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Monthly Favourite

As we wave goodbye to yet another month, that can only mean one thing amongst the calendar of most beauty bloggers… the monthly favourites. Oddly enough I seem to have skipped the last couple as I usually like to keep a page in my organiser to remind myself exactly what I’ve been loving.. yes my memory is THAT bad(!!) However as March exits and April enters I find myself with a wealth of little bits & bobs that have managed to make me smile in many different ways throughout the last 4 weeks. So if you fancy finding out what’s been high on my ‘Lovin List’ then make yourself comfy and check out this lovely lot…


Nail Polish Rack

Ikea Picture Shelf Nail Polish Storage

Storing nail polish has always been a bit of a stickler for me. I’ve had boxes, bags & cute little drawer units, but nothing has compared to how handy this picture rack from Ikea has been! Now I can reach for whatever colour I like at a mere glance, without having to spend an age rummaging through hidden stashes to find that perfect shade. Best of all it well well under £10 & saves loads of space into the bargain!


Tesco LIVE Wax Melts

Tesco Live Wax Melts

 I’m becoming rather impressed with some of the own-brand finds in my local Tesco’s of late, and being a lover of scented candles I simply had to invest in a few of these yummy looking little melts. I picked up the Vanilla, Damson & Pomegranate and Passionfruit & Melon. All of which smell absolutely divine and aren’t giving me a throbbing headache… unlike like many of the scented home goodies, including some of the elite brands! These cheerful little wax melts last such a long time too & are great value at under £2. Go get ‘em if you love a home filled with glorious scents too.


MAC Amplified Lipstick in Craving

Mac Amplified Lipstick in Craving

It may seem a tad deeper in the picture but don’t let it fool you as this stunning shade is totally build-able. It starts off as a sumptuous rosie pink and develops into a stronger tone the more you layer the formula. It’s incredibly comfy to wear and being rather pale in complexion I can vouch that it works wonders with lighter skin tones. Check out my post The Makeup Menu featuring MAC Craving to see a final look featuring this must-have shade!


Alex Drawer Set, Ikea

Ikea Alex Drawers Makeup Storage

What an investment for any beauty enthusiast! I bought the mini set which cost approx £40, but it’s by far the best investment for make-up storage I’ve purchased to date. Having browsed around the internet I couldn’t believe that some of the designer cosmetic bags cost just as much, if not more! If you need a stylish looking home to store all your beauty goodies in then look no further than Ikea Alex range… they have a chic and simple solution for almost everything.


William Morris Notebook Trio

William Morris Writer Notebooks

There comes a point in every stationery addicts journey when hoarding gloriously designed paper goods becomes a bit of an issue in stock piling – particularly when storage for a small army of note books, post-it-notes & office accoutrements is limited *sigh* One of my lovely friends treated me to this beautiful little trio of notepads quite a while back & it’s only now that I’m getting round to finally using them. I’m not gonna lie, it was a hard decision to make to use them, but the reality of buying no more stationery until I’ve used what I’ve got is a rule I’m determined to stand by. However, I’ve a lingering feeling that my blog buddy Emma from Puddleside Musings will at some point lead me astray with her cutesy paper purchases & awesome craft hauls!


Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar Palette & NYC Cream Blush


It’s all about radiant cheeks & a subtle dewy complexion for me this spring, and nothing has brought a delicious smidgen of glorious colour to my cheeks more than these two. I’m beyond impressed with the pigmentation and shade selection of the Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar palette, not to mention the creaminess of the NYC Beautifying Blushable Creme Stick in Soho Pink… perfect for those days when you just want a natural dewiness radiating from your skin. Love them both, though utterly gutted the NYC blush has now been discontinued *sob*



DSC02343 DSC02344

Stocked with more Marian Keyes books that you could shake a librarians stick at, I’m very much in literary heaven. For quite a few months I went to bed without lifting my Kindle last year, which was unusual for me as I’m a nighttime reader. But from getting back into books since last October I’ve noticed that I’m sleeping better at night and looking forward to getting tucked into bed to find out what happens next. Now that the sunshine is making a more regular appearance I’ve even been able to sit out in the garden with it too – albeit with a few layers on, it aint summer yet gals! It may be one of the first edition kindles, but it’s working like a dream… how cute is the little owl cover that my brother bought me? hehe


Max Factor Excess Shimmer in Pink Opal

Max Factor Excess Shimmer in Pink Opal

Since buying this shadow I don’t think there’s a day has gone by when I haven’t wore it. Super long lasting & the prettiest colour for spring, this is a gorgeous shadow for all you gals who adore an icy wash of pink (which works perfectly with a defined crease in a rich damson shadow, or any warm earthy tone) I adore the soft mousse formula that’s so easy to apply & sets beautifully without any creasing or moving. Max Factor have truly struck gold with this one.  *Click Here* to check out my very own eyelids modelling it proudly for y’all on Mondays Make-up Menu.


Barry M Brow Kit

Barry M Brow Kit Shape & Define a

EVERY time I wear this brow kit (and I do mean every!!) I always get asked and complimented on where I get my HD Brows done. Who would’ve guessed a mere £5 investment would have been so influential! The easy-peasy 3 step system consists of 1) Wax to smooth and shape, 2) Eyebrow powder to fill and define 3) Highlight powder to accentuate. It literally couldn’t be any simpler!  As many of you lovely lot already know I adore my brow products, but rummaging through my brow stash (including products ranging up to & slightly beyond £60) this is by FAR my favourite, and the one brow kit I reach for most often. If you haven’t tried it already then bump it to top of your shopping list, I’m pretty sure you’ll love it every bit as much as I do ❤


Spiral Hair Bobbles

Spiral Hair Bobbles

I honestly thought getting my hair cut a little shorter would save me hassle, instead it’s gave me more grief as whatever I do I have to constantly style it… gone are the days when I could leave it dry in bouncy spiral curls. One of the biggest challenges is keeping my follicles tied back neatly, and with them being much shorter than before my hair often slips out of the usual hair bands UNTIL I discovered these fabulous little life savers. If you have super-slippy hair that simply won’t hold its grip, then check these fabulous spiral bobbles out. They are phenomenal! Particular handy for gym-ers & swimmers who need a great solution for water or workouts. Available from Claire’s Accessories, Primark, Asda and a whole heap of other local stores!


My Beauty Room


I still give a little ‘EEEEP’ with excitement every time the words ‘Beauty Room’ rolls of my tongue. Having a spare room that was pretty much dormant of use 99% of the time, Steve suggested I use it as a little blogging/makeup haven, as a corner of our bedroom was vastly becoming stock piled with an army of lotions and potions. So with a teeny budget and a lot of hard work we embarked on transforming our little spare room into the fabulous Confetti & Curves sanctuary it is today. Wanna check out the finished results for yourself? Then *Click Here* to take a mini tour!

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What’s been your favourite picks of the month? Have you got something you’ve been loving over the last 4 weeks that you’d like to share? Whether it be make-up, accessories, beauty, lifestyle, a great book or something totally random? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below so do pop by and say a quick hello 🙂

Cheerio chums…

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