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A few weeks ago I posted ‘The Perfect Red Lip featuring CHANEL‘ and was shocked to the bones to find out that quite a few of you lovely ladies weren’t already familiar with Lipcote. Having been asked multiple times to elaborate on Lipcote, many were super curious to know a little more about this mystical lip saviour. So seeing as the party season is firmly on our doorstep here’s exactly why you need this little bottle of pout potion to seal the deal…



My love affair with Lipcote started way back in the 90’s when statement lips were a high school disco essential *cringe* I was a huge fan of Rimmel’s Heather Shimmer back in the day, but trying to keep the colour locked in for the duration of my teenage school discos was a bit of a hassle, especially having to constantly reapply. However as destiny would have it I stumbled across a tiny bottle of Lipcote nestling amongst the shelves of my local pharmacy; intrigued at its claims of keeping my lipstick locked in place I bought a bottle not really expecting much, however since then it’s became each & every time I wear lipstick




“Lock Lippie to perfection. Lipcote, the Original Award Winning Lipstick Sealer is the secret of lasting kiss proof lipstick! From a girl’s night out, hen or wedding do, to a red carpet and catwalk event by the makeup professionals, this Brit beauty cult classic, made with natural ingredients is the ultimate makeup tool no self-confessed lipstick fan should be without!”

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1) Colour your lips as usual & blot using a tissue to remove any excess. Repeat.

2) Apply an even layer of Lipcote over your lips & slightly beyond.

3) Keep your lips parted for a few minutes to ensure the Lipcote sets successfully.

Lip Prep Lip cote



On initial application the original version had a bit of a bitter waft & taste of alcohol due to the intensity of the formulation however fear not gals as thankfully the sassy Lipcote team have relaunched it with a new vanilla scent/flavour *woo hoo*  There can initially be a minor tingling/stinging sensation but again that tends to fade extremely quickly – however if your lips are dry or cracked avoid using for two reasons:

1) To prevent spread of bacteria or infection into the product

2) To prevent coiling yourself into a spring like position from the pain of what will feel like vinegar being poured into an open wound. Ouch!


Absolutely… for a 70ml bottle it’s a mere £3.60 which will likely last you 100 applications! Most definitely a wise investment if you’re a regular wearer of lipsticks, particularly bold colours as it works a treat by keeping the colour firmly on your lip rather than your wine glass, teeth, fingers, food, boyfriend… need I go on?

Lip Cote



I’ve been a fan of Lipcote for a number of years & it’s never let me down. Okay, the initial smell & slight stinging sensation may not convert everyone into being as much of a fanatic BUT it’s affordable, long lasting, easy to use & doesn’t turn a matte lip shiny – thanks to it’s quick drying invisible formula. For £3.60 I think it’s beauty bargain… for keeping my lipstick locked to my lips all night long – it’s invaluable!

Red Lip Stick

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For more info why not visit the Lipcote website where you can treat your lips to their very own bottle, use the Lipstick Finder to unearth your perfect shade or check out the Beauty Insider section to read what’s happening with other bloggers!

Lipcote Website

How do you make your lippy last? Have you tried Lipcote yet? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below. As always, thanks for stopping by! Wishing y’all a fabulous weekend 🙂 ️

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