How To Boost Your Blog Traffic Using TweetDeck…

Increase Blog Traffic Using TweetDeck

As many of you already know, I’m usually technophobic when it comes to embracing new technologies – heck it took me months to familiarise myself confidently with WordPress, and I’ll not even disclose how long my Twitter account sat idle before I forced myself to embrace the world of hashtags… it wasn’t like it was 14 months or anything, pffft *blushes* But every now and again I stumble across something that really holds its value, particularly when it comes to blogging and you guys know how much I love to share my findings!

TweetDeck has vastly became an essential tool when it comes to promoting blog posts, features, interactions and images, when using one of the most powerful social media tools in the blogisphere = Twitter. In fact, whenever I pre-schedule Tweets that include a link to my blog, I quite often see a spike in traffic nestling boastfully in my stats; thanks to just one of it’s nifty features!

So if you’re eager to check out TweetDeck & the benefits it can bring to your blog then today’s feature just might be of interest…



Main screen image

In a rather simplified nutshell, TweetDeck is pretty much a personalised browser that enables you to manage your Twitter account (or multiple accounts) by viewing all user features on one screen. Sounds fab? Well, that’s because it is chums. Basically, you can pretty much see everything that’s going on with your Twitter account(s) right before your very eyes – think of it like the ultimate control panel that’s super easy to use! As well as overseeing all your Twitterly needs, it’s also perfect for scheduling Tweets to help you keep on top of networking even when you’re not around.



  • You can add as many Twitter accounts as you like… which makes your task of pro actively managing everything under one virtual roof easy-peasy & stress free.
  • If you’re not a fan of constantly scrolling up the column of your Twitter news feed then the live stream enables you to view in ‘real time’ so you constantly see new Tweets flash onto your screen from the moment your Twitter buddies post them.
  • You can make it visibly easily on the eyes by customising colour schemes and text to suit your individual preferences.
  • The layout enables you to view your timeline, interactions with other users, messages and scheduled Tweets on one screen. That’s right, everything you need to see right in front of you.
  • You can easily arrange the columns to suit the information that you want to prioritise so you’re not viewing stuff that’s not important to you, nor are you missing the information you want to see.


  • The search function also comes in really handy if you’re following a certain hash-tag or if you want to find something/someone quickly. You can also specify the content that comes through on your activity feed which will keep you updated with things that are trending across Twitter.
  • You can easily schedule Tweets for dates/times that you’re not online… even when you close your TweetDeck panel it will continue to post whatever you’ve scheduled.



This is where is becomes really valuable… well, it certainly has been for me! One thing many of us overlook is that when we’re cosily tucked up in bed (for example) there’s millions of users the across the globe just logging on. By promoting tweets during key hours throughout the day or night, you’re reaching out to a whole other audience that may not normally see what you’ve been posting previously (unless they personally choose to visit your page). This is super useful for rectifying what you could potentially be missing out on = valuable promotion to pick up new readers & increasing the virtual footfall on your blog. What takes seconds to prepare on TweetDeck can end up becoming extremely valuable for your blogs potential & traffic in the long run! Okay, I agree, blogging’s not just about the numbers, but c’mon, who wouldn’t be thrilled at new readers taking an interest in those features we pour our hearts and souls into, right?



If you’re anything like me, then you’ll probably appreciate a visual when it comes to taking the first steps into grasping something you may not be familiar with. If TweetDeck sounds like something that could help you, (particularly when scheduling Tweets) then here’s just how easy it is to get started…

Add Tweet

Step 1: Click on the compose Tweet symbol on the top left of your TweetDeck browser.

Add Tweet 2

Step 2: Write your tweet – don’t forget to include your link & image if required!

(Check out how to shorten long URL’s further below)

Add Tweet 3

Step 3: Insert a time & date for when you want your Tweet to be posted.

scheduled tweet

Step 4: Your scheduled Tweet will appear in the ‘Scheduled’ list. Don’t forget, you can easily schedule multiple tweets, saving you both time & hassle!



Of course when you’re composing a Tweet the number of characters you’re limited too can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you’re trying to cram info, links & an image all at once. In order to help you save a few of those valued characters you can easily shorten the link (URL) that you want to include. If it’s not something you’ve tried before then here’s a quick visual on how to get started… it’s super easy peasy, promise!

URL example 1

Step 1: Highlight and copy the link/URL that you’d like to shorten – in the example above I’ve used a recent blog post.

URL Shortener

Step 2: Get your Google on by searching ‘shorten URL’. I tend to keep the direct link saved on my browsers ‘favourites’ tool-bar, so it’s always easily accessible!

