focuses on getting the best out of your blog layout. Avoid readers hitting that back button by bringing out the best in your online haven.


Behind The Blog featuring Two Little Owls

Two Little Owls

It’s double the trouble today as I’m joined by this talented duo of gorgeous gals who happen to be best friends & budding bloggers via their very own little corner of the interweb Two Little Owls. Pretty cute name, huh? If you haven’t already check it out then get yourself over pronto & hit that follow button, I’m pretty sure you’ll adore it (& the girls) every bit as much as I do!


My Top 5 Beauty Finds Under £5

Top 5 Under 5

Yep, it’s that time of the month (yet again) where I share a delectable little stash of drug store beauty goodies that I’ve picked up for mere pocket money! Fancy getting your hands on a few affordable little treasures for fall? Then look no further! Don’t forget to like & subscribe, you’ll make my day 😉


Behind The Blog featuring Tay’s Life Unscripted

Tay's Life Unscripted

Joining me on the virtual sofa on Thursday for a quick chatter was the gorgeous Tay from Tay’s Life Unscripted. If you’re a cosmetic craver who’s obsessed with red lippies then look no further as you just might have found your online soul mate…


New Season, New Hair: L’Oreal Prodigy Review

L'Oreal Paris Prodigy Review

As summer draws to an end I eagerly step into autumn with the hope of creating a sassy new look for the season. My mission: goodbye greys & sun dried ends… hello warm, rich, vibrant auburn tones! Well, that was the plan ladies… I guess you’ll just  have to check out Fridays review to see how I got on!

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As always, thank y’all so very much for the abundance of support, comments, re-tweets, shares, likes & just darn right loveliness. You lot really are an awesome bunch. Do feel free to pop a favourite link from your blog in the comments below for the rest of us to check out otherwise don’t forget to say a quick hello!

Cheerio Chums…

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New Season, New Hair: L’Oreal Prodigy Review…

L'Oreal Paris Prodigy Review

Hey Beauty Buddies…

It’s Friday, fall is on the way & I’m ready for the weekend *excited air punch* 😀 Yes, bit of a cheery chappy today chums as I’ve spruced up my follicles and banished those pesky greys back to where they belong. With the turn of every new season I seem to break out a new hair style or colour… my own way of welcoming change I guess! Of course with autumn virtually on our door steps it was time for me to browse the shelves in search of a sassy new hair look that would (hopefully) compliment the rich vibrant tones this time of year brings.

After what seemed like an eternity mulling through a sea of DIY hair colourant kits, I finally set my sights on L’Oreal Prodigy shade 5.30 Tan. A rich warm brown with a hint of auburn, just the ticket for new fall follicles don’t you agree?

Wanna know how I got on? Then grab your cuppa & let’s get started…





Where purchased:

Boots (local store) – click for direct link to product

Unique Selling Points: 

L’Oréal Paris introduces the latest technology in permanent, home hair colour: micro-oil technology. Our micro-oil system perfectly diffuses a blend of colour revealing ultra-fine colour full of highs & lows. Each shade is made of a luxurious blend of multiple tones for an extraordinary natural-looking colour, all without ammonia.

Beautiful, lively, multi-tonal colour – the colour particles are diffused from root to tip, reflecting light to reveal an extraordinary natural-looking colour. Improved hair texture & radiant shine – the micro-oil technology leaves each strand feeling smoother and cared for. Hair looks enhanced: improved visible condition, with healthy radiant shine. All this without ammonia. Up to 100% grey coverage – strand by strand up to 100% grey coverage that always looks natural.



L'Oreal Prodigy Whats In The Box

1) Extraordinary Colour Cream

2) Developer Cream Emulsion

3) Conditioner

4) Two part mixing bottle

5) Instructions

6) Mixing stick & Gloves



The Box Contents: Contrary to the usually cheap gloves and flimsy instruction manuals included in home colour kits, the quality of the content was pretty impressive. I was rather taken by the handy little mixing stick and black stretchy gloves that somehow gave a much more professional feel to the preparation.

