What’s In My Bag…

Hello lovelies,

Yes, I’m back again this week with another fun filled YouTube rambling as I team up with the gorgeous Laura from Polka Dot Tea Pot as we rummage through our pretty new handbags to show you what we hoard on a daily basis!

So if taking a nosey through my belongings sounds like a good way to procrastinate for ten minutes then why not grab yourself a cuppa & get comfy as I have a quick chatter about the treasure trove of essential goodies that follow me around each day 🙂

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What essentials could you not live without in your handbag? Have you any tips for organising your handbag? Or maybe you’ve uploaded a similar video or post recently? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below. Happy hump day!

Cheerio Chums….

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What’s In My Work Bag?

Hey Beauty Buddies…

I was invited by the fabulous Fiona over at Fiona’s Wonderland to participate in her exciting new ‘What’s In My Bag’ blog series. Of course being a huuuuge fan of these fun features I jumped at the chance to participate! I must admit it was also a darn good excuse for a thorough clearout… anyone else’s bag literally swarming in receipts?! *sigh*


For those of you who fancy popping over to check out the interview style post live on Fiona’s blog (or maybe even get involved in the series yourself) then do take a trip over & check it out.  Of course being my usual ‘YouTube Wednesday’ feature, I couldn’t resist attempting a corresponding ‘What’s In My Work Bag’ video to compliment all the action over at Fiona’s!  So all’s left to do is get the kettle on & press play as I talk you through the contents of my work bag!

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What’s your absolute handbag essentials? What can’t you leave the house without? Whatever your thoughts, don’t forget to say a quick hello in the comments below!

Cheerio Chums…

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What’s In My Bag…

Happy Wednesday lovelies,

Today’s post comes in the form of yet another YouTube video (I seem to be on a roll for filming these days) as I thought it would be oodles of viewing fun to take a peek inside my rather glorious bag that I got as a gift from my hubby… he really is a good’un 😉

So sit back, relax & catch up with me as I rummage through the contents of this super sized bag from Accessorize

Don’t forget to say a quick hello in the comments below, I do love a mid-week chatter!

Cheerio chums…

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Sassy Spring Essentials…

Step into Spring

Hey lovelies…

As my spring clear out is (almost) complete, what better way to celebrate than to dreamily ponder over what gorgeous goodies to restock my closet and beauty shelves with?! After spending a few hours mulling around the interweb I’ve found a few little items of inspiration that will undoubtedly get us in the mood to dust of the winter gloom and step boldly into a new season of vibrant colours. Are you sitting comfy? Then lets’ get started…


Spring Essentials

1) ASOS Curve Swing Dress: After packing away those winter woollies this gorgeous Asos Swing Dress (available in sizes 18-28) is the perfect patterned addition to brighten up any wardrobe. I love these shorter dresses for us taller gals too as they make the perfect maxi style top with a sassy pair of skinny jeans or leggings!


2) Marc Jacobs Daisy: No spring wishlist would be complete without a fresh waft of perfume that also happens to be contained in one of the prettiest daisy-clad bottles you’ll set your peepers upon. Marc Jacobs Daisy is the ideal spring scent that smells every bit as fresh and feminine as it looks.


3)  Superdrug Colour Performance: New season, new hair! After surviving those harsh winter months, most follicles are screaming out for a little TLC. The Superdrug hair colour range is by far one of the best I’ve tried and tested (many times I should add *aah hem*) It’s undoubtedly one of the most vibrant finishes that holds it’s colour for such an impressive length of time. For the price it really is a bargain girls. Oh, and the freebie conditioner is phenomenal for taming even the frizziest of manes! You’re welcome 😉


4) MUA Spring Break Palette: Having road-tested an entire batch of MUA products over the last few months I’m mightily impressed with this budget busting range of cosmetic goodies. How beautiful is this spring palette that’s simply bursting with super delicious pastille shades guaranteed to brighten up even the most lack-lustre of lids. For a mere £4.00 you just can’t go wrong!


5) Marni Leather Boots: Okay I’ll admit ladies, they’re a little ‘unique’ compared to my normal choice of foot fashion, however I adore the quirky heel design and neutral colour that will look great with almost any spring outfit… and with 60% off they make a great new season investment!


6) Benefit CORALista Coral Blush: I’ve yet to meet a beauty addict yet who isn’t a fan of Benefit’s mighty range of captivating cosmetics. I’ve noticed so many rave reviews about this beautiful blush set that it’s edged its way straight to the top of my spring wishlist! Check it out ladies – it even comes with it’s own cute little blush brush ❤


7) Dior Addict Lip lipgloss: I’ve had my eye on this little tube of lip-candy for a while now. Not only is the packaging a visual treat but the product itself is available in a huge range of delicious colours that’s guaranteed to perk up any pout.