URL Shortener 2

Step 3: Paste your copied link/URL into the ‘Shorten URL’ box & click the small blue box. A more compact version of your link should appear in the top right hand corner, along with a preview of the page your link corresponds with. Simply copy by hitting CTRL + C, then paste into TweetDeck as normal. Voila – job done!

pink heart

Have you tried TweetDeck yet? What’s your thoughts on scheduling Tweets, is it something you’ve tested out to help increase traffic to your blog? Whatever your thoughts, I’d love to read them in the comments below so do be sure to stop by and say a quick hello 🙂

Cheerio chums…

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Billion Dollar Brows Best Sellers Kit & GIVEAWAY…

Hey Beauty Buddies…

Oooh what a treat I have for y’all today as not only am I lucky enough to show you guys just how amazing the Billion Dollar Brows Best Sellers Kit can transform your brows, I’m also deeeeelighted to announce THREE fabulous Giveaway opportunities packed with £71 worth of amazing brow goodies EACH! Not bad eh? 😀 To get involved simply watch the above video to check out the kit in action & for further details on how to enter!

For those of you who are eager to invest in this fabulous kit asap you can purchase the Billion Dollar Brow range on Boots website… *click here* to check out their selection of brow transforming products, as well as the 5 star reviews that are currently flooding in! Although the Best Sellers Kit has a content value of £71, it’s currently retailing at £49.50 – yet another great reason to treat yourself 😉

 Also, don’t forget to check out their 60 Seconds to Beautiful Brows Kit, currently retailing for £24,  which I reviewed on Monday by *click here to view post*. It’s a super speedy way of creating stunning brows that are shapely, sleek & incredibly natural looking – all thanks to the buildable colour powder that’s suitable for BOTH blondes & brunettes!

pink heart

So grab your cuppa, settle down and check out this fun tutorial & chatter on how you can create great looking brows using the BDB Best Sellers Kit.

Cheerio Chums & Good luck to those entering the Giveaway *fingers crossed*

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Please Note:

The closing date is 01 February 2016 

This competition is open to UK residents only 

Winners will be chosen at random & contacted via email by Billion Dollar Brows

For further info please read the ‘Official Rules’ on the entry page which is linked in my video description box

DIY Cute Snow Owl Christmas Decorations…

Cute Snow Owl Christmas Decoration Crafts

As promised, I previously mentioned I’d be rolling up my sleeves and causing havoc with plundering through my abandoned craft drawers. However as the ‘season to be jolly’ is closing in (and many of us are preparing to embark on the perilous journey into the attic to dust off our Christmas trees) what better way to kick start the shenanigans than with an easy peasy festive craft? As most of you already know my love for anything owl related runs pretty deep, so this seemed the perfect project to get started. Fancy giving it a go too? Then’s here how…



DIY Snow Owl Craft Tutorial

Craft Glue

Sparkly sheets of craft card

Loo or Kitchen rolls

Paint palette or Paper Plate

Paint brush

Sharp scissors



DIY Snow Owl Craft Tutorial Collage

Fold over each half of the tops of your toilet roll tubes until they’re closed & resembling the shape of an owls head. Next it’s time to load up your paint brush with a dose of white paint and get smothering your loo or kitchen rolls. I used regular white craft paint as it dries quick & is super affordable from pretty much any super market or craft supply store. You’ll probably need a few coats to make sure there’s no patches or uneven coverage.

Ps: metallics paints such as rose gold or silver also look incredible too!



DIY Snow Owl Craft Tutorial Collage 27

Whilst you’re helplessly waiting on your painted loo rolls drying, it’s time to get crafty with your card. Using a penny & two pence piece as a guide (or whatever alternatives in your own currency) draw at least 7-10 circles using the smaller coin on the back of the card. Next draw another 2 circles with the larger coin for the eyes. Lastly you’ll need to draw 2 wings – an elongated tear shape is super simple to draw. Using a sharp pair of craft scissors cut out your shapes and set them to one side.

Repeat this step for every owl you’ll be making!



DIY Snow Owl Craft Tutorial Collage 3

Once the body of your owls are touch dry it’s time to break out the craft glue and start gluing on the extra details. PVA craft glue is ideal for this as it’s strong, easy to work with, dries clear & very quickly. I find it easier to pour a little onto a paper plate & use a cotton bud to apply to the back of the shapes.

Start off by gluing the two larger circles near the top of the body for eyes. Next add the smaller circles to resemble chest detail. I started with the top row and overlayed them working down… 3 rows are more than enough for this. Lastly glue on the wings by ensuring the wider part of the tear drop is the part you stick to the sides of the body.



