DIY Cute Snow Owl Christmas Decorations…

Cute Snow Owl Christmas Decoration Crafts

As promised, I previously mentioned I’d be rolling up my sleeves and causing havoc with plundering through my abandoned craft drawers. However as the ‘season to be jolly’ is closing in (and many of us are preparing to embark on the perilous journey into the attic to dust off our Christmas trees) what better way to kick start the shenanigans than with an easy peasy festive craft? As most of you already know my love for anything owl related runs pretty deep, so this seemed the perfect project to get started. Fancy giving it a go too? Then’s here how…



DIY Snow Owl Craft Tutorial

Craft Glue

Sparkly sheets of craft card

Loo or Kitchen rolls

Paint palette or Paper Plate

Paint brush

Sharp scissors



DIY Snow Owl Craft Tutorial Collage

Fold over each half of the tops of your toilet roll tubes until they’re closed & resembling the shape of an owls head. Next it’s time to load up your paint brush with a dose of white paint and get smothering your loo or kitchen rolls. I used regular white craft paint as it dries quick & is super affordable from pretty much any super market or craft supply store. You’ll probably need a few coats to make sure there’s no patches or uneven coverage.

Ps: metallics paints such as rose gold or silver also look incredible too!



DIY Snow Owl Craft Tutorial Collage 27

Whilst you’re helplessly waiting on your painted loo rolls drying, it’s time to get crafty with your card. Using a penny & two pence piece as a guide (or whatever alternatives in your own currency) draw at least 7-10 circles using the smaller coin on the back of the card. Next draw another 2 circles with the larger coin for the eyes. Lastly you’ll need to draw 2 wings – an elongated tear shape is super simple to draw. Using a sharp pair of craft scissors cut out your shapes and set them to one side.

Repeat this step for every owl you’ll be making!



DIY Snow Owl Craft Tutorial Collage 3

Once the body of your owls are touch dry it’s time to break out the craft glue and start gluing on the extra details. PVA craft glue is ideal for this as it’s strong, easy to work with, dries clear & very quickly. I find it easier to pour a little onto a paper plate & use a cotton bud to apply to the back of the shapes.

Start off by gluing the two larger circles near the top of the body for eyes. Next add the smaller circles to resemble chest detail. I started with the top row and overlayed them working down… 3 rows are more than enough for this. Lastly glue on the wings by ensuring the wider part of the tear drop is the part you stick to the sides of the body.



DIY Snow Owl Craft Tutorial Collage 4

Finally it’s time to finish the face details.  For the eyes you can use buttons, googly eyes (that can be bought from most craft stores_ or opt for simple little cut outs like myself & Em’s did. Using a piece of black foam (or card) cut out another two circles using the smaller coins as a guide & stick them in the centre of the larger sparkly circles. To add a fun little pupil cut out two tiny white circles and glue them onto the black circles. A hole-punch is ideal for these if you have one to hand!

To create the owl’s beak all you’ll need is a teeny triangle of orange coloured card. Carefully stick it underneath the owls eyes and you’re good to go!



DIY Snow Owl Craft Tutorial Collage 5

Voila! Your DIY Owls are now complete! Why not add some string so you can hang them from the tree or you could create a little owl mobile? Our little sparkly owl family will be perched along a window sill until the tree goes up next weekend!! *woo hoo* 😀

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Are you a fan of creating Christmas craft projects? When will you be putting up your decorations? Whatever your thoughts do let me know in the comments below. As always, thanks for stopping by – wishing y’all a fabulous week ahead 🙂

Cheerio chums…

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