 The Formula: Most dyes I’ve used in the past have been pretty runny & messy when squeezed from the bottle – this one however was so easy to apply and didn’t drip or splatter. As for quantity there was more than enough in the bottle my thick mass of shoulder length hair. However if you do have longer locks then I would suggest investing in two boxes – just to be on the safe side. Better to have a little too much than too little right?

The smell:  Now you girls all know how utterly sensitive I am to smells. Most hair dyes tend to leave my eyes streaming however this wasn’t the case with this one. No nasty chemical filled boudoir or half an hour of wheezing whatsoever – very impressed!

 The Conditioner: If any of you are familiar with a 90’s teens perfume called Tribe then you might very well be in for a treat as the smell reminded of it so much… it is gorgeous! It’s quite fruity/florally – refreshingly different to many of the conditioners that are usually included in home hair dye kits. More importantly though; it left my hair feeling soft, bouncy and super healthy with an amazing shine.



If you’re in a mad rush then the half an hour developing time might leave you tapping your impatient foot. Yep, there’s faster developing hair dyes available, however on reflection, I’m pretty sure this isn’t going to be something many tackle whilst racing the clock! If you’re anything like me then you’ll actually enjoy taking your time with any beauty process – it’s all about enjoying a pamper.  Catching up with your favourite YouTubers *Confetti & Curves – ahh hmm* 😉  & a nice hot cuppa will pass the time quicker than you realise!

Okay, it may not be the cheapest option on the shelves but in my experience spending that little bit more on decent colourants goes a loooong way in gaining a much better result. Like most home colours, it did turn out a little deeper than the picture suggested on the box, however the shade usually this lightens after a few washes so it’s not something I’d grumble over too much.

One thing I did find a bit off-putting was the sizing of the gloves. They are incredibly neat fitting with very little stretch –  might be a bit of an issue for those with slightly wider hands or long fingers!



Before: Looking a tad washed out and in need of some oomf!


After colouring (and a little sprucing up)

L'Oreal Prodigy 5.30 Tan Review

Much better… wouldn’t you agree chums?

As you can see it’s really lifted my rather dull looking dark brown hair by added a little more warm & depth. There’s a slight red tone to the shade which is perfect for me considering that my natural hair colour is actually quite auburn – it brings out the vibrancy just a little bit more. Personally I think it’s the ideal shade for autumn: not too dark, but not too red for constantly maintaining an exhaustive upkeep of re-growth on the roots. Perfect!



Most definitely. If you’re looking for an easy to follow hair colourant that leaves your follicles looking & feeling fabulous then I’d urge you to give the L’Oreal Prodigy range a go. The colour is beautifully rich & left my hair feeling silky smooth & smelling divine! For the price tag it’s well worth the investment ladies.

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Have you tried L’Oreal Prodigy? What’s your thoughts on DIY home-hair dyes? Do you have a favourite brand or are you sworn to your salon? Whatever your thoughts do let me know in the comments below!

Wishing y’all a fun filled weekend…

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The Makeup Menu…

The Makeup Menu

Having promised a number of blog buddies that I would partake in a review or FOTD post featuring ‘thee’ Chanel lippy… yes, the one I won a few weeks back through Anne’s exciting give-away! I thought it would be a bit more aptly suited to just go the whole hog and do a full on a-la-carte Makeup Menu. Are you sitting comfy ladies? Then let’s started…



Before I jump right in… as most of you know, I’m a huge fan of Olay products so my face was sparkly clean thanks to Olay Facial Scrub, Olay refreshing toner and a little swipe of Dove Pro-Age moisturising cream. I’ve tried various primers and nothing seems to work as well on my face as the Dove prior to foundation application – so throwing all caution to the wind (and defying the laws of the Beauty Kingdom) I’m rebelling and sticking to a lotion that’s not even designed to serve the purpose I’m using it for *tut tut*

