The Jolly Blogger Award

The Jolly Blogger Award

Hello lovelies…

I have a rather jolly post today seeing as I’ve been nominated for ‘The Jolly Blogger Award’ by the gorgeous Katie from Plus+ Beauty. If you haven’t checked her fab blog out before I suggest you pop over pronto and say a huge hello… she really is an awesome blogging buddy! So thank you kindly Katie – utterly chuffed to be nominated by you 🙂

Onto the rules: you must answer the 12 questions left by the person who nominated you, create 12 different questions of your own and nominate 10 other bloggers for the award. Simples!

Okay, let’s get started…

1) What is on your Christmas wish list?
Hmmm, to be honest I didn’t write a list this year…. in fact I never do! I absolutely love surprises so my hubby usually keeps a little mental note of things I like throughout the year. However between you & me I wouldn’t mind ripping open a set of Real Techniques make-up brushes, an Urban Decay Naked palette and maybe some perfume! 😉

2) What would be the perfect Christmas?
My perfect Christmas is very family orientated… actually, I think this year we have ‘perfect’ all sussed as there’s quite a lot of family coming over for a huge Christmas dinner, so lots of rumbling tummies to fill full of turkey, vino and chocolate fudge cake! Just watching everyone chatting, laughing & having a great time fills my heart full of gooey goodness. It’s the best present don’t you think?

3) What is your favorite Winter Makeup look?
Right now I’m loving soft neutral tones, earthy browns & shimmering metallic’s on the eyes finished with a sparkly glitter liner. For the cheeks I love a warm rich bronzer & pink blush on the apples of the cheeks. For my lips there’s very little that can rival a simple neutral gloss, I love it.

4) Do you believe in Santa?
Having a beautiful little 9 year old daughter – absolutely! 🙂 Kids really make Christmas so much fun & help keep the magic alive.

5) What is your favourite Christmas drink or food?
My favourite drink would have to be the red grape Shloer – I’m not a huge alcohol drinker so I can drink bottles of this yummy tipple without any fear of a nasty hangover. As for food, my yummy pork stuffing has to be the best topped off with my little sisters amazing Pavlova.

6) Will you be traveling for Christmas? If so where to?
Nope, not this year… both Steve and I love Christmas in our own home so we’re chuffed to be hosting this year rather than travelling *yipeee*

7) Would you prefer a snowy Christmas or no snow?
A white Christmas every time!

8) Do you like eggnog?
I’ve absolutely no idea… I don’t believe I’ve ever tried it!

9) What is your Favorite winter clothing?
Cosy jumpers… there’s nothing quite like snuggling up in a gorgeous chunky knit pull over, comfy jeans & fleecy slipper socks. Love it!

10) Do you leave Santa Cookies? If so who eats them?
Absolutely… don’t you?! However seeing as Steve has a sweet tooth they mysteriously disappear of the plate just before bedtime. Hmmm… gonna have to keep my eye on him this year!

11) What has been the best Christmas gift you ever received?
Ooooh that’s a toughie as there are quite a few… I’d probably say my Samsung tablet. It was something I’d wanted for a while and it was such a surprise when I opened it. It was one of those complete shock moments – I felt like a kid all over again!! I’m actually smiling at the excitement just writing this 😀

12) What is your favourite Christmas memory?
I think my fav Christmas memory is the overall excitement of Christmas when I was a child. My sister and I shared a bedroom so we used to sit up for hours chatting, giggling and wishing it was morning. We’d have tip-toed into mum & dads room at 6:30am, begging to get into the living room to see if Santa had been!

As there were six of us in total (my three siblings, mum & dad) the living room was just a mass of brightly coloured wrapped gifts, it was unbelievable. Later in the day my gran would have arrived for dinner and it was such a warm & fuzzy feeling sitting around the dining table with all my wonderful family… everyone so chatty & happy. Although my parents are now separated I’ll never forget the amazing memories they created for us all, I honestly don’t think I could thank them enough for the effort they both went to. I just hope my daughter looks back with the same happy memories of her childhood as what I had with my family!

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My Questions Are:

Well actually ladies, I’m going to have to cheat a little bit *tut tut* and admit that I enjoyed answering the questions so much I thought you’d enjoy giving them a go too. I hope you don’t mind but I’d love to read all your responses!!

Enjoy chums 🙂

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