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Free Ciate London Nail Polish Instyle

For me one of life’s great little pleasures is browsing an array of glossy magazines in my local book store, taking my time to pensively decide which is accompanying me home to enjoy an evening of curling up on the couch together with the obligatory cup of tea (and maybe a kit kat… or two) *ahh hemm*

However this month, my luck was well and truly in when it came to choosing a glossy as one of my favourite magazines, Instyle, are giving away a free bottle of Ciate London Nail Polish worth £9 with every copy of this months mag (March edition)

Instyle Magazine

As you can imagine my eyes widened as I browsed the colours available, literally chewing on my lip from being unable to pick… would it be really weird if I went back and bought a few more copies to build my collection of Ciate polishes? 😉  Between a subtle icy-lilac-nude, an eye catching vibrant red, soft cool blue and a striking purple, my choice wasn’t easy to say to the least, however I (finally) settled on the colour that made my little heart pitter-patter the most… Iced Frappe. And oh my goodness, what a sweet little treat it is.

Ciate London Iced Frappe

Firstly, I assume we’re all in agreement that the Ciate packaging is theeeee prettiest in all the land, yep? The cute little bow, the elegant long neck of the brush *happy sigh* It’s sophisticated, chic and oh so feminine in a classy yet sassy kinda way. I’m imaging a little row of these cuties lined along my polish shelf *swoon* And of course after last weeks pricey & disappointing nail polish find (*click here* to check out THAT post) my nails were certainly crying out for a treat to make up for the lack of love they were feeling. So how did Iced Frappe stack up?

Ciate Nail Polish Iced Frappe

Well considering that it’s worth £9 a bottle, my expectations were high – and I’m delighted to say it didn’t disappoint. Although the mixture was a little thinner of consistency than I initially expected, I was pleasantly surprised at the excellent coverage. It applied on the nail really well and levelled out to avoid any nasty looking streaks or patches.

The drying time was pretty much on par with that of most other polishes, and it really wasn’t long before my nails were covered in two glorious coats of Ciate London Iced Frappe – and looking absolutely gorgeous for it I must add. Of course to keep the polish lasting as long as possible I’ll be adding a top coat… although I’m not too heavy handed, I type ALOT every day so with my digits dancing over the keys for hours on end it’s easy to wear out even the toughest of polishes. Ahh the perils of office work *sigh*

Ciate Nail Polish

Ultimately I have high hopes for the longevity of this polish, but considering that it was free with Instyle Magazine it’s given me a great chance to check out a brand I’ve been eyeing for quite a while. So if you’re out and about this weekend, check out the shelves of your local store (UK) where they should hopefully have the beautiful range of colours to choose from… if you want to be really thrify, Tesco are selling the magazine at an exclusive price of £2.50! Yep, a magazine & £9 bottle of Ciate poilish for that price – you’d be mad to miss out! Go go go… before the shelves run dry ladies 😉

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Have you tried Ciate London Nail Polishes yet? What’s your favourite brand of polish at the moment? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below so do be sure to say a quick hello!

Cheerio chums…

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