*L’Oreal Infallible Foundation in 125 Natural Rose *

This is a VERY recent purchase but OH MY GEE WHIZZ it’s bloomin’ marvellous. This is a gorgeous everyday foundation that works perfectly for me. If you like a flawless full coverage that doesn’t feel too heavy on the skin then look no further chums, and it smells absolutely diiiiiiivine. Think a floral tutti fruity if you will *Ahhhh*


*Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Translucent*

I’ll admit I’ve never been a fan of pressed powders or even an overall matte look when it comes to makeup, I much more prefer that natural sheen rather than wanting to dull it down. However on days that I’m either filming a video or going out and want my makeup to last the duration this powder gives a lovely soft finish without tampering with the tone or completely omitting the dewy glow if applied lightly enough.

 Special thanks to the lovely Katie over at Plus Beauty for recommending it!


*Rimmel Sun kissed Bronzer*

After receiving this from the fab folks at Direct Cosmetics to try, I have to say I’ve found a makeup staple that I couldn’t be without. It gives a beautiful warm glow that is completely buildable without any signs of streakiness or patchiness that can sometimes be problematic as the day wears on. Considering my skin is super pale it never looks over done, too harsh or un-natural.



*Urban Decay Primer Potion*

 I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: without a doubt the best eyeshadow primer available. It does the job perfectly and never fails to keep the shadow firmly in place without any sign of creasing or fading. Love it!


*Urban Decay Naked Palette*

I wanted to keep this eye look a little more subtle than usual as the lips would undoubtedly be the focal point. I used Sin all over the eye lid, Sidecar in the outer crease and finally a tiny flick of Toasted to accentuate the outer crease. Voila, job done.


*MUA Eye Liner*

 I’ve tried and tested quite a few of the drug store offerings but can honestly say this is one of my favourites, not just due to the formula but because of the shape of the handle and stiffness of the applicator point. It makes a really fiddly job so much easier!

*Seventeen HD Falsifeye Mascara*

Being a bit of a mascara tart *oooh err missus* I seem to breeze from wand to wand quite aimlessly these days however I do believe I’ve found my all time drug store fav with this one. It adds length, defines and leaves them looking a little more fluttery than overly false. Exactly the look I love.



Chanel Rouge Coco Ultra Hydrating Lip Colour in 444 Gabrielle – Words cannot describe how excited I’ve been to try this, even if it does pain me to have to dishevel the pristine new-ness by using it *sob* Never before have my lips felt such luxury. It’s beautifully creamy, glides on effortlessly and lasts for hours on end. It may be a high-end lippy with a price tag to match but it’s worth EVERY penny… then again it’s Chanel, of course it’s worth it!


The Tools


Of Course what Makeup Menu would be complete without a shout-out to the gadgets and gizmo’s that make the magic happen right?

*From left to right*

Real Techniques Stippling Brush / RT’s Blush Brush / Superdrug Loose Powder Brush / RT’s Base Shadow Brush / RT’s Angled Shadow Brush / Naked Basics Double Ended Brush / RT’s Eyeliner Brush / Basic Eye Curlers / Superdrug Retractable Lip Brush

Overall Result,


First thing I notice is how airbrushed the L’Oreal Infallible foundation looks, I’m personally putting this down to the combination of a foundation that really does work in balance with my skin’s natural tone and the Real Techniques Stippling Brush which does such a professional job of blending so beautifully.

As for the lips, the Chanel Coco Rouge (444 Gabrielle) is one of the first red tones I’ve actually felt 100% confident about wearing. The richness of the lipstick delivers a luxurious feel and indulgent look that is identifiably more high-end. There’s no distinct taste, it’s lightweight to wear, sleek on the lips, moisturising, yet stays completely put without any messiness or movement. Okay, at £26 from Boots it does require a little more investment but it really is worth every single penny. I’m now a Channel convert when it comes to finding the perfect pout!

Cheerio chums…

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*Product Review: L’Oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara…

L'Oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara

Hey Beauty Buddies….