8) Michael Kors (Brooke) Leather Shoulder Tote: You all know how much of a handbag addict I am, of course after stumbling upon this stunning tote from one of my favourite handbag designers, I simply had to sneak it onto the Wishlist. At £310 it’s a little on the pricey side but worth every penny for a high quality bag that’s sure to drop a few jaws in the process (mine included) I’m in love!

So there you have it beauty buddies, my Step into Spring wishlist. What’s top of your seasonal must haves? Are you all set to wave goodbye to your winter thermals?

As always thanks for reading… don’t forget to say a quick hello in the comments below 🙂

Cheerio chums,

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The Ultimate Girls Night Out…

The Ultimate Girls Night Out

Streets filled with twinkling fairy lights, late night shopping, bustling Christmas markets, cheesy Pantomimes and festive work parties – it’s no wonder this time of year fills us with so much fun and excitement. Even though the harsh winter weather has us wrapped up in seasonal chunky knits and layering on the moisturiser, you just can’t help battling the elements to join in all the festive fun… and with so many of us hopping-up for exciting nights out, I thought it was only right to follow up The Ultimate Girls Night In post (that you all seemed to enjoy so much – thank you kindly!) with something similar for The Ultimate Girls Night Out! So for all of you delightful diva’s who love a Yuletide shindig here’s my check-list on how to make your evening out super-sassy:

Girls Night Out

If ever there’s an excuse to throw in a little bit of sparkle the time is now! The shops are filled with glitzy cocktail frocks, blingy accessories and shoes that would all but blind you – I blooming love it! However seeing as not all of us want to leave the house resembling the neighbours Christmas tree, I thought I’d put together something a little more muted, practical, but without forsaking the glorious glam…

1: I am in LOVE with this shimmery Manon Baptiste Gold Aztec Vest Top from Navabi. The shimmering gold & bold black are incredible together, making it the perfect partner for dressing up denim or wearing with with a fabulously fitted skirt. Isn’t it beautiful ladies? Best of all it’s available right up to size 28 *woo hoo*

2: These gorgeous NYDJ Marine Denim Jeggings from Evans are the perfect bang-on-trend denim for a night out. Not only are they mega comfy with their quality super-stretch material, these delightfully jolly jeggings also boast Lift-Tuck technology… ensuring all your fabulous curves stay supported. Are we in love? Thought so!

3: There is nothing more classic than a simple black blazer to add a touch of sophistication to almost any outfit. This gorgeous Samoon Jacket from Navabi oozes everyday style appeal by adding some chic feminine flair. Currently available up to size 26, it’s every gals must have wardrobe essential… plus it keeps you cosy on those chilly winter nights!

4: I won’t lie to you, I devoured a rather hefty gasp when I stumbled across this pair of ankle stunner’s from The Outnet. These mesmerising Rag & Bone metallic effect textured ankle boots with their stacked wooden heel & sassy back zip fastening have stolen my heart. Best of all there’s a whopping 45% off the £460 retail price… fancy treating your feet? Go get them!

5: I adore these gold effect Aztec earrings from Dorothy Perkins, undoubtedly the perfect accessory to match the Navabi Aztec Vest top don’t you think? Currently on sale for a jaw dropping £3.00, what a bargain!

6: To say I’m a fan of the Michael Kors tote range is a bit of an understatement – I don’t think there’s one I haven’t fallen for yet. However, this exquisite pale gold bag is well towards becoming my new MK favourite. Classy, stylish and sporting lots of room for your essential tote-bag goodies what’s not to love? Available from Zalando.

7: Three words girls: MAC Ruby Woo. What outfit would be complete without a pop of colour, and no one does it quite like Mac. Available from MAC cosmetics… orderly queue please ladies!

8: I don’t think there’s ever been a make-up addicts wish-list that hasn’t contained at least one of the Urban Decay Naked palettes. Create the perfect sultry look for your night out with this delicious array of 12 bronze, eye-bedazzling shades. Check it out for yourself  right here at Feel Unique


The Nibbles

This time of year restaurants are often alive with corporate parties & family get-togethers, so even though your favourite little haunt may seem like a pretty safe choice it’s best to call and pre-book well before your big night out… simply to avoid a two hour wait in a chilly winter queue just to get your bum on a seat.

