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Bronaghs Beauty and Books

Hey Beauty Buddies,

I’m super excited today for two reasons… firstly the weekend is almost upon us *excited air punch* and secondly because I’ve a lovely little Irish blogger to introduce y’all too… it’s such an exciting find stumbling across someone so close to home as we can be pretty hard to find!

As I’m sure you’ve already guessed Bronagh’s Beauty & Books is a sassy little corner of the interweb dedicated to those amongst us who enjoy dabbling in cosmetics & a good book. So if it sounds your kinda place to hang out then do pop over and say a huge hello to Bronagh, she’s super welcoming & loves a friendly chatter.

So without further ado it’s time to get comfy as we get to meet the girl Behind The Blog…


In only 5 words describe what readers can expect from your blog:

Lots of beauty & Fashion


What inspired you to start blogging?

Honestly, my love of bloggers like Zoella and Sprinkle of Glitter. Also my love of all things beauty related and my ever growing collection! Its a great outlet for creativity and it gives you something to do in your spare time and make a few new friends!


Tell us about your blog name… what made you decide on it?

Well I wanted to include my name, and I got lucky that beauty also began with B. I spent a while thinking about it and ended up with Bronagh’s Beauty and Books,  but the blog title is Bronagh Blogs to make it slightly easier to remember


Do you ever suffer from Blogger’s Block & if so how do you overcome it?

I always have bloggers block! So when I feel inspired, I draft up as many posts as I can, and set up about a weeks worth, so I always have something to go live.


What’s your favourite post to date? 

My MUA Haul! Mostly because I have a slight obsession with MUA Cosmetics!


Describe your everyday clothes style:

Its so casual! I swap between dresses and heels, to jeans and t shirts to leggings and baggy clothes. If I have nothing to do I will sit in PJ bottoms or leggings and baggy jumpers.


What are your current top 3 beauty items?

MUA’s Foundation, its such a great match for my skin tone, LUSH’s rehab shampoo as it is brilliant at fixing my damaged hair and my C2 Straighteners as my hairs a half wavy half curly mess!


How do you like to relax & unwind after a stressful day?

I either read or watch netflix. I’m currently obsessed with Orange is The New Black and I’m reading the Beautiful Creatures books.


Describe your ideal Saturday night:

Honestly, its sitting in with a Chinese and a good movie with either my dog or my boyfriend. I’ve never been a fan of nights out.


What do you do to relax?

I read, a lot. I love the feeling of getting into a new book and falling into its world.


Everyone has their bad habits, what’s yours?

Biting my nails! They never grow too long before I bite them back down. I’m trying to combat this by wearing nail polish, which helps.


What’s your most cherished childhood memory?

Getting my first pet, a dog which we called Sheba. She was a Shepard mix but she was really ill so we only had her for 3 months. Not long after that we got Cozy who was a springer mix. We had him for about 11 years; he was my best childhood friend.


What was your favourite school subject?

I was the nerd who loved Maths and Science. I still do love science, but I’ve lost all of my maths ability from not doing it as much anymore.


What’s your dream job?

This changes everyday! Currently I’m looking into work in the Mental Health sector or in administration. I like the idea of being a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I can never answer this! I’d hope to at least be in University by then, or leaving depending on the degree. Right now I’d like to be just finishing off a degree in Mental Health Nursing


What top 5 things are on your bucket list?

My number one thing is to learn another language. I’m working on learning Irish as I live in Northern Ireland, so the closer I go to the border, the more Irish signs there are. My other top  4 are getting married, having children, getting a university degree and learning to sew. I’m not the most interesting of people, but oh well.


Who inspires you?

My grandmother really inspired me. I loved her to pieces and she was such an amazing person, so if I end up even half the person she was, I’ll be happy.


Do you have a favourite inspirational quote?

“All Our Dreams Come True if we Have the Courage to Pursue Them” – Walt Disney


What top tips would you give to someone who is thinking of starting their own blog?

Spend time thinking about your blog name, it will stick with you! Also really think about what you want to blog about, make sure you are really interested in it and you can give out advice if needed. Also success really doesn’t happen over night! It takes time for people to notice you, so networking is key!



Tea or Coffee = Tea 100%

Coke or Pepsi = Pepsi

Messy mayhem or Super Organised = Super Organised

Cute kitten or Playful puppy = Playful Puppy!

Night In or Night Out = Night in

Heels or Flats = Flats

Lip Stick or Lip Gloss = lip stick

Rock Chick or Pop Princess = rock chick!

Paperback or E-book = paperback, purely for the smell

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