Happy Monday as yet another week begins! Firstly I’d like to say a huuuuuuuge maahooosive ‘thank you’ to each and every one of you for the masses of kind comments, support, encouragement (and just general loveliness) for the launch of my first YouTube video I posted on Friday. Your support really overwhelmed me! The encouragement here on the WordPress community is incredible – without my blog buddies I wouldn’t have had the confidence to get in front of a camera and ramble for almost 11 minutes so THANK YOU. If you missed it and fancy a quick catch up on my YouTube shenanigans then just *click here* to be virtually whisked off for a recap.

So onto today’s post… I’ve decided to declare my reviews Trash or Treasure – sounds a tad harsh I know, but I thought it was a fun and brutally honest way of getting to grips with some of the latest products I’ll be testing for ya’ll to either rush out & buy OR potentially walk on by.

 Today’s product is the L’Oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara as kindly sent to me by the fabulous folks over at Direct Cosmetics. If you haven’t already checked out their online haven of heavily discounted big name brands then I’d suggest you have a peek asap – you could be saving yourself a mini fortune on a range of awesome beauty goodies.



L’oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara


Purchase info

This was sent to me for a review by the lovely team over at Direct Cosmetics (thanks guys) where it is available to buy for a mere £5.89 – that’s £5 off the RRP, not bad eh?!



“L’Oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara will give you lashes that will blow you away. Helps to lengthen, thicken and separate every single lash with a patented Flexi-Globe brush that coats the lashes from every angle.”



Presented in an eye catching red and black tube this neat little product most certainly isn’t hard to miss. Unlike some of the other mascaras I’ve used in the past the wand handle is long and slightly tapered which gives it great grip when getting to work with lengthening those lashes!



Considering L’oreal’s excellent reputation for lining our vanity tables with tip-top products, my expectations where pretty high and I have to admit they weren’t disappointed. Not gonna lie, initially the little ball ended wand with it’s tiny rubber spikes looked a tad suspicious to begin with. In fact I had my doubts it was going to do anything it claimed as it is incredibly compact.

Thankfully though, from the first stroke of application the length and definition was clearly noticable, if you like your eyelashes fanned out and individually pampered then this is most definitely the mascara for you – it really does work a treat at separating and lengthening. Here’s a few piccies after only one coat, which in my humble opinion does the job perfectly…



One coat of mascara…

L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara 2


L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara 3


L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara

I feel this is a great mascara for everyday use, it almost slightly trains your natural lashes to resemble non over-dramatised individual falsies, which for me, is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

As for removal of the product it was an absolute breeze, I’ve tried removing the product with a variety of lotions and potions (micellar water, facial wash & eye makeup remover) and it breaks down easily on first wipe and doesn’t leave your lashes feeling brittle or agitated in any way.



Personally it’s been pretty hard for me to find any major snags in this mascara, however I will say that as a drugstore brand I feel £10.89 is a little overpriced. However if you are thinking of investing I’d suggest you save yourself a fiver and treat yourself to a tube via Direct Cosmetics… at that price it really is worth it.

Another *potential* grumble could be the size of the wand applicator. As shown below (VERY heavily zoomed in I must add) it’s a teeny round headed little device which is indeed great for the smaller lashes however it can make the application time pretty lengthy in comparison to the regular full bristled applicators.


If you’re often in a rush when applying your daily dose of face-fashion then I’m pretty sure this could end up hindering rather that helping the process.



Overall I’m mightily impressed with the results of the mascara, not sure I’d part with the full RRP but I’d certainly invest £5.89. If you’re looking for lengthy, separated and fanned out lashes I’m pretty sure this isn’t something you’d end up batting your lids at ladies. Great product, great results!


Have you tried L’Oreals Telescopic Explosion? What’s your favourite everyday mascara?

As always, thanks so much for stopping by chums… do leave a quick ‘hello’ in the comments below, I’d love to hear your feedback!

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