As most work parties tend to book hotels and traditional restaurants for their Christmas dins, it could be a good idea to branch out and try Cantonese, Indian or Italian food as there’s less chance they’ll be hiving with half drunken CEO’s… and of course so you don’t end up tired of Turkey before Santa’s even had a chance to pack his sleigh! Alternatively, if you’re keeping a watchful eye on the purse strings why not opt for dinner at home or a cheeky take away delivered to your door before hitting the town; this is always a good option for those who take multiple hours to get ready! *whistles innocently*

The Drinks

If like me you’re a hopeless case for a hangover, my advice would be to line that tummy with dinner before popping your corks so there’s something to help soak up the potential effects. Without sounding like an ageing party-pooper;  mixing a multitude of shots may seem like a barrel of fun, but keep in mind it’s more than likely going to end in a rather painful duvet-day the following morning. Who hasn’t seen the Sunday social media news-feeds filled with tales of woe and promises of never to so much as sniff a cork again?! My point exactly 😉

If you’re on the look out for something light and refreshing I’d personally suggest these yummy little fruity spritzer style drinks (pictured above) called West Coast Coolers. Here in N. Ireland they’re incredibly popular, my favourite has to be the Original, however the Rose is amazing too. So if you’re looking for a light seasonal tipple to sip, I’d highly recommend you give these a go. Just remember to enjoy responsibly!

The Entertainment

Organising a night out takes a fair amount of planning – especially if there’s quite a few of you in tow. As much as I love dancing the night away, sometimes it’s fun to do something a little different; and come the festive season there’s just so much choice on offer. A few unique and fun ideas could be to catch a theatre show or musical, better still why not embrace your inner kiddie and opt for a pantomime instead? They’re full of cheesy Christmas cheer to get the giggles going, leaving the serious chatter for cocktails and dinner at a swanky venue afterwards. Alternatively if you’re feeling brave enough to embrace the cold winter weather then why not opt for some late night shopping at a local Christmas market? It’s the perfect opportunity to pick up some really unique little gifts and stocking fillers!

Don't Forget

It’s one of the busiest seasons of the year, so if transport is top of your priority list make sure you book your taxi’s well in advance to avoid being stranded at your door step. Same applies for eating out too!
Keep wrapped up warm with a stylishly snug scarf & hat set to avoid being landed with any winter colds or sniffles if you’re out & about. Do keep a tight hold of your hand bag or purse wherever you go… a bustling night on the town is a pick-pockets dream particularly if you’re planning some late night shopping or Christmas fairs with chums.

Try to carry as little cash as possible, make sure your abode is well secured before leaving for the evening and keep any pricey items such as laptops etc tucked well out of sight! Of course last but not least have fun, enjoy your night out & don’t forget the reason for the season guys 😉

Do you have any up-coming fun nights out planned? What’s your top tip when organising an evening out on the town with friends? Or are you more of a cosy night-in kinda gal? As always I love reading your thoughts and feedback in the comments below…

Cheerio chums!

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What To Consider When Choosing The Perfect Handbag…

Choosing the perfect Hand bag

Hello lovelies,

Firstly, time to wish you all a very happy November, I trust everyone had a fun-filled Halloween weekend? We certainly did, and although it didn’t quite transpire into what we were expecting a last minute trip to a local Fireworks display certainly perked up our moods… who would’ve thought standing in the drizzly rain for an hour on a cold October night could be so much fun?

Anyway, yesterday I decided it was high time to have a good clear out and needless to say handbags were top of my list. I seem to have accumulated a collection of bags that I’ve used to death then pretty much slung below my bed and forgotten about. They were EVERYWHERE.

Now as much as I’d love a Carrie Bradshaw style closet to display all my shoes & accessories, I simply don’t have the room (or funds) to do so. But having a clear out did get me thinking about my buying habits when it comes to picking handbags… so with that in mind my first post of November is things to consider when shopping for that next tantalizing tote, captivating clutch or dazzling duffle:


I must admit I’m a bit of an impulse shopper – if I see it, I like it, I buy it. Even more so if it’s affordable, after all who doesn’t love a bargain? However quality has now become much more of a priority to me than simply dashing to the tills with something that’s ‘cheap as chips’ simply because many ‘bargains’ I’ve purchased in the past have only lasted a few months (at most) due to poor manufacturing. Before buying, check things such as: stitching, zips, pockets, the quality of the lining/leather for any defects or warning signs that your bag might not endure everyday wear and tear. If necessary, hold out for an end of season sales that enable you to get a better quality item for half the original price.