DIY Snow Owl Craft Tutorial Collage 4

Finally it’s time to finish the face details.  For the eyes you can use buttons, googly eyes (that can be bought from most craft stores_ or opt for simple little cut outs like myself & Em’s did. Using a piece of black foam (or card) cut out another two circles using the smaller coins as a guide & stick them in the centre of the larger sparkly circles. To add a fun little pupil cut out two tiny white circles and glue them onto the black circles. A hole-punch is ideal for these if you have one to hand!

To create the owl’s beak all you’ll need is a teeny triangle of orange coloured card. Carefully stick it underneath the owls eyes and you’re good to go!



DIY Snow Owl Craft Tutorial Collage 5

Voila! Your DIY Owls are now complete! Why not add some string so you can hang them from the tree or you could create a little owl mobile? Our little sparkly owl family will be perched along a window sill until the tree goes up next weekend!! *woo hoo* 😀

pink heart

Are you a fan of creating Christmas craft projects? When will you be putting up your decorations? Whatever your thoughts do let me know in the comments below. As always, thanks for stopping by – wishing y’all a fabulous week ahead 🙂

Cheerio chums…

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Cute Christmas Decor For Your Crib…

Cute Christmas Decor

Having spent most of last Sunday covered in glitter from putting up the Christmas tree and all the festive trimmings that come with it, my little home now looks like the inside of Santa’s grotto. However the desk I work from upstairs seemed to be looking a bit too bleak for my liking, but without wanting to spend a small fortune dazzling it up with Christmas goodies I decided to set myself a small budget and spruce up my little workspace with a few festive treats that don’t burn too much of a hole in the pocket…

Fairy Light Fever:

Having first spotted these in the aisles of Primark, I was pretty shocked to discover they were a mere £1.50… what a bargain! Last year I bought a set from Ikea which were considerably more pricey, although the light is quite a harsh white tone so I’m just not as keen. These ones however omit a lovely warm glow that makes the perfect backdrop for photo’s or just to cheer up your work space.

Fairy Lights

Candles Gallore:

You all know by now how much I blooming adore my little scented candles and after finding these pretty gold & purple holders in Ikea I just had to bring them home with me! The gold ones were £2 each and the purple one (I’m pretty sure) was only £1. I also spotted a bag of 100 Glimma tea lights for £1.75, they last approx 4 hours constant burning and are undoubtedly the best for value out of all the ones I’ve tried yet!

 Ikea Candle Holders

Merry Material:

I’ve been hoarding felt squares in my material box for the last couple of years, so I thought it was high time I put them to good use. These fun festive fancies are so darn easy to make too; it’s simply a matter of cutting out your shapes and sewing or stitching them together, alternatively you could use material glue – just don’t forget to stuff em’ before you seal otherwise they’ll end up looking a tad skinny. I opted for making a cheery little robin & traditional Christmas pudding. Cute eh?

Handmade Christmas Decorations

The Empty Pickle Jar:

When I spotted this empty gherkin jar lurking on top of my kitchen counter I knew he had a greater destiny in life than simply ending up in the recycling heap. After digging out my glass paints, I decided to give it a colourful lease of life by up-cycling him as a unique little candle accessory. One can never have too many tea light holders right? 😉 You can buy glass paints from any good craft store. I use Pebeo Vitrea pots as the colours are so vivid & glossy. Alternatively E-bay is full of great starter sets from as little as £5 or you could opt for glass paint markers which are super easy to use!

Glass Painted Pickle Jar

Twinkling Twigs:

At this time of year my garden is awash with leaves, twigs and lots of other green fingered paraphernalia, so why not put some of it to good use? After gathering, clean & dry your chosen sticks (or twigs if you make a mini version – your empty gherkin jar could be ideal for this) then spray with either gold or silver paint and dust with glitter (optional, but looks super pretty)

Once dry you can display them in any vase or jar you like, as mine was see through I used some pretty pebbles to add some detail & keep the sticks supported … voila, your own glittering twig display!

Don’t forget you can also interweave some fairy lights through them to create some extra twinkle… they really help emphasise the sparkle in the glitter.

Twinkle Twigs

The Mini Tree:

Last but not least, what Christmas space would be complete without a teeny tiny tree? I spotted this one in a local discount shop for £1 and just couldn’t resist! They also had lots of multi coloured battery lights that work a treat in helping to make it that little bit more cheery. He’s rather adorable wouldn’t you say?

 Christmas Tree

So there you have it, my way of adding a sprinkle of festive cheer to any work or living space without costing a fortune… in fact I spent well under £15 for the whole lot. Not bad eh?

Christmas Decor

Have you added any mini decorations to help cheer up your crib? Or maybe you have a few merry little tips of your own to share? As always, I love reading your thoughts & feedback in the comments below! Til next time…

Cheerio Chums 🙂

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