A few years ago I spotted a beautiful Pauls Boutique bag in a sale for £15!! *gasp* Being the last one on the shelf I snapped it up and happily took it home without even thinking about the consequences. Much to my disappointment, I realised that I had forgotten one huge fundamental issue in the midst of my excitement – what would it go with? My next question (as I stood bewildered in my bedroom) was ‘What was I thinking?’ It was like nothing I normally wore and suddenly realised it actually clashed with everything rather than complimented it. If you’re planning on using your bag everyday just make sure it’s actually going to suit your every day style, if your wardrobe is a little unpredictable stick to black or neutrals so you don’t end up wasting money on something you’ll probably not get the full use out of. Yes… like me *sigh*


I don’t know about you, but I like a bag that I’m able to sling over my shoulder, as for me there is nothing more frustrating than having to constantly set my it down when I’m rummaging through my favourite shops and need both hands to look at something – which is also a recipe for disaster if you’re prone to forgetfulness! Trying before you buy can really make a difference. I doubt I’m not the only one who has bought a bag that just doesn’t feel comfy once I start using it and ends up below the bed with early retirement.


From a personal point of view I love a bag that has lots of little compartments and is big enough for me to fit the following: phone, my money/card purse, lippies, small tube of hand cream, perfume, body spray, note pad and a bottle of something to keep me hydrated. If I can’t cram all that in then it’s just not going to work. Others however prefer to travel a little lighter and can neatly pack all their essentials into one compact little carrier. Just make sure you can too before you end up splashing your cash on something that is going to leave you scratching your head in wonderment when trying to fit everything in.


It’s all very well falling head over heels for a gorgeous suede bag that will go perfect with your current wardrobe style but if you spend your winter morning standing at a drizzly wet bus stop waiting on the no.5 to arrive, you’ll probably not appreciate your awesome new arm-piece (and its contents) getting drenched in the process. Considering Ireland is a pretty damp place this time of year I always opt for something that’s going to hold up come wind, rain, sleet or snow. Are you heavy handed with your bags and throw them at your feet or into the car without a second thought to where it will land? Or do you prefer to dust it down and then set it neatly on the back seat? Take a moment to consider how, when and where you’ll be using your new accessory to avoid any potential material melt downs well before its time.

What’s your top priority when it comes to investing in some new arm candy? I’d love to read your thoughts, tips or comments below…

As always, thanks for reading! Cheerio chums 🙂

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Trick or Treat? Halloween Party Style File…

Halloween Style File

It’s that time of year where most high-street stores are crammed full of pumpkins, pitch forks and pointy witch’s hats. However not all of us are doomed (or willing) to spend a night smeared in grease paint and dripping with false blood. For those glam-loving gals who prefer to step out in style, I’ve compiled a little style-file containing my favourite finds to guarantee you’ll be the fairest of them all at your upcoming Halloween Ball….

Autumn Party Look

 1) ASOS CURVE Body Con Dress with Frill Sleeve: This gorgeous stretch jersey dress is designed with us fuller figured females in mind. Available up to a size 30, no one need miss out on being the belle of the ball… what a show stopper!

2) Daniel Sandler Billion Dollar Body Shimmer: This beautiful glimmering powder adds a lightweight shimmer to highlight and enhance the skin. With its smooth velvety texture it’s perfect for adding warmth to almost any complexion.

3) MaxFactor Colour Collections So Berry Lipstick: What better way to make an impact than by rocking a set of bewitching berry lips? It’s the perfect autumnal tone to add a pop of sumptuous party pout.

4) Bijoux Oui Spider Web Gold Plated Earrings: Come on… even the classiest of Halloween party outfit deserves a little sprinkling of subtle spookiness, don’t you agree?

5) Bobby Brown Warm Eye Shadow Palette: No party outfit is complete without a set of shimmering smoky lids. How gorgeous would these warm & sparkly eye shades look with that beautiful berry lipstick, huh ladies? *swoon*

6) Dazzling Party Clutch Bag: The internet is awash with a selection of charming clutches, it’s just so hard to choose one. However when I stumbled across this bedazzling little beauty for an astonishing £2.29 on EBay I couldn’t resist including it in my top picks.

7) My Natural Lashes by Rimini, Eye Lashes Direct: These luscious lashes will add the perfect finishing touch to create a natural yet full look. Having been worn by the likes of Madonna, Kim K, Heidi Klum, Jennifer Lopez & Michella Obama, you know you’re in great company!

8) Glitter Pointed High Heels: Finally my favourite accessory… the footwear! In my humble opinion there is nothing more captivating than a sensational shoe, and what girl doesn’t love a bit of sparkle? Treat those feet to something special such as these glitter shoes from Thats Point. At mere £21.20 what’s not to love?

So there you have it my little firecrackers, my top picks when it comes to creating a sassy Halloween party outfit – all without a set of false vampire teeth in sight I may add! Don’t forget to share any thoughts or fabulous finds of your own in the comments below, I love reading & responding to